Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Blue sky & blue water go well together

As I "promised," my photographs of the lake are very routine and nothing to write home about. This view is looking in a west, northwesterly direction, and following the lake shore as it swings away from the "beach" area that is part of the property which belongs with (or to) this house.

Whether you measure by feet or by meters, it is about forty from the yard of the house to the lake itself. This region has been a popular spot for recreational boaters and anglers for decades. Fishermen come to it no matter what the season to pursue a variety game and pan fish. This is a view looking toward the east-northeast.

Here is a view looking northward and straight out into the lake from the shoreline near the house. It gives some perspective of the lake's width. Once a dock was part of the property, but it is gone now and only a small section of shoreline is there if one wishes to swim, fish or simply to lounge by the water.

Standing in the driveway of the house and looking through the porch, the lake is visible only a few yards/meters away, over the yard and across a narrow road. The road leads to a dead end, which means vehicle traffic is scant and passes by slowly.

This is the view of the lake as seen from the window of Bedroom No. 1 in the house. I designated it as such because it is the first one encountered after coming up the stairway, and it now is the site of my "work station." I am able to look up and out the window as I sit by the two computers now located here.

The view from here .... Part 3

With this entry concludes the photographic summary of my "hangout" for September and October. This is not to say I might not run another photo or two from in or around the house, but it is the final time I will post a few photos for the sole and simple purpose of providing illustration for the latest of my temporary residences.

In a comment somewhere, I mentioned that this is the lake in which I learned how to canoe. So, therefore, it seems fitting that I have made arrangements to have one delivered here in another week or two.

I overcame my natural fear of canoeing in heavy waves on big water by lying down in the bottom of the craft and letting it drift where it would. This I did on Lake Suuperior. The technique was once used by Native Americans, incidentally, to reach the shore and safety if they happened to be caught in a sudden storm while fishing on big water.

I intend to repeat that technique here this autumn, but it will not be to escape dangerous storms. Rather, it will be to watch the clouds and to feel the sun on my face as I doze off into a brief slumber while adrift atop gently rolling waves in a softly rocking canoe.


TheChicGeek said...

Hey There :)
So pretty. I was wondering if you had sold your canoe too. It's so will enjoy your time here. What a lovely place you are in right now.
Do you have flying fish in that lake? I heard on the news that flying fish are taking over the Minne Sota Lakes, He Who Tells Pretty Stories :)

It felt nice to visit with you "on your porch" the other day, the gentle rain, the brandy, the view.... all heavenly :) You transported me to a beautiful place.

Soooooooooooo, do we get to see you in a bathing suit next????? LOL
NOT! LOL :)))
Sending you Love on the West Wind, Today and Always :)
Kelly :)

PS: So pretty music....

Anonymous said...

I agree with you ChicGeek.It is a beautiful view.I like most picture nr.3.The cold blue water is fascinating.

Maddalena said...

Yes, yes, Frammy in bathing suit! This is my order too! :-)

Fram Actual said...

Well, everyone. Here I am, sitting outside on the front porch on a rather brisk morning, forty-eight degrees Fahrenheit / eight degrees Celsius, on a sunny day, with an absolutely clear sky and a light breeze, drinking a cup of coffee.

Nearby, I can hear a few birds singing. I recognize a cardinal and a meadowlark, while in the distance a small band of Canadian geese flies by, one of them giving an occasional shout.

Yeh, it is autumn here, for sure.

Fram Actual said...

Actually, I no longer have any of my old canoes, Kelly, but I saw an advertisement for one in an area shopper, made a telephone call, and told the seller I would take his well-used craft for his asking price if that would include delivery. He said yes, so it soon should arrive.

No flying fish here. I think they are mostly in the river systems, coming up the Mississippi. Actually, they are jumping, not flying. Anyway, they are considered a serious threat to the local, native species, and everything possible is being done to stop their advancement. I am glad I am not a fisherman, or I would have to be out there shooting these unwelcome invaders.

Well, maybe a bathing suit, but I would like it to be on a warmer day. Although, swimming on a day like today might make it seem as if I were back by Lake Superior.

Fram Actual said...

Yes, Anita, it is a pleasant view to look out over the lake, but not a spectacular one as you have at your doorstep.

Southern Minnesota is not a place people came to for the atmosphere or the aesthetics. It is farm county here -- nothing more, nothing less.

Fram Actual said...

All right, Mag. You are in the mood to tease me today, too. That is fine. I can take it. Maybe, just maybe, I will surprise you and do it .... but not today ....

Actually, when I was in college, I nearly lost my swimming suit in this lake when I went flying through the air after taking a tumble while waterskiing behind a very powerful boat. I would not let go of the rope.

TheChicGeek said...

Ah, Sir, now you threaten us with nudity...LOL

I am glad to hear no jumping fish in your lake! That's all you need is to be bonked in the head by a jumping fish just as you are falling into a lovely dream floating down the lake :)

Enjoy your beautiful fall day, Fram :)
Autumn is my favorite time of year :)
Sending you Love from the West...

Kaya said...

Fram, lake is so beautiful. I enjoyed all the pictures. I love lakes. There are many of them in Lithuania. I used to go camping to some places near lakes.

Is this lake is cold? Can you swim in this lake? Do you like fishing? And this lake is so close to your house...!!!

Ok, I am jealous right now. I didn't know that there is such a beautiful place in US. What I miss the most about my former country are nature, lakes and sea. It is nostalgia.....

Fram Actual said...

