Sunday, August 1, 2010

Life beyond the blog: Interlude No. 04

Edward W. Rainford -- "Hotspur and the Courtier" / 1852

This Summer has been long, tedious, boring:
"Fie upon this quiet life! I want ...."

Some lines from "Henry IV" (I, 1)
by William Shakespeare

Prince Henry:

That ever this fellow should have fewer words than a
parrot, and yet the son of a woman! His industry is
upstairs and downstairs; his eloquence the parcel of
a reckoning. I am not yet of Percy's mind, the
Hotspur of the north; he that kills me some six or
seven dozen of Scots at a breakfast, washes his
hands, and says to his wife 'Fie upon this quiet
life! I want work.' 'O my sweet Harry,' says she,
'how many hast thou killed to-day?' 'Give my roan
horse a drench,' says he; and answers 'Some
fourteen,' an hour after; 'a trifle, a trifle.'


Anonymous said...

How many did you kill today?????????


Anonymous said...

what is the soldier doing in the picture!!Kicking the mans asss????

My god !!It is great!!!Iam Laughing and laughing myself to pieces!!!!:))))))))))))))

Fram Where DO you take it from???you have a great sense of humor!!!:)))))))))

Fram Actual said...

None today. It is Sunday, and I slept all morning.

No, Hotspur is not kicking the Courtier. He is reclining on a rock while he listens to the king's representative ask for the release of prisoners taken in battle. Hotspur thinks the representative is a "pompous ass" and is insulted by his "unmanly" characteristics, so he refuses the request.

Humor, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder, I guess.

Now, I need to find something to eat.

Anonymous said...

what do you eat?iam into some veggie stuff.Iwas a veggie before.then become kvasi veggie.Now veggie again...i think you got drunk yesterday since you slept the whole day..may god somebody has it nice..Ok..we talk later..i still laugh about the picture!!!it is a funny storie!!

Fram Actual said...

In case you never realized it, the clock for my blog is set on Warsaw time yet, which, I think, is Bergen time as well.

I left Lake Okoboji about 1:00 a.m. my time, drove about fifty miles and stopped to eat, then drove the rest of the way, arriving here about 4:00 a.m. Then, I played with the computer for a while because I was wide awake. I did not go to bed until sometime between 5:00 and 5:30 a.m. I was up around 11:00 a.m. What makes you think I drink at all?

I am a lazy eater, and usually eat what is convenient and easy to prepare. Eating, to me, is a necessary evil. If there were a way to avoid it, I would.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm....dont like homecooking then?Fast food..Buahhhhhh!!!Æsj..!!!not good for your mental and your body!!!Drive 50 miles?your crazy busy man!!!what was it on Lake Okoboj!!!Indians concert otr what?..
I think you drink somtimes because you have said so.I dont drink.
what is boring you so much this summer?Just waiting to get to Polen?Now tell me what you will do n Polen that is so fascinating.I mean not only your relationship with your princess ..there must be something else beside cold weather and love and art..

Fram Actual said...

In response to your comment at my earlier post, Anita:

You read too much into my remarks about Indian blood. I have Native American relatives through marriage. For example, I have a cousin who is married to a Dakota Sioux woman. I have relatives who carry Native American blood as well as my blood, but I do not carry their blood. I am three-quarters descended from Norwegian immigrants to America, and the other quarter is mostly German, with a splash of Dutch and a dash of Russian in the mix.

Thank you, for the compliment about my writing.

I hope you bring back a photograph of your "death valley."

In response to your comment at this post:

Yes, I suppose when I write that I have developed a taste for Benedictine, that is a pretty good clue that I drink.

Life is boring most of the time, I think, but I am jaded and I hope you do not agree with me about that.

I think that sometme I might write a post regarding what I find fascinating about Poland. My interest did begin with meeting "my princess," and subsequently grew when I read the novel, "Poland," by one of my favorite writers, James Michener. Sooner or later, I might write such a post. Until then ....

Anonymous said...

Hi Fram!!!!The walk to death valey really was scary...I was into old earth houses from age 800..It did remind me of the movie The Descent 2 and I got quicly away from the place---not mine valley !!but is is very beautiful place !!later in the night i will upload picture..when it is quiet in my home..You know what I was thinking during the walk?Has Fram ever killed any?,,and if..( sure he has ..because he has been in the army .).which war?how many did he kill?how does it affect him today?you are a very nice man to talk to..your woman is very sure are a gentleman!!most men i talk to sooner or later wants to speak about sex. .But you not..i like that because that means you like me for the person i am.Thank you very much!!!
...about soldiers,,seems they are following my life..Well I quess i like their behaviour..We talk later Fram...Thank you for writing!!!!

Fram Actual said...

In regard to your death valley, remember: "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil ...."

In regard to the U.S. military: Since you live in Norway, I will forgive you, but comparing the Marine Corps to the Army is like comparing a wolf to a dog. Beyond that,no comment ....

Anonymous said...

wooopsss..i did it again!!!!:))))

Fram Actual said...

Yes, I am laughing, too. Later ....

Anonymous said...


Fram Actual said...

You really should see how that translates in machine language .... long, long, long ....

Anonymous said...

heiii..I dont understand your message you from japan?!go a little english!!Many Thanks!!!

no comments for me Fram?Buuuuahhhhh!!you have forgotten me??hahahah..opppssssss!!I did it again..Britney Spears..yeeeaahh!!
What are you two fellows talking about????????????


Fram Actual said...

I always try to respond to your comments, Anita. You know that.

He and I talk about women. What else would you expect?

Thank you, for the kisses and the hugs.

Anonymous said...

I thought you was the serious one..there you one can be wrong!!!!
thanx for your now vanished comments..I like you to be a gentleman on the blog..Many thanx!!!And yes..i will try to practise my should try to write in norwegian..difficult task!!!

Anonymous said...

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