Thursday, September 23, 2010

Such was the sunset of your way

Such was the setting of the sun as seen from behind my temporary abode at Washington Lake in south-central Minnesota on the evening of the twenty-first of September, 2010. Should a photograph be taken this evening (September 22 in Minnesota) from the identical location, it would reveal a solid gray, overcast sky with rain literally pouring from the clouds. Not to give a weather report, but fifteen waves of thunderstorms are expected to come through this area during the next thirty-six hours, leaving behind four or more inches of rain. Such was the sunset, and such is life when it is reduced to numbers.

The Sunset Stopped on Cottages
by Emily Dickinson

The Sunset stopped on Cottages
Where Sunset hence must be
For treason not of His, but Life's,
Gone Westerly, Today—

The Sunset stopped on Cottages
Where Morning just begun—
What difference, after all, Thou mak'st
Thou supercilious Sun?


TheChicGeek said...

This is a beautiful post, Fram, and so perfect for the first day of the Autumnal Equinox with a full moon in the sky...The sunset is so pretty, your words in pink, Emily Dickinson's words, perfect, and Peter Frampton singing his beautiful feels nice here today...peaceful :)

I remember dancing to this song with the one I loved at the time many, many, years Daniel :) You have taken me back to another moonlit night long ago... Those were some of the best days in my life.

Tomorrow I think you shall have sunshine after the rain...

Stay Warm and Cozy, Fram :)

Fram Actual said...

Perfect timing, Kelly. It was only a few minutes ago that I saw your post from yesterday. You and Anita kept me so busy I did not have time for sightseeing.

I have been deliberating whether to make a serious, comic, poetic or whatever comment at your page. I am thinking along these lines. Advise me, please.

Serious: You have been an inspiration to me.

Comic: Whoever you are, what have you done with Kelly? Release her immediately.

Poetic: Surfer girl lyrics.

Whatever: Later, babe .... I will miss your music ....

In any case, thanks for your visits here, and I hope they continue no matter what. You should emulate me -- just come and go and not worry about it.

TheChicGeek said...

Yes, Fram, I closed my blog yesterday. It was very difficult decision for me but it is the right thing for me now. Life is different for me at this time. Things change....
I decided to "Follow" you again because it seemed a fitting end for my blog. You have always been very special to me and a tremendous part of my experience here. I have learned so much from you, and I love that very much. You make me laugh, you make me cry, you drive me crazy too...and, probably like your ex-wives (lol) there is a part of me that loves you....
So anyway, I always want the best for you. I wish for your happiness always...this is taking all my best and biggest wishes for not so Bitter Bierce Fram :)

I am going to try to stay away from the blogs for a while, but you will remain in my heart forever.

You should say whatever you feel...that will be okay with me :)
So I send You Love, Hugs and Kisses Always, Fram :)

I think one day we will meet again...true friends always do.

TheChicGeek said...

OMG, Fram! I have been trying to leave this comment since you said, "Perfect timing"!!!! Blogger went cooky....LOL

One last word and then I shall's kind of funny because last night I came over to follow you and blogger wasn't allowing me to it. I thought, oh, well, it is fate. It wasn't meant to be...
Today, I see me here...LOL
It was predestined that I should return to the wolf's den :)

I send you My Love, Fram :)

TheChicGeek said...

PSSSS: You may still visit to listen to my music because the blog will rest in it's place...beautiful memories encapsulated in cyberspace.
Me :)

Fram Actual said...

Take care, Kelly. You have my shoulder to cry on, my ear to hear you, my right arm to help you, should you ever need them.

Do not hesitate to visit and to tell me, to speak to all of us, your thoughts and feelings. Anytime, the mood comes to you.

Take care ....

Anonymous said...

Hi Fram!!Hi Kelly!!

I dont understand all that little bear talking on your other post..jack..poland bear .usa bear..what is all those things..explain please!!Is it something about you and magdalene perhaps!!cute bear anyway and i love their little car toys hummel and navigator.

My internet is slow slow slow running these days..(we have such cloudy grey rainy days and it influence the internet.).And yesterday Iwas so tired i could fall asleep by the puter..

