Thursday, September 2, 2010

Window peeking

Just after dark on September 1, 2010, this was the view through the front windows of the lake house as seen from just off of Sioux Lane. Although the house is strong and beautiful and, in many ways, special, the primary element revealed to me through the photographs is that the house is empty. What is a house without someone inside of it?

Music? Music? With a voice like this ....

He ain't Andrea Bocelli, that is an absolute certainty, but, just for fun, here is a nice song, from a neat film ("Paint Your Wagon") sung by a fine actor (Lee Marvin) who, once upon a time, was in the Marine Corps and got himself shot in the butt. Other than that and his lack of ability to find the right woman, he pretty much knew what he was doing . Teasing .... sort of .... but, listen to the lyrics.


Anonymous said...

Frammy..!!!!!!!..(dont be angry now..but i love Maddies nick name of you!!:))..

what an beautiful house!!Very warm young and breathtaking!!

I would like to run up the stairs..!!go to the kitchen!!relax on the counch..have a vals in the stove..and the Bathrooms?how many?

What is up in the second floor?

God!!this is sooo nice and fun!!I enjoy!!

And the house says"come fill me with joy and i will give you joy back.

Happiness attracks happiness.Love love..hate hate..lonliness what do you pick?

The song is great too..where did you find that one..My mam used to sing that to me as a lulla bye.I was born under a wandering star.Sure she had right..I have been on the move all mylife..Ok Frammy !!;)Enjoy yourself..hugs and admiration!!:))

Kaya said...

Fram, it is nice house but I would be lost completely in this place. I agree that the house is empty. And it seems impersonal. I don't know but something sad about this place.....

I enjoyed listening to Lee Marvin. I am always learning something new about music and singers and even old movies from your blog.

Anyway, I am happy to see you back. That is what really good!!!!!

Fram Actual said...

I like "Frammy" as nickname, Anita. It has a softer sound than does Fram.

All right, to your questions. Two and one-half bathrooms is the way it is described. Three bedrooms and a bathroom on the second floor, plus a loft over the garage which can be used as another bedroom.

I hope I am able to pick happiness from among those choices you listed.

The song comes from an old movie with Clint Eastwood and Lee Marvin in the lead roles. Films and stage productions have been almost as much of an attraction for me as books have during my life.

I am not a particular fan of musicals, which "Paint Your Wagon" is, but my step-father had lived in New York for a number of years, had seen any number of Broadway productions and, consequently, was a fan of Lerner and Loewe, and often played their music around the house.

By the way, I have your rain coming down on me today. That is fine with me; I need a slow day for a change. This will be the first day in a week or more that I have not been running here and here and everywhere.

Fram Actual said...

Yes, I agree, the house seems impersonal and there is something sad about it, Kaya, but I think this occurs because no one loves it. It is still alone.

This house was built in 2006 solely for speculative reasons. The owner bought an old house adjacent to a lake, tore it down and built a new one believing he could make a considerable amount of money by then selling it. The American housing market was still into bilge building at the time, and lake property was selling for ridiculous amounts of money.

About the time this house was completed, the bottom fell out of the housing market and builder was unable to find anyone who was willing to pay the investment cost of constructing this place. Subsequently, it has been a rental property during this time, with no family or individual willing to buy it. It has always been "only a house" during its existence, never a real home for anyone.

I think that is where the impersonal atmosphere and the sadness come from. It has no one to love it and to treasure it as a home.

On a happier note, I am glad you find a few things to learn by coming to visit me.

Anonymous said...

Yoy make me sad telling all this about this little beautiful house!!!..i dont wanne hear it..because it is a very nice place and the house is good so far.

You Fram must make it a happy stay ok?

I should wish i had such a cosy house..I would be very happy!!And love love love it...

So you have rain..We have sun.!!.

It is good that you have an relaxing day..i think you needed have had a turbulent time.agree..?..

My day was out kissing the sun and played with some dogs. Dogs are such nice companions!!..ok..see you later !!Bye!!:))

Fram Actual said...

Yes, Anita. I think the house and I will have good memories of each other by the time I leave it.

