Saturday, September 4, 2010

Come sail away .... but, to where?

Sometimes dreams have familiar elements; at other times, dreams are inexplicable. Sometimes the two blend together -- the known and the unexplainable -- and so it seems to me were the contents of a dream I had my first night in the lake house. Interpretations, thoughts, opinions, comments welcome ....

A return to the realm of dreamland

I did have what I would define as an unusual or strange dream my first night in this house. Here it is, or, at least, that which I can remember of it.

I was sleeping in this house and gradually waking up. It was after sunrise. I eventually got up and out of bed and looked out the window. The house now, in my dream, was situated about sixty or seventy yards from a precipice, and beyond it was a wide open, endless expanse of water.

I had just finished dressing when a woman's voice called out asking me if I wanted eggs for breakfast and, if so, how I wanted them. I answered, and as I did so, Harry Reid walked into my bedroom. Yes, I mean Harry Reid, a Democrat, a U.S. Senator from Nevada and the Senate Majority Leader. He obviously knew me, started chatting with me and sat down on a chair.

Now, I view Sen. Reid as the devil personified. He looks like a kindly, gentle, elderly grandfather. I view him as hateful, ruthless, willing to sell his soul to Satan and genuinely an evil man. So, this man now is sitting in my room talking and we are getting along just fine and dandy. Somewhere along the line, I begin to like him and wonder if I have been wrong about him.

Before I have reached a decision, the Senator gets up, says, "Let's go down for breakfast," and walks out. I follow him.

Downstairs, the woman preparing breakfast is an old friend of mine who has been dead for more than a decade. It is a large, old-fashioned room, with a long table and benches, and two cook stoves which have all manner of food being prepared in pots and pans. The walls of the kitchen are made from logs. It is a room from another house about which I have had several dreams.

The woman tells us that breakfast will be ready in ten minutes. I respond that I want to go outside and walk around for a while, and the Senator sits down with a cup of coffee and picks up the morning newspaper.

Outside, it is clear and breezy. A man, a stranger, sees me, walks toward me and begins talking to me. He follows me as I walk toward the edge of the precipice. It is a long, long way down -- probably about one hundred fifty feet. Heavy waves are coming in on a narrow strip of sandy beach.

All I can see in the distance is endless water, with a lone, open ship in view. It seems to be sailing, although the sail is tattered and dangling in a light breeze. One man is standing midships in it, looking toward shore, looking at me, it seems. He waves to me and, after hesitating, I return the salute.

As I am peering over the edge of the precipice, the stranger standing near to me is telling me to be careful because portions of the cliff have a tendency to break free and to fall crashing to the sandy beach below. With that, I lie down on the grass-covered ledge and peer over and beyond the edge, my chin resting on my hands, watching the ship move further and further away from me.

I hear the woman call from the house that breakfast is ready. I get up, and follow the stranger into the house. I ask where I am to sit. The dead woman, now alive, replies, "Anywhere, it is your house." On the table are pancakes and syrup, eggs, bacon, fried and hash brown potatoes, toast, coffee and orange juice.

Other people begin coming into the room, but I do not see their faces. I only hear their voices. I am looking at my plate, seeing two eggs, then reaching out as the food is passed among us.

"If it is my house, who are all these people and why are they here?" I am wondering to myself as I push potatoes onto my plate.

Then, I awake, in real life in the real world, and the dream is over. This is the dream I had the night of August 31, 2010, my first night in this house -- the lake house.


Anonymous said...

For me this dreams is a mix of many things..It is past, forth and now..It is about life of one man.

As I see it..someone is come to a state in life.He/she has experienced real love sometime . I mean real love. Beeing taken care of and reaally be loved no matter what..This love is gone and he longs for something new.But he is mix up in his feelings..he wants do his own things.He likes to be alone..and doesnt like to be alone.Moral speak to him.Bad things in life.Difficult things.Lies and things he only knows.But he has accepted it now..and is with peace with whatever happened in the past.He is looking at many directions in life.He/she has difficult to decide what to do..because he knows there is no way back..each step he takes will have some consecuenses.He sees the boat. The capatin which is himself is waving..Come Come..But there is no wind in the is drifting slowly away from shore.Death.Death is also waiting.And he knows.But there is something to do before his life ends.There is something that must be done.Time is just a second in the universe.He dont know what to do..go for love or be drifting away to new adventures for feeling alive..In his castle there are many voices and people.Some come to share a dinner at his table.Soon to be gone.Others ..stands by .

.What the meaning of the dream i think..He wonders what direction to go.And he must have to know it soon .He is driven by two things.Love and freedom.Can those two things come togther?And where is love?Where is freedom?

But i think the dream is good.For me i see the sun in it.Not bad at all Fram.I think the person must come to peace with the 2 things in life that makes it insecure.They belong yin and yang!!No one can tell you the future but your is you making it here in real life..Be friends with peole that lifts you for that love and take it when it comes to you even if is for just a moment..Because that too is an experience..and we are here in life to experience arent we?

