Thursday, September 30, 2010

Today & yesterday, clouds & voices ....

Two thoughts came to me upon seeing these clouds: Here is a single umbilical cord connecting four or more individual clouds, nourishing them, as they gather in size and strength; or, here are four or more clouds all clinging to a line so as not to be left behind as the wind drags them across the blue sky at a merciless pace. Actually, I had a third thought, as well, but I will forgo mentioning it at this time.

Fancy in Nubibus
Or, The Poet in the Clouds

by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

O! It is pleasant, with a heart at ease,
Just after sunset, or by moonlight skies,
To make the shifting clouds be what you please,
Or let the easily persuaded eyes
Own each quaint likeness issuing from the mould
Of a friend's fancy; or with head bent low
And cheek aslant see rivers flow of gold
'Twixt crimson banks; and then, a traveller, go
From mount to mount through Cloudland, gorgeous land!
Or list'ning to the tide, with closed sight,
Be that blind bard, who on the Chian strand
By those deep sounds possessed with inward light,
Beheld the Iliad and the Odyssee
Rise to the swelling of the voiceful sea.


Kaya said...

Fram, the photo of sky is so beautiful. And clouds....
I have to learn how to shoot pictures of sky like that. I got a hint never to shoot a plain sky because it's boring. Yours has it's own story.

I like a poem. "Rise to the swelling of the voiceful sea.." How do sometimes poets come with such a vision.

And I can tell you that two videos are great. These are two my favorite singers; Jose Carreras and Mario Lanza.

Nice post, Fram.

Fram Actual said...

I was beginning to think that no one likes tenors, living or dead, Broadway musicals, Coleridge's poetry or photographs of clouds. That would have given me something to laugh about and to think about.

But, Kaya came to the rescue, and she even knows who Mario Lanza is (or was). Good for you, Kaya.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge is more than a poet, I believe. He is a poetic poet, whose words often are lyrics for sounds and visions and ideas. In this instance, he actually was emulating Homer's style of writing. An illustration: Homer -- "rosy-fingered dawn." Coleridge -- "the voiceful sea." You see what I mean?

Yes, the photograph. It is far from good, but it is a bit unique. I happened to look up at the right time and with a camera not far away.

Kaya said...

Fram, I was taught never to ask questions about religion, politics and age. And I am very good at that but...

Perhaps, I am making a mistake asking you this question but I have to know and I am thinking about it. If you don't like my question just delete this comment and everything will be forgotten.

The question is why in one of your comments on my blog you mentioned God as she, he, it and with a not capital letter?

I can assume many things and I can't be wrong as well but I really would like to know. Why? Just to hear a different perspective...

Thanks also for sending me to the A Zombie's Rant blog. I discovered something very interesting.....

Fram Actual said...

Since my answer to your question might be a bit long, Kaya, I will think about it and, if it does become a bit wordy as I write it, I probably will run it as a post in the next day or two or three.

I do not mind answering the question at all. I have mentioned a few times on this page that I am an agnostic, which I define as someone who does not think it is possible ever to know if there is or is not a god -- at least to discover the answer during this lifetime. But, it is a bit more complicated than that.

Anyway, I will answer in a day or two, either as a comment here or as a new post. It will fit in well as a companion piece with "mommie dearest" and our quest for clothes. I am being factious again -- sort of -- but she does have a role in my belief processes.

See? Even saying this much required many words the way I write ....

Kaya said...

Fram, I will wait for a post.....

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture, Fram. And even more beautiful thoughts. I won't try to interfere with them, because I find them perfect already. Just wanted to encourage you to take more pictures! More more more! You've got an eye for these things. Most poeple wouldn't have noticed, because people don't look up at the sky these days.

Fram Actual said...

Some say my head always is in the clouds, Nanna. Whatever, thank you.

I wonder if you might be too sweet for a zombie, but, of course, I never actually have met one. They stay clear of me when I am on the prowl. Werewolves have a reputation, you know. Possibly, you are the exception.

Well, I will have another photograph tomorrow (later today, I guess) but it is like a tourist shot of the landscape. Just filling up space. I will keep my eyes open for a good photo or two just for you. Thanks, again.

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