Thursday, December 15, 2016

The tracks of a hunter

With the wind huffing and puffing at about twenty miles-per-hour, the tracks of the hunter are rapidly diminishing as they fill with blowing snow and, in just the few minutes since he passed by, have been obscured to the degree even skilled trackers could not identify the creature which had left them unless they actually had seen him. It so happens I did see this hunter -- a coyote -- leisurely lope along less than a dozen feet from my house. Since he obviously was not going to stop and wait for me to retrieve a camera and pose for me, I decided to wave to him as he strode by and to collect my camera from within the house and to record his brief appearance in the form of photographing his tracks. The last time I saw a coyote here -- very possibly the same guy -- was last summer as he walked down the middle of the street in front of my house: No snow, no tracks, that time. By the way, at noon today when the coyote paid his visit, the actual air temperature was four degrees Fahrenheit or fifteen Celsius. His shaggy, ragged fur marked the hardship of his winter existence. He is a brave fellow, to live in the midst of his enemies. His tracks are gone now, made invisible by drifting snow .... as if he never were ....

A lesson from the military treatise
"The Art of War"
written by Sun Tzu

"It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles ...."

A verse from the song
"White Wedding"
composed by Billy Idol

There is nothing fair in this world
There is nothing safe in this world
And there's nothing sure in this world
And there's nothing pure in this world
Look for something left in this world
Start again come on

The lines from the scene when 
Thomas Crown lands his glider aircraft
in the 1968 film
"The Thomas Crown Affair"

Gwen: I wish you wouldn't always undershoot the field like that.
Thomas: Why?
Gwen: Oh, come on, Tommy.
Thomas: Well, it'd end all my worries.
Gwen: What do you have to worry about?
Thomas: Who I want to be tomorrow.

Here we go with "big oil"

This post was not planned, so I really have not much of anything to say. I would pause for a moment, though, to comment on president-elect Donald Trump's decision to nominate Rex Tillerson, the chief executive officer of Exxon Mobil Corporation, to be the next secretary of state.

I do not like the choice, not because of Tillerson's familiarity (some say coziness) with Vladimir Putin, the president of the Russian Federation. I sort of go along with the "know thy enemy" theory. What I do not like is having any senior official from "big oil" in any cabinet-level position -- most especially one as critical to the well being of the United States as is the secretary of state.

As I often have noted in the past, I am a conservative in most regards -- not a Republican, but a conservative -- and my trust and respect for the realms of corporate giants is about a two on a scale of zero to ten. This is particularly true of "big oil."

The basis for this position is its frequently demonstrated condition of excessive corporate greed and my own somewhat excessive environmental principles. My religious concepts blend and merge with pantheism, which favors environmental preservation far higher than unbridled economic progress, and my actual political affiliation is connected to whatever issues appear to be important from my point of view and to whichever candidates I am in most agreement with at the moment.

That has been the long way of saying I find the nomination of Tillerson unsettling. We shall see where it all leads.

On stage tonight, Donnie & the Geriatrics

Some rock singers and musicians have a characteristic of expressing their musical emotions with exaggerated facial expressions and by pursing their lips. Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, for instance, is a frequent "lip purser."

Enter Donald Trump. While he seems to have lessened a bit his habit of constantly making exaggerated facial expressions and lip pursing, Trump seemed like he was always doing it back during the primary season, especially when he was engaged in the debates or speaking to crowds of adoring "fans." I remember often thinking during those times: "Trump must envision himself as a rock star."

A few days ago, I was browsing YouTube when I re-encountered Billy Idol and this performance of, "Eyes Without A Face." Then it dawned on me: "That is it .... when Trump looks in the mirror, he does not see himself looking back. He sees Billy Idol."

Well, whatever, that is what I thought .... Trump stole his stage style and mannerisms from Billy Idol .... take a look for yourself ....


ANITA said...

Great post near Christmas the tracks in the snow.(as i am reading Mikjel Fønhus Der villmarken suser..the call of the wild inspired by jack london)You live in a great place!And soo much snow!

About Trumphs men.I dont like his close friendship with Putin..something is a little supicious about it..but we will see when he goes to work after christmas..what he actually will do to improve -americas money

So later Fram.I got a fever and stuck in my bed with winther flu

.I dont think i will be able to go on the mountains before the holidys so ,may be, no post from me, not before 2017

Any way i wish you a great week

A Cuban In London said...

You're so lucky to have that kind of neighbour! :-) Honestly, all we get around here is urban foxes scavenging on left-behind takeaway boxes.