Anonymous said...

Wow..thats was a loong comment to your novel.Your writing is so are into a good path writing now..right?i think one day you will be very famous.

Ok.I didnt sleep good this night either..But now i will go for a walk to the mountain which you can see from my window.Wish you a mega happy day!!Bye bye..see you soon!!

Kaya said...

Fram, first I thought about your dream as a fiction but I changed my mind. If it's a fiction it is very well written fiction.

I believe that a house has its own life. And there are places in the house where we can find solitude and inspiration and creativity or in opposite where we can be moody and disturbed and sad.... For example, when I feel tired and need to get my energy back I go to relax in my sunny room. There is a special place that gives me sense of solitude and harmony. Perhaps, it is only in my imagination but it works for me. And it is strange that ideas what to write next on my blogs come in the sunny room.

Your dream is odd.... And too many things are happening in it... Perhaps, you and your new house are adjusting to each other.

Today I took pictures of a biker at very early morning. And for the first time in my life I got a ride on a Harvey Davidson. I mean on motorcycle. I am not very brave and before I went for a ride I said in my thoughts good bye to everybody and my life.

Day promises to be interesting.....

Fram Actual said...

I agree with your analysis of my dream, Anita. I spent more than a few hours thinking about it immediately that morning after I awoke and during the course of the next day or two.

Another strange aspect to it was actually awaking and realizing that I had been sleeping and that it had been a dream. I thought it was a real-life, real-time experience. It was like awaking twice the same morning of the same day, which is to say, parallel days.

A couple of other thoughts: I, too, see the figure in the ship as myself, perhaps even a personification of Odysseus, except I have no island kingdom with a Penelope awaiting my return. The precipice represented the risk of being a perpetual wanderer. The house was a symbol of security, and the people within it the stability of being part of a community.

The dead woman in the kitchen was one I have mentioned in the past. She was the "older" woman in my life who was married and wanted me to go to Greece with her. I said no, so she found another "young man." We did remain friends forever, though. Her journey through life was very unique.

Some people know and understand my feelings toward America. I believe it is in the fast lane rushing toward collapse and destruction. That is the only reason I have a desire to leave it. Perhaps, the appearance of Harry Reid in my dream is a sign that I should forget about this deterioration and demise, because this is the nature of all civilizations -- to rise and, someday, to fall.

Whatever, Anita, thank you for having the self-confidence to write your interpretation of my dream. I do not believe it was either a bad omen or a good omen, simply a mirror of my life and a reflection of my day-time thoughts and questions. Your analysis also reveals much about yourself. Thank you ....

Fram Actual said...

Oh, no, no, no, Kaya. No fiction.

I do not know if my dreams are particularly unusual, but they seem unique. The kitchen referred to in the house of this dream, for instance, has been in several dreams. In all of them, I have been living on the second floor, although that floor sometimes has been part of a house, sometimes a woodland resort, sometimes a hotel. The first floor has been anything and everything from part of the house to an office or a restaurant.

This house and I are just getting to know each other. It has many strange sounds and noises -- new enough to still be settling, I suspect. But, our relationship is destined to last only for two months.

It is interesting that you took a photograph of a motorcycle and experienced your first ride on one today. I had what is called a Cushman, sort of a scooter that could go about fifty-miles-an-hour when I was thirteen and fourteen, but I have never been interested in "big bikes."

Actually, I find motorcycles loud and obnoxious, and have pretty much the same feelings toward snowmobiles and jet skis ("personal watercraft") and lawnmowers, although I will concede lawnmowers do serve an actual purpose. As you might guess, I am not a fan of the gasoline engine.

Well, since your day began with daring-do and an interesting experience, I hope it continues to be that way for you. Stay safe, biker girl ....

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr Frammy,,I didnt think it would reveal so much of myelf..but heyyy,when I read it again ..yes of course there is many things there that actually could be me..Funny!!but very interesting..I think I should continue doing that thing..maybe i understand more of myself..yippi yahoooo!!!

About the dream..I forgot to ask how did you feel while you where dreaming and after you awake?

Do you want to know what I did today?

I climbed that mountain and was very happy.
On my way down..i was walking close to the egde of the mountain ..then suddenly this black eagle came flying towards was only an arm lenght beautiful!!!

I hurry to find my camera..but nope..i was so exited i couldt find it in my pocket soon was like the beauty said to me

"Hey you look at me..aint i adorable and noble.You will never catch me..!!

And then he flied away high up to the top of the mountain and sat on a tree..I tell you Fram.Some views n life are so special ,,they better stay in our minds as a very special treasure!!..

Two times now in about 3 months I have seen 2 eagles..very special for me..and I belive it means something .. ..It made me humble of the beauty that can be found in nature..nothing compares to that!!! Now..I am relaxing..looking at television hope you have a nice day!!

Fram Actual said...

I do not suppose you will believe it, Anita, but I mowed the lawn a while ago. After that, I rewarded myself with a tomato beer. Then I took a few photographs. I doubt I will post any for a day or two. This internet system is too frustrating to spend much time on it. I am constantly being disconnected, and I really do mean constantly.

