Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Three days, three thoughts in July .... No. 1

Happy anniversary, baby ....
June has fled for another year and July has entered our lives.

July is named for Gaius Julius Caesar.

You may not be aware that Caesar had three wives: 
Cornelia was his first; she died in childbirth.
Pompeia was his second; he divorced her.
Calpurnia was his third; she outlived him. 

You do recall, I assume, that Caesar was assassinated (a romantic term for murdered) on March 15, 44 BCE. Some say Calpurnia had a premonition about the Ides of March and warned Caesar to be on his guard or, better yet, to stay at home.
William Shakespeare: "Julius Caesar"
Act II, Scene 2, Lines 1027-1030
Calpurnia speaks:

Alas, my lord,
Your wisdom is consumed in confidence.
Do not go forth to-day: call it my fear
That keeps you in the house, and not your own.

But, like many a husband, Caesar ignored his wife and went on his merry way and when he arrived at the Curia of Pompey .... well, you know the rest.
Those who have been here in the past know July is the month of marriages and divorces for me. Twice married; twice divorced. Always in July; all four events. For a long while, I assumed that, like Caesar, I would have three wives and, jokingly, I have, at times, said the third would undoubtedly outlast me. Now, however, the doubt is beginning to be transformed into wondering if there ever will be a third Mrs. Fram.

I also have said that if I were to marry again, it would have to be in the same segment of the calendar as were the first two marriages -- in July. You see, I prefer a neat, tidy, orderly world with both rhyme and reason and just a bit of irony. I suppose I like to tempt fate, too.
Well, July 2015 has arrived and unless an angel appears on the horizon very, very soon, another year will pass me by and leave me still footloose and fancy-free. If said angel should appear, I hope she will be like Calpurnia and tip me off when in her dreams, ".... ghosts did shriek and squeal about the streets." I am pretty sure I would heed her advice and stay at home.

The fascinating element to me at this point in time is that having been without a permanent companion for eight years, I am becoming adjusted, accustomed and accepting to/of being alone. In many regards, being a "lone ranger" makes life much easier. The fundamental question is whether easier, in these circumstances, means better or means worse.

So, we shall see what the stars have designed for me between now and .... now and when ....

Et tu, Angelus?


A Cuban In London said...

Well, he had it coming, didn't he? For not listening to his wife, as you said. :-)

Greetings from London.

Fram Actual said...

I will withhold my opinion whether or not Julius Caesar had it coming, CiL, but perhaps it would have been more accurate for William Shakespeare to have written, "Your wisdom is consumed in narcissism."

Actually, I think wives often have a better sense of what is going on behind the scenes then do their husbands.

I ran across and watched the last hour or so of the old film, "Antony and Cleopatra," (1963) with Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor a few days ago, and that stirred my curiosity to learn what happened to the murderers of Julius Caesar. Since about forty men were among the conspirators, I think I need to do more research if I wish to learn in any great detail. Either that, or to forget about it.

As a side note, other than Burton and Taylor (who were magic together on screen), I think many in film were miscast. Rex Harrison as Julius Caesar? Uffff ....

I am glad you could make it here, CiL. Thank you.

Smareis said...

Junho nunca mais Fram, apenas um próximo mais diferente desse que passou. Nada e nem um dia é igual o outro. O julho começa e logo se vai também assim como todos.
Ainda bem que a Calpurnia sobreviveu a ele.

Premonição é uma coisa que assusta, muitas vezes é um aviso, e muitas vezes acontecem. Acredito apenas numa coisa, todo mundo tem sua hora certa pra partir.
Aconteceu com a morte de um cantor há poucos dias aqui no Brasil. Uma sensitiva tinha dito que o carro do cantor ia capotar e ele e a namorada iam morrer no acidente. Até mandou avisa-lo para não viajar naquele dia. Acabou acontecendo o acidente e ele e a namorada morreram no local.

Ainda prefiro acreditar na palavra do Criador, que só ele sabe o momento de nossa partida. O resto é apenas acaso do destino.

Mês de julho é o mês de aniversário do meu pai de vida e de morte. Mês de muitas lembranças e ao mesmo tempo tristezas.
Gostei da musicas. Scorpions - Send me an angel uma das mais bonita da banda.

Ate breve Fram!
Sorrisos de boa noite!
Volto depois pra ler os dois post acima!

Smareis said...

Amanhã passo pra terminar a leitura de suas outras postagem Fram.

Fram Actual said...

No cloud in the sky will ever be the same twice, no ripple on a pond will ever be the same twice, no day in which we exist will ever be the same twice. It is true. And, we will never be the same again as we were under that momentary cloud, that instant while watching the ripple in the pond, that day when we looked into a mirror and saw a face, a smile, as we were just then.

I was told today (hmmmm, actually yesterday by now, I guess) that I always have been somewhat paranoid. My reply was that I always have been somewhat many things; it depends on what I am thinking at the time. My point was that one day I might believe this and the next day believe that. No day is the same, and I prefer to be many things and to think many things rather than to be a definable character in this garden of good and evil which is called earth.

A few days ago, a neighbor and I were talking about some people nearby who had died within a matter of weeks. The neighbor said he believed in the adage that death comes in threes. You know, it seems to do just that.

I have been thinking about death recently. I even have a post written about it. I think I will publish it soon.

I am glad you believe what you believe, Smareis. As I sometimes say, I believe in destiny and I do not believe in destiny. I think it is true in a sense, but that we each have opportunities along the path of life to change our destinies. Increasingly, though, I am coming to believe some things as complex as our physical beings, as the universe, as my own mind, could not have emerged by accident. There must be a design, hit and miss as it is, and the primary question is who or what is the designer.

Yes, I recall your father. I send you a tear to join with your own.

As for the Scorpions, many songs from this band and other musicians are wonderful in their own way and, a few of them, are beyond beautiful and reflect a universal sentiment.

I am tired tonight. Do not rush to write more comments at my other posts. They will be there for a while; I will be here for a while. Thank you, for your smile, Smareis, and for your presence.

You are the sun ....

Something special ....