Monday, January 31, 2011

Better luck next time

What'cha think? Too big? Too small? The boat, I mean. I could not decide which photograph best served my purpose for illustration, so I am running both of them. I checked out this baby on Sunday afternoon. It is larger than I have been considering, mainly because I want to be able to transport whatever boat I buy (if I buy) from here to there and back again, rather than keep it docked at one marina. By transport, I mean pull it behind my Suburban, which is parked next to the boat. You can judge for yourself if this plan would be feasible. Time will tell, as it always does ....

To love him or to hate him

My mind is whirling with a million thoughts tonight.

One is that I finally realized I never have understood women. Among all the acquaintances, friends, lovers and wives who have been part of my life -- I do not believe I knew a single one of them. Of course, I am aware of the many similarities they cannot escape because of unadorned biology, and I recognized the "men are from Mars and women are from Venus" concept long before anyone wrote a book about it -- but, women remain an enigma.

I suppose I might say the same of men, because I have met very few I truly can identify with in terms of viewing the fundamentals of life. Sure, there are those men who enjoy the same books, films and music that I do; others who seek out the same manner of work; many who can and do hunt like I once did; some with the same hobbies I pursue; but I have found very few who I could love as a brother. This does not have as much to do with similar interests as it does to indefinable instincts about the purpose of life and the goals mankind should have in common.

Perhaps, that is why after a work grievance filed against me some years ago by someone I supervised, the investigator made this comment as her closing remark: "Everyone either loves him or hates him; there is no in between."

My response was this: "Do you think I care?"

Actually, I do/did care, but only in the sense of understanding why. I want to learn and learn and learn. I am mostly an observer, which is neither good nor bad, but merely means I possess the capacity to remain neutral and independent. I want to know everything, and it frustrates me that I cannot. This trait of mine sometimes also frustrates others around me in both professional and personal life.

Circling back to women, all I need in life is one woman who smiles for me and to me and at me and walks side by side with me -- and, watches my back if I might need cover. This, I often think, is an unattainable objective.

Not to sidetrack too much (although I did warn you that my mind is whirling, bouncing, meandering all over the place this evening), but there was a fascinating book which sort of revolves around this characteristic of non-committal impartiality. It is, "The Hunter," by Donald Westlake, published in 1962. There have been three film versions of it, of which I will mention only two: "Point Blank," in 1967, with Lee Marvin and Angie Dickinson, and "Payback," in 1999, with Mel Gibson and Maria Bello.

It is one of those strange instances where the novel and each film version vary considerably and yet remain absolutely excellent. It also is a story of a man who, after having been betrayed by a woman, finds another who is uniquely fitted for his lifestyle and personality.

Expand your horizons. Go to a movie tonight. Teasing .... sort of .... and, if you did not understand a word I was writing, better luck next time.

A couple of announcements

I am moving again. It is like it was at the Lake House. I tried to hold out until the last minute before deciding whether I would go or stay in this townhouse another month, and someone else stepped in and volunteered to sign a long-term lease. So, I will leave here at the end of February. And, since I am not ready to entirely commit to a Spring/Summer plan yet, this will be still another temporary situation. Almost laughable. Oh, well .... such is life.

Next, one more attempt: I have been writing since shortly after arriving here at this townhouse, and just rolled over 100,000 words on a novel. Who knows? I have tried and failed before, but you never can be certain if you are not persistent and keep on trying -- once, or twice or three times or ....

Finally, endless variables: I might have found a boat, but I am not sure yet. There are a lot of variables to this deal. I also think I might have found a house, but there, once again, I am not sure yet because there are many variables in this deal, too.

And, I also think the cornerstone for a summer plan has been set, although it is too soon to finalize the details. This makes me smile and smile and smile. The ever-present variables are, of course, in play here, as well. Variables never are in short supply, it would seem, and I have a tendency to wait until the last minute when it comes to commitments.


Anonymous said...

That is a very nice nice boat!!

It is good you can sleep in it to.

I think it is perfect..(If i could choose).but where, where are you going to have that boat ?and where and who is going with you ?..If you decide to buy it..

