Sunday, September 19, 2010

Random moments in the space-time continuum

This is not one of the Corvettes that I looked at earlier today, but it is pretty much identical to the white version I spotted and about which I collected a bit of information. If you are at all curious, read on; if you are not, have a pleasant evening. By the way, if anyone simply comments on the car and nothing else, I will be very disappointed in you and never run another photograph of a car.

I think, therefore I am confused

Do you ever think that you think too much?

That at certain times you simply should react? Not think, just go with your feelings and your instincts?

I have been doing that quite a bit in recent weeks. Thinking that I think too much, I mean. It has led me nowhere, because I have a tendency to think, probably to over-think, about most situations in which I become involved.

I guess this is something to think about.

Volcanoes = cigars, after brandy late at night

I spent some time outside last night, between two and three in the morning local time. I worked on a tall drink, brandy and Coca Cola, of course. I looked for stars in the sky, but saw few because of heavy cloud cover. I sat on the porch. I paced on the porch and in the front yard and on the street.

It was chilly, about fifty-three degrees Fahrenheit. Not about. It was that, exactly. I enjoyed it, being there at that moment in time, I mean, but I wished I were somewhere else other than here, here in southern Minnesota. Maybe, in Iceland. It would be fascinating to see a live volcano from the ground. I did see one from the air flying from Poland to America. It reminded me of when I used to smoke cigars.

Love, sex, death -- Bond has arrived

For some unknown reason, a novel I read several years came into my mind while I was outside pacing on the porch. The name of it was, "The Spy Who Loved Me." If you have not heard of it, it was one of the James Bond stories by Ian Fleming.

Unlike other Bond stories (yes, I have read them all), he is not on assignment, but stumbles into a life and death situation due to fate -- his car has a flat tire near a motel. Inside the motel, two Mafia "employees" are about to burn the facility and do away with the young lady managing it so the "outfit" can collect insurance money.

Bond to the rescue. By fate. Through fate. Whatever ....

I think what brought this story to mind was a recent discussion about fate. Whatever the reason, in this particular Bond tale, the young lady's decisions brought her to the motel as its manager. The Mafia men were there due to their choice of "professions." Bond was there because of his decision to rent a car which had a bad tire and to drive it along a particular road.

Fate = life, sex, love, death, money, memory. Life truly is weird, is it not?

Incidentally, the name of the young lady in the story is Vivienne. I never have met a woman named Vivienne. It seems like a weird name (to me), so it fit the story.

Is now the "Corvette moment" ??

I went window shopping today, if it is accurate to call walking around in car lots window shopping. I was looking for/at Chevrolet Corvettes. If you are not familiar with the Corvette, I will only say that, like every American man who has lived in recent years, I have wanted one since I was a teenager. Beyond that, you can do the research yourself.

There were three around town -- I mean relatively close to me. A white one, a black one and a red one. Something to ponder.

Those who have read my posts for a while might recall that when I began my journey upon the sea of blogs, I had a Ford Mustang, a Chevrolet Suburban and an Audi A4. I sold the Mustang, then the Suburban. I went to Poland. I came back, and immediately bought another Suburban. Then, I sold the Audi.

I love the Suburban (well, sort of), but I miss having a "hot/fast" car around. Hence, the Corvette came drifting through my mind -- tires squealing, engine roaring. Is now the time, the "Corvette moment?" Maybe. We shall see.


TheChicGeek said...

Hi Fram :)

I have been so busy this week so I am stopping to say hello and I find you busy thinking...LOL

I used to drive a Corvette that my boyfriend Daniel had when I was about 21. It was yellow :)
The Corvette is a very bouncy car...they are cute, but not really so fun to least I didn't care for it much.

As for the thinking...I believe your first instinct is usually the right choice. It is the heart choice. It's wise to mull over all options, but we know in our hearts what we really want. We just need to take a step of faith and go for it...or wait for it...depends on what it is :) My comment, I think, is probably confusing. To me clear, to others, probably not so. off I go :)
Love and Hugs,

Fram Actual said...

Well, Kelly. I was beginning to wonder if you had forgotten me.

Yes, excessive thinking sometimes seems to be a predilection in my case.

You know, I do not think I ever have been in a Corvette before today, much less driven one. I have had a few Mustangs, which around here sometimes are called the "poor boy's" Corvette.

On the other hand, highway patrol agencies frequently have used Mustangs as pursuit/chase cars, and I am not aware of any organization using Corvettes for that purpose.

One of my favorite stories about Mustangs involves a Minnesota state trooper in a Mustang running down a line of Corvettes heading for the motorcycle rally in Sturgis (South Dakota) in the middle of the night on a two-lane road at speeds topping one hundred-fifty miles an hour. He ran down and collared more than half of about eighty Corvettes making the run from the Twin Cities.

