Thursday, March 31, 2011

The month of birthdays concludes

Being a rough and tough bear -- as well as a wild and crazy guy -- has its benefits in regard to not much caring what the temperature outdoors might be if the day is otherwise pleasant. So, among those benefits is being able to do what many gentlemen of the leisure class might do when the weather cooperates and the day is sunny -- work on his tan. In this case, White Bear found thirty-seven degrees Fahrenheit (three degrees Celsius) to be ideal. And, since he was wearing "my" new ring on a chain around his neck, it seemed like the perfect time to take a photograph of it to satisfy a couple of requests to see it. As I have noted in the past, White Bear has a habit of taking over anything and everything I might acquire.

Who, actually, is writing the story?


I' th' last night's storm I such a fellow saw,
Which made me think a man a worm. My son
Came then into my mind, and yet my mind
Was then scarce friends with him. I have heard more since.

As flies to wanton boys are we to th' gods,
They kill us for their sport.

William Shakespeare: King Lear Act 4, scene 1, 32–37

Destiny: 1 -- Something to which a person or thing is destined; fortune. 2 -- A predetermined course of events often held to be a resistless power or agency. Synonym: Fate.

Fate: 1 -- The principle or determining cause or will by which things in general are supposed to come to be as they are or events to happen as they do; destiny. 2 -- whatever is destined or decreed. 3 -- Final outcome. 4 -- The three goddesses of classical mythology who determine the course of human life. Synonym: Destiny, lot, portion, doom.

These are definitions of "destiny" and "fate" as found in one of the Webster's dictionaries I carry with me. It elaborates a bit by continuing that the word "destiny" often is associated with good results, while "fate" frequently is identified with not so good results.

Now, here are a couple of points that I have occasionally made in the past: One is to the effect that I believe communication is the most difficult task in the world. Part of this is because we do not all carry dictionaries around with us. Mostly, this is because we tend to accept the meanings of words as they have affected us in terms of our individual backgrounds, educations and experiences. This means discussions about words whose meanings actually imply complex concepts, which "destiny" and "fate" are, mean different things to different people.

Next, I have written here that while I believe fate intervenes in our lives intermittently, I do not believe that a particular destiny is inevitable to my life (or to anyone else's life). Put most simply, I do not believe that predestination is a fact of existence, but that chance meetings and random events might greatly influence or even completely change the course of our lives. Lately, however, I have begun to question my position in these matters -- particularly in relation to "destiny."

I no longer am as certain about my concepts of "destiny" and "fate" in an ultimate, predestined sense as I have been in the past. We meet a stranger, for example, and our lives might be changed forever. We experience an accident, for instance, and we have no choice but to leave the path we have been traveling upon and to take another. These were my beliefs in the past, and still are today. Such events are little more than common sense and largely involve matters of "fate."

Increasingly, I am beginning to wonder if we really do have any choices regarding the paths we travel. We think we do. We believe (most of us) in free choice. But, possibly the notion of free choice is a delusion.

I suppose part of this blends in with the concepts of déjà vue and reincarnation, and even with dream interpretation and reaction, but I cannot help but wonder if each of us is nothing more than a character in a script or a play or a novel whose entire life has been plotted out for us by an unknown author.

I am not considering this at all in a religious context or from any point on the compass of logic. I guess that means it is an intuitive feeling recently arisen within me.

Are we writing our own stories, or has someone already written them for us? I am not so sure as I once was, and am beginning to think a specific destiny awaits each of us no matter which pathways in life we choose to follow.

Some random thoughts

March comes to an end for another year today, and the month of birthdays for me concludes. There are five birthdays being observed among my family members and friends today, which seems like a good number. I am not even going to try to count them up for the entire month.

This particular post contains thoughts and feelings and observations and reflections, which is typical for me. I think that now, with the conclusion of "birthday month," I will stop posting things such as these, for a while, at least, and I will not post unless I actually have some "factual news" I wish to pass along.

