Monday, September 6, 2010

It is not over the rainbow, but ....

My neighbors, the mourning doves. The largest of the pair looks so young that I am guessing she probably is the equivalent of a teenage mother, and the tiny one is her baby.

Who says I do not work? In Old Marine Corps' jargon, a blouse; in today's more technocratic language, a battle jacket, hangs from the lawn mower after I finished cutting the grass on Saturday.

The rear of the lake house, as seen from the end of the backyard property line.

The west side of the lake house, with the garage and its loft on the right.

The rear of the lake house on the east side, with the lower door leading into the garage and the upper door into the loft. This is a nice spot to catch the sun while relaxing in the afternoon.

The view from here …. Part 1

Due to popular request (actually, just one young lady), I am posting more photographs of what I have designated as the lake house -- my home (using the word loosely) for September and October. I will post some more photos tomorrow, and the next day, but that probably will be it. To me, putting together a page like this is more difficult than writing.


Anonymous said...

what some lovely pictures!!!

Are you a billonare or something Mr.?..such a big big nice house..

I would love to be running and play at that place!!Lucky you are Frammy!!

Thinking of that jacket!It suits me fine to have on when i wake up every morning!!sorry kidding again.!!(dont be angry ok?)

But yes I always stole my mens skirts in relationshis hahhaha!!It do remind me of that lovely time..It most be nice to be in a relationship!!Go..I have forgotten all about that things..See know you got me thinking!!..

Those doves really are cute!!!Ohhhh!!Yeaaah!!You know in spain they eat those birds?Uffff..

How is it with the internet?Better?worse?Takes long time uploading things?

I wonder whta the next pictures will be..You made my day with those pictures..specially that skirt!!!I want it!!Can i have it?how much dollares?

Ok..sweethest thing..i have to do my running and spinning now(Yepp 9 oclock in the morning)

Sleep well or whatever you do and have a nice nice day Fram!!see you

Thanx for the photoes.And most wonderful music..who is it he will spend the days with.?.Good.Bravo.

Maddalena said...

Hi, Frammy. I am glad that you, Benny and Frammy Teddy live in a house you like. I wish you a very beautiful autumn, filled with a bright sun and all colors one could imagine.

Kaya said...

Fram, that is a very beautiful place and beautiful house!!!!

Your pictures are so good. I enjoyed so much the picture of the doves. Excellent picture. You caught a unique moment. How could you do that? Were you very cautious approaching them? I have never seen doves like that.....

I studied you Marine Corps Jacket, it is very interesting. I have never seen such uniform either.

The mower is very powerful I assume....

Place is so beautiful and secluded and green... Wow!!!! I think you and Benny are having really good time in this house. All my best to you both!!!!

Kaya said...

Fram, it's me again. Finally, I was able to slow down this morning and listen to September Song.. Very nice song.... i like it a lot.....

Fram Actual said...

Money? Easy come, easy go .... now, I am joking ....

Yes, it is a house that could be many things and a wonderful place to live, Anita. For me, though, I would prefer its location to be a bit more isolated .... you know, more woodlands, a bit wilder.

Sorry, I am down to my last battle jacket, and my teddy bears have a long-standing claim on it.

Mourning doves are hunted at this time of the year and sometimes eaten in America, too. I think such a practice is absolutely ridiculous and hideous.

The internet still is slow beyond belief, but I have managed to stay on without too many interruptions.

I am not certain who Willie will spend the days with, or if he is married or even has a girlfriend or if he is alone. As for me, I know I am not married, have no girlfriend with me so, I guess, the days, for now will be spent alone. That is all right, but winter .... winter, for me, is when it is hard to be alone.

Fram Actual said...

Yes, Mag, it is a house that is easy to like and easy to adapt to and, being near to the lake and to many trees, will be easy to enjoy autumn as it passes through here.

The only problem will be that the house is a lonesome one, obviously wishing it had someone to bring it to life. That is something a man of my nature cannot do. It needs a woman to care for it and to love it.

It is a pleasant but overcast day. I think I will sit outside and read for a few hours during my afternoon.

As for you, beautiful one, I also hope that in Komorow and Warsaw, the autumn will be beautiful, filled with a bright sun and all colors one could imagine.

Fram Actual said...

I agree, Kaya, it is a beautiful house in a beautiful location.