Many new interesting things is happening to you..and that is good:))

About us woman.Well does it matter if we are different!!?i think it is nice..but you may have another meaining of that:))

Those books and movies seems interesting .I will try to google them since i need new books and movies to watch..(i prefer old movies and books)

Very good post Fram and nice photoes..they looks so light and nice and adorable..many thanx for given me and all us others bloggers something special..Iam following you wherever you go..INTERESTING:)Happy monday Fram!

Anonymous said...

and yes,,the music is exellent and the car too.You have a good taste:))

Jack said...

Hi, man!

What a cool toy.

Mag says if you buy this boat the next thing you will have to buy is a hummer, the biggest the better.

But I love it, can you magine me on the board sleeping in the sun with White Bear while you will be trying not to get lost somewhere in the ocean, he, he? I am just kidding you, man, I've heard you are a kind of the sea guy.

So take care than and till the next time!

Maddalena said...

"The bigger the better" I said, Jack.

And yes, I can perfectly imagine Jack on this boat, during the storm especially. If I want to get rid of my cat I will send him on a cruise with you, Frammy.

You, guys, are like kids, indeed.

Fram Actual said...

Yes, I definitely want a boat large enough to sleep aboard and actually to live aboard for a few days at a time. You might remember, I once wrote in a post that one of the things I have been considering is moving to Florida and buying a boat there. I also am considering going to Florida by boat, either down the Mississippi River or through the Great Lakes, into the St. Lawrence River and down the East Coast. Or, I simply might use it here on Lake Superior and other lakes or rivers.

I hope you found some books and/or films, Anita. I still think it is fascinating that you are watching "The Pacific," and I am a bit surprised it is being shown in Norway.

Thanks, for the compliments.

Fram Actual said...

Well, Jack, I am not so certain you could be up on the deck unless White Bear had you on a leash. I would be afraid that you would fall overboard lunging for fish the way you lunged for pigeons on the window ledges at The Apartment in Warsaw. In the very least, we would have to equip you with swim fins and a life jacket just to be on the safe side.

Yes, I am sort of a water man, and feel very comfortable and at home on big water. What else would you expect from a Pisces?

You are right about a Hummer. It would work better for pulling a large boat than would the Suburban, I would guess, but it might be difficult to find a Hummer painted red.

Take care, Jack, and greet the crew from us.

Fram Actual said...

Bigger, biggest .... come on, Mag. Give Black Jack a break. Remember, he has had less time studying English than you.

If Jack can be to taught to control his impulses and not take a running jump trying to catch a fish every time he sees one, I believe he could turn into a fine sailor.

Another problem might be that he probably would insist on sleeping in the crow's nest hoping a pigeon would try to impersonate a crow and land there. Jack is very bright, though, so I think White Bear probably could teach him the ropes quickly.

Yes, I suppose Jack and I would have to conquer some of our boyish idiosyncrasies before we go out sailing the seven seas in search of sunken ships filled with treasure. But, then again ....

Jack said...

On a leash? Like a dog? Never ever!

Swim fins? Like a baby? No kidding, man!

I think life jacket would do just fine, but only if White Bear and you would wear it too.

Thanks, man, for taking my side, you are most cool!

I can promise to try to "learn to control my impulses", for being at sea must be a true fun for such an adventurer as I am, he, he. You are right, the crow's nest would be my favourite place on your boat to sleep and to watch and I am sure Suzuki would die of jealousy if the rumor about my trip would have reached his ears.

So take care, Fram, and thanks again for finding a way to persuade Mag to let me sail with you, guys!

Anonymous said...

Goodmorning from rainy spring norway!:))how are you in usa?

Norway has always loved america.They show all the things that goes on in your land.movies news.ect ect..

i didnt find the books or the older movies.have to buy it on ebay..

Have a nice time with friends ect ect..your trip on the boat seems lovely and i argee with maggie or magdalena..i would like too join you in a bikini on that boat trip:)an alot of margaritas:))

Fram Actual said...