It is possible I will resume writing here; it is possible I will start a new blog; it is possible I will fade away entirely over the course of a few months. For the present, I intend on following those blogs I currently follow, and to write comments when the mood strikes me.

The month of birthdays concludes .... and, so do I .... for now .... see you around, here and there, wherever ....


Anonymous said...

nice photo!!but where is the ring?is it hiding in the fur?

and that medal?exåplain it to me.

Yes i did belive we were actors in a play before.and that there are many nubers of The fram..have you seen them?if not try to take a look.

But now..Ihave begun thinking when we die.We die.There is nothing more.So enjoy life while we can..Do the best you can and try to be happy..If there is a life after this..well you have behaved good in this life and is satisfayed .

a beautiful good bye?post you have..iam going to miss you..and i hope somebody shows up and tell you not to ususal!!:))

Be Happy!:)

Fram Actual said...

You really do not see it, Anita? I repeat some words from my post: "And, since he was wearing 'my' new ring on a chain around his neck ...." Try looking again.

The "medal" is an 1843, $5.00 U.S. gold piece held in a gold bezel and suspended from a gold chain.

Thank you, for considering the subject of my meandering mind. Someday, genetic scientists may provide more answers than philosophers, theologians or psychiatrists regarding the question of who writes our life stories.

It really is time for a break for me from putting my thoughts here on this blog.

Anonymous said...

no.i cant see the ring..may be i need glasses?lol

Ok..have a time free from this blog..or make a new one ! that will be great!!

dont forget to addd me then!!

may you have a good time spring summer and so was very nice to read your post and listening to your great music..

Greetings fronmNorway!

Fram Actual said...

As I said, Anita, I am not vanishing completely. You post on your blog, and I will comment.

And, I might leave some "factual news" here on occasion. I just do not plan on writing my thoughts and opinions here for some time, if ever.

Anonymous said...

silly boy you are!!I wonder what happened to that was the greeatast of them all..well the dancers will soon come back to ye..Yo just wait and see..Fram disapears and then people are MISSING!!

ok..I am tired of it to..i mean blogging Facebook whatever..seems to me there are no dicent men around anyway.well perhaps you ,you was always such a gentleman..

no..i rather read other blogs and leave a comment to their blogs if i find soemthing nice to comment..Okey..I will not return here for some while..since i know you wil not be there..GOD BLESS you might say hahahaha!!Ok..Fram Have Fun ok..!:))

Fram Actual said...

Whatever you say, Anita.

Yep, I begin by trying to be a gentleman -- polite and considerate. Treat others the way you wish to be treated, is a good axiom of life.

But, I also function as a mirror. You pretty much get back from me what you give to me -- good for good; bad for bad.

So, in the meanwhile, you have fun, too.

Peggy said...

Fram, I understand the need to break from blogging, but know that I do like to visit your blog as it often gives me food for thought, ears and eyes.

No matter though - the ebb and tide of the blogsphere is such that people blog a lot, blog a litte and disappear for a while and then return. I will be glad for your updates when they come and will count on your return with regular "meaty" blogs at some point in the future.

Enjoy the spring weather Fram - looks like the grass is greener where you are - much more so than in Toronto.

Fram Actual said...

Thank you, Peggy, for the kind thoughts and good wishes.

It will be interesting (to me and for me) to discover what will develop during the next three or four months. Who knows what might be around each new bend in our lives -- or, in my case, what might be at the bottom of each new cliff I leap from without first checking to find out what might be at the bottom of it.

Good luck, in accomplishing your house swap mission.

Anonymous said...


Wind said...

You have a song on my blog... it is for you!
Well, if this spring will come here one day, I will send it to you!
My best thought!

Fram Actual said...

Yes, Anita.

Fram Actual said...

The song is amazing, Wind, very touching and evoking very deep emotional responses. I think it is a song that makes the listener re-evaluate his own priorities in life. Most simply, I like it and the artist who made it. Thank you.