Re Trumpie, if that were his only bad choice... :-)

Greetings from London.

PS: You do know that my latest post had as little to with my birthday as it had a lot to do with something else that happened around that time, don't you? :-)

Fram Actual said...

Hmmmm .... I think you will not go to the mountains because you have a new love right in Bergen, Anita, and cannot be away from him. We shall see ....

Yes, I often say I am living in a nice location. There are many birds. I see ducks and geese every day, rabbits, squirrels, deer, turkeys and at least one coyote who calls the neighborhood home. More than that, it is a neighborhood where most parents are not afraid to let their children -- and I mean little, pre-school kids and kids of varied races and religions -- play and roam the street unattended.

As for Christmas, it is not on my mind yet. It may not be this year. Snow is, however, and another eight to twelve inches are expected here between Friday night and Saturday.

As for the relationship between the United States and Russia, it probably is worse now than at anytime during the past thirty years, and it probably will get worse before it gets better. I am very, very curious to learn how Donald Trump will handle all aspects of foreign policy.

As for friendship between enemies, I think there can be good relationships, mutually beneficial arrangements and friendliness, but never true, actual friendship.

I hope your winter flu disappears quickly .... I think you must work too hard and allow yourself to get run down .... take better care of yourself .... ok ??

In the meanwhile, Anita, thank you, for coming and for commenting. See you next time ....

Fram Actual said...

When I saw the date and the first words of your post, CiL, I assumed you were writing about the election of Donald Trump. But, I am a literalist (and often naive and too trusting), and by the end of the post I fully accepted as fact that you were referencing your birthday (even though you had an earlier post regarding it) and expressing disbelief that you are where you are in terms of longevity.

With hindsight, put it this way: My reaction was pretty much the same when Barrack Obama was re-elected in 2012. I had been disappointed when he was elected the first time in 2008, but I understood it -- because he promised unity and much more, because he would be the first black president, because he was running against a nitwit (John McCain, who, despite his personal experiences, never saw a war he did not like). By 2012, my (incorrect) assumption was that after four years of Obama, Mitt Romney would win handily. I still am in shock and disbelief that he did not.

I appreciate coyote, although with one roaming here I dare not allow my dog to be alone in the yard and I am sure there are a few people who have been wondering why their cat failed to come home.

Back in Dakota, there were any number of times I would see coyote, and I used to leave old meat and other food for them at a particular point about three hundred yards from my house. It was not unusual for them to surround the house under a wintry full moon and serenade us. Our five dogs would "sing" back.

Thank you, CiL, for your visit and your comment .... and, chin up, old fellow -- eight years go by in a blink !!

A Cuban In London said...

Well, let's hope it's only four. :-)

I know that you don't like Obama that much (that's putting it mildly). But (important BUT), beyond the politics, you have had a scandal-free president for eight years who at least knows about politics (even if you don't agree with them). A family man who has been married to the same woman for many years and with whom he has two children who are ambitious and socially responsible. The man is not flawless (I still think he is one of the most gung-ho Democrats to have entered the White House), but he would have never "push the button" without consulting. Who took Osama out? You cannot call Obama a dove exactly, although he was not much of a hawk either. Plus, as your post states Obama is not a businessman in the literal sense of the word. So, his personal interests have never interfered with his governance.

Trump... well, Trump cannot even spell "unprecedented". :-)

Greetings from London.

Fram Actual said...

The problem, CiL, is that the politics cannot be removed from the equation.

As I sometimes write, I would not shake hands with Donald Trump or have a drink with him because I do not respect him as a man .... but, so far to this point, I can live with him as president largely because of the people he is surrounding himself with in his proposed cabinet = strong-willed conservatives. I did not vote for him, but, right now, I think there might be a chance I would in four years.

I would shake hands with Barack Obama and have a drink with him (brandy, not beer) should the occasion arise. (The chance of that is about as slim as it is that I ever will walk on the moon, but I have met two sitting presidents [Republican] and one sitting vice president [Democrat] along the way.) It primarily is the progressive political and sociological positions which put me in a war dance frame of mind with Obama. He is the ostensible head of the Democratic Party. He also is, I believe, a pathological liar (as is Hillary Clinton) and somewhat delusional. (Remember, I once ran a small prison and have considerable experience interacting with both types.) Politics aside, I think Clinton is more despicable than is Trump, and both, obviously, much more so than Obama.

As a once-upon-a-time journalist, the two things which bother me the most about Obama are Benghazi and Syria, and I would love to get him alone and "grill" him about them. I also would like to know his actual, unvarnished opinion of Clinton.