Well, now, Jack. Mountain climbers often travel roped together in case one falls. And, with your habit of leaping after pigeons, which I am sure would carry over to fish, a nice, long leash might be the only way you do not get carried away and leap into the sea.

As for swim fins, how do you expect to dive for treasure without wearing them -- as well as a mask and scuba gear? You must be practical as well as brave.

We all can wear life jackets when we are under way, and take them off if we go ashore or for a swim.

The crow's nest would be a good place for you to nap and to keep look out when we are cruising. By the way, I heard a rumor that you and Suzuki tangled not too long ago. You two need to shake paws and be friends.

You are going to have practice singing some sea-faring songs, Jack, and, maybe, think about swimming lessons.

Remember to greet the rest of the crew from me.

Fram Actual said...

Morning and afternoon were bright and icy cold here, Anita. Winter still bites deeply.

Yes, I understand about Norway's relationship to America. I guess it is just this particular mini-series, "The Pacific," that surprises me for being shown on Norwegian television. It depicts very vividly the reality of war. I guess I think of Norway as being a more peaceful place at this point in its history.

I think wet suits rather than bikinis more often be the uniform of the day aboard any vessel I should happen to purchase. I hope to renew my interest in diving, if my ears have recovered enough to handle it, and the idea of looking for and exploring sunken ships is lurking in the recesses of my mind.

It is time for a bit of adventure again, some actual excitement and a few unique experiences.

Anonymous said...

wow..that seems nice..out diving!!

hope you will have alot of fun !take care Fram:))

Fram Actual said...

Yes, Anita. If you have never experienced it, I can assure you that scuba diving is very much an enjoyable and an entertaining activity. At times, it can be a profitable activity, too.

Anonymous said...

Scuba diving?no,never heard about it.I will use fun all you are doing .:)))

Jack said...

Swimming lessons, he, he, I am not so sure about that, man, I am not to fond of swimming as a matter of fact, I'd rather watch you two, guys, swimming and diving, and would join you for some poker game after that, does it sound fine?

Singing is what I like, and can even teach White Bear few Polish songs if he will teach me some Americans.

To shake paw with Suzuki?

I can shake him!

He, he...

Take care, Fram, and send a hug to White Bear from everybody here.

Sheetal said...


I respect your observation skills..What else is expected of a learner..Good work friend

Fram Actual said...

You never heard of "Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus," Anita? SCUBA is the anagram. I am certain you must know what it is, but simply do not recognize the term.

You should try to find some old Jacque Cousteau television specials. He was the co-inventor of the "aqualung," back in the 1940s. Somewhere along the line, the name was changed to scuba, although I have no idea why.

I began scuba diving when I was fifteen, and have mentioned this activity a number of times in past posts.

Fram Actual said...

Some cats swim, Jack, but we will not insist you do if you would rather stay aboard the boat to play with the seagulls and to lounge on deck reading and working on your English and Italian lessons.

Yes, after dark we can indulge ourselves with a few hands of poker. Just be sure to bring plenty of money, because White Bear says this is going to be a lucky year for him.

Most certainly, you and White Bear can sing as much as you please. White Bear is forgetting the Polish language and speaks English perfectly now. I am sure he would enjoy refreshing his memory by learning some Polish songs.

Yes, I suppose you can shake Suzuki. I remember you are a pretty tough cat. You got me good a couple of times when we were playing around.

White Bear sends his hugs to your crew in return. Later, guy ....

Fram Actual said...

A very interesting name you have: Sheetal. Is this by design? “She etal” = she and others. Or, does it have some other meaning?

Perhaps, if my observation skills were less, I would not think and wonder and be so curious about people and about life, and would be less confused about them. Also, some people have accused me of being a very slow learner.

It is nice of you to visit me, friend.

Anonymous said...

Jacque Cousteau ,,was very nice.Many thanx for the link,,it gave me some next thing..what are yo reading?

Greetings from norway:)

Fram Actual said...

Sort of a strange question, Anita, but ....

A few weeks ago, I began a novel, "The Last Templar," by Raymond Khoury. I put the book down about one hundred pages into it and have not returned to it. This weekend .... maybe.

