Monday, October 11, 2010

Metamorphosis -- it begins or it ends today

Something to think about -- or not

A discussion evolved this afternoon around my modus operandi.

In a sentence, I was told that I like to tell people what to do -- or, put another way, that I have a controlling type of personality.

I suppose, to some extent, I do. Who among us does not?

Since I have been a supervisor of others, beginning with high school athletics, continuing on into (sort of) adulthood in the Marine Corps at age eighteen and having been part of my work experience throughout my life, I also am pretty much used to telling others what to do, and, I suppose, I might come off that way in ordinary conversations.

Essentially, though, I have opinions, ideas, concepts, beliefs, and whatnot (whatnot = mostly feelings), and I am not hesitant or afraid to express them to anyone at anytime. Now, I suppose some people will interpret me presenting my opinion as me telling them what to do. I would hope most people can distinguish the difference between me telling them what I think and me telling them what to do. I would hope .... but, yes, perhaps; perhaps not, they are able.

I do speak (and write) forcefully at times, and no one would ever mistake me for some soft-spoken, liberal politician using a contrived, powder-puff voice trying to sound like he is telling a bedtime story while, in actuality, he is explaining that he is about to double every one's taxes so he can raise his own salary.

In short, although I say what I think in a clear, firm, steady voice and not in a mellow tone, how you interpret me is something I believe that I have little, if any, control over. I would hope people judge me by actions and use their native intelligence to distinguish fact from fantasy.

In any case, beginning with this post and probably becoming the norm for most of them down the road, I will block comments. I have done it before when I simply want to make a statement and not begin a discussion, so, I will do it again. I do not want to abandon my page altogether. I do enjoy the contact with other people who come here but, as I frequently have said here, the sea of blogs should not be a substitute for actually living a real life.

Since last Spring, probably beginning in May, too often this page has been a place for me to hide out from reality while I regroup. Well, I am ready to run again in the actual world and a form of metamorphosis either is beginning or is ending. I am not certain which, but there definitely is a change in the works for me.

So, I will keep this page, periodically post on it, but reduce comments after the fact from myself and by others, at least for a while, and see what happens and where it might lead.

Now, if you think I was talking about two different things here, you are one-half right, but there is a link, I assure you. Or, if you are confused about what I just wrote, welcome to the club. I am not really confused, but the bottom line is that I do not appreciate being played for a fool, and, rightly or wrongly, I feel like I have been, and I am angry as hell. I might be up in a tree about this for a long time. I might even be ready for a cabin atop a hill, in the woods, by a lake.

Well, if nothing else, now you have gotten to see me angry ....

No photograph today, so triple songs

Here are some performances by David Bowie.

The first, back at the top of the page, is "Absolute Beginners." I have posted it before, and do so again today because it is an absolutely beautiful and absolutely perfect song, and demonstrates why Bowie deserves every measure of musical acclaim he receives from aficionados of rock. He wrote the piece, which was first recorded in 1985 and was the sound track for a film. This video is from a BBC concert performed in 1987.

The second, down at the bottom of the page, is "Time." In addition to being a neat song, it demonstrates why Bowie is a master entertainer and a superb showman. The song was written in 1972 in New Orleans while Bowie was on his "Ziggy Stardust Tour." This particular version was recorded in Montreal in 1987 while Bowie was on his "Glass Spider Tour." If I had a time machine, this is one of about three or four concerts I would travel back to witness. It truly was a spectacular event, readily evident even when simply watching a recorded version.

There is a second song here, "Blue Jean," taped during the same show, if you are up for more of Bowie. This song, once again, was written by Bowie, in 1984, and inspired by the music of Eddie Cochran, an early rock great originally from Minnesota who died young (21 or 22, I think; I cannot recall right off). And, by the way, our old bud, Peter Frampton, is the blonde-headed "kid" among the guitar players on stage in this one.

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