And, yes. I think I would describe 2010 as a turbulent year for me. No major crises, no tragedies, no crushing defeats -- but, many highs and lows, ups and downs and twists and turns. It has been a year of uncertainties. Hopefully, before it ends, I will have a plan and a purpose, and be looking forward to the future rather than wondering about it.

And, yes, again. Dogs are the best of companions.

Polly said...

this house is not only empty but also spotless... it doesn't actually look lived in. is it real? or is it just a page from Architectural Digest?

thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! climbing is less scary than you think - or than I have described it :)

TheChicGeek said...

Hello Fram :)
I think that this is a beautiful house, and it looks pretty through the window looking in, and, I think it looks pretty looking out. I would imagine sitting on the patio looking up at the stars is peaceful and beautiful too.
Remember, Home is where your heart is....Open your heart to your home and it will love you back. Anita is very, very right, you attract to you what you send out to the world.

I think the Wandering Star song is very sad, and the actor walking the street is sad too. If you always wander, how does one really find love other than love of oneself? Being in relationship with one another, that's how we find love, we gain support, we have companionship, we have excitement, and yes, we have sacrifice and sadness too. To me, that is truly living and loving and holds so many different experiences and emotions to make up the whole. Without all elements I don't believe we can ever truly appreciate each side of the equation.

I love the name of the street too...:)

Sending you Love from the West Winds...

Fram Actual said...

Oh, it is real, Polly. The previous renters moved out on Sunday. I moved in on Tuesday. And, even after I have been here a while, the place will not look too differently than it does on the photographs. I even have a tendency to leave motel and hotel rooms cleaner when I depart than they were when I arrived.

As for climbing, I am like a bear. Going up is one thing; coming down is another. I will leave that domain in your care and under your charge.

Thank you, for stopping by, Polly .... I am glad your journey was a success .... see you around ....

Fram Actual said...

Well, I sort of agree and I sort of disagree with some of what you say, Kelly. I need places where I feel content and comfortable to call them (or it) home. This house, for instance, I could live in for a long time, but the location is not one I would choose or wish to remain at indefinitely. Therefore, the relationship would not be an entirely happy one. I think the relationship between this house and me might best qualify as an affair -- and, I trust, a happy one for as long as it lasts.

Thinking about it, finding love (depending on definitions, of course) might be easier than finding compatibility and similar interests. I am not looking to wander aimlessly, quite the opposite. It just seems like I have been fated to it in recent years and, as I have said in the past, I think what would be best for me is to live in two or three locations a year with the "right someone."

Yes, this once was Indian country, and many place names reflect that. Incidentally, I do not think many people realize it because this state is not "out West," but southwestern Minnesota was the setting for one of the more brutal and bloody frontier Indian wars. This is where my ancestor, who was later killed by Sioux in Kansas, got his start as an "Indian fighter."

Anonymous said... it only me and you that likes the place?

What you say

"I would imagine sitting on the patio looking up at the stars is peaceful and beautiful too. "..that is so beautiful said.

It is like you paint the words!!Like an artist!!

Fram.what about polen?have you given up those plans?Your love.Your little princess?

I think everything we do has its price.Good or Bad..

Dont think about the past..look forward!!Life is so short and death so long..Be happy for every moment you have of life and whatever it gives you..

Ok..hope you will have happy dreams and more blog notes for us to read!!I just love everything yo write!!For me..i will dive into the classical world of Brahms and Tchaikovsky ..ByeBye!!:))

TheChicGeek said...

Yes, the Lakota word for "many lakes" is minne sota :). I thought that was interesting when I learned that the other day.

TheChicGeek said...

Ahhh, thanks are so sweet and so full of life :)

Fram Actual said...

I will be back in Poland before the year ends, Anita. The question is not so much when will I go, but how long will I stay. It might be for a while or, maybe, I will quickly go on to Stockholm to visit my cousin and to experience the lifestyle of the Swedes.

This is more complicated than it might appear to be because while I was in Warsaw, I became very attached to the city, to its history, to its culture and to the people there. I might even want to live there at times for part of the year. In any event, I need to walk the streets of Warsaw again, whether it is by myself or with a companion.

My life is the past in the sense that I adhere to the thoughts of a man named Will Durant. He noted that answers to questions he could not resolve through the study of philosophy or religion, he could find through the study of history. The lessons of history can reveal the future, both in terms of a civilization and of an individual self, I believe, if a person will study them.