This is one of the few times I would have cheered for a highway copper, but you have to respect the Vette drivers, too, who gave it up and pulled over when they were caught, rather than doing something stupid. They played the game honestly and fairly, and I cannot imagine how much the fine must have been.

Maybe, it depends on what a person wants to drive: Muscle or glamour.

Yellow seems like a good color for you. You should have made Daniel give that car to you.

I think I understand your comment, Kelly, and understand you, too (sort of), which gives me a good feeling.

Take care, Woman Who Swims with Sharks ....

TheChicGeek said...

But I really just want to swim with sweet and playful must always be on guard when swimming with sharks ;). Love from the West...

Fram Actual said...

In a literal sense, I remember seeing sharks trailing the ship and, a few hours later, being in the water in the middle of the night in complete darkness off San Clemente Island. I am not certain I would want to do that again, but it was an adventure at the time.

In a figurative sense, possibly, the secret is to tame a shark. I wonder if this is possible.

Thanks, Kelly, for dropping by and the thoughts ....

Anonymous said...

WOW,,what do my blue eyes see early in the morning?A LITTLECORVETTE!!!

That reminds me of my corvette.A little red one.Very old.Bought and gahered from the USA some years ago.You got me thinking of the past now Fram.I had this boyfriend.His name is Kay.We where such in love.He drove all the way from Oslo over the wild mountians 80 just pick me up from work in the little red corvette!!

Any one that is familiat with corvettes drive long spaces with those old antiquaric cards knows it is not good for the back and bones..little space in the cabin!I have a lot of pictures me driving that car.. soo nice!!and the police always stoppped!!i thought whats up now..They really wanted to check the licens card and admire the beayty..!!the 4 yeas i was living in Oslo with that man was very emotional.Too much for see a man like him..beautiful as a greek god and a lot of money always draw the attention of young girls to them.And i mean really young girlsgirls .I could not live with that in the long time because i am a very jealous woman.It was hard to be a baby doll every I went home to -bergen again.But you man are strange I think..As soon as a love goes away..they want it back!!All this time(4years since i left he has been haunting me to come back to the farm in .But nope.For me love is gone and jealousy too.For me it is only friendship..but i like his things and money..( I not a cruel girl..)I just have to pick up the telephoen and VOILA here he is again..about cars..i love Tahoe..and Mercedes..have you seen the new corvette mercedes!!?Nice and fast fast car!!

About too think too much..and while i think..The persons are out having a very good time!! i think ,but tomorrow is always a new day in change and my mind to.

I was visiting Magdalenas blog..and the route 66..that would be something for you and her to do..think,,you and her driving the corvette with good music and open car around that route!!I hope she looks at your post and says wow!!that is something for me!!

Ok..this was along note..hope you have a good day when you awake!!Here it is still blowing and raining and soon snow?Kisses and everything good to you Fram the Wolf..

Anonymous said...

Heyyy..I got so exited about the corvette(i quess you now will not write to me since you say if you only is concerned about corvettes..)If you take a quik peek at my blog i have the little stingray corvette (1973 model all original 350 motor and 400 horses)on my blog.i have some of me posing on it (and in) with a little miniskirt..voila!!..but i think that is not correct to have here on the blogs..ok..see ya!!

Fram Actual said...

So, the Corvette sparks memories of love come and gone, does it, Anita? You and Kelly both have a memory of a boyfriend with a Corvette. Fascinating.

Not all Corvettes are old, which eases the comfort zone a bit, I would think, but yes, no doubt they are not a comfortable car to ride in for lengthy journeys. That means the travelers must stop often, which could prove to be very interesting. Another negative factor is that they have little room for carrying any luggage.

My last Mustang was that way in regard to comfort. Automobiles that are built for running at high speeds and taking corners fast have very stiff suspension systems, consequently, the driver and the passengers feel every bump in the road -- and, the seats are hard. It is the price one pays in exchange for running fast safely.

By the way, should I buy one, I will post a photograph of it, but I can assure you that I will not be standing next to it wearing a mini-skirt.

Thank you, Anita, for your long note. To me, they are the best kind as they reveal the most about the person writing them.

Anonymous said...

hahhahaha!!Fram in a skirt.WOW.!!that had been something..just kidding!!But since we talk of personal photoes..think many of us had like to see least something from the picture from Poland..remember?the one in the window(I wonder who took that picture?)..

And yes the car seats in those automobiles are very stiff I know..

Today I was taken by surprise and invited out to dinner by a male friend..Very nice!!now iam full in my not used to eat meat but lam chops i like!!(yes i know the poor animals ect ect..but like the indians I thank them for giving me that meal.)