By the way, Jacque Cousteau's book, "The Silent World," was either the first or the second adult book I bought as a boy.

Anonymous said... it is not strange.i want to fill my head with interesting reading and you have the sources for it.thanx for the the way are you not publishing anything?i mean..blogging?
me myself have gotten lazier and lazier.,but,,I have ordered 3 weeks in fig tree bay,cypros, in summer.ok.have a very good weekend.

Anonymous said...

the silent world is very good.i have looked upon it.the video is beautiful.

Fram Actual said...

I had forgotten about the film version of Jacque Cousteau's book. It would be enjoyable to see it once again.

As for posting something -- anything -- I really have not been in the mood for it in recent days. You know how it is, Anita. Right now, I have other things on my mind and need/want to concentrate on them. Sooner or later, I suppose I will have something to say.

Cyprus seems to be a very popular destination for European girls. It must be the blue waters and the blue sky.

Anonymous said...

yes.i know the feeling about blogging..sometimes i dont know if i shall end it or not..takes very much time and you cant answer everybody..and going out taking pictures i feel it is very much the same as all the others is like a copy..and very boring..Iam looking for something new..but i dont know what..yet..

Iam going with my son to relax..have is no party holiday..only know..Iam the family woman..ok..take care and we willsee each other around..Thank you very much for comment on my blog.It is all good.

Fram Actual said...

As for the blogs, I originally came to explore and to discover what people were talking about and thinking about. I still am not certain why I began one myself. Something to do at the time, I suppose, mostly to be a replacement for my usual reading binges during my January/February hibernation period in 2009. Someday, I will be gone from here.

I think it would be interesting to visit Cyprus sometime.

At your blog you wrote: "I am waiting for the book links if you have some."

I guess I am not certain what you meant, Anita. I occasionally go to newspaper websites like those of the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times and others to read reviews of new books and films, but I do not read books online, if that is what you meant. I need more of an explanation of what you are looking for, I guess.

Peggy said...

Well Fram, quite the nice craft! I can picture you at the helm during a squall, confident that you can manage whatever comes you way.

I wonder if you come via the Great Lakes if there might be an opportunity for us to cross paths? You never know eh? What will be will be.

I understand it when you say "all I need in life is one woman who ..." - I can sense your frustration as that perhaps elusive soul is hidden from view because I share a similar sentiment in looking for a romantic partner.

For both of us - I am optimistic but as they say a watched pot does not boil.

You for sure have me bested by far in the category of frequency of moves. I must admit, one a year is all I can manage. Too bad you weren't able to stay where you are if you found it convenient until your next adventure.

And 100,000 words of a novel, no less! Having 50,000 words languishing within my own terribly bad first draft of my wanna be novel, I stand in awe with your accomplishment. You seem to have the essential attitude - keep at it!

Lastly, good choice of music and video. I can picture you out on that water piloting your craft on the way to Florida. I wish your dreams come true - in both acquiring an appropriate water craft and to find that kindred spirit to join you your side on the journey and to watch your back when you need that. Hopefully this is not an unattainable goal for each of us.

Fram Actual said...

I probably will not try such an ambitious project this summer, Peggy. My initial thought was to buy a cabin cruiser in the twenty-five-foot range and use it on the Mississippi and St. Croix rivers, as well as a bit on Lake Superior. Then, all of a sudden, I was checking out the baby in the photographs.

Most likely, I will return to my original thoughts and spend a few winter months in Florida to see if it suits me before actually committing to a relocation there -- although, I am pretty flexible, and whatever happens probably will depend on my mood at the moment.

Yes. Moving. Again. Already. Uff da, as the old timers around these parts say.

As for writing, I no longer can remember how many times I have started a novel. I actually have hit a hundred thousand words twice before, but never brought one to completion. A New York agent read the first one, and told me it really did not have an ending and I should try to re-write that element and send it back to her. I never did. Whatever .... we shall see what transpires this time around.

Thank you, Peggy, for all your kind words.

Wind said...