Yes, you are right about everything having its price, good or bad.

Fram Actual said...

The list is endless, Kelly. And, if it is not the actual Native American name for a particular place, it often is the English translation of the name the Indians called it. Blue Earth, for the name of a county, is an example. Yellow Medicine, for the name of another county and the river that flows through it. Yep, the list is endless.

TheChicGeek said...

Hello again :) I have been thinking about what you said and I wanted to come back to comment. For some reason the words make me feel sad. Without compatibility and similar interests we are as, in the words of Joni Mitchell, Northern Stars. In her song "A Case Of You" one of the lines is, "Just before our love got lost you looked at me and said, I am as constant as a Northern star, and I said constantly in the darkness, where's that at, if you want me I'll be in the bar." The song goes is a beautiful and sad song. She says, "Oh, I could drink a case of you, and I'd still be on my feet, I'd still be on my feet..." Her words ring true to me...she speaks of a love, a deeply felt and passionate love, but a bittersweet love, one without compatibility, one without true selflessness and understanding. At first I wanted to say it was just infatuation, but when I really thought about her words I understood in a different way. It is a real love, but one that cannot grow to full capacity. Without compatibility and common interests, beliefs, one can never be truly comfortable and at home. It cannot be true love, can it? You must listen to the song. It is on my playlist. Tell me, do you believe it is true?

And Blue Earth, it sounds so real, so natural, so beautiful. How do you think the Indians knew that from afar the earth is blue? They had no telescope, but yet, they knew...They could feel it...

Fram Actual said...

All right, Kelly. I will listen to the song, but with my "new and unimproved" internet system, it will load in sections and take a while. I will report back later. It is time for me to call ma-ma now.

As for "blue earth," it literally appears to have a deep, dark blue hue to it if you pick it up and hold it in your hand. This simply occurs naturally in some areas in the county.

The Native Americans pointed out this feature to a French explorer, LeSueur, if I recall correctly (and I might not; even a brilliant mind such as mine has limitations -- ok, ok, I hear you laughing), and he had about fifty tons of it shipped back to France. He thought the color was created by oxidizing deposits of copper, and would lead to the discovery of copper mines. He was wrong.

TheChicGeek said...

OMG, have I created a monster????
You know, I did see a faint resemblance between you and the "water monster" that was carrying me out of the water! LOL :)))
Maybe you can just read the lyrics with your new and unimproved internet?

Later Alligator :)

Fram Actual said...

That is one scary song, and I just read the lyrics because this wonderful 21st Century technology could not even handle loading the entire song as well as a plain old telephone line could do it a quarter of a century ago. Boo, hiss, bah, humbug. Life is but a rip off, at least in terms of computers and cell phones.

Anyway, I am not sure what to make of the song, Kelly. I have been pacing the floor for a few minutes wondering exactly what to write here, and I have come down to this:

Read the comment I left for Anita, about needing to go to Warsaw to walk the streets again. I liked living there.

Believe me when I say I am crashing for the third night in a row. Spring and Summer have been turmoil. There are many things I could say and, probably, should say, but they are private words from my point of view, not words for comments on a post.

I am too analytical and pragmatic to run in a circle much longer. Patience might be a virture; it might be a waste of time. But, at this moment, I still am running in a circle.

Fram Actual said...

A final thought for today:

I wrote these words in a comment the day after my first night here: "This place is really nice, and all the feelings which emanate from it are good. I began to start falling in love with it last night. While it has an old look to it in style and construction, the house is only four years old, so it is still new and young and happy."

I still feel that way and, no matter what else I might say, I am glad to be here. This house and I get along well together, and it knows what I need more than I do myself. To touch the wall is to touch warmth.

I am fortunate to be here, and lucky (blessed, if you prefer that word) enough to have a few people scattered here and there who wish me well. Yes, I see you and say thank you.

TheChicGeek said...

Stay warm and happy...and, you're welcome :). Sweet Dreams, Fram... Nite*

Anonymous said... are going to bed now friends!!Here it is morning..nine o clock..a beautiful day arising!!