I probably could keep writing forever about this, but enough for now. Thank you, CiL, for finding your way back here and for writing here ....

Smareis said...

Hello Fram!

A imagem está belíssima. Parece que o frio anda castigando ai. Enquanto aqui o calor esta a mais 40 graus. Minha cidade e meu Estado foram castigados com muita chuva e uma enchente destruidora. O rio que corta a minha cidade ficou 6 metros e meio acima do nível normal, alagou ruas, avenida, repartições públicas e casas. Agora as água já esta baixando. Mais o tempo ainda está bem escuro.
Neve caindo por ai Fram?
Os coiotes são perigosos quando estão com fome. Eu assisti o filme “Pânico na Neve” e nunca mais me esqueci daqueles lobos famintos. O Filme excelente. Conta à história de três esquiadores, que ficam presos em um teleférico antes de sua última descida. Quando a equipe da estação de esqui desliga as luzes da pista, o trio percebe que foi esquecido e entra em pânico. Com hipotermia e queimaduras de frio, os amigos são forçados a tomar medidas extremas para sair da montanha antes que morram congelados. Nesse filme a gente percebe como que os lobos são perigosos quando estão caçando.
Fram, gostei da postagem, e o vídeo é muito bom.

Estive um pouco ausente durante alguns dias. Mais não poderia deixar que o ano terminasse sem passar aqui pra deixar meu carinho e meus agradecimentos por termos caminhado pelo menos um pouco durante esse ano de 2016 comigo nessa blogosfera. Muito obrigada Fram!
Que o menino Jesus esteja sempre presente na sua vida.
Desejo a você e à sua família um Natal de Luz e um próspero Ano Novo
Repleto de alegrias e bênçãos!
Boas Festas!
Feliz Natal!
Feliz 2017!
Blog da Smareis

Fram Actual said...

It has become rare to see you, Smareis, here, at my blog, or at your own blog. I think you have been absent from the sea of blogs more than you have been present during 2016. In any case, I am glad you are here now and happy that you have written a comment for me. Thank you ....

Yes, it has been cold, cold, cold here. Sunday morning at sunrise the actual air temperature was minus twenty (-20) degrees Fahrenheit or minus twenty-nine (-29) Celsius. And, there has been about a foot of snow fallen during the past week.

My weather can be coped with; I was sorry to hear about the flooding you are experiencing, against which people often are helpless and can do little except to flee. My hope is that you and your family have not suffered any losses as a result of the flooding.

Coyotes really are no danger to people and, in my opinion, neither are wolves. Coyotes are a danger to smaller animals -- in cities, like dogs and cats -- but usually will try to avoid people. When I lived in Dakota, coyotes would periodically come walking through the yard and there were times when they would encircle our house under a full moon in winter and "serenade" our dogs. I enjoyed them. As for wolves, twice in the wild I have encountered a wolf and each time we more-or-less ignored each other and went our own ways.

I have enjoyed your company, too, Smareis, and expect it will continue in 2017. And, with that, I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. I hope life will treat you well and kindly and keep you safe and secure during the year ahead.

Thinking of you, and always hoping to find a smile carried on the wind from the far, far south ....

Smareis said...

Fram, confesso que fiquei um pouco ausente, mais no próximo ano eu vou tentar estar mais presente principalmente aqui no seu blog. Às vezes se torna necessário fazer uma pausa quando a inspiração está pedindo folga. Não sei se fiquei mais ausente do presente em 2016, mais com certeza sempre que possível estava atualizando meu blog e retribuindo as visitas.
Muito frio mesmo por ai em Fram. (-29) é frio demais. Acho que não suportaria nem por uma hora um frio assim. Sou costumada com temperatura o ano todo de quase 40 graus. Meu organismo não dá conta de tanto frio assim (sorrindo).
A inundação aqui deixou muitas rodovias e estradas fechadas. Muitas barreiras que desceu por conta de muitas chuvas. O rio que corta a minha cidade passou dos 6 metros e meio acima do nível normal, e acabou invadindo a cidade. Eu moro em prédio alto, e a água não chega aqui, mais na garagem a água passou perto. O Brasil é assim, meses de novembro, dezembro, janeiro, fevereiro e março sempre o calor é muito forte, chega 40 graus e a chuva sempre chega forte. Nem sempre os rios transborda como aconteceu na semana passada. Fatos iguais a esse aconteceu em 2010 quando teve muitos temporais também. A meteorologia mostra que vamos ter muitas chuvas durante esse verão. Espero que a chuvas não venha tão forte quantos essa que chegou.
Os lobos não são tão mansos assim como você fala. Leio cada história de lobos famintos que devora pessoas. Veja o filme Pânico na Neve o que acontece quando os lobos estão com fome. Sorrindo!
Obrigada Fram por ser sempre tão gentil com minha pessoa.
O ano está acabando e é hora de receber o novo com alegria e gratidão. Que o Ano Novo traga muita alegria na sua vida!
Sorrisos pra você!
Se cuida ai com essa neve!