Well, I am sad!
It is Monday, I heard bad news about Gary Moore from Thin Lizzy, I have fever, it is still winter are moving again...
Only good one is about you start to write again...and about the boat , of course!ha ha
It will be Monday all day I think!
At least in Romania....ha ha

I wish you a great week!

Fram Actual said...

Well, you are the one who has given me the news about Gary Moore, Wind. I was not aware of his death before this very moment. I had posted a pair of his performances only a few weeks ago. He truly was a fabulous guitar man.

Yes, it is Monday, only by a few minutes for me, but January is gone and it is February and I can see Spring trying to edge its way over the horizon in the distance. Soon, it will be time for boats and beaches and picnics beneath lush, green trees.

I have had a head cold which comes and goes, and has annoyed me for three weeks now. I hope your fever passes quickly, and that your Monday will be pleasant and beneficial.

Take care, Romanian friend.

Wind said...

I don't like to bring sad news, but I know you likes his guitar!
Anyway, if you have in your future strategy to leave this blog, I will give you my phone number to send me sms (from time to time)that you are ok! ha ha
Here is starting a sunny winter Monday!Eh
I wait for spring anyway!
My regards

Anonymous said...

Hi..Iam sorry.i was very tired yesterday writing to you..of course i ment ,what you where reading but that yo already replied..soo you know what, now i have many links to look for good books..:)
i went to the libray today and got some facinating is Tolstoj ,Anna Karina..other Tolkien ,Tree and Leaf and some books from The old North Saga,,you know Snurre Sturlasson and The Ætta sagaenen..Hope they are good soo i have something to spend the night hours..yesterday i was very tired ,,but when I went to bed,,NOPE..nooooo sleep!!until 5 in the morning..Uff we say here..haha!!Yo are speaking nice norwegian and what about a LEFSE?Have you had that to eat lately?just kidding..:))Ok..i must return to see all the nice paintings from the viking time..

Wind said...

For you and for your friends here:

I wish you all my best!

Fram Actual said...

A response to your last comment first: This music is exquisite, Wind. That mere mortals can produce such beautiful and emotional sounds from their minds and with their hands is almost beyond belief. This music has the sound of being ancient and wild, with moments of gentleness flowing through it. Maybe, it is like your hawk soaring high above the Carpathians. In any case, thank you, for sharing it here.

Now, back to the earlier comment: Nothing to feel badly about, mentioning sad news, I mean. Sad news must arrive sooner or later. I simply found it fascinating and a bit remarkable that I, in the middle of America, should learn from a Romanian in his homeland of the death in Spain of an Irish rocker. Soon, all the great guitars will be silent.

If I should abandon my blog, there are some people I would like to remain in contact with through visits to their blogs or by telephone or whatever. You certainly are among this group, Wind. I feel lucky to have you as a friend.

Fram Actual said...

Unless a person makes it himself, Anita, it is unlikely he will find lefse in Minnesota other than during the Christmas holiday season. I bought several packages during December, and froze one which I still have and will eat some day when the mood strikes me.

I read Snorri Sturluson's "Heimskringla" and "Prose Edda" some years ago, and even have mentioned them in a post a time or two. Once, I wrote about the Jomsvikings, and used a wood cut from Snorri's book as an illustration.

I also have read some other sagas, as well as the "Poetic Edda." In many ways, this book serves as my bible.

If you start reading the Russians, you will have enough words to fill all the nights for a few Winters. Good luck, with that project.

Uff da, it is very, very cold outside today.

Anonymous said...

hahaha!!!Uff Da..!!..Er det kaldt ute?..fryser du på de små lille kosete bena dine?hehe


Yesterday I was watching an 4 hours movie from Norway about the new settlers from norway in 1850 that went to minnesota..what a great land minnesota is..even better than norway..I was totally thrilled by that movie..

Okk.Have one of your Hardanger lefsa and a great day:))

Fram Actual said...

Fortunately, uff da is the extent of my knowledge of the Norwegian language, Anita.

There actually were more German emigrants to Minnesota than Norwegians, but Norwegians were a close second. My own ancestors came to Wisconsin and Iowa before moving on to Minnesota a few years later. It was the place to be, once upon a time.