Yes, please, send me spring at your earliest convenience. It seems to be confused or, maybe, indecisive here. It comes, then it goes, and cannot make up its mind. At this moment, it rushes by me on huge, billowy, white clouds, on its way to who knows where.

Wind said...

As soon as I send my spring to you, we have no spring here!
It is something in between, like our life...ha ha...

I am glad that you liked Peter Hammill!I thought so!
Please have a good night!

Fram Actual said...

Yes, the seasons pass back and forth, each wishing to hold sway over the Earth. There was blue sky and warm sunshine for me today. I will try to share it, and to send some of it back to you in Romania.

I am a bit surprised that I have not encountered Peter Hammill before, but, then again, I am constantly amazed by how much in this world my eyes have passed over and I have not seen.

Thank you, Wind, and please have a good day ....

Wind said...

Well, still raining here...some sort of spring smell floats in the air....
Thank you for the sun!I think it will arrive in summer!...ha ha

I wish you my best!

Fram Actual said...

I have sun and blue sky. I would like a sandy beach and clear water, too, but will not be greedy and will be happy with the here and now.

Nice to see you again, Wind.

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Fram!Iam so glad you are happy!!spring sun and everything is great!!

Much love and smiles to you great friend!!

greetings from Norway:))

Fram Actual said...

You sound as though you are in a fine mood yourself, Anita.

Yes, being able to sit outside under a bright sun and with a mild breeze to read a book is all that is required to lift my spirits for a while.

Nice to see you in the neighborhood again.

Anonymous said...

yes.i knew you wouold like those nature photoes...It really is great Fram..i think iam in love again.with life..!.it is a new beginning ..a new book to open..spring and whatever there is in know i have had such worries lately..but they semms to disappear now..(but i tell you no one did help me..i did help myslef to solve the problems that was like a death valley..(I told you before the taxman almost killed me!!)...
today iwas jogging at 8 oclock in the morning..then for a long walk and now i am out in the sunshine more sitting by the computer and different social networks..Life is now and iam sure enjoing it..

Nice to hear from you too Fram..we will talk later:))

Fram Actual said...

Sunny skies in the morning turned to clouds, clouds and more clouds by high noon around here today, Anita, so you were the lucky one.

It sounds like you are re-discovering healthier and happier ways to live life. Good for you. I am glad to hear it.

Thank you, for the visit.

Peggy said...

Fram, I just wanted to leave a quick little comment (as you know I am pressed for time this weekend) to let you know that I am reflecting on the part of the blog where you comment:
"Increasingly, I am beginning to wonder if we really do have any choices regarding the paths we travel. We think we do. We believe (most of us) in free choice. But, possibly the notion of free choice is a delusion."

This comment makes me think that we could have a wonderful conversation about free will vs fate. I have all sorts of things swirling around my head on this and if I had an hour or two I would be writing one of those extremely long comments I am known to sometimes produce. :)

Sadly, I don't have the time but can give a reader's digest of my thoughts. I think that there are many forks in the road ahead of any individual but we do have control by the decisions we make to choose a different path - that by our choices we can go forward in a different direction. I guess this is the optimist in me to believe I can strike out in a new direction and make new things happen by choice.

Admittedly, we often seem trapped by obligation and circumstance and it might seem like there is no free will in the equation.

That said, maybe if we step back and think about all those "alternate universes" of quantum physics, maybe there is another one of us in each of those universes which is taking a different path, which kind of implies that the folks in these alternate universes don't have the option of free will.

It seems I have my feet on both sides of the fence in this matter. It is interesting to think about for sure and I thank you for raising the topic. So much for my short comment, eh? LOL Maybe we should add this to our list of things to talk about when we get to have that coffee together. :)

Fram Actual said...