Well, I did not see an eagle, as you did, but I did see a young mourning dove with an even younger one, presumably, her baby. They were in the backyard. I did take a couple of photos of them.

You should go to South Dakota if you wish to see eagles. Bald eagles were a common sight and golden eagles an occasional one at my old Sanctuary/Refuge. There were a couple of times I even chased one from my yard because it was perched near my house and my bird feeders, waiting for a bird or a rabbit or a squirrel to wander too near. No killing was allowed at my Sanctuary/Refuge, not even that which is accepted as the way of Nature.

Anonymous said...

ohhhh..bald eagles and gold eagles?

I have never seen those kind..

You must have a wonderful life on that Sanctuary/Refuge.I wonder what that really means..Sanctuary/Refuge..I feel a kind of sad of that life is over..It must have been some wonderful years Fram..

And yes..i will travel to South Dakota.And i will go to indian land..

I dont understand moved the lawn..?.and what is a tomato beer?is it really a beer?we dont have such drinks in norway..but I like bloody marie and benedictine and some other hot shots..

Not much only a glass.I dont like woman drinking.It is a bad view of feminity..

I did wonder where you was today and I thought you where busy with somthing..and you was...Taking pictures!!I am looking forward to see them..Doves are nice too..specially with little fact i have never seen litle doves babyes..!!

Tomorrow i will upload something from the mountain,,tonight to tired..and internett is rolling and rolling and rolling again,,ufffff...i hate slow internett!!

Fram Actual said...

Mowed the lawn = cut the grass.

Tomato beer = tomato juice and beer, about half and half. I also like to have a Bloody Mary now and then, especially before a meal, and I have grown very attached to Benedictine since returning to America from Poland in April.

The bald eagle is the one that is the American symbol.

I will explain my meaning of the terms "Sanctuary/Refuge" as I apply it to the home I once owned. In a sentence, it meant to me a place to escape from those things in the world you do not like or that might harm you.

So, then .... sleep well, Anita .... I will look forward to seeing some of your photographs tomorrow.

P.S. I wrote the portion above nearly an hour ago, and have spent most of the time since then on the telephone with Verizon trying to get this system working properly.

Anonymous said...

Hei Fram!!thanx for yesterdays note!!you write your messages very good..It is just like your sitting here talking right too me..
i have uploaded some pictures from the mountain!!Took some time to do it and now i will go to work..from 14.00 -22.00..See you later..bye bye!!:))

Anonymous said...

One more thing i have been watchng these videos from america, have such a lovely accent.!!I cant get enought of that language..ok..bye bye again!!!

Fram Actual said...

There are many, many accents in America, Anita, and even variations of accents within accents. For instance, the "southern" accent is different between Virginia and Georgia.

The New England accent is absolutely horrible, I think, and I do not care for the Louisiana sound.

There is a "drawl" among people from Texas and Oklahoma into Kansas, that is pleasant sounding to me.

Around Minnesota, the Dakotas and Wisconsin, you would hear Scandinavian or German idiosyncrasies in the way words are spoken.

Places like the Midwest and the West Coast, I think, have the purest "American" sound because, for the most part, there really is no accent.

This is just the proverbial tip of the language iceberg. You travel in America, and you will hear English for the most part, but spoken with different sounds in the way words are pronounced.

I hope your day at work went well.

Anonymous said...

I dont know Fram.But I think i like all of the languages.

We shall see what I like best.

My work was busy today.

I got an offer to work more on day time too from my boss.I will think about that .Night shifts really suck sometimes..

Thanx for comment on my blog.Nice.

Fram Actual said...

I have seen maybe a dozen women walking down my road today. They all either are walking a dog or pushing a baby stroller. The sun came out a while ago, so I suppose people feel a need to enjoy it today. No men out walking, incidentally.

In America, the advantage to working a night shift is more money. I have some experience with them and, although I am a night person, do not like them. I suppose since I am a night person, I wish to own my nights and to be owned by work during the day.

Anonymous said...

hahhaha..looking at womans walking down the roads are you you?

Bad Boy Bad Boy..what yu gonna think!!!hah!

Sorry!!Just joking!!

I think our eyes are created to look at beautiful things.and creations..woman,men.nature all that makes life a pleasure!!

On the street..when men looks at me I smile at them..Thanking for the wink!!!

Nighshifts.Yes i do a great deal of money working night.3000 a night and the double in weekends.But it is not good for the body and mind to work like this in the long terms..I will think and think what to do..i like to work day..bec i dont need any understand..?Ok bye!!

Fram Actual said...

I guess I was not so clear about what I meant when I mentioned seeing women walking, Anita.

I was thinking this: I saw a dozen or more women out walking, usually with a dog or pushing a baby in a stroller. But, no men. Where are the men? Why are there no men out walking? Or couples out walking?

Everyone seems to be alone ....

Oh, well, that is their problem ....

Something special ....