I ate chocolate-covered doughnuts today instead of lefse.

Anonymous said...

Chocolatte coverede doughnuts?wow..isnt that a calorie bomb?..i could not eat that or i had become more chubby(christmas food is still hanging on on my hipd..meh..!!)

i once did see agirl eating a big hamburger covered with chocolatte and bacon,,wow,,you have strange food in amarica,,here in norway the goverment goes for that everybody must have an slim we have this exercises for free at work..we also shall not eatso much meat and the television is having propaganda films about what can happen to you if you eat to much meat and what we actually eat..most of the meat is recycled bones..uffffffff..

and we are not alloud to smoke in fact a whole community is now declared free from smokeing..not allowed even in the god,,what a goverment we have..

i have slept to 12 o clock to day wow..!and have to go to night shifts again..happy day fram:))

Anonymous said...

About your comment on my is what i am looking minnesota.. abeautiful place

And before they went to they lived like this..

Fram Actual said...

It is not what you eat, but how much you eat, Anita.

I never have seen anyone put chocolate on a hamburger, but it does not surprise me. Most of the food here is derived from the customs of the immigrants who came here, with some inventions (such as hot dogs) along the way.

Americans basically are divided into two groups: Those who believe in the "nanny state" and want government to tell them what eat, where to smoke, who they have to hire for work; and those who follow the our founding fathers' principle of, "That government is best which governs least."

It is interesting what you say about Norwegian meat. I think American-raised pork and beef is considerably better in appearance and taste than is European raised.

Yes, I watched a few pieces from your films. Really, this was life not so very long ago.

Anonymous said...

yes..but the videos was great uhm?

i like the place in minnesota..i wonder where it is..such a lovely place..i cant get it out of my mind..that movie..ok..

i ment the sausages was from recycled bones..and it is true!!i will never eat chicken sauges or pork or salamon sausages again!!Better a real steak..Ohh i am hungry!!..thinking of all that with pommes frites and and..nevermind..i will eat my cornflakes instead.

Thank you very much for reply.This is very silly to talk about food..but what the hack many things in life are silly :))

Anonymous said...

well i did write you a long post but it disapeared or what?..:)))

Wind said...

It will be easy for us here, in Romania!The Government does not want us to eat, to smoke, to sleep....ha ha...I am not shure about takink photos or reading....ha ha...
Learning to fly it would be better...!
Did you read my profile?

'The giant in the windmill...
Don't you see it?
Another slave of man.

Blood power,
wood power,
water power,
air power.

A slave the beast....
with two legs and with four.
Then fire....
warming first, then exploding.
The rain....
transport in streams, power in millstreams and steam.
And wind....

Even the wind!

Current of ethereal elements,
fine, tenuous, exquisite...
fluid of light atoms.
Breath of life,
mortiferous exhalation.
Bearer of refreshing humidities,
cruel scorcher of the earth.
In the breeze a soft caress,
in the hurricane a ferocious blow.

by man....
incautious. '

Cervantes about Windmill

Have all a great day!

Wind said...

To dream the impossible dream,
To fight the unbeatable foe,
To bear with unbearable sorrow,
To run where the brave dare not go.

To right the unrightable wrong,
To love pure and chaste from afar,
To try when your arms are too weary,
To reach the unreachable star.

This is my quest,
To follow that star,
No matter how hopeless,
No matter how far.

To fight for the right,
Without question or pause,
To be willing to march into Hell,
For a heavenly cause.

And I know if I'll only be true
To this glorious quest
That my heart will lie peaceful and calm
When I'm laid to my rest.

And the world will be better for this,
That one man, scorned and covered with scars
Still strove with his last ounce of courage
To reach the unreachable star.

Lyrics by Joe Darion

Fram Actual said...

My blog has been set up for months so that it requires approval of any comments made on any post which is ten or more days old. Your comment came on the eleventh day, Anita, and I did not look at my blog yesterday to see if anyone had been there and left a comment. (I was busy, for a change.) I looked now, and your comments now are visible.

