Sunday, April 15, 2018

Spring in MinneSNOWta ....

I am not certain if this is a post or a weather report or a whining session -- perhaps, a bit of all three. I will leave that for the reader/viewer to determine. Most of Minnesota is locked into what I would call an "old-fashioned blizzard." It began Friday with rain, then turned to freezing rain, then turned to ice/snow pellets, then, finally, to snow. Snow will continue to fall until around mid-afternoon on Sunday. My immediate area had received about ten inches of new-fallen snow by five o'clock Saturday afternoon, and isolated pockets are expected to receive as much as two feet before the system moves on eastward. As it stands right now, the first fourteen days of April are the coldest on record for the month and it is the fifth snowiest April ever .... it might well be No. 1 when this storm ends. The top photograph was taken through my open garage door looking down the street and the bottom photograph through my open patio door viewing a portion of the back yard. By the way, I am an old-fashioned kind of guy .... I still shovel the snow from my driveway and for a few paths for Buddy ....



orvokki said...

Wauu... so much snow still. It looks like the winter in Finland.
Beautiful photo.

Liplatus said...

Totally winter there.
Fortunately, tomorrow is + 3 ° C heat. The snow begins to melt.

Looks promising next week at its highest + ° C 9.
Spring comes slowly but surely.

Beautiful pictures in winter.
I understand a really longing spring.
Winter begins to feel long.

Fram Actual said...

We do have the "winter look" at the moment .... this is the usual appearance of January or February here, too, orvokki .... but, I have seen this look in April before and in October, as well.

As a matter of fact, one of the most ferocious blizzards in my experience struck on of all dates -- April 14 -- but, that one was in 1986. The roads were so bad that I cut across a farm field and made it, until I reached the ditch on the other side which was so filled with snow that even my four-wheel drive truck could not manage it. Good fortune was with me, though .... a snow plow came through clearing the road and the driver threw me a chain and pulled me out.

Thank you, orvokki, for coming here and for your comment.

Fram Actual said...

Yes, it is totally winter here, Liplatus. This blizzard left behind fourteen inches of snow here. The western side of the state received eighteen and nineteen inches in some places. Two more inches are expected to fall yet today, and another two are predicted for Wednesday and an unspecified amount again for Saturday.

The year 1816 is known as the "year without a winter." Crop failures were common and snow fell in July in some states that summer, which is where and when the saying, "when it snows in July," originated. I have plans for the summer, which include being in and on the water a great deal, and will be very/very/very angry if the weather upsets my plans.

I always am eager and impatient for summer to arrive, but, it seems, that I am a bit more than usual this year. There are a number of reasons for this frustration, but nothing a few hours lying on an isolated beach beneath a brilliant sun will not cure.

Thank you, Liplatus, for coming to visit me and for your comment. I appreciate your company .... very much ....

Kaya said...

Fram, it seems that you still having a lot of snow. Weird... In spite of the snow and gloom weather I like a lot your photographs. They have mood and they are very beautiful. And your little red shed looks so lonely.

Soon, very soon everything nasty will be over, Fram and April eventually will show its strength and kindness.

Fram Actual said...

You betcha, Kaya. We are near to the most snow ever recorded in Minnesota during April, and the month is only at the half-way mark.

It still is snowing at this moment, by the way. It never has stopped other than for brief periods now and then. We are up to sixteen inches from this three-day storm right now, which, in a way, is nothing when compared to twenty-three inches in Canby on the western side of the state. I just noticed that four of the top ten snowstorms have come on April 14, which seems to me to be a bit more than a coincidence.

The Minneapolis/Saint Paul International Airport has four major runways, and all were closed for most of Saturday. There were well over four hundred flight cancelations.

The "little red shed" actually is a miniature barn constructed to scale. I do not recall the exact scale, but it is twenty feet long by twelve feet wide and the roof has the correct pitch to it. It once had a copula atop it, but a storm finished that off and it never has been replaced.

I consider my photographs to be illustrations for my posts these days. When I was an active journalist, I did enter photography contests and had a few winners. I also judged some photographs and stories/articles entered in newspaper contests and fair competition.

Thank you, Kaya, for coming to visit me at my blog and for leaving a comment. Your presence is important to me ....

Anita said...

Good luck on your free time out of the net Fram..You sure will find it nice!I do:)))At least you will meet some real people/friends!

Have to admit i pity you all that snow..Let it go away promptly and bring us some nice summerclothing
Daughter is bying you a Rolex??wow--Tell her you got a friend in Norway that aslo wants:))))Hi..just kidding!

Love Nightwish the only one for me..

Se you later maybe summertime??

Fram Actual said...

I had a feeling I might find you here, Anita, so I decided to stop by one more time as I depart from the realm of cyberspace and begin my trek into the world of reality.

Yes, I certainly will have encounters with "real people," but I doubt any actual friendships will be formed as a result .... never have in the past, anyway ....

No, I do not think my daughter will be bringing back a Rolex watch for me. I think when she asked what I might like her to bring back for me from New York City and I mentioned that I would like anything with the word Rolex on it, she took a photograph of a Rolex shop and sent that to me as a symbol of her impetuous and audacious mannerisms. After all, she is a daughter of Fram the Fortunate and has inherited many of his traits ....

Like you, I love the music of Nightwish, but, for me, it is only the "old songs" when Tarja was performing with the band that I truly enjoy. "Sleeping Sun" and "Ever Dream" are my favorites ....

According to my calendar, Memorial Day is May 28, which is well in advance of the official start of summer .... so, barring the unforeseen, you surely will find me back at my blog before summer begins. If I were to guess, I would venture to say sometime around mid-May ....

By the way, the novel, "Julius Winsome," still lies near me untouched since the day it arrived. I promise to have read it by the time I return.

Take care, stay safe and think of me now and then, Anita .... and, I will think of you ....

Anita said...

What??Not read the Julius Winsome?????
You must.It will be good for you

If you look at television sometimes..Look up that movie Machester by the sea..Good movie.Impressed me alot.

I know you dont reply on this because of work or travelling or vacation on the beach(Prefer)
So see you around 17 Mai_Hipp Hipp Hurrah!!!!
I dont think I will be posting either..Have no time.Beside Iam into BBC Serie The Ice-wally woman-case -(Yes they do a documantery about the death-valley which scares the hack of me,you know that)and I help the group with the reaserch picures documents ,thinking,ect ect..So in the end..The woman maybe will have justice and sleep in peace

See you sweetie


Smareis said...

Boa noite Fram!
Eu cheguei e você esta saindo. Enquanto aqui está muito quente, ai bem frio. Quanta neve esta tendo por ai. Espero que o frio já deu uma trégua.
Estive em off por vários dias, estava nas montanhas e lá a internet era péssima. Por isso ainda não tinha vindo ler tua postagem. Espero que tudo esteja bem com você.
A musica do vídeo é muito boa, não conhecia.
Desejo uma boa semana com menos frio por ai.
Um punhado de sorriso.

Anita said...

Well hello there teaser..So you are out delivering a cute little puppy!:)))Now who is the lucky person??
Love the instrumental music from Led Zeppelin..Never heard that one..

I figured out your on the road again..Not back before Memorial Day


Enjoy your days!

Greetings Anita

Something special ....