Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The grand tour of the lake house continues

Among the questions I have been asked is how White Bear spends his time at the lake house. To be honest, he was rather embarrassed about answering the question. Here he is, shown in one of his favorite locations, which is spending most of the day on his half of the bed.

And, here is what White Bear is watching so intently as he perches on the pillows on the bed -- a western film. This happened to be one with John Wayne entitled, "The Cowboys." Yes, that is right. White Bear, the Polish teddy, is crazy about American cowboy movies.

In case you are curious, Benny the Maltese is on vacation. All right .... here is the view looking down the hallway from bedroom No. 3. Bedroom No. 2 is unoccupied, while I am in the process of setting up Bedroom No. 1 as my base camp. That will be explained next. The upper bathroom is visible, as is the stairway going below. The other bedrooms are on either side of them.

This is my impromptu base camp -- a card table with "The Red" atop it. "The Red" is the name of the laptop computer. (Every computer should have a name, right ??) Anyway .... it is my temporary "work station" I established the day I arrived at the lake house. And, yes, that is a drink on the table -- brandy and Coca-Cola, to be specific.

This is a view of the living room as seen when standing in the kitchen area. Note the fire place to the right on the far wall. It is not real in the sense of wood burning, but it does have a natural gas system which, at least, produces actual flames.

The view from here .... Part 2

It has been cloudy, with periods of rain the past two days, and while that might be distressing to some, I have found it is just what I need at the moment. I have been reading and writing and carrying on a few extended telephone conversations.

It is difficult to believe that in about twelve hours, I will have been a resident here in the lake house for one week. We are captives of time, no doubt about it.

So, in closing, I hope you enjoy your continuing tour of this house by Lake Washington in sort of southern Minnesota. There will be some photographs of the lake itself posted at this location tomorrow. As they say, until then ....


Anonymous said...

Goodmorning sunshine!!!
Nice pictures today for us to look at while having morning coffee!!

So here is where Fram and his little teddy spend much of his time..sleeping relaxing and having a good time!!..I like the one with the view looking down the hallway from bedroom nr.3 was it?..It did remind me of a scary movie I saw some weeks ago..what really happens when we sleep..Doors are opening scary shadows ect ect..wow..i did have to have someone with me to look at that movie..taken from discovery channel..But i think this house is a quiet one..You sleep good dont you?

And what kind of gun is on your table..a colt?sure looks cool to hold!!!..

I do agree with you..something is sad about the pictures..like something is missing..Are you lonely Fram?sorry it is a personal question ,,but sometimes I feel you are..

about you question if i can forecast the future..No I cant..We make our future everyday,,each of us..and to belive what those tarots people are saying i dont like.Because you then belive in them..and the way to go maybe total different..and you have to have a long time wandering to find you own way again..this is difficult to explain i think..but yes,sometimes I read peoples minds..what they are thinking..if they let me....

Do you want to know what iam thinking of today?

Those new Hubble telescopes.Those astrofysics has discovered with the new linse..galaxies 13 milliard back in time..They now actually can see longer into our galaxy to see similiar structurs we have and same milky ways..that is great news to the world!! http://hubblesite.org/

That makes me think..God we are only a tiny lttle sandcorn..and still so beautiful..Iam totally humble and so happy I got born to this universe!!And exited what next to come!!

Ok..this was a long comment again!!sorry!!!Kisses and everything good to you!!Bye Bye!!

Anonymous said...


You gave me something to watch while drinking coffee allright (as mentioned above)- However, you also provided me with this intese urge to GOOOOO!
Haha, I should really stop reading your posts nowadays, because it appeals too much to my restless side.

You're lucky Fram. Sometimes I wish I could also just travel like that, disappear in solitude and silence and just take joy in everything around me..


Maddalena said...

I can see White Bear is really content. He only wish it was a painting with Mrs Mouse and Jack hanging above the fireplace, am I right?

Kaya said...

Fram, I am impressed by everything. I like your working station the most. Nice place....

The White Teddy Bear seems happy. I missed Benny but I hope he is having a good time. Anyway, beautiful home or house or.... I am waiting for pictures of lake.

Fram Actual said...

The house does have many noises, but it is not scary, Anita. I sleep very well most nights, but I have only been here a week, so who can say how it will be over the long term?

The pistol is a custom-made 1911, .45 caliber in the configuration of a Colt. In America, some people bowl, some people golf, some people play softball in a competitive sense and/or for recreation. Others among us shoot. At different times, I have shot competitively with pistol, rifle and shotgun, but not at the same time. I like to do other things besides shoot, too.

Of course, I am lonely. I write that in nearly every post. For the most part, I do not like living alone or going places alone on doing things alone. I enjoy having a companion.

Now, I will leave you to wander the universe while I think about simply going to town. Later ....

Fram Actual said...

Take it easy on the coffee, Nanna. Whoops, who am I to talk? I almost live on it.

Yes, in many ways I am Fram the Fortunate. I think I would like to live in two or three places during each year, with a few side trips.

Maybe, one place would actually be sort of permanent. In other words, it would be there for me all year-round to retreat to when it felt like the thing to do as an escape from the world mechanism. Ah, yes! I have just described the ever-present Sanctuary/Refuge!

By the way, reading me is good for you.

Fram Actual said...

Yes, Mag. You are right. White Bear is a lonesome guy, and he certainly misses the presence of Mrs. Mouse and Handsome Jack.

That probably is one reason he spends so much time watching television. His companions are far, far away, so cowboy movies have become his world.

Seriously, sometimes White Bear and I have discussed the possibility of him flying back to Poland for a visit. He is a bit young to travel alone, but he likes the idea.

In the meantime, he sends his greetings and his smiles to the Komorow crew, and wishes Frammy Teddy Bear to know that he is keeping the S&W revolver very clean for him should he return to America.

Fram Actual said...

That was the first "work station," Kaya. The new one is upstairs and has two tables and two computers and two Frams. Well, maybe, just one Fram.

White Bear is a happy guy, but lonesome. Benny the Maltese has no such problem. Everyone is crazy about him. Actually, he is visiting his "grandmother." He lives with her when I am out and about, here and there, on the road. The days I was busy moving seemed like a good time for him to pay her a visit.

There will be a couple of lake photographs tonight, barring the unforeseen. Nothing special or spectacular, to be sure.

Maddalena said...

Oh, sure, send him, Frammy, if he wants to come. Jack would be delighted.

Fram Actual said...

I just now returned home from my trip to town. White Bear is watching a film, Sherlock Holmes this time, and said he did not want to be disturbed until it is over. He is the boss, you know.

I will talk to him about this matter later ....

Something special ....