Anyway, yes, the videos are great. I would like to watch the entire production sometime. I like the actors very much, too, as well as the scenery.

And, yes, again. Many things in life are silly.

Fram Actual said...

I see that Wind is in a poetic and musical mood, and has left a few thoughts for me.

Your government frightens me a bit, the way you describe it, but, then again, all governments frighten me at least a bit. This is because most governments are takers, not givers, I believe.

Yes, I read your profile. I think I was long overdue to look at it.

My reading experience includes Miguel de Cervantes' masterpiece, "Don Quixote," but that was as a student some years ago. And, I must confess, I never have read "The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha," but I am familiar with the film and, most particularly, recall the song: "The Impossible Dream." It is a very beautiful piece. I did not associate these things with your selection of your name, Wind, but now it is clear and it seems very appropriate.

It is good for people to be confident in themselves and their abilities, and wind might very well be the most powerful force on Earth.

It also is good to dream impossible dreams, however, my experience so far has been that no dream is impossible if the dreamer is willing to pay the price it might require.

My long day is ending now and your new day is beginning, so, Wind, I return your salute: Have a great day.

Fram Actual said...

I did a bit of research about your films, Anita.

"The Emmigrants" was filmed in: Copenhagen, Denmark; Karlshamn, Blekinge län, Krageholmssjön, Krageholm, Skåne län, Landskrona, Skåne län, Långasjö, Kalmar län, all in Sweden; and Marine on the St. Croix, Minnesota.

I have canoed on the St. Croix River a few times. It truly is beautiful country there. Until recently, Jessica Lange and Sam Shepard owned a home there (perhaps, you recognize their names?)

"The New Land" was filmed in: Krageholmssjön, Krageholm, Skåne län, Sweden; and Stonefield Village, Cassville, Wisconsin.

Actually, these films were Swedish productions about Swedish emigrants. Pretty much the same thing as Norwegian emigrants in this particular instance, I guess.

I ordered a copy of "The New Land" from Amazon.

Anonymous said...

wow..did you really find the name of the lake for me..St. Croix River !!!..Thank you!!!Ohh iam soooo happy!!Yes..i shall go there..It is a dream of a place!!!

Cant almost not belive you have been canoing is a dream a rainbow of a place!!))))))))

You know that the indians that lived there first was very friendly and in the beginnig they where all friends until the trouble began..the acotors are very good..Liv Ullman played her best role in that movie..

Ohh it is soo good to see you again!!I thought you where on the move or something..

well is late here in norway and i will go to bed dreaming of this beautiful song(I like it)Hope to see you soon

Fram Actual said...

Yes, I have canoed and camped along that river a few times, Anita. It is beautiful country.

Both the lead actors, Liv Ullmann and Max von Sydow, are among the best in the motion picture business, I think.

I have mentioned it before and it is not a well-known fact, but one of the bloodiest Indian wars took place in Minnesota in 1862. An ancestor of mine was home on leave from the Civil War, and was "excused" to ride with the "Renville Rangers" to fight the Indians. He later became a regular army cavalry trooper, and was killed by Sioux in Kansas in 1867. He lived a brief but exciting life.

In the past, I have commented it is my opinion that Bob Dylan is a lousy singer, at best, but he wrote some great songs and he is from Minnesota, so I have to say I prefer his version of your song. I will admit, however, your selection is very entertaining to watch and made me laugh.

Wind said...

What's up? Why a white night?
'Life is moving too slowly for me at the moment'....What means that?
It is because of this winter? ...or....?
Think at one or two or 10 things you like the most, and fall deep down in them....Keep the eyes closed!

Anonymous said...

wow..ddo you really have an ancestor that was killed by the sioux in that war of 1862 in Kansas?so interesting.I will google more from that place and history.

glad you liked the was something normal over it..And they did the song great together..bob dylan..I realy dont know if i like him or not..but as you say he can write nice songs.

Today it is sunday..And i do not know what to do today..but i think i will have a long walk and just be happy.I also have got some nice hobby to do..I am into Sewing and embroidering ..See you later then Fram:))

Fram Actual said...