The notion that has been drifting about in my mind recently has genetic traits as its corner stone, Peggy. Without going into any particular detail, here is the basis:

By whatever word is used as a starting point -- evidence, claims, opinion, beliefs, theories -- there exists the argument that genetic inheritance not only dictates the color of a person's eyes or hair, but that it creates predisposition for such things as a tendency to be an alcoholic, a homosexual, to develop certain diseases like cancer, to be prone to violence, and more.

My thoughts lately have included genetic inheritance as the root cause virtually for each decision we make, each path we take, each cliff we leap from.

There is more to it than this. Also, I said in my post that I was not thinking in a religious context but, to be honest, I am not excluding it, either.

Anyway, something to think about; something to talk about should the occasion arise.

Have a safe, enjoyable trip, Peggy.

Anonymous said...

thanx very much Fram..i donno what happenede to the blog..i though it was only me see i wanted to be alone for a while in here.thennow i see everybody can comment and watch..well nevermind..i do it my own way as always..In 6 weeks i am offtoo the Zypros and looking forwrd to be there for a month..

by the way how are you?you know if i should disapear for a while i always come back to you.somehow i think this friendship will last.Have a very good day fram and thanx for comment on my blog))

Fram Actual said...

So, Anita thinks about Cyprus and vacation on sandy beaches under sunny skies. I am in the mood for some time away from the ordinary elements of life myself, but it will be a few more months before I am able to cut away my bonds and run free.

Yes, we have had some differences, but they were temporary and did not last. I suppose that is the distinction between friends and acquaintances. The former relationship can survive obstacles while the latter disintegrates like dust in the wind.

Nice to see you out and about.

Anonymous said... you remember the first connection ?you wrote to me onmy first blog.".anita i love to wach woman knitting and reading."..well that sentence did it..i was lost in you..Jesssuz can you belive it i actually felt in love with you...for a long long time..and all the woman you was in contact with was a treath to me..can you imagine that Fram?How can it be we as a human inntelligent people actually fall in love in a virtual man or woman not ever seenor been ace to face with?I wonder how that is possible?what happens to us?are we alone ?is that the reason..or what?Well as time did go by..i grew..and friendship with you did become a good thing..not love as fallin love but another thing..a more respectful enjoying free i am happy with all the people you like and even wants to be friends with the woman you chooose to be your love..itis like..Fram is having a good time and i am very happy about it..

well this was just some thoughts about online friendship and so we people behave and so on..Men are the most interesting thing to study!!

Yeah i long for the getaway..god Iam soo tired of this country and still i love it..but sun bikinis nice dresses is in my mind to wear and be happy in the sun..

today my son is leaving with a family friends on th mountain called Ustaoset..he willbe there for 5 days!!5Days.!!.i will be missing him sooo much..he has never been away from me you see..never..Well time to get a life as ,not a mother anita!!:))

May you have a beautifyul weekend and that things is going all right for you))

Fram Actual said...

Fram is always having a good time. It is just that he does not always know he is having it.

As for you, Anita, I think you either fall in love too easily or you still have not experienced real love. In any case, you must be careful who you do fall in love with, as I am certain you discovered long ago. And, cyberspace relationships are safe, if nothing else.

I hope you have a beautiful weekend and that all things go right for you, as well. Thank you, for the nice note.

Anonymous said...

yes.!!thats exactly what my friend told me too..why i seek the internet..and fall in love to is because unconsiously and in real life..i dont want a dont fit in to my life..howw the hell should i had the time to go with a man..?hahahha!! time..and iam not ready for a true relationship..otherwise i had got it a long time problem...

Ayy hooooo..!!Well it is time for e to close the blog and do something new..see you may be in autumm Happy time Fram)))a big kiss

Fram Actual said...

Well, Anita, I think you should post some photographs from Cyprus while you are vacationing there, or, at least, some taken there after you have returned home.

Everything certainly is less complicated when you travel through life alone, but also less enjoyable, less interesting and less entertaining without a companion who walks alongside you. The difficulty lies in finding the right companion.