About personal writing.I know Iam very changable and reacts many times confusing..i dont know why i am like that..but at least i show my feelings.And i am very grateful for people that takes me as I am.Think i have to learn to control myself.Enough of this.Have to say that your blog is very interesting and nice(this is not humbug or "liking ")you take up very interesting temas and let us think. Hope you have a nice sunday!!

Kaya said...

Fram , this is a great post!!! One of the best I have ever read. And of course, you made me think again and it is not healthy for me. The expression "it is not healthy for me" is borrowed from a blogger Fram Actual.

Ok, today for some reason I am "wordless" and without any thoughts... Who knows what does it mean? A writer's blog ??? Or I am just lazy.

About thinking. Yes, I do think a lot and sometimes it is really a curse. I will always remember how my friend invited me to his first meeting with AA. I was listening to the people and couldn't concentrate because of the words written on the wall "Your best thinking got you here." And I thought how true is it.

I think that sometimes we have to feel and follow intuition and we could get a better answer on situation or problem. Our thinking is might be our worst enemy.

About convertibles. I drove only once in my life in one of them and I can tell you I did have a fun and a strange feeling that everything is possible in my life. I guess that it was mostly in my imagination.....

James Bond, love, sex and death... I like sometimes to watch movies with different James Bonds. It is like escapism for me from reality, even for a few hours.

Ok, about different cars. I don't understand why are men so obsessed with cars??

My friend who is an eternal bachelor and always dating and dating.... He has a great expensive car, last model Acura, equipped with all 21st century technology's wonders. It's his toy and part of his life and I can't get it... It is just boring. Sometimes I think this car is the biggest excuse in his life, just to feel important when another girlfriend would go with him for a date. Ok, it's only my opinion....

Anyway, you wrote an excellent post. And a very interesting one!!!!

Kaya said...

Fram, it's me again.

It didn't allow me to post my first comment because of some kind of error and I tried and tried... and I came up with three copies of my one comment. Sorry for that, I deleted the two copies of them.

Fram Actual said...

Well, Anita, maybe someday I will post a photograph of myself, but not right now. It is more fun for me this way, to be hidden, I mean, and I always have been very guarded here about my actual identity. You cannot imagine how guarded, in fact.

I am glad your tummy is full and that you had a pleasant evening.

Yes, you do seem to be very emotional in the sense of often allowing your feelings to rule your actions. I think you are a person who is very sensitive and is hurt very easily, and sometimes overreact to a situation which makes you unhappy. If I am wrong about this, scold me, but do not be angry with me.

And I, for one, like you just fine the way you are -- so do not change a thing.

Fram Actual said...

Kaya, you make me smile with your compliments. Anyway, I am pleased that you liked my post.

I frequently am "wordless." Sometimes writer's block, yes; sometimes lazy, yes; but sometimes it is because different elements within my mind are arguing, and "we" cannot come to an agreement over what to say.

I owned a convertible once, in high school. I wrecked it. That actually ended my career as a man obsessed with cars.

I frequently have had two or more vehicles, one being a Suburban-type or a pickup with a topper on it. This has been for practical reasons, being able to haul a lot of material, obviously, but also to "live out of" when going on hunting or camping or canoe trips.

Somewhere along the line, the second vehicle became a "fast" car. To me, a fast car is like a pistol. It is sort of nice to have one around in case you ever need it.

The only "toy" I ever have had in a vehicle is a means to play music, and I prefer an actual person for company to talk with rather than music to simply hear while I am driving along a roadway.

As for your friend who is in love with his car, I have been in love with vehicles, too, but for their ability to four-wheel into forestland and to carry a big load, or for their raw power and speed. As I told Kelly in an earlier comment, it depends on what you want to drive: Muscle or glamour. I prefer muscle to luxury, so pity the poor woman who rides with me.

Again, thanks, for the kind words and, please, never say you are sorry to me about anything. It is not necessary.

Anonymous said...

Hi Fram!!and good morning!!
Thanx for your nice view of me..i appreciate it very much.specially to be a friend with all mistakes !!sometimes i think it is a gift to be so sensible..

Today I went to Fb.To open that door of that concert hall is like going to stage and evryone is waiting for something..

I find it much more comfertable to be on the blogs..more intimate and perhaps you meet real online friends..who knows..

Have to work night shifts again whole week until monday..uffff..think iam going cucumber after that work session..ok..have a nice day..kisses

Fram Actual said...

Yes, Anita.

Time is a commodity, and I choose not to spend any on places like Facebook or Twitter or Whatever. Visiting a few blogs is quite enough for me.

I hope your work week goes well, and that sunny skies will be there for you when you are not at work.

Take care ....

Anonymous said...

hi fram ..whats up?..thanx for the nice comment..hope you to have a nice week!!..see you!!:))

Something special ....