Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Where can you find puppy bear cubs?

American Eskimo puppies .... like Cloudy & Frosty once were ....
-- Photographer unknown

Black Bear cubs .... like the pair in my dream ....
-- National Geographic photograph

Sometimes a dream is very worthwhile

Now, there is Benny the Maltese.

Before, there were Cloudy and Frosty, the American Eskimos.

These two were brothers. Cloudy reached about thirty pounds, while Frosty had a difficult time reaching ten pounds. Imagine that. Cloudy did not bark once the first four or five years I had him. It might have been even longer, now that I think about it. I could only speculate why he was this way. Frosty, on the other hand, liked to talk, and would yap, yap, yap, yap at the slightest sound or comment to him.

I never have had much luck with longevity among dogs. Frosty only made it to about age ten, while Cloudy was approaching fourteen.

I had a dream about them a few nights ago, which is unusual in the sense that if I have been dreaming during recent weeks, I have not been recalling them in the morning. The fascinating part about this particular dream is that in it, Cloudy and Frosty were not white American Eskimos any longer. They were Black Bear cubs. And, they could speak.

The details of the conversation we had are not germane to this post, but I will mention that the dream began with them rollicking around and bumping into me and waking me while I was napping alongside a fast-moving river in a thick, primitive forest. It concluded with them telling me they were happy and content and safe living as Black Bears in a hidden forest, and that someday we would be together again. With that, they said goodbye to me, and went trotting off into the woodlands, laughing and
chasing after each other. I sat on the ground, speechless, watching them disappear into the trees.

A very strange dream, in my mind. I never have had anything like it before.

The last time I wrote about my dreams, I asked if anyone "out there in the real world" was a dream interpreter and, if so, to offer an analysis. Not a single, solitary soul replied . So, I know better now, and will not ask a second time. I will not be fooled again, to paraphrase the lyrics from an old song. If you have any thoughts about this dream, please, keep them to yourself or tell it to your pillow.

In conclusion, a random thought: First there was ice, then there was fire, then there was the Earth. After that, things began to go wrong. You may quote me .....


TheChicGeek said...

Hello again, Fram :) Ahhh, the puppies are so cute! I want to tell you dreaming about bears is very positive. I like the way you told the story sounded pretty. "To see a bear in your dream, symbolizes independence, the cycle of life, death and renewal, and resurrection. You are undergoing a period of introspection and thinking."
Uh-oh...I didn't follow your request but it has a nice meaning so I thought you should know. It makes sense to least I think it does knowing you as I do.

I loved the video too :) The old coyboy movies...they were fun, weren't they? Ricky Nelson looks so much like Elvis too :)

Okay, so enough bothering for a day...I am blogging too much today! I must go back to real life :)

Fram Actual said...

All right, Kelly. Since there is a "nice meaning" to my dream, you are forgiven for providing an analysis.

I think I might be doing too much introspection and thinking, though. It is time for me to come up with a definite plan, at least one to last through the coming Winter. Possibly, I will stall for another month -- pick out a nice lake and rent a cabin for a month. How does that sound?

I never have been a John Wayne fan, but he has three or four films I like, including "Rio Bravo," the one featuring this song. I like the music, too, both the tune and the lyrics, as well as the way the guys sing it.

It was a surprise for me to find your comment here. It seems that everyone who visits me either goes to bed and gets up early (no more night people), or lives on the other side of the Atlantic where it is the middle of the night and who are sound asleep.

P.S. I think I will change my name to "He Who Tells Stories That Sound Pretty." I wonder how that would be said in the language of the Sioux. How about it, Minnehaha?

TheChicGeek said...

Cabin and a lake sounds super, Fram :)

I work with John Wayne's daughter all the time at the courthouse.
She's very nice, beautiful, and rich, rich, rich...LOL
And, she's always LATE! :)
You would not like her...LOL

Fram the time traveler...and yes, "He Who Tells Stories That Sound Pretty," I like it :)

Dreams, I can do that, Sioux or Minnehaha...that will take me some time to figure out. I will find a nice indian name for you :)
Now back to work for me! Boo-Hoo :(

Fram Actual said...

Cabin and a lake .... Lake Superior, maybe. It has been thirteen months since I last was there. Hmmmmm .... if I would go to Michigan, that is where I would be -- for a while.

The Duck's .... I mean, the Duke's .... daughter, you say? Well, if she really is rich, I could learn to wait. Patience is a virtue, so some (other than me) say. Is she cute?

Minnehaha .... as in "The Song of Hiawatha" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow:

"On the shores of Gitche Gumee,
Of the shining Big-Sea-Water ...."

Lake Superior is called Gitche Gumee in the poem.

Thank you, for the interlude, Kelly.

Anonymous said...

I also dreamt of my long gone pet the other night! My Husky Rat, Mitko.
He died in my arms when he was old and tired of life, and I still remember that moment as clear as if it was yesterday. I was half asleep very early in the morning, when I felt something on my face. He was pushing at me sort of. (yes, I kept him out of his cage at all times. He only went in there to "go".)

And yeah, he was trying to wake me up, and I realized that his coughs had gotten a lot worse, so I sat down on the floor while he was on the bed, and cradled him inside my hands.
He was looking at me the whole time and I was rubbing his back. It was really weird.. one moment he was there, and the next he wasn't.
However, when I think about that moment, grief is the last thing on my mind. It may sound weird, but I believe it might be my most precious memory. There was so much beauty in that moment, because he trusted me enough to come crawling to ME when he was dying, and because he felt that my arms was a safe place to die.

