Friday, November 7, 2014

It is time to smash all the mirrors

The electorate has spoken, as illustrated in the Dave Granlund cartoon; now we shall see if the victorious, surging Republican Party can put its act together and actually accomplish anything positive and beneficial for the United States and its citizens. The election was Tuesday; today is Friday. Yes, I know I am late, but I do have other things to do and other places to be on occasion. So, anyway, late or whatever, here are my thoughts about the 2014 elections.

Now, we shall see

This will not be long or detailed -- well, not too much of either, anyway .... maybe. It will be a few facts and a few opinions and a few hopes.

Tuesday was not a victory for the Republican Party, although it has regained control of the United States Senate for the first time since 2006 and increased its degree of control in the U.S. House of Representatives by picking up an additional dozen seats. Neither was it a victory for conservative women or for minority Republican candidates, although they outdistanced both liberal men and liberal women in their contests.

What it was is a victory for conservative-political opportunity ....

What it was is a potential victory for the American people and for a possible resurgence of belief in a smaller, less intrusive federal government, and in the freedom and the rights of the individual.

It is an opportunity for conservative philosophy to restore the integrity of a living, breathing document -- the U.S. Constitution, which an American president, Barack Obama, has ignored, betrayed and broken during six years in office. It is an opportunity for conservative politicians to restore prosperity through economic progress, energy independence and employment growth. It is an opportunity for conservative philosophy to regain international influence in a positive way by reaffirming friendships and alliances with democratic nations and by protecting small and/or weak nations from the aggression of tyrants, wanna-be dictators and renegade religious fanatics.

Then, there is the overwhelming number of wins by Republican candidates over Democrat candidates for governorships around the country. Thirty-two of the fifty states now have a Republican governor.

And, a look at some of the individual races demonstrates that minority groups blindly following Democrat "propaganda slogans" may have begun to sway: Republican Mia Love of Utah became the first black woman ever elected to the House of Representatives; Republican Joni Ernst became the first woman elected to the U.S. Senate from Iowa and the first-ever woman military veteran (with a tour in a combat zone) elected to the U.S. Senate; Republican Tim Scott became the first black man to win election to the U.S. Senate in the South since the era of Reconstruction; Republican Elise Stefanik of New York has become the youngest woman ever elected to the House of Representatives.

I will not take the time to list some of the Democrat icons who lost election or re-election bids. The times certainly "might" be changing.

The results of Tuesday elections cannot be described as anything but breathtaking for supporters of conservative policies. Whether the elections are a repudiation of Obama and his socialistic programs or of liberal Democrat programs in general is an open question. Based on Obama's angry/aggressive/arrogant reaction to election results and the pattern of his presidency to this point in time, I truly believe he is not only a megalomaniac, but clinically psychotic. (Watch his actions during the next two months, if you doubt my opinion.) The answer to any and all questions will be written during the next two years and finalized when the next round of national elections, including that for the next president, will take place in 2016.

It is now up to a Republican House of Representatives and Senate to curtail Obama's socialistic policies, to force him to adopt legislation which improves the economic climate rather than curtails it, and to generate legislation which places the U.S. on a pathway to become a leader once again rather than a bystander on the world stage.

It is now or never for Republican office holders. The question is whether or not they have the intelligence and wisdom to get the message. They are not rock stars; they are politicians, and it is time for them to understand that simple point. A good beginning would be to smash all the mirrors in Washington, D.C.

On a closing note, it is difficult for me to understand why anyone would vote for Al Franken to represent Minnesota in the U.S. Senate. In his first election, six years ago, he won by fewer than four hundred votes among millions. There was a recount and there were accusations of voter fraud. I believe voter fraud did occur. This time, he won easily. It should be obvious that by electing Franken, Minnesotans have clearly demonstrated that they are among those who have their heads buried in the sand in terms of political common sense.

One political pundit explained the voting habits of Minnesotans by noting that the state bird is the loon. This would go a long way in explaining why Franken is the majority choice to be their senator .... typical Minnesota voter + Al Franken = two loons.

P.S. The song is dedicated to the man in the White House who would be king ....


Anita said...

Nice post about America win or loose Fram!

I dont know much about politics..but the norwegian news are feeding us with it..So we are just as ? as you.I did see that Mia love.Think this is great!
and the music...❤Great blues!❤

Certainly something to drive loong roads with❤

Wish you a great weekend Fram❤

Fram Actual said...

The political realm is fascinating and frustrating, to put it in perspective, Anita.

