Monday, August 23, 2010

Advice, suggestions, thoughts sought

Charles Schreyvogel -- "My Bunkie" / 1899

May I have your attention, please

A couple of announcements, as some might say.

The concert was just dandy. Not only was Cheap Trick there to perform live on stage, but, so to, was Blondie. I had seen neither group before, and ended the evening a proverbial happy camper. And, I learned that Cheap Trick, along with the Guess Who, Grand Funk Railroad and three or four more bands will be performing at a rather small venue in Norfolk, Nebraska, on Labor Day weekend. Only a hop, skip and a jump away. I am thinking about it.

The episode I have spoken of regarding my return flight from Poland to America will have to wait. If only three people are interested enough in the edition about the airport search to leave a (English language) comment, I can see no reason to write the final chapter at this time. Lame as it might sound, that is my excuse. Also, I am lazy at the moment. But, allow me to say this much: The concluding segment involves sitting next to an "air marshal" on the flight from Warsaw to Chicago, and again on the flight from Chicago to Minneapolis, and again on the flight from Minneapolis to .... whoops ....

Next on the list is this. Speaking of guns, I am debating on how many will accompany me on my September trip. I am considering at least two handguns, possibly four, and at least one rifle, and possibly two. I am not a shotgun man, so none will accompany me. In fact, I gave my last one away while I still was in Poland.

Anyway, I plan to spend occasional nights in motels, but otherwise sleep in the Suburban or outside it on the ground. My playmates might well be coyotes and rattlesnakes because I have a tendency to shun actual campgrounds and head off the trail and into the sticks.

To be frank, I have a propensity to search out old battlefields from the Plains Indian Wars and to sleep upon them in hopes of teleportation back in time or running into ghosts or at least having a decent nightmare. All right, I am kidding .... sort of .... but, perhaps, this is why I cannot keep a woman with me (??) .... whatever, but, maybe, you understand why I prefer to have a few guns with me?

Incidental to the point, I actually have slept in a ravine where an indirect ancestor of mine was killed by Sioux and (probably) a few Cheyenne in 1867. He was a member of a cavalry patrol in Kansas. George Armstrong Custer and the 7th Cavalry discovered and buried the bodies. Top that for unique experiences. I had no memory of any dreams when I awoke after the night I slept in that ravine, but I did not feel comfortable enough to stay a second night.

So, any suggestions about how many firearms I should carry with me? Also, destinations. I do (sort of) plan to go to South Dakota and/or the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Basically, I am thinking of driving east, and then continue on in that direction, or going westerly and continuing in that direction. It is a bit too warm yet to head South. Any thoughts?
For instance, where would you go, in America, to spend a few days or a few weeks, if you could right now at this moment?


Anonymous said...

Goodmorning.Norway is speaking!

.where to go if you ask me?
Indian land.
And many more places..
Monroe(Have friends there and should like to pop in for a coffe!!)
I dont know nothing about USA..and it is a shame since halvf of me is from there..Think I should need a scout or something to show me around!!


I immediatley understand you feelings about good and bad places..whenever I go to a place..I feel exactly the same..Someplaces really have good energies..some are just bad.

Your music is good.Reminds me of ended war.Sad but beautiful.It is from the movie right?


You only have got some days left what is gonna be Mr.?

Anonymous said...

About the firearms.Take them all.Yoy have a car dont you.Ok?!!.

its_me_in_montana said...

Have you ever been to the site of the Sand Creek Massacre in Kiowa County, Colorado? I was there many years before it was made a National Historic site. I went after seeing the movie "Soldier Blue". There is a lot of energy there, both good and bad.

Take all of your guns and head west young man! There are so many places to get lost (and found). Besides, people don't seem to get as uptight about others carrying pistols and the like out west. There seems to be less government involvement in some parts of the west. You could become a modern day cowboy, sleeping under the stars in several states...out west.

I have been reading your posts about your return trip to the United States. I see now what you mean about loss of freedom in our country. Why do ya suppose this is happening? Why do ya suppose we allow it? Are we all just lemmings? And, do you really believe it has only been going on for the last few years? Seems to me, now that I'm more aware of the loss, it has been happening for decades.

Oh, glad you liked Cheap Trick. And, Blondie too, complete with Debra Harry? Very nice.

Peace to you Fram, have a great day.

Fram Actual said...

Well, since I am toting shooting irons, Anita, I think I will cross Mexico and Canada off the list of my travel plans.