Fram Actual said...

To begin with winter weather, the coldest actual air temperature I have experienced was minus fifty-six (-56) degrees Fahrenheit, which is about minus forty-nine (-49) Celsius, in northern Minnesota. It stayed that way for about a week. People and automobiles adjust to it. The current level of cold and snow is not a problem and, by the way, I have spent considerable time in tents and ice houses in the dead of winter. There is an axiom about it: The snow is your friend, the wind is your enemy. Life is learning how to cope in any conditions, I think ....

As for temperatures such as those you are experiencing, Smareis, even way north "up here," temperatures around thirty-five/thirty-six (35/36) Celsius and a bit higher are fairly common in July and August, but it is not often they exceed forty (40).

I lived through a flood as a college boy, and had to move to escape it. We worked at constructing dikes every day for a while. The building I moved into was tall, but the basement flooded, so we lost electricity and water for a few weeks. Fortunately, college boys can live on beer, so we did not miss the loss of water for drinking and could take showers at the college athletic locker rooms !! Being young often turns hardships into adventures. It is people with families and steady work who suffer.

I think I know the power of a wolf's jaws better than most, Smareis, so I am not careless or carefree with regard to potential danger. I had a Doberman Pinscher once who had been to "formal school" as a guard dog/attack dog. Her name was "Baby," incidentally. With a one-word command or hand signal, she would grab a person's forearm and clamp down so hard it would paralyze a man and bring him to his knees, powerless to fight back. And, she would do this without breaking the person's skin. The power of her grip is small compared to that of a wolf, which has twice the bite-force of a Dobie -- and, a wolf would not be so careful with a person's skin.

Part of "my secret" is that a wolf can recognize another wolf when it sees one. Another part is that fear is controllable and recognizable. Perhaps, I will try to explain these things some day, but I am sure you know what I mean.

To close where you began, with the amount of time we spend on the blogs, I think I will be here less in 2017 than I have been other years. At least, I will be starting out the year that way. I have an idea, and will write about it soon.

In the meanwhile, again, I hope your holiday season will be joyful and that the coming year will be a time of happiness and good fortune for you and your family, Smareis.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Smareis .... thank you, for the smiles and the kind words .... I think of you ....

Smareis said...

Fram o seu menos estar no blog no próximo ano não é deixar de atualizar né? Espero que continue como sempre na atualização.
Sobre ó que disse que, "um lobo pode reconhecer um outro lobo quando vê um". Eu entendi o que diz dizer Fram.
I think of you, e te mando sorrisos.
Uma boa semana!

Fram Actual said...

It is just that I have an idea or two (or three) about what I want to post and how often I want to post as I enter the coming new year of 2017, Smareis. Whatever I decide, initially I think I will be publishing fewer posts -- probably only one each month around the middle of the month. I need to consider this a bit more, but that is sort of what I am thinking right now. I will make up my mind before 2017 begins.

Yes, the wolf. You are a very insightful and perceptive individual, Smareis. I think you often are able to read me like a book.

Yes. Thank you, for this smile and that smile and every smile. They make today bearable and tomorrow hopeful. And, you, too .... have a good week, Smareis ....

Smareis said...

Esse ano de 2016 eu fiz pouco atualização no meu blog. Na verdade eu estava sem vontade pra escrever, foi um ano não muito agradável pra mim. Espero que em 2017 eu atualize meu blog com mais frequência. Vou aproveitar esse começo de ano pra dar uma organizada no meu blog. Mudar cor, fonte e outras coisinhas.

Sabe Fram, o blog tem um poder muito grande de aproximar as pessoas umas das outras, acho que por isso ainda estou nos blogs. Conforme você vai lendo os escritos de uma pessoa, você vai conhecendo-a muito bem. E o importante desse conhecimento é que vem de dentro pra fora. Com esses anos que já venho lendo seus escritos, suas postagens, eu já consigo te ler muito bem Fram. É como se eu já lhe conhecesse há muitos anos. O blog tem esse poder de fazer