My day -- namely sitting outside in the sun reading a book and drinking a tomato beer -- was interrupted by a man from the telephone company here to hook up a landline. Now, I have been toiling with the internet again.

Being the conservative type, I like to cover my butt (both literally and figuratively) from at least two directions. Now, I have wireless and landline internet, and soon will return to the sun and the book and the tomato beer.

What can I say, Kelly?

Later, I might streak to the beach ....

TheChicGeek said...

LOL, Fram...from Ms. Blackberry :)). PS: it's raining here!!

Fram Actual said...

Well, since I am down here in southern Minnesota, I miss the north with Lake Superior, Kaya.

The nickname for Minnesota is "the land of 10,000 lakes," but that is a very old count and today there actually are about 15,000 bodies of water which qualify as a lake.

Southern Minnesota lakes usually are fairly warm by this time of the year, and yes, they are there for swimming, waterskiing, fishing or whatever.

As for me, no, I do not fish, and seldom eat them. When I was a boy and a young man, I used to "hunt" fish with bow and arrows, but no more of that for me, either.

I am glad you enjoyed the photographs. You should come to Minnesota on a vacation sometime, but unless you also miss snow and cold weather, I would suggest your visit be in the summer.

Peggy said...

Thanks for the photos looks like a very nice place to spend a few months. I can picture you lying in a canoe and watching the sky - What a pleasant thought. I spent some time lying in the bottom of a boat once but it was at night and I was looking at the stars.

Enjoy the wonderful fall weather Fram. It sounds like you have everything set up just right.

Fram Actual said...

Yes, Peggy, a very nice place.

I think the house is great, but anyone who prefers the cornfields and shallow, glacial lakes of southern Minnesota over the Rocky Mountains or the wilderness areas along the Great Lakes could only be a farmer at heart, and that, I am not. But, I will gladly "suffer" through this.

I recall being out on open water on starry nights, but not looking up at them in particular. In any case, it was neat.

Yes, I think everything is set up for right now, but, you know what? I have been thinking and planning beyond this to the next place since the second day after I had arrived here.

Anonymous said...

hope everything is fine with you..are you already planning your new place to go?

i love that canoe thing.must be very relaxing to be so close to the waves

Fram Actual said...

Yes, Anita. Life often happens unexpectedly and quickly in regard to most everything, I think, so my mind already is beginning to focus on what next. Where, after this house .... where will I be and what will I do? Maybe, I will write a few words about that in a post.

It can be relaxing or it can be exhilarating. The waves, I mean. Slight waves might put you to sleep or make you dizzy, depending on a few other factors. I have been in some approaching six feet in height, and they are many things, but relaxing is not one of them.

Psychologically, the weather makes a difference. Six-foot waves might seem to be fun on a sunny day, and very threatening on a stormy day. It is a matter of controlling one's emotions.

Anonymous said...

and that i think is very diffucult..feelings..

Six foot sea sick already!!

I thought you was visiting or working in polene again.after this lake house..

i look forward to your next note.

Fram Actual said...

Oh, yes, Anita. Poland is most definitely in my future. The only question is the exact date. It might be immediately after I leave this house; it might be a week later or a month later, but it will happen.

In one of my past lives, I was a policy analyst and part of the work was to write contingency plans. Most simply, it means there are plans written on how to respond to any situation, to any emergency, to any event. Of course, it is impossible to have a plan for everything, but I do try to prepare myself as best I am able for whatever the future brings to me.

And, now, I must prepare myself to run to town on a few errands.

Anonymous said...

Passt lives?you meen in these life or what??..I agree one must be prepared for what to come..always a head beore time..but..I am not sure I actualy enjoy the time right now..planning and planning the future..Well you go to town..I go to bed.with boook and try to sleep..May be tomorrrow when I wake up there is a lovely new post from you on your blog..que sera ..sera ..what ever will be will be ..the future is not our to see ..que sera sera..

Fram Actual said...

Yes, I do believe in the transmigration of spirits (I would no longer use the word "souls" because it seems to me to infer a religion connotation in which I have no faith.), but I also have a habit in which I frequently refer to different stages of my life as "past lives" or "past incarnations." I was in the Marine Corps, for example. I was a journalist. These, to me, are among my "past lives."

Anyway, Anita, there will be no new post this evening. Sooner or later, but not this evening. Thanks, though, for the kind thought.

Anonymous said...

Ok.Now i understand about your "past lives!"..

Hope you are doing fine then and that you will create something nice for us to read sooner or later!!Bye Bye!!:))

Fram Actual said...

Well, I guess I am very slow to reply this time, Anita.

Yes, I am fine, but, obviously, I have had a busy day -- for a change.

And, yes, sooner or later I will be back to write more here on this page.

I hope your work is going well for you.

Anonymous said...

yes..iwondered about is not usual by you not to answer..i be a bit boring sometimes too..

have i mentioned i am at work.?..weell maybe i have..and it has been very busy until now..

Have not much to say..iam very sleepy..Take care and see you..

Anonymous said...

why are you not here?I miss you

Fram Actual said...

Because I am tired and resting, plotting and scheming, thinking and dreaming, working on other things, writing other things, trying to get a lousy email system running right, looking at maps, reading two books, talking on the telephone, watching a bit of baseball and football, shopping on the internet .... also, I have no thoughts I wish to post at the moment .... my mind is occupied yet scattered in the same instant ....

Anyway, it is nice to be missed. Thank you, Anita.

Something special ....