It is fascinating to hear and to discuss political and philosophical beliefs, but it is frustrating when one side or both begin to lie about the other side's positions and actions. Mankind has never been able to entirely climb from the primeval swamp of its creation, and I doubt it ever will make a complete ascent.

Yes, B.B. King and Gary Moore made quite a pair performing together on stage: Maestros of the guitar. I had no idea how old King is, so I looked. He is 89. Moore lived only to be 58. No more music from him. Life is a mystery, for sure.

Thank you, as always, Anita. My weekend will be cold and wet, it appears. I hope your weekend will be better.

Smareis said...

Oi Fram,
Então, eu ainda não atualizei meu blog, pretendo no final de semana atualizar. Li sua postagem na integra, acho difícil falar sobre politica. Parece-me que você não esta contente com o resultado das eleições, mais a gente tem que aceitar mesmo, que isso não seja nossa vontade.

Aqui no Brasil todos os noticiários de TV, jornalismo, falam dos resultados das eleições do EUA. Assisti na TV que o Partido Republicano manteve o controle da Câmara e conquistou a maioria das cadeiras do Senado nas eleições legislativas dos Estados Unidos. Com isso, o presidente democrata Barack Obama terá de enfrentar forte oposição nos últimos dois anos de governo. O controle total do Congresso por parte dos republicanos não acontecia desde 2006 e determina um horizonte difícil para o fim da presidência a Obama.

Politica é um assunto um tanto complicado em todos os Países... O Povo Brasileiro sofre muito com os governantes, veja que as eleições acabaram de acontecer aqui no Brasil e os impostos já começaram a subir.

Essa semana já tivemos reajustes na energia elétrica, no combustível, e mais alguns outros produtos. O povo brasileiro é castigado com impostos e reajustes diários e os governantes só prometem, e quando ganha as eleições muda tudo que havia prometido.
Acredito que não demora muito para o povo começar a ir às ruas protestarem novamente. O pior que os que protestam são os próprios eleitores que escolheram e elegeram o presidente.
Esperamos que o ano de 2015 seja de coisas melhores que esse ano que esta quase a terminar...

Gostei da sua música.
Eu amo Blues, gosto desse som da guitarra. Eles tocam muito... Quem é Rei nunca perde a majestade. The blues nunca morre.
Obrigada Fram a musica é excelente.
Ótimo fim de semana!

Fram Actual said...

I think it is more fear than unhappiness you read into my words and sense from my comments, Smareis.

Actually, I am very pleased with the election results -- with the dominance of the Republican Party in this set of elections -- but, with the frailty of humankind being what it is and especially with the narcissistic tendencies found in varying degrees among those who seek political office, I do not have much faith that positive results will come from the election successes of the Republican Party. I fear only more failure.

I firmly think the beliefs of Barack Obama and the policies he has implemented have done significant damage not only to the prosperity and security of the United States, but to the well-being of many nations throughout the world. Like it or not, Charles Darwin was correct in his assessment of life on this planet; like it or not, life is competition and survival of the fittest. Good exists; evil exists. Whichever wins in any conflict comes down to will power, toughness, perseverance and faith in your cause. Those qualities, which have been ingredients creating strength within the U.S., are being eroded by Obama and his ilk.

Well, it is like I wrote. I am pleased with the resurgence of the Republican Party, but I am not convinced this group of "mere politicians" can unite and set aside their own internal party differences to bring a halt to the damage Obama is doing and return the U.S. to a pathway toward "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

Yes, three cheers for B.B. King and Gary Moore.

Thank you, Smareis. I hope your weekend will be good to you and for you, and that life will become better for those who call Brazil their home.

A Cuban In London said...

Love the tune, one of my top favourites. I will be brief: Obama took a beating. 2016 will be an interesting year for sure. :-)

Greetings from London.

Fram Actual said...

Hey, Mr. Brevity .... I knew you would fall for the music.

Barack Obama, presumably, has discovered what Democrats and Republicans never, ever seem to fathom: A big smile or flowery speeches might get you elected, but political loyalty (real-time votes) lasts only as long as there is "a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage" (to borrow a political metaphor from bygone eras).

George Bush the Younger essentially flittered away eight years and there is a good chance Obama will, too, unless all these creampuffs in Washington, D.C., figure out they are elected to be "public servants," not "rock stars" living a life of "my way or the highway."

Well, I will not get too windy here, but my fear is now that the Republican Party has control of both the Senate and the House of Representatives and Obama seems to remain a bit delusional when it comes to presidential powers, the world will continue to slip downhill while these clowns spend their days looking in a mirror while flexing their muscles.

Nice to see you here again, CiL. Thank you.

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