Frammy.I like that name.Is it true?Are you maybe visiting scandinavia?you must come in winthertime.I will come and have a coffe with you in Stocholm.Would you like that?Stocholm is a great city(but very expensive)Alot of culture and fine arts and history.We often go there for weekend holiday..well que sera que sera..!!:))

So.You must have a last time in warshava.I know you is like to see your loved one more time..

About me.Didnt sleep good this night.awake a dozen times..So I went up 6.30.Made breakfast for my kid and see him well of to school.

I am so glad you feel a happy and relaxed at your temporary home.As Kelly says.."you home is your matter how small it is or how it is.".I send you good vibrations and a creative wishes for you in a dream..while iam listening to Brahms ,poco allegretto and thjavoskies ,,only for the lonely you.bye bye!!:))

Fram Actual said...

And, now it suddenly is afternoon. I meant to write a bit more last night, Kelly, but I could not get connected to the internet. Today, obviously, I am again, but it is a haphazard affair.

Anyway, have a good day ....

Fram Actual said...

It is afternoon for me and night for you, Anita. I just returned from town and running a number of errands. Only clouds and wind for me today.

There is more than an even chance I would make a visit to Stockholm in the winter, and I think it would be very nice for us to have coffee there. Remember, too, I have a shirt-tail relative who lives on one of the islands off Bergen’s coast. My cousin in Stockholm has not sent me his address yet, so I suppose I will have to contact her somewhere along the line. If I travel to Bergen, you will have to buy the coffee.

I had a restless night, too. There was a very high wind, which means a noisy wind, and I was annoyed by my internet connection problems. On the bright side, I now have television again.

I hope your day went well ....

Anonymous said...

hello fram...My internett to is very very bad bad bad,, goes very slow and disconnect all the time...

I was to the sea today.Good to breath the salt water oacen..Didnt do so much else in the day..only thinking and so on..yes ..I do think!!hah

I will b very happy about that thing you visiting stocholm and then again bergen..can i go with you to the island where your relative is..?Please Mr.I will buy you a dinner and coffe too!!

I can not belive it true Fram?You make me very exited.It will bee so nice to have coffe with you in stocholm.

Fram Actual said...

The way you describe your internet service is the way mine is now. I could not even get on after around midnight my time last night.

Sure, Anita, you can go to the island, if he even invites me to visit, of course. Something to think about, for sure.

Anonymous said...

we can go there anyway invites or is beautiful there..

My internet is good now.But an hour or two ago it went away..i plugged of the electricity to the modem and waited ten minutes and Horay!!I was online again!!it seems something wrong with the net..but but..i survive,,I can go to the blogs by the cellphone if internet goes totally away.

yeah,that name..I tried to create a new blog for some other pictures,remix and do things..and then the name came up like that, while making the blog..I will try to fix it right away!!

Fram Actual said...

I thought it might be a Norwegian variation of Anita. Well, anyway ....

Yes, I suppose it would be possible to go to this island, but I meant actually to meet him and to visit.

By the way, you spoke of dreams in a comment a few days ago. When you awaken in the morning, you can read about my dream from the first night I spent in this house.

Anonymous said...!!!! my spanish name is Juanita..but in norway nobody understands i dont like talking and getting questions you know,,where are you from ? what are you doing in norway ?and la la la..

I prefer Anita.

Hope you get his adress and telphone number..may be i know them too,,you never know..

yes,,I think i go to bed has been a long day ..But Iam not sure if i get any sleep because I will be thinking of this surprising news you getting to Stocholm and so on to bergen .It makes me exited you know that..

I think I must stand up early in the morning just to read your note ..I hope it was not a bad dream..

Ok..See you tomorrow and have fun rest of the night!!Bye Bye!!:))

Fram Actual said...

No, it was not a bad dream. Only sort of a strange one.

So, goodnight, JuAnita. I hope your dreams are happy ones.

Anonymous said...

no..dont cal me that Juaniiiiiiiiiita stufff..I hate it.Callme Anita.

I have to think about that dream..but one thing is sure.and immediatly gets a very good breakfast.!!!.my stomach really likes those breakfast(if it is healthy i dont know)..i have just wake eyes still are sleepy..ok I must read your new post one more time..God you write soooo good..I can feel the smell of morning coffe eggs and bacon bread..nammmmmmmmm!!!!!

Something special ....