I like your sunset photo and you music.Baby i love your way!!That song do not remind me of a lover..but it reminds me of sitting in the grass a warm summer night..beeing with friends..guitar playing..having a late swim..cold beers in the water and a good time..sometimes in life friends are better then lovers(no problems!!)Ok..see you later alligators!!Kisses

Maddalena said...

Wonderful sunset, Frammy :-)

Fram Actual said...

Kelly simply is using elements from my posts and the comments of myself and others to compose a story, Anita. White Bear and Jack are Polish elements. To understand about Fram the First, you would have to have been reading my posts going back to 2009. He is the first Fram, and lived a thousand years ago, and his ghost still appears to create adventure and problems for me. Fram Impersonator and a few other characters, such as Cousin Raisuli and Cousin Andrii, also stop by for a visit at times.

I can identify with your computer frustrations. Mine is slow, slow, slow -- and, probably will be until I have a more permanent address again.

Frampton was a great guitar player, and wrote a few neat songs, too.

As for friends vs. lovers, I have yet to sort all that out and probably never will.

Fram Actual said...

Yes, it was, Mag.

It was not a spectacular sunset that evening, but something about it appealed to me. I noticed it coming through a window, picked up our camera and stepped outside. It seemed like a soothing, calming, peaceful sunset to me.

I always have preferred sunrises to sunsets, but seldom have been awake in the mornings early enough to witness them. But, there still is time to change that pattern, I guess.

Maddalena said...

Haevens was so very close to you that evening. It does not happen too often.

Maddalena said...

Heavens, I meant :-)

Anonymous said...

interesting abouta Fram the first and cousin Raisuli and Cousin Andrii,Someday I will dive into your blog to read more about them.Thanx for explaining!!

So what funny things have you been doing today?

Iam very tired.Iam just on the counch watching television.Soon sleep .

I agree with magdalena.The sunrise sure is good for you.The Beauty of when everything is going to awake.

Fram Actual said...

Yes, Mag, so they were, and I think you are right. It does not happen very often -- and, most certainly, not often enough.

Fram Actual said...

Nothing funny for me today, Anita. I have been on the internet much of my afternoon.

Rain rules here. We have had just under four inches in about the last twenty-six or twenty-seven hours. Only a few miles south of here, nearly eleven inches have fallen. Too much.

Kaya said...

Fram, I recall that once you promised me that I can post on my blog your story of hunting with wolves.

I would like to post it and I hope it is still ok to do that. But I came with a different idea and I hope that you will be ok with it also.

The idea is simple: introduction and your own story about hunting with wolves.

I would like that you would write a short introduction about yourself as a hunter.

I am not sure where this idea will take me but I promise that I will never ever post on my blog anything you do not agree to. Everything will be up to you.

Fram Actual said...

Just to make certain we do not have confusion due to language, Kaya. I was not hunting with wolves.

In my first encounter, I was hunting bear and easily could have shot a wolf. The wolf, I am quite certain, knew I was watching him, but took his time drinking and "taking a bath" in a shallow stream. My contention is that the wolf's mind connected with my mind and that he "knew" I was hunting bear that day, so he had no fear of me and did as he pleased.

In my second encounter, I was merely walking in a forest with a handgun in a holster, but I was not hunting per se. I saw two wolves, one below me on a lakeshore, the other coming up behind me on the trail. The large male on the trail and I looked at each other for a minute or two.

My contention here is that he also connected with my mind, and he "knew" that I was no threat either to him or to his mate (the wolf on the lakeshore). So, with a shrug of his shoulder, he went on his way, passing by me so closely that I could have reached out and touched him.

I ended the second story by saying that under different circumstances, we might have hunted together -- but, no, I was not hunting with wolves on either occasion.

As for a short introduction about myself as a hunter, the stories themselves are so short the introduction probably would be longer.

If you use either or both encounters, it might be best to simply say that I began hunting as a boy and, over a period of years, became so good at it that it no longer was a challenge.

I could tell any number of stories about long-range shots, on the one hand, and about stalking to within arm's reach, on the other hand. But, those days are gone and I no longer enjoy thinking about them. Beyond that, the idea of killing animals when it is not necessary has become repugnant to me.

Kaya said...

Fram, thank you for clarifying your encounters with wolves. I will not bother you further and appreciate your long explanations.

Thank you again.

Fram Actual said...

No bother at all, Kaya.

Ask anything at anytime ....

Something special ....