By Indy, do you mean the state of Indiana or the city of Indianapolis? Monroe, too? Is that Monroe, Michigan, you are referring to where you have friends?

Well, you probably know more about America than I know about Norway, and three of the four branches of my family came from there.

Yes, the song is from the film, "Platoon." It is an excellent movie, and, yes, the song is beautiful and sad.

If I took all of my guns with me, I might not have room for anything else in the Suburban. But, if you mean the pistols and rifles I mentioned, I probably will do just that.

Fram Actual said...

No, Bonnie, I came close to Sand Creek, but chose "another path."

Coming down through Wyoming from Montana a few years ago, I spent a number of days at the site of the Beecher Island battle, "absorbing" it. This is close to Wray, Colorado, and Sand Creek is only fifty, seventy-five, one hundred miles away. (?? – I cannot recall exactly anymore.) But, after leaving Beecher Island, I turned east into Kansas to go to the site where the "Lost Patrol" was wiped out. This is the patrol I mentioned in today's post. From there, I stayed in Kansas until, eventually, turning south again.

I will write another response to answer some of your other questions later. Right now, I actually have some work to do. Shocking, is it not? Me work!

Kaya said...

Fram, I think my suggestions are not so great about guns but I am going to give them anyway. Why not? I would take only my favorite guns with myself. And if all of your guns are favorite take all of them if it's possible.

Where I would go in America to spend a few weeks? I would probably go to the New England States, Vermont, Maine... Autumn is so beautiful in Vermont Country. And autumn will arrive soon.

Interesting, yesterday I learned that there are some people who feel the same way as you about US.

Fram Actual said...

Why not? Yep, that is my motto.

Selecting favorites in a couple of different configurations and calibers is what I have done in respect to selecting firearms to take on my jaunt, Kaya. It is the idea of so many -- maybe, a half-dozen -- that I am questioning in my mind at the moment. Decisions, decisions ..

Yes, about Vermont. Lake Champlain has been a fascination of mine, and I think it would be beautiful country along the lake, especially near the Vermont-Canadian border. It is a thought.

I think there are more than "some" who feel the same as I do about America. The problem for many of us is that there seems to be nowhere left to go if a person of “my persuasion” should decide to leave this place. Decisions, decisions .... oh, well ....

Fram Actual said...

Bonnie .... here is part 2 ....

You are right about attitudes toward firearms out west. In most instances, I have found the Western states to be more open minded in the "correct direction" (minding their own business and keeping their nose out of other people's business), more friendly, more willing to help others, more polite and much more down to earth (less pretentious and petty) than in eastern regions.

Yes, you also are right about the onerous destruction of personal freedoms in America. There are any number of reasons it is happening, primary among them, I think, is the usual list given by conservatives: Decline of family values, decline of religion, debasing of the currency, etc. I am sort of a disciple of the historians, Will and Ariel Durant. Find a copy of their book, "The Lessons of History," sometime you are in the mood to read an overview of the last 2,000 years.

I basically think most people are lemmings, and are frightened and insecure about life to the degree they need to belong to and to follow groups.

I have read that some people believe the decline of America began when civilization claimed the last frontier; in other words, about the time the 19th Century ended. I guess I agree with that, but the rate of diminishing freedoms has increased dramatically since the Vietnam Era.

I think I will end this. If I write anymore, I will have to turn it into a full-fledged post.

TheChicGeek said...

Why don't you do like Paulo Coelho and look for a sign. In his case, "Coelho said "If I see a white feather today, that is a sign that God is giving me that I have to write a new book." Coelho found a white feather in the window of a shop, and began writing that day." He's the author of The Alchemist...a favorite book of mine. Maybe you can look for a rainbow, if it comes from the east, go east, if it comes from the west, go west :) Maybe you will even find your own "golden feather, your heart of stone, and you will never lose your way back home."
The moon is full tonight and so pretty. It makes me feel peaceful and happy..imagine how beautiful it must look out on the Dakota prairie :)
Love and Hugs,

Fram Actual said...

Yes, why don't I?

I saw the full moon earlier, but a cold front has come through and now clouds cover the sky and it is raining. At least, the heat and humidity should be broken by morning.

The problem with being human is that there is the probability of error at every crossroad, and that men and women might have more intelligence than other creatures, but they have no more common sense than an ordinary toad.

Hello, Kelly. I was thinking about you around the Fourth of July. I am glad to see you still are kicking up your red heels. I also could use one of your two "little ones" to teach me how to use a Blackberry.

All right. It is a deal. In the morning, I will begin looking for a sign. Actually, that is a bit of a frightening thought, but I will do it and I will tell you if and when I find one.

P.S. I heard of a surfer meeting a pair of Great Whites not long ago. Still swimming?

Anonymous said...

hi ..only answer you question..Yes..i have got a friend from Indianapolis.Living now in Lousiana,Monroe..Ouachita Parish actually ..have you been there?

Fram Actual said...

No, Anita, I never have been to Louisiana. I have been in Texas, to the west of it, and to Florida, a couple states away to the east of it, but not Louisiana.

The idea of spending a few years on the Gulf of Mexico side of Florida has entered my mind a few times, but, as much as I say I want to move south, I am not certain I could break away from the northern states for very long.

Anonymous said...

I think you should be in the indians land.wherevere that may be.something says me you have an experience there waiting for you:)

TheChicGeek said...

Well, Hello, Mr. Toad :) So you are having a wild ride, it seems.
Here is a sweet little gift for you:
"Memories, pressed between the pages of my mind
Memories, sweetened through the ages just like wine
Quiet thoughts come floating down
And settle softly to the ground
Like golden autumn leaves around my feet
I touched them and they burst apart with sweet memories,
Sweet memories"
(Elvis sings this song...pretty words, don't you think?)
And yes, I know you do think of me. You are my "friendly" stalker:)
So you are becoming a modern man with your Blackberry, sir? You must ping me and we can
And now, Mr. Toad, I must make like a mermaid and do a flip turn off your wall...Splash! You see my cute tail...(giggles)....don't get wet now. I am doing the backstroke and waving as I go.
Perhaps after the rain you received your rainbow sign??
Love and Bubbly Kisses, Mr. Toad. Maybe you shall turn into a prince now :)

Fram Actual said...

You could be right, Anita. Soon, it will be necessary for me to make a few decisions.

You should keep your eyes open for a sort of old (1990s) American movie, "Thunderheart," with Val Kilmer. It is a good story, and it also reveals the "less romantic" aspects of life in Indian Country -- existence on the "rez." I have seen the best and the worst of it. Anyway, maybe a trip to Wounded Knee and a walk in the badlands would be good for me.

Thanks, for the advice. I will think seriously about your suggestion. I never have spent much time in the western part of South Dakota, and I would like to get back into Wyoming again. Yes, I will think about it.

Fram Actual said...

Yes, Kelly, those are pretty words. I will have to try to find the song and listen to it.

Hey, No. 1: I like (most of) your music, sometimes stop by to listen, and often play a half-dozen songs at a time.

Hey, No. 2: Ping you? I guess I need to do some research now.

Hey, No. 3: Splish, splash all you want; I will stay in the boat. Thanks to National Geographic and The History Channel and the Discovery Channel, I doubt I will ever enter the ocean again.

No rainbow, but the humidity is gone and the temperature much cooler. Right now, that is better than a rainbow.

"The Toad Prince." That sounds like a potential title for a book. Whether fiction or non-fiction, I am uncertain.

Now, if you will excuse me, I must go rainbow hunting.

Anonymous said...

fram..Iam so glad you think of go to that indian land..I wish i could go with you.!!!.could you please take some pix when you are there.God..I wish it was me..

Thanx for beeing such a great inspiration fram.I will try to find that movie..Thundrheart

.Badlands and wounded knee are my favourites..i was thinking of those places for you today.

Fram Actual said...

If I go there, I will take a few photographs, Anita, but it is country few people travel and those who do usually pass through it without stopping for more than an hour or two. I also might not have any way to transmit the photos for some time. This is not a place where modern communications flourish.

Yes, I much prefer to travel with a companion. In fact, I prefer to do most things with a companion. Sharing thoughts and experiences is what makes life worthwhile, I think.

Later ....

TheChicGeek said...

PS: Fram, I am only teasing with you. I re-read my comment and was thinking gee, he might take this in a mean way. It's not...I am just very silly today.
Love to You, Fram,

Fram Actual said...

No, "he" did not take it that you meant your words in a mean way. It is pretty obvious when you are teasing, Kelly. I think you might be the only person I know on the sea of blogs who teases more than I do.

P.S. I also think you probably are silly every day.

TheChicGeek said...

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :)

Something special ....