Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A slow day around here

This is a case of the same old, sort of .... the "work station." This one really is the third to be located in the Lake House. The first was in the downstairs bedroom/den; the second was in the kitchen; this is located in Bedroom No. 1 upstairs. It has been upgraded to two computers, two pistols, a cash box (really, just like a cowboy movie) a few books and magazines, two plates, one drink (we share), etc., etc., etc. White Bear, you might correctly presume, is the supervisor of the operation. Now, then, why do I run this photograph? Because I am too lazy to find something more interesting and I feel like I should post something -- anything -- this thing. It has been a slow day around here. By the way, the printer and the television are missing. This tale might actually be the beginning of a mystery.

When there is nothing to say

Do you ever feel like writing, or talking, but have nothing to say?

I do not mean writer's block. It is more simple than that. It is a need or a desire to communicate, but there are no thoughts you wish to share or no cause you have to promote or no opinion you care to express. Well, that has been my mood for some time recently.

Actually, I have been in a better mood than I usually am for the past few days. Perhaps, that is it -- the reason for my silence. I am not dissatisfied with anything or anyone (well, other than slow, slow, unreliable internet connections, that is), so I am quiet and reserved. With my nature, more often than not I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him.

What, you say that you do not understand that comment?

All right, forget it.

So, with that in mind, let us adjourn to the festivities.

About the music ....

I heard this song while driving along the highway a week or so ago. As with virtually all the music I like, it is an old song. The only question about the age of the music I enjoy is "how old?" Ten years or two hundred years, or some point in between?

This is John Mellencamp's song, but since I am not especially a fan of his, I picked up Pat Benatar's version. I am a fan of her voice and style. Incidentally, the actual song only lasts four minutes; the final two here are Ms. Benatar chatting away.

I do not necessarily agree with all the lyrics in this song, "I Need a Lover," but some of the words seem very appropriate at times. This must be true for all of us, I suspect.

"I've seen what I could not recognize"

Then, there is this song: "Don't Look Back," from Boston.

It is common knowledge that I think Boston is the greatest band in the history of rock and roll music, and that Brad Delp arguably is the greatest singer. Delp's voice, coupled with the guitar talent and the song-writing skills of Tom Scholz, created musical magic for a couple of decades.

Today, I jumped into the Suburban, hit the radio and these lyrics came blasting out at me:

I can see, it took so long just to realize
I'm much too strong not to compromise
Now I see what I am is holding me down
I'll turn it around

I finally see the dawn arrivin'
I see beyond the road I'm drivin'

Don't look back, a new day is breakin'

The sound, the words -- they seemed to fit well with my sense of personal existence in an impersonal society today. Now, a few hours later, the song still is playing in my head and I still am smiling and not much giving a damn about political systems, religious theocracies or absolutely anything or anyone that appears on cable television.

What, you say that you do not understand that comment?

All right, forget it .... see you around ....


Anonymous said...

Well Fram.I know you dont like me to comment..But i can nor resist asking about your wall photoes on your desktop of the puter..One is from your blog..The other actually a photo of this photo?how did you do that?intersting.I like your post.Nice song.I like the first one.Thanx for sharing from your life.We love it.

Kaya said...

Fram, I wrote to you that I liked very much your working station and I can repeat it again. This time you gave us the opportunity to study it in details.

Your working station is great. I liked your laptop. I wish I would have a laptop also. And White teddy bear is your constant companion.... I wonder where it came from and how it got in your house and became your wordless friend?

Interesting expression "writer's block." I am learning from you interesting impressions and using them. You probably noticed it.

I think what you mean about not having great desire to write on you blog. I mean your slow-slow way of communicating to us and the world.... I can understand it because when I opened my Russian blog i was very excited and .... Not anymore because to type in Russian it takes forever to me. Russian letters are in completely different locations on English keyboard. And it sooooo slow.... I like this expression of yours also. I feel that I am loosing interest in Russian blog because of it.

Oh...., and your Marine Corps jacket. It is also your constant companion. I think it and White teddy bear know a lot about you. I wonder what they would tell us.

Fram Actual said...

Sometimes you make no sense, Anita. At least to me. I cannot imagine where you came up with the idea that I do not like having you comment on my posts. Just to make it clear, yes, I like to have you comment on my posts.

As for the photographs, I took three or four, did not like any of them, so I took three or four more. What is showing on the screen of the laptop is one from the first batch, while the photo actually published with the post is from the second group. No tricks, no magic, only photographs taken a few minutes apart from each other.

The first song is fun; the second song is great.

Fram Actual said...

My laptop is named "The Red," Kaya, simply because of its color. I bought it for my trip to Poland last December and, hopefully, it will do much more traveling with me.

As for White Bear, he is Polish. He met me at the airport when I arrived in Warsaw, and has been my buddy since then. He decided he would like to explore America, and came here with me when I returned in April. I think he and I will be friends and traveling companions for many years to come.

"Writer's block" is a well-worn expression here and, I assume, in many countries. It generally is used in reference to fiction writers who cannot decide where to go next with their story and what to write next.

As for the sea of blogs, it is clear many people come and then go after a while, some permanently, some simply to take a break from it.

I assume you are referring to the camouflage jacket hanging on the chair in the photograph, Kaya. That one is a "tiger stripe" pattern, used extensively during the Vietnam War and by contract soldiers (mercenaries, in effect) in the years following that affair. I have a variety of "battle jackets," including a Russian one. And, yes, some of them would have fascinating stories to tell.

Kaya said...

Fram, I have to know perhaps better about military jackets... And I confused Marine Corps jacket with a camouflage jacket. Ok, I am learning....

My question is how all these "battle jackets" including Russian one found their way into your life. If it is too personal question don't answer. I am ok with it.

Fram Actual said...

It is a fair question, Kaya. And, the answer is that some were issued to me, for example, by the Marine Corps; some purchased by me; and some traded for with other men. The Russian jacket was a trade. I also have Israeli, South African and a small variety of American Army and Air Force jackets I obtained in this manner.

The one on the lawn mower was and (I think) still among "official" Marine issue. The tiger strip also came from the Marines, although it is "unofficial" issue. In the Marines and American Army, some units have permission to wear "unofficial" uniforms at certain times. This usually is for camouflage purposes (white, for winter warfare is a good example), but might also be for "psychological warfare" and other purposes.

I do not know how long you have been in America, or how much you know about the American military, but the Marine Corps has a certain reputation.

Anonymous said...

Thank you or the comment on my blog.It made me happy.

Fram Actual said...

It is my mission in life to bring happiness to young ladies, Anita.

I am teasing, but you know what I mean. To offer a few honest words in exchange for a group of beautiful photographs is a pleasure.

Anonymous said...

..yes..it takes so little to make a person happy..

Fram Actual said...

Well, some people, yes; some people, no ....

Something special ....