WOW- LOOONG rant. Anyways- back to the topic; I dreamt of him the other night - and when I woke up, I felt extreme happiness. I found that I've really missed the little guy. I guess it's something we'll never get rid off... the loss of our loved ones, humans or animals. We carry them, and their memory around all the time, and the fact that we dream about them is just a pointer to how much of a significant role they've played in our lives.

Anonymous said...

hello had a busy night chatting and creatng while we others had a good night sleep eh..!?

well well well..what a man what a man..

about your dream.those little baby bears(which is not so cute grown ups)..They tell me to tell to you..If ever Cruella Devil(you know her?)comes around she s getting such a bite..!!that means you are highly protected wherever you go!!_..My dream tonight;

I was in the deep dark know the woods that you only see trees and the dark ground and the warm smell of earth?

I was playing hide and seek.

Icould not see the others.Only fog.But that didnt matter since I was a fog myself.But i know I was a little girl in the teenages.White dress.Flowers in hair,smiling,the other fogs was older.I think my master or teachers.We had such great fun playing together,and I woke up very calm relax and content today.

And on my walk.i did get such great news about my future.

Well time is running out,,Iam on to nightshifts again ,,buuahhhhh..see ya!!)))))

Kaya said...

Fram, I wish I could interpret dreams but I am bad at that. Your dream is really very unusual. I fell in love with the picture of black bear cubs; they are so cute.

I like your quote "First there was ice, then there was fire, then there was the Earth. After that, things began to go wrong." Not sure about fire but I like it anyway and the end of this quote is priceless. Some day I might quote you.

TheChicGeek said...

Minnehaha, here :)

I remember the beautiful statue from Minnehaha Falls.

And yes, I thing the shores of Gitch Gumee is a place that brings you much happiness. Wayo is the truth.
You have been very happy there before. I see you there, He Who Tells Pretty Stories :)

Wakan tanan kici un, Le Mita Cola...Toksha :)

(May the Great Spirit Bless You, My Friend...Travel well)

PS: What a touching and beautiful story, Little Zombie. You are lucky to have experienced such an incredible moment. Our animals are very sweet your little one wanted to be in your arms at his death.

Fram Actual said...

I am distracted and in disarray today, Nanna, so some of my responses might be wandering a bit.

Yes, to what you said. Most of my "pets" have been dogs, with a few birds along the way including one parrot. There also have been cats which belonged to other people to which I became very attached. I remember the names of all of them, beginning with the first dog I had somewhere around the age of three or four.

I remember certain events with each of them. I especially recall very distinctly those times when one who still was with me died, because the loss was so great an emotional impact.

So, I think you are right: The death of a pet can be a most precious memory.

Fram Actual said...

So, the girl from Bergen spent the night dancing in the deep, dark woodlands playing hide and seek.

It is strange you awoke calm and content instead of exhausted after running here and there among the trees. Now, I am teasing you a bit.

I have read that to dream of being a child again is a dream-world mechanism to free oneself of the responsibilities and burdens created from being an adult. For a brief time, while you sleep, you can be carefree without the stress that simply being an adult brings with it. I do not know if this is true or not, but it seems to make sense.

No, I have not heard of the Cruella Devil. Will you tell me about her, or should I do some research? Maybe, she bit me long ago, because I do seem to be highly protected wherever I go and whatever I do.

You also have me curious about the great news regarding your future that you learned on your walk. Are you going to share this news?

Good luck, on your nightshift. I hope the time passes easily and happily for you, Anita.

Fram Actual said...

I was thinking of the Old Norse creation story when I wrote my closing sentences, Kaya, and the way they seem to form a primitive description of the contemporary "big bang theory," and putting that into context with my thoughts about the loss one feels through the death of other creatures. Life comes at a very high cost, it seems to me.

Incidental to the point, I heard a discussion today that a current theory "floating" around is that our universe actually exists within a black hole, and that there is a parallel universe at the other "end of the tunnel." These were serious scientists discussing the concept, and not cable television con men. Perhaps, the Old Norse were right about many things.

Fram Actual said...

Yes, Minnehaha. The story (or legend) of Hiawatha dates back to about the time English ships were landing on the East Coast and identifies him among the Iroquois Nation, if I remember correctly, so the origins pre-date an actual tribal link to present-day Minnesota. In fact, the earliest maps of Lake Superior I have seen (early 1700s) identify it as the Lake of the Sioux.

You know the story: White encroachment pushing coastal Indians further inland, and one tribe pushing another further west along the way. So, Hiawatha ends up by Lake Superior in Minnesota.

Anyway, I am unaware of any Great White sharks being spotted in Lake Superior so, although the water is cold, cold, cold, I feel safe and secure swimming in it.

Yep, this lake will do just fine for me ....

Anonymous said...

Thanx for nice comment!!

Have a happy life fram..take care..!!:)And i will too!!:))))BYE!!:))

Fram Actual said...

Yes, Anita, I will make every effort to do just that. You, too. Later ....

Kaya said...

Fram, I read about parallel universe. I even thought that this parallel universe mirrors us exactly as we are.

For example, there is another Fram Actual on this parallel universe, who looks exactly as you and acts exactly as you and thinks perhaps exactly as you....

I hope you understand me. Ok, it is just a theory. You touched very interesting topic.

Fram Actual said...

Yes, Kaya. The parallel universe concept has been around for some time, both in science and in science fiction. The new aspect, as I understand it, is the notion that at some point in the past our universe was swallowed by a black hole, and that it and its parallel literally might be connected to one another by, in essence, a tunnel.

The thought occurred to me that if the two are identical, as you suggest as a possibility, that is one thing, but if it is a mirrored image, then I would be left handed instead of right handed in the other universe.

It is fun to allow the mind to run wild imagining various scenarios.

Something special ....