Friday, October 26, 2012

Time is standing still .... when do we leave?

"Time is standing still" and "when do we leave" not only are comments which conceivably might be made by this casual crew of seagulls gathering here, but are among the lyrics in the second song posted today. That song is "Stargazer." The music is fantastic; the performance is pure fun; the video is a tiny masterpiece. Talent is where you find it. The first song posted is "Street of Dreams." Both songs are by the band Rainbow, although the vocalist in the first is Joe Lynn Turner and the singer in the second is Ronnie James Dio. It seemed like "Street of Dreams" sort of went with what I wrote, and "Stargazer" sort of went with what I thought while I was writing what I wrote. Or thought. Or whatever.

What if tomorrow were yesterday?

Strictly speaking, there is a present. 

You know, in the sense of past, present and future.

But, by the time you finish reading these words, the present will be part of the past and gone forever.

So, is the present more or less than the blink of an eye?

I am not certain what I am trying to say beyond wondering if there actually is a present. Everything is moving too quickly for the present to exist except in an instant immeasurably impossible to realize .

I know someone who says she lives for today. I can understand that and realize that on the one hand, but, on the other hand, today only exists on a man-made clock of planetary measurements. In terms of conscious life, there is only past and future.

At the moment, I am trying to decide which one I belong to or, maybe, which one belongs to me, because the present is a dream.

If these questions are easy for you to answer, I do not wonder about you, but I do worry about you.

Then, too, I am not so sure that the past is gone forever or that the future has not already been. Remember, I belong to the "time is like a flowing river" school of thought.

A passage in the "Hovamol"
from the "Poetic Edda"
recorded for posterity by Snorri Sturluson

A little sand  has a little sea,
And small are the minds of men;
Though all men are not equal in wisdom,
Yet half-wise only are all.



ANITA said...

this was difficult to answer..and it is not something i think of is interesting!
i love you poem from the Hava mål :)music too:))

you gave me something to think and read about now Fram.And that i like :)

Fram Actual said...

Snorri Sturluson was a writer, poet and historian without equal during his era, and a true warrior in the Viking tradition. Rainbow was a band whose members included rock and roll legends and musicians of unparalleled talent among their contemporaries. Easy to love these guys, Anita.

Beyond that, I am glad I gave you something to think about ....

Wind said...

Well, well, well....interesting theme, Fram! Hello Anita!
It is a long discussion isn't it?
It is about us, isn't it?
I mean about how we live and feel inside of this space called 'time'....

Well...time is only motion! Can you believe we are living in a moving space? Like in a train....we see only the images in motion through the window and a bit of the future ahead. Yes, the present does not exist, yes.... we live in the past most of the time.
I will continue...I am in my office now! Have a good day!

ps...what about the storm?

ANITA said...

yeah Fram!!what about th storm??

are you safe?!! you have a office??

may be we live in the past..i dont know ,still about it..well sometimes in the future ,in dreams..what if we are dreaming all of this??

i sshoud not hink soo much..Here we are only concidering the storm in america!!itz all on the news every hour!!
i got a birthday today!i dont fell birtday hehehehe..i dont feel nothing it is a regular day!
be safe Fram!1greetings from Norway!

Wind said...

I am worried about that big storm....
Frankenstorm or something like this...
You know, Anita...when a dangerous force of nature come upon your life,
the time stay still...
Terror and fear make you small and helpless and a second become a week, and a minute , a life.
This is all about flows like a river in one direction , it stops sometimes like a train...only to have memories and images to never comes back! is late for me. See you tomorrow!

ps. Happy birthday Anita!
All my best wishes to you and to your son!

ps to ps. Have a good day, Fram!

Kaya said...

In a blink of presence... That is true. So true. I thought about the moments. They don't have the past, they don't have the future they have only the presence and only this tiny blink of it.

If only to remember this, life would be much more easy. Wouldn't it? Perhaps, more dear, more precious.

And no matter what we say about presence we are all came out of the past. I think the past holds us.

Anyway, I would love to live every day as it is my last day on the Earth but something gets always on its way.

Fram, i like the first video The Streets of Dreams! That would be nice to walk on this street of dreams. Is it possible?

Fram Actual said...

To begin, this storm is nowhere near me, Daliana. No need for worry.

It is interesting to watch on radar, though. There are two fronts converging here, one from the hurricane far, far to the east and a cold front coming from the west. But, nothing intense will happen here.

I think each of us has a concept about past, present and future which evolves from our education -- religious, as well as secular -- and our experiences. Perhaps, there is even more which forms us, like previous lives or racial memories or the "genetic soup" from which we emerge.

