Monday, March 9, 2009

Sunset on the Seine & feeling very lazy

She walks in beauty, like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies;
And all that’s best of dark and bring
Meet in her aspect and her eyes;
Thus mellowed to that tender light
Which heaven to gaudy day denies.

Lord Byron
Some lines from his poem: "She Walks in Beauty"

How many travelers have passed this way?

Sunset on the Seine would be special enough even without the elegance of Paris joined to it. This was in the summer of 2004, with a full- or near-full moon to help set the atmosphere. And, amid all the magic and majesty, my overriding struggle that evening was to resist temptation to vault the side of the boat and swim to the opposite shore. Weird, hah? Now, I have fairly covered the three aces (London, Paris, Rome) with a pair of photographs each. My conscience is clear, and I will label this photograph as, "Yesterday's Gone."

Are you following me around?

I walked by a television again on Sunday, just like the day before, and noticed a movie playing. I sat down to watch the final 15 or 20 minutes of the "Bourne Identity." There we were again. Just like the day before, in the Mediterranean. It is following me around. I swear.

He was born with a smile on his lips, and ....

Mundane Monday has arrived, most certainly, if barely. This day's extra errands will include calling my lawn service and calling a couple of realtors (sort of a strange combination); calling the cable company about high speed (sooner or later); and renewing an expired passport.

I was feeling extraordinarily lazy all day Sunday. The predicted snow did not happen other than for a few minutes of big, fluffy flakes in the morning which, at least, allows me to leave the day with a smile.

I think I will cruise and read now rather than write. Do what I did when I first dove into the sea of blogs. Read, and think about tomorrow .... and tomorrow and tomorrow .... creeps in this petty pace, from day to day, to the last syllable of recorded time .... Whoops. Sorry, Mr. Shakespeare .... Drifting again ....

Music Note: Listening to Van Halen ....
Specifically, "5150" ....
("Why can’t this be Love?")


TheChicGeek said...

She Walks In Beauty...awww, I love it. Poetry touches our innermost emotions.
You know, when I saw the Seine my first thought was, "Gee, I'd love to swim across that." Funny. I wonder how many people have thought the same thing or maybe we're just weirdos :)
Enjoy your lazy day, Fram!

Fram said...

Click on the photograph to see it full size, and you'll really want to dive in, Kelly. Then, maybe eat lunch and drink wine on one of the benches across the river.

Most rivers I put a canoe into, I end up swimming in, one way or another. But, on this trip I was too busy looking and absorbing the significance of my surroundings to do much thinking or any canoeing.

TheChicGeek said...

Splash! Now I'm ready for lunch and wine :)

Fram said...

At your pleasure, as the French sometimes say ....

The Fabulous Diva said...

This is a very Public apology to you, Fram and to ChickGeek.

Yes I was hurt, and it seems I've taken your remarks out of context as well. For that I apologize.

I have been hurt, more times than I like to count, and I have to confess I was feeling fragile and over tired when I read your response, so my response was not the best reaction as well. Again I apologize.

All I can say is that in many ways I am a private person and that is why I set my "comments page" in that mode. I didn't realize that yours was not set that way. My fault for not being aware.

I "dialog" in a different way than most people, of course that is not an excuse, just a partical explination.

And now I have come down with "A Whopping Cold" as my Mentor Ms. Lambe would say "the whole 9 yards", just no fun.

I will not delete my Web Log, if it gives people something interesting to read and a certain amount of pleasure, but right now I need to rest and get well.

And now it seems dear Fram that you are planning to go exploring again, if my assumtions are correct then that is good. I had an opportunity to go to Paris a few years ago, but events prevented me from going (long explaination).

Whatever your future plans are, have fun and enjoy, shake the snow off and enjoy the coming spring.

Here in S.F. today the sun shines, fruit trees and flowers are budding, bright yellow daffodyles are blooming but the wind is high and still with the bite of winter chill to not let us forget our hibernation.

I will leave my editorial up, but I'll make a few changes within it.

Again I apologize to you and everyone who reads your Web Log.

And if I've mis-spelled any words, I blame the Dayquill cold med.

Until later. The Fabulous Diva.

P.S. yes, my birthday is March 21, I'm on the Pisces/Aries sun cusp with Leo in mid-heaven. (which explains a bit of my personality)

Piper .. said...

I love the poem, esp the lines :
"And all that’s best of dark and bring
Meet in her aspect and her eyes;"

The enlarged view of the pic is beautiful! It almost makes me want to reach across and feel the waves against my palm.
This is such a feel-good post! And now I`m off to read all the other posts of yours,which I havent read so far.

Fram said...

I think the first words I wrote to you, Diva, were: You sure are windy.

Teasing, teasing, teasing ....

We are all squared away with the world again.

Yes, for some travel and at least a long vacation, and maybe more, depending on how things work out. The past few weeks have been stirring the mix within me. Today, some actual planning began. Tomorrow, we have a winter storm warning to help keep me focused on moving forward.

Fram said...

Thank you, for the visit, Piper. I enjoy your company.

Katy said...

Sleepy Sunday, Mundane Monday - yes me too. I guess it's that waking up from hibernation time for us isn't it, beginning to stretch our stiff limbs and look for the sunshine and the horizon once more.

It sounds as if for you that sunny horizon might be in a different location this summer? How exciting and a wonderful prospect to welcome the spring with.

Fram said...

Hi, Katy. My, but you've come a long way from home to visit me in snowland.

Yes, there are more than a few things I would like to do during the warm-weather months. The problem will be narrowing the field into an achievable plan

Something special ....