Saturday, March 28, 2009

Another haunting & he requires she

Could this be the ghost of the infamous Fram the First?

The search for Bridey’s boyfriend ....

I haven't wanted to mention this before, but I've been undergoing hypnotic regression therapy. You know, to learn if I'm me or if I'm someone else.

A couple of things right off the top. It turns out I might have been Bridey Murphy's boyfriend. She lived in Ireland back around 1825, and then was born again as Virginia Tighe in the 1920s in the U.S. That was the story that sort of popularized this reincarnation business. Scary stuff. Weird.

I also might be the reincarnated spirit of Fram the First. Since I'm also a direct descendant, I'm not sure if that would be considered incestuous or not. I don't know much about math or science, so we'll leave that question for the experts to decide. I'm more into reading books and studying history. I slept through most of my math and science classes in school. That's the only way I could keep up with reading books and looking at the pictures in Playboy all night long.

The reason this hypnotic regression therapy started is because Fram the First keeps coming to me in dreams, except it doesn't seem like I'm dreaming. It seems more like I'm over there talking while I'm over here listening. Anyway, he keeps talking to me about going over to Greece and digging up his gold and jewels. He's up to a 15 percent share for me if I agree to be his mule. I ask him why he doesn't do it himself, but he says they don't issue passports where he is hanging out these days.

Fram the First even claims he will get me a date with Helen of Troy if I do this for him. Yeh, I suppose. The face that launched 1,000 ships would spend a Saturday evening with me. Nice try, guy. But, who knows? I can only remember meeting one Helen. She was the mother of one of my college girlfriends. She owned a bar. I worked there one summer. She kept making passes at me after she'd had a few beers. It was sort of awkward, if you know what I mean. I sure was glad when school started again. Helen of Troy, hah? Maybe, there's something about me that girls named Helen just naturally like. Nothing to lose; a night in Troy to gain.

I'm working on Fram the First to give me some up-front cash. Spending money. Travel change. He seems reluctant, but I think I've got him worried. He's started talking about pulling a raid into Normandy to hijack a load of wine, and sell it to the Brits for cash to finance my excursion. I think we might be getting down to real possibilities here, but I told him no euros, only dollars for me. I'll let you know how things are going.

By the way, if you're reading this and your name happens to be Helen, leave me a note with your telephone number. Me or my ancestor-ego will give you a call next week. We're already busy this weekend. We've been booked as the opening band at a casino. If you come to the show, pay attention to where the fire exits are and keep one eye on the pyrotechnics. If you run into Bridey, please help her up and tell her not to wait for me. Rock on!

He Requires Only She *

Happy is she, who knows my love,
For I will hold her like a jewel,
More precious than my life,
More valuable than breath itself.

Happy is she, who knows my love,
For it is given without reservation,
Requiring only a smile, a kiss, a touch,
And will not fade till light leaves my eyes.

Happy is she, who knows my love,
For it has searched beyond the sea,
And knows too well the emptiness of lust,
Now understanding what rapture requires.

Happy is she, who knows my love,
For water cannot quench my thirsting soul,
Nor bread restore my hungering body,
For I am he, and he requires only she.

* (Another story in column form, as fled from my fingers in three minutes flat .... personally timed it.)

Music Note: Content with the radio on a classic rock station this evening ....
Currently playing: Journey is the band; not sure of the name of the song ....


TheChicGeek said...

Fram, I belive you are crazy :)
Your column story is beautiful...your very good when your quick. I'm impressed!

TheChicGeek said...

typos, typos, typos....grrrrrrr

Fram said...

Pent up energy being released. Or, maybe crazy.

Thank you.

I see you are dancing, but it appears you are doing it by yourself.

TheChicGeek said...

Actually at the moment it appears I'm dancing with you :)

Katy said...

My sister is Helen, though whether her husband would be happy for her to dance with the spirit of a Norwegian explorer is anyone's guess... I'll ask her later how she feels about it, ok, just in case you and Fram the First pitch up around these parts in search of the buried treasure.

PS - 15% cut - better, much better. I'm sure you can up it to 25% before you set sail.

Magdalena said...

I came to wish you sunny saturday as we've got in Poland today :-) Bye, bye :-)

Piper .. said...

ooohhh the column story! Me likey :)
and I have to agree with TheChicGeek when she says you`re crazy! I believe you just might be :) And I know a Helen back home who is worshiped as a 'cabaret queen'(do they use the term anymore?!!).. I could send you her number once I reach home :)

Natalie said...

Ohhhh Herr Frraam…..
Wasn’t it you who said as recently as one month ago, one shouldn’t lower herself with sentimental belletristic??
I guess, even Fram the First, from time to time, can show his weakness or …..soft underbelly to all…..
P. S. may I recommend my cousin Elena, but to meet her, you would have to travel back to the Alexander’s Gate in Derbent!!!

A Cuban In London said...

Well, good luck with finding the real you. Me, I'm having with my alter egos the whole time. They have a mind of their own (mine) and think differently to the way I do (which some people might call it 'madness'). Enjoyed this post very much.

Greetings from London.

Fram said...

That sounds like a good idea, Katy. Asking your sister, Helen, I mean. I think the idea of a Helen in every port would make an excellent plan.

I'll also tell Fram the First to drop off a couple of complimentary bottles of wine for you in case he follows up with his business in Normandy. Thanks for being here.

Fram said...

It is pretty nice here today, too, Magdalena. I'm glad you came, though. You make the day even brighter for me.

Fram said...

Piper, as I told Katy moments earlier, a Helen in every port seems to be an ideal plan.

Craziness comes in many forms. Does your own medical expertise extend into that area? Maybe you can do an evaluation of me when you return to Minnesota.

Very happy to see you here, and I hope your own journey is trouble-free.

Fram said...

Natalie, thank you for coming.

So, you have a cousin, Elena? I'd like to take a swim in the Black Sea some day, oily water or not. Who can say?

I do not think Fram the First has a soft underbelly at all, only occasional thoughts of young ladies while under the influence of brandy and French music.

Fram said...

Thank you, Cuban. I learn a great deal about worlds other than my own when I visit you, and hope sometimes it can be the same for you when you visit me here.

Some say madness is a gift from the gods. Some say madness is divine. Some say madness is a glorious thing when it is used for good purpose. Who are we to argue the point?

TheChicGeek said...

Hi, Fram...
Just popped in to say a quick hello :) Hope your having a nice day. It's beautiful in California today. I just read your poem again. I love that one so much. It's really beautiful :)
Have a nice night!

Fram said...

Always a pleasure to see a California surfer girl in the neighborhood, Kelly, for any reason.

Yes, the poem. Thank you. I think I am learning how to properly mix ice and fire in my life, and maybe in my words.

Something special ....