Greetings, Wind .... A few things, actually. Sometimes, it is my nature to stay up for a day and a night and a day, but, yes, it is the long winter (and a mean one, weather-wise) and it is unresolved issues in my life and this and that and the other things.

When I live in the country, in the summer I sometimes stay up all night sitting outside or walking or even swimming in the darkness. In the winter, I can only howl at the moon.

Right now, it mostly is eagerness to move on to the next stage in my life, whatever it might be, because I am bored with this one.

Right now, I am like a wolf, eager to be on the trail hunting again. I am like a snow goose, eager to fly beyond the Arctic Circle and summer there again. I am like the pilgrim on my way to Canterbury, but at a crossroads and cannot decide which way to turn. I am like the runaway boy, searching for a circus to join. How is all that for imagination? (And, for frustration?)

I sometimes say that my primary problem in life is that I am too lucky -- but, I would not wish to be otherwise.

Whatever .... I will follow your advice now, Wind, and focus on happy moments and on sunny days and on a face with a smile for me -- then, slowly drift away into sleep.

Thank you, for your advice and for your good thoughts.

Fram Actual said...

Yes, Anita, really. I have written about this in past posts. My "American warlike lineage" began with our Civil War. I had four ancestors who fought in it, three on my mother's side and one in direct line on my father's side. For better or for worse, we have not missed a war since our arrival here.

Having to approve comments left on posts more than ten days old is a bit confusing for me. Your comment was left while I was still awake and at my computer last night, but I did not realize it until a few minutes ago. Sorry, if it appeared that I might be ignoring it. I just did not realize that it had been left way back then.

Your walk must be concluded by now. I hope it was pleasant, and that your new hobbies are enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

It is ok Fram))
I was to the museum today...It was very nice to fill the head with history and nice things to look at.

May you night be very good:))

Fram Actual said...

Yes, Anita. I enjoy visits to museums very much, too. Museums and libraries are among my favorite places to be -- if I must be indoors, that is to say.

Kaya said...

Fram, I noticed that you often mention that you don't understand women.

What would happen if you will think of woman as a man and take away from him accountability and sensibility. I think it might help.

I like this post very much. it's interesting and very perspective.

My very best to you, Fram!!!!!

Fram Actual said...

I have been tossing around a variety of thoughts about how to respond to your suggestion, Kaya, but I seem to be walking around in circles and not getting anywhere.

So, I will simply say that I will try this technique you mention, although I have my doubts that it will be successful for me.

I guess I will continue to think about it, too.

Kaya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kaya said...

Fram, for a long time I thought that you were my friend. I was mistaken.

Friends support you and they don't threw at you their anger and frustration.

They don't show you their hostility.

They show you their kindness if they have it.

They show you their understanding if they have it.

Fram Actual said...

I see your note at my post, Kaya. You have deleted my comments on one of your pages twice in recent weeks and quit "following me" twice at the same time, which I consider childish.

Beyond that, I have no clue why you have chosen to do these things other than that you need to study the English language so you understand what I am saying more than you need to study photography.

In any case, I look at everyone, including women, as equals, not as children to be pampered.

As for actual friendship as opposed to so-called "blog friendship," it is earned over time and with tribulation and with the exchange of good thoughts and kind deeds.

The blogs are a pathway to reality, not actual reality.

Kaya said...

HI Fram, it's probably the most stupid thing I am going to do but I can tell you that I miss your thoughts and strong opinions.

I am still your reader, invisible reader.

I read your last post and I suddenly I realized that I don't know anything about you. And about blog's world. I sometimes think that this world mirrors the real world.

Greetings from Utah.

Fram Actual said...

Thank you, Kaya, for writing your thoughts here. I did not understand why you became angry with me, which, I guess, falls in line with my post -- about not understanding women.

Whatever .... I think some of us -- including you and I -- wander in our own spheres of existence thinking there is no one else on earth we are compatible with and forever searching for answers to questions we only half understand.

As for me, I have been busy lately, having long conversations with people in real time rather than in blog time. Still trying to learn.

Take care.

Something special ....