So, take care, and see you around, here and there.

Anonymous said...

Hi my dear friend!!

yes iam having a very good time!Iam very happy!!

it is a freedom feeling you know!!

i dont seek for any love.think that is not my goal in life..i have my son and mothers love is all for me..

Yes i may be post some photoes from Cyproz..right now iam happy with thing as it is..and we have fine weather 20 degrees and SMILE))

Wish you a great Eastern:))And all is good with you i hope??Many hugs!

Anonymous said...

Good Lord..where have you been???

iam not used to that you are away so long..where are uyou??

we have such a wonderful weather here in my town iam out bathing every day..It is lovely doing nothing..just hanging around.

Would you please send me a message sometime..?ok..

lots of everything good..your friend anita.

Fram Actual said...

I have been nowhere and done nothing of consequence, Anita.

I have been preoccupied with other things beyond this sea of blogs and, as I said in this post, I will be drifting in and out of here for the time being and not coming around very much at all for a while. In a sentence, I am busy preparing for the future.

So, I hope you continue to enjoy life and to post a few photographs from time to time.

"Lots of everything good," to you, too, Anita. Take care ....

Anonymous said...

So.It is in the post you have high lighted????in red!

Ok..take care you too..i miss you though.

Thanx for message.

Anonymous said...

heiiii..where r you at??

no..iam not sunburned but indian brown!1hahaah!!

We have rain today but yesterday i was bathing in the place you treasure wood!!

where r U??

Kaya said...

Interesting introduction of Teddy Bear. I think he is slightly "underdressed" for this day (three degrees Celsius isn't so warm). He looks very satisfied and has a big smile on his face. And it's very clever that he "stole" from you dark glasses. I think he doesn't like them particularly. We know about his habits to take over anything and everything. I see it on a picture. Interesting picture and very imaginative. This picture is so clear and so sharp that I am wondering is it sun or a new camera.

Ok, we know that Teddy Bear is your best friend. I suspect that he is your memories about somebody who is very dear to you. But he is also is bigger than that and it's a mystery for me.

This post is a very complicated, Fram. It's almost impossible to cover everything in one comment.

Next time I would like to talk about fate, destiny and understanding.

That is nice to talk to real people and real world but I hope that some day you will return back to the blog's world. When I write in words my own thoughts and express my point of view it's different. It gives you more perspective of things, situations and life.

Anonymous said...


i know that.but i cant remember what that is.your e mail?

Anonymous said...


Kaya said...

I thought that my comment vanished. Fram, I can't believe that I wrote a such long comment. Right now I feel quiet embarrassed about it.

I just wanted that you would return back to your writing and to the blog's world. Is it still possible? Let's leave this question open.

Anonymous said...

hi in da are you??

Ihave been invited to a new blog ALL GOOD THINGS..and do alittle work there since my passion is old holliwood should take a look at it and tell me what you think..Iam very happy about it..

Ok sweet thing have a nice time whatever wherever you are and doing.


Kaya said...

Every morning I look at your blog waiting for a new post and Teddy Bear is still there.

You wrote about fate in this post and its final outcome.

I read somewhere if you want different fate change your attitude. I think there is some truth in it. Of course, when you try to change attitude you suddenly realize that you have to give up on many things and you don't want to do that.

Fram, say hello to Teddy Bear from me.

Fram Actual said...

My thoughts are shifting more toward the concepts of the Ancient Greeks and the Old Norse, Kaya, which means a person can change attitudes, but he or she cannot change their fate. They proclaim our fate is written as absolute at the time of our birth by the "Fates" (Greek) / "Norns" (Norse).

I will post something soon to prove that I am still part of this world, but that is about all it will do. I want to stay away from actual writing for a time yet.

White Bear is Polish. He says,"cześć," and that he wishes for the return of winter.

Something special ....