Now, moving to the continued element of your comment, I have experienced both summer storms in the form of tornadoes and winter storms in the form of blizzards. In other categories, I have experienced both severe floods and tremendous forest fires. To me, they fall into the same general category: They are forces more to be respected than to be feared.

These things are mostly to be feared, I think, when they arrive unexpectedly in the middle of the night or when you have property to lose or if one is foolish enough not to take precautions in advance of their arrival. We all have fears and phobias -- and, you are right about them turning a second into a week -- but they can be kept in check by most of us. And, the strongest hurricane or the fiercest flood is not nearly so fearsome as are the people we pass on the street every day of our lives. At least, that is what I think.

And now, moving back into the question of time, I will repeat something I have mentioned in a past post or two or three: If time is like a river, should it not be possible to go ashore and to walk back along the riverbank to the places we have passed earlier? I like to believe that, whether it is true or not.

Fram Actual said...

Yes, Anita, what about the storm?

As I mentioned to Daliana, this storm, which some people seem to think is the end of life as we know it, is far, far away from me. I just hope it does not snow to any extent here before a lawn crew arrives to do its "fall clean up and leaf removal" on my yard.

I guess I should not make fun of the storm situation. Undoubtedly, it will cause much grief, and that is not funny.

So, it is your birthday. Well, happy birthday, Anita, and I hope the day will have brought you a few good memories to carry with you during the coming year.

I have started a custom of buying myself a birthday present each year, and it seems to work as a means to remember at least one thing special about the day which comes only once a year and about these individual milestones, which come only once in a lifetime. So, buy yourself a nice present!

Fram Actual said...

Never have I been able to live any day as though it would be my last, Kaya, because I still do not believe there ever will be a last day for me.

Actually, I think that might be the preferable way to live: Never believe the day you are living will be your last. That way, at least, you will not try to be someone you are not, doing things -- for better or for worse -- that you would not otherwise be doing.

The second video really is for wild guys and hard rock lovers, which, I guess, includes me. Among the things I like about Rainbow is the band's versatility. It frequently picked new paths to follow in terms of its music. Witness the vast differences in style and sound between these two songs.

Is it possible to walk on a "street of dreams?" I like to think so. I think there are "souls" we have known somehow, somewhere, before we have known them in this existence. Whether this is through reincarnation or some other means, who can say? Sometimes, I think this existence -- this life -- is a dream, and that I actually died long ago. Again, who can say?

Morgan Nascimento said...

Olá, parabéns pelo blog!
Se você puder visite este blog:
Obrigado pela atenção

Fram Actual said...

Thank you, Morgan, for stopping by to visit and to leave a comment. I am on my way to your blog now.

See you around ....

Cloudia said...

Aloha from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral

~ > < } } ( ° >

> < 3 3 3 ( ° >


Fram Actual said...

Thank you, Cloudia.

I am pleased and happy to have you visit me. Sorry, that I was not at home when you stopped by ....

Smareis said...

Olá Fram Actual

Concordo contigo sobre o tempo esta parado, para coisas que deveria ser feitas.
Esta imagem é fantástica.
A música tem uma letra maravilhosa.
O Amanhã sempre é o nosso hoje,
o presente é um sonho.

Embora nem todos os homens são iguais em sabedoria,
No entanto, meia-sábio só são todos... palavras sábias.

Gostei imenso do vídeo.
Linda canção!
Grande abraço amigo!

Fram Actual said...

Dreams always puzzle me and fascinate me, Smareis, and there are times I am certain that my life is a dream within a dream. Many have looked for answers in this direction. Edgar Allan Poe even wrote a poem about it: "A Dream Within A Dream."

Time always puzzles me and fascinates me, Smareis. I do think it is like a river, and that it can be navigated. Even Albert Einstein considered this as a logical possibility. So, tomorrow can become yesterday.

In the very least, life is more enjoyable and wondrous when a person allows his/her mind to have no boundaries, no constrictions, no laws beyond the laws of Nature to fence it in ....

Nice to see you out and about again ....

ANITA said...

hi handsome..thanx for visiting me!!Strange cause i was thinking of you..and a photo..remember the one with those muscle arms in front of the fire!!wow!!

sorry i talk like this..but it is the are a very masculine man!!

Ok..when are you going to post something?

Happy weeke fram..iam attending work again..night work...gjeeesppppp!!

See you around blogs then!!xxx

Fram Actual said...

Well, Anita, you have left me sort of speechless, as you are inclined to do from time-to-time.

In answer to your question, I might put a post up soon -- maybe tonight, maybe in a day or two. The sea of blogs is pretty much at a dead calm at the moment from my point of view. It does not hold the same fascination it once did for me.

Good luck, with work ....

Something special ....