Thursday, March 16, 2017

You looking at me ??!!

There seems to be a bit of "the grouch" revealed in the eyes of Buddy as he tries to catch up on his sleep, but is awakened by me stalking him with my camera .... click, flash .... click, flash .... click, flash. This is not an actual post, but, rather, a facsimile created to substitute for the real thing. Today, March 16, is my birthday, and I felt the need to mark it one way or another. What better way than by a photograph of Buddy ?? I doubt I will be back this way again until mid-April .... I feel a sort of strong urgency to pack up and move on, and time is becoming precious to me .... but, who can say ?? Certainty about anything or anyone is a scare commodity in these times.


ANITA said...

Happy Happy Birthday Dear Fram!!

I wish you a jolly good day with alot of good food and your good family around you.I should like very much one day to learn more about your family.As they do have something of you ,inside them..they must be very respectful and nice people.
I should like to give you a present..You might see it in a dream or two..
Well so Buddy is back in his home now..I was thinking of him here the other day...Its a good dog and may he bring much happiness to you.

I see in the weahter forcast you have a terrrible weather in America right now..Lets hope its the last shivering of King Winther.

Iam glad you posted this pixture and words with it.Good sign.
I shall not write much now(though I have much to discuss with you).Many are those who will come to greet you so I say Hasta La Vista my Cherie


Fram Actual said...

Thank you, Anita, for the birthday greetings and wishes. The day was enjoyable in that it marked the last/final/it-finally-is-over visit this morning by a "home care" nurse who is both a very pleasant individual and a very professional individual. This afternoon, I spoke with my son and my former wife on the telephone, and one of my two daughters came to spend a few hours with me. Barring the unforeseen, my son and his girlfriend will be here for the weekend.

As for food, it was pretty much routine except for the "German Chocolate Cake" I purchased while shopping on Wednesday (Wodan's Day). The baker said he was fresh out of "Norwegian Chocolate Cake," which came as no surprise to me since I have never heard of such a thing and simply made it up to see his reaction. I think he knew I was teasing him, and he tried to be clever in return ....

So, then .... I do dream quite frequently and I hope tonight will be no different .... well, not exactly .... let me say, I hope the realm of dreams will be rewarding tonight.

The "terrible weather" is all on the East Coast, Anita. Here, in the Midwest, we have been freezing our "behinds" off, but no storms and no snow has fallen since the four inches a few days ago. That has pretty much melted, and we are promised a few days of spring-like temperatures.

Yes, Buddy is a good dog -- actually, a great dog, and I am fortunate to have him. He was in heaven this afternoon having my daughter cuddle with him and talk to him. I should have taken a photograph, but I was enjoying the sight of it too much to think of getting my camera and recording their time together.

Anyway .... I do believe that it is time for me to flee back into the shadow-world of Neverland for a while.

Thank you, Anita, for being here once again ....

A Cuban In London said...

Fram Actual said...

CiL .... I am not certain what happened, but I somehow deleted the message of your comment and I cannot find a means to bring back the words. I apologize profusely.

As I recall, you wrote words to the effect that had I been born a day later, I would have had an entire nation celebrating/observing my birthday. I would note that had I been born a day earlier (three for four minutes, actually), I probably would need to employ a detachment of sword-bearing Centurions for personal protection.

In either case, thank you, CiL, for your presence and your words.

(Next time, I will be more careful ....)

Daliana Pacuraru said...

Happy Birthday ! I wish you my best!

A Cuban In London said...

Thank you. No probs, glitches do happen. :-)

Greetings from London.

Smareis said...

Boa noite Fram!
Estou um pouco atrasada desculpa-me, mais a tempo de dizer Feliz Aniversário Fram! Todos os grandes desejos começam no coração. E de coração eu te desejo: Feliz Aniversário Fram ! Que essa data se repita por muitos e muitos anos, e que a paz, a alegria esteja sempre presente na sua vida. Que todos os seus sonhos sejam realizados e todos os seus desejos sejam alcançados. Parabéns!

Eu gostei muito da foto do Buddy, parece um cão muito especial.
Bom fim de semana Fram!
Um punhado de sorriso!

ANITA said...

See Fram--All your good friends in here come to greet you..Iam so delighted about it..Hope you still are doing fine and all good to you

Thanx for nice comment on my homestad..

Take care and hihi I made a special good chocolate cake thats melt in your mouth..Just as a reminder of a good friends birth day

Seee you around!


Fram Actual said...

Thank you, Daliana. You know I appreciate your presence and your birthday wishes, and I hope your life is treating you well.

Fram Actual said...

Thank you, CiL. You are a most understanding man. I will return to your page as soon as I have found a mirror in which my image is free enough from the shadows to decipher myself.

Fram Actual said...

Thank you, Smareis. That was a most eloquent birthday message. I will do my best to follow your advice and I hope your wishes for me will come true. Yes, Buddy is a very special dog and a fine companion.

Fram Actual said...

Thank you, Anita. I am pleased that you are delighted and, yes, I am fine. I will look forward to one day tasting your chocolate cake that, most certainly, will melt in my mouth.

ANITA said...

Thank you Fram for leaving a note to me..very happy about it!

Soo tulips are popping out from the mould now,at your place.Soo nice!We still have those snowstorms and will last for a week or two..the sun I hope..

So what are you doing these days??Reading ?walks?looking at the spring is in the air girls?Soo good!I love everything for you my friend in Minnesota

Many hugs


Fram Actual said...

Essentially, Anita, I am counting the hours until the weather finally realizes it is spring.

FramWinter ends officially when March 31 becomes April 1, but it seems no one ever bothers to inform "old man winter" of his demise. Perhaps, Mother Nature has a sense of humor and is attempting an April Fools' Day joke on winter and the occupants of Planet Earth. This has been the long way of saying I have been idling my time away.

By the way, last week there were several consecutive days and nights when the temperature was well below the freezing mark. I think the tulips in my yard survived it.

I am always happy to write a comment on your posts, Anita, and I am always happy when you visit me and leave a few words here for me. So, thank you .... and, see you whenever and wherever ....

Something special ....