Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Another birthday & Mary vs. Johnny

This painting of U.S. Marines, some in the ship's rigging firing their muskets and some on the ship's rail preparing board another vessel, hangs in the Marine Corps Museum at Quantico, Virginia. I do not know the artist or even what war it represents, presumably the Revolutionary War or, possibly, the War of 1812, but I like the piece and it seemed appropriate to include as an illustration with my birthday wish for a member of the Corps.

Semper Fidelis, birthday boy

March is an especially active birthday month in my life, for me, personally, and for a number of family members and friends. (Makes you wonder -- me, anyway -- what it is that causes people to be so "busy" in June.)

In any case, following a birthday thought about my grandfather on Sunday, here is a March 1 birthday salute for a U.S. Marine who currently is spending a bit of time at Camp Pendleton in California before moving on to Pensacola, Florida. Happy Birthday, Jeremy, and Semper Fi.

Two variations on love, baby

Some days ago, I wrote a pretty long piece to fill this space today, but I changed my mind about publishing it on the spur of the moment and, at least, for the moment. I probably will run it in a few days, but I began thinking about the two songs I have here, and they distracted me and got me wondering. I have posted them before, both of them, but not together.

The meaning of Mary Chapin Carpenter's music in "Passionate Kisses" is anticipatory and in expectation of love. Actually, the lyrics are almost demanding not only love, but a good life and sweet times.

The words -- the sentiment -- struck me, because the post I pulled from this space tonight mentions how many people today and how often people today walk around with some twisted sense of entitlement. Mary seems to be echoing that in her words.

She wants a "full house and a rock and roll band." She requires "pens that won't run out of ink and cool quiet and time to think."

"Is it too much to ask .... Is it too much to demand .... Shouldn't I have this .... all of this?" Mary asks in her song. Mostly, she wants "passionate kisses."

"Give me what I deserve, 'cause it's my right," Mary concludes.

In a sense, yes, I suppose she should have such things. It is not unreasonable to ask for and to hope for those things mentioned in her lyrics. But, at no cost to herself? With no work? With no effort? Does she expect love to walk through the door and to pick her up and to carry her off to a castle in the clouds?

In contrast, Johnny Cash almost seems to be chastising his companion for falling out of love in his rendition of "One." This is because she apparently is a Mary Chapin Carpenter-type, and she obviously does not understand that love is a two-way street and not a magic carpet ride twenty-four hours a day. Johnny sings:

"One love
One life
When it's one need
In the night
One love
We get to share it
Leaves you baby if you
Don't care for it ...."

Whatever, it was interesting (to me, anyway) to contemplate these varying thoughts about love. This was on my mind, so we can blend rock and country from a couple of neat songs and reflect on love for a while.

Later, baby ....


Peggy said...

Fram, I have to agree with you that the lyrics sung by Mary present a pretty demanding and self centred expectation, which in my book is not what love is about at all. That said, I liked the music.

I like your line of reasoning when comparing the messages presented in the two songs. No doubt, different people look for different things with respect to love and the challenge it seems is to find someone on the same page to fall in love with. OK, enough about love.

Fram Actual said...

You have been busy this evening, Peggy. Comments on three of my posts by a visitor during a single trip, I think, establishes a record for my blog.

I have listened to Mary Chapin Carpenter's song countless times and enjoyed it for the sound and a bit for the words, but, for whatever reason, today I heard it differently than I have in the past. I liked the sound as much as I always have, but did not appreciate the lyrics like I did in previous times. It must be my mood -- or, some sort of awakening.

As you said, enough about love. Thank you, for your record-setting appearance.

Anonymous said...

Nice post and comments.and videos!!:))

Fram Actual said...

Well, thank you, Anita, for your visit and your kind words.

Natalie said...

Happy birthday dear Frammy!!!!!!! No wonder we get along so well – you are a Fish!
(I am a water sign too in case you’re curious)
All my best to you!

Fram Actual said...

Well, Natasha -- whoops, I mean, Natalie -- because when I think of you, I think of caviar and the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, in a sense I have forever identified you with water.

As for myself, I prefer to claim kinship with Poseidon/Neptune rather than with a fish.

Thank you, for coming out of hibernation for a visit with me and a birthday wish for me.

Peggy said...

Fram, I gather from Natalie's comment and your reply that today is indeed your birthday! Hope you are having a great day!

All the best from your Toronto friend.

Fram Actual said...

Well, thank you, very much, Peggy.

But, I will have to set your birthday wish aside for a couple of weeks before I unwrap it. My birthday is in March, it is true, but the actual day itself remains some time away yet.

I had not thought about it before, but possibly I will observe my birthday during the entire month: "The Thirty-one Days of Fram." That means I have to get out right now and buy a bunch of presents for myself.

I am laughing at myself now, but thank you, again, Peggy. It is sweet of you to send me a birthday wish.

Peggy said...

Nice idea a month long birthday celebration. A friend of mine routinely celebrates 3 days during her birthday time span - a birthday "eve", a birthday and a birthday "boxing day". I just remembered you don't have a Boxing Day holiday in the States. It is the day after Christmas - a kind of getting over the holiday holiday. I always thought it a great idea.

However, if you decide to just leave it to celebrate your birthday on the designated day, you can put the happy birthday wish on ice until the time is right to bring it out again. :)

March is a full month for birthdays in my life also. I am heading up to Collingwood to celebrate my friend Barb's birthday tomorrow and my son Jeff's birthday is next Saturday.

Fram Actual said...

I am not certain I could handle a month-long birthday celebration, Peggy, and, in fact, I have begun to ignore my birthdays for the most part. I even go to the dentist on my birthdays.

Turning thirty did not bother me, for instance, but a couple of years later, I actually had blocked my age from my mind so thoroughly that I had to look at my driver's license to know exactly how old I was. So much for the forever stoic pragmatist. No fear, other than the specter of age.

Yes and no, no Boxing Day in these parts. It does sound like a good idea, though, and I might have to adopt it for myself.

So, your birthday wish to me will be on ice for a time, although I will pass along part of it for a son whose birthday is today, March 5. He can use good wishes more than I, who am, you might remember, Fram the Fortunate.

If all goes according to plan, I actually will receive my birthday gift to myself today, on his birthday. He, in turn will be receiving a rifle from me the next time our paths cross. Sort of "like father, like son," I guess.

So, I send birthday greetings to your friend, Barb, (the name of my first wife, incidentally), and to your son, Jeff, a week in advance.

Thanks, for dropping by for a visit.

Wind said...

I don't know how old I am, too, Fram!
I blocked my age at 18...ha ha
For sure is in 7 June or let's say in every 7 of the month!
I wish you from my heart to be halthy and happy!
My best thoughts from Romania!

Fram Actual said...

Wind, your note has been here for six days without me finding it. I apologize for being so inattentive. My computer is set so that it requires comment moderation on posts more than ten days old, and this one was past that timeframe when you left your note here. By coincidence or fate or whatever, though, your birthday wish was left here for me on the exact day of my birthday.

So, thank you, very much, for your good wishes and your kind thoughts. I will mark June 7 on my calendar so I do not forget you.

Thanks again, Wind ....

Something special ....