It usually is quite easy to approach mourning doves, especially when one is a baby and the other is guarding it. I approached within three or four feet and stopped because I did not want to spook the older one into flying away.

The jacket is a "desert camouflage pattern," which came into vogue during the Gulf War in 1990. This style still is commonly worn and seen, but "front line" Marine Corps troops primarily wear what is called "desert MARPAT pattern" combat uniforms in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Actually, the mower has seen its better days, and has less energy than I do.

Thank you, for all your best. The house really is splendid, and I like being here.

Yes, the song. I like Frank Sinatra's version best in terms of the sound, but Willie seems like he understands everything about it better.

Maddalena said...

How far from the lake you live? Is it a large lake or not so much? Can you tell the name of it?

Anonymous said...

Yes..i knew it ws not for sale..that lovely skirt..

Hope you will find what your lookng for Fram..And that you and your little princess share love soon..

Ok..have a nice evening and night..See you.sweetest thing...Bye Bye!!

Fram Actual said...

The lake -- Lake Washington -- is about forty yards/meters from the house, but it is necessary to cross a narrow road to get to it. Leaves on trees pretty much block a good view of it at this time of the year.

Of the size, I am not certain how to gauge it, Mag. I suppose I would say it is a medium-size lake as lakes go in Minnesota.

Slightly to the north and east of it is Lake Jefferson, which actually is three lakes in a line and where I have lived in the past. I learned how to water ski and to canoe on this lake, but it was less "civilized" here then.

Google and Yahoo and Bing have maps/images of it.

Fram Actual said...

If you can foretell the future, Anita, you truly have miraculous powers. I have not had much luck at seeing beyond the moment of time in which I am standing, and it is possible tomorrow is a lifetime away.

Thank you, for your hope, though. Time answers all questions and reveals all things, so, we shall see. As the novelist Ernest Hemingway said: "Things either happen or they don't."

Yes, see you later.

Anonymous said...

I tried to rescue a dove the other day actually. Missed a few classes on the University, yelled at City Animal-protection Corps, telling them how they were both incompetent and ignorant because they at first refused to respond to my call about a sick dove. (Apparently they can't help every half-wild bird in the city.), and bird-sat the first few hours of school.

My acting-teacher now refers to me as "her little Doe."
(Yes, I believe that nickname will stick.)

Anyways, that reminded me of that poor little thingie. Actually, what happened was that because I practically harassed those people on the phone for a few hours, they called the traffic and road- help corps; Falck, who came with a TRUCK to save the bird! HAHAHA!

The rescue, however, went down badly and the bird (whom had been sitting still for two hours) suddenly managed to get away ._.

Nice jacket, Fram! :D I bet you look a boss in it!

Fram Actual said...

Little Doe probably is preferable to Little Fawn, Nanna.

Nearly the same, exact thing happened to another young lady I know when she tried to secure some help for an injured pigeon. The police were of absolutely no assistance, and it took a few telephone calls to get any animal protection people to provide some manner of support.

Help finally did come, and some organization or other did take the bird away, if I recall the incident correctly. Hopefully, your dove is out visiting all his friends and telling them about the neat babe who rescued him.

The boss ?? Simply, merely, only the boss ??

"Lean, mean, green, fighting machines" is how we saw ourselves when we wore those outfits.

Peggy said...

Lovely house Fram - I can picture many happy times being had there and hopefully they have left their imprint on the home and you will be able to soak up some happy vibes.

It looks to me to be a very nice place to spend the months of autumn until your winter adventures present themselves!

Sorry for my lack of comments recently - I actually wrote a long one in response to the one posted Saturday about the dream, but somehow my browser crashed as I submitted it and it got lost :( I gave up as I dashed on my way to my long weekend holiday.

Fram Actual said...

This house means solitude and quiet and introspection and writing for me, I hope, Peggy.

Other than knowing the owner slightly and his occasional use of it, its history is entirely a mystery to me. But, as I have said in other comments, I think it is a house hungry for a family to love it and to enjoy it.

I am constantly involved in a love/hate relationship with computers. They amaze me, yet they really have let me down at times. The past week, in particular, has been rough on me since I no longer have cable high speed (it is unavailable out here), and low speed and frequent interruptions in connection have been constant problems. I have lost a number of comments while trying to post them. I know exactly what you mean.

In any event, I am happy to receive your visits whenever they occur.

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