Friday, November 10, 2017

Semper Fidelis .... to the end of time

"I would not characterize my Marine Corps time as difficult. I think of it as a learning experience which involved events and activities both good and bad. In many ways I thrived there, and much of my self-discipline and a major portion of my belief structure are the results of having been there. I am proud of that segment of my life."

Those are words I wrote recently in my reply to a comment on an earlier post. The Marine Corps, for me, was a learning experience, which is what I hope each and every experience I have during my life will have been since, from my point of view, the purpose of life is learning and, hopefully, applying what has been learned in a useful and a beneficial manner. Hmmmm .... that was sort of a convoluted batch of words leading up to this:
Semper Fidelis
Happy 242nd Birthday
November 10, 1775 -- 2017
United States Marine Corps ....


Astrid-Anita said...

Happy Birthday Marines!
Love the videos

And your new links at the sidebar on the right..

Have a nice weekend Fram.Here we are dancing in the snow


Fram Actual said...

Yes, Anita .... a very Happy Birthday to the United States Marine Corps.

Thank you, for your visit and for the birthday wishes.

There is no snow on the ground here for me (for which I am pleased), but the temperature is nine (9) degrees Fahrenheit = nearly minus thirteen (-12.7777) degrees Celsius, and the frigid air is driven by a fierce wind (for which I am somewhat less than pleased).

Take care, and I hope your weekend will be whatever you wish it to be ....

Kaya said...

Happy Birthday Marines!!!

I like very much what you wrote about your learning experience. Yes, you learn from bad and good.

It's a very nice tribute to Marines. Straightforward and powerful!

And yes, you should be proud of yourself, Fram!!! I would be...

Fram Actual said...

Yes, Kaya .... Happy Birthday to each and every Marine -- past, present and future -- and to the Corps.

Some years, I think I do too much for the birthday and other years I think I do too little for it. This time, hopefully, it came out just about right.

In their book, "The Lessons of History," Will and Ariel Durant wrote this: "If a man is fortunate he will, before he dies, gather up as much as he can of his civilized heritage and transmit it to his children." I would assume every parent hopes to achieve that .... I know I do, and the only way I think it might be possible is by learning through many, many personal experiences and through reading/reading/reading.

Take care, thank you, for coming and for your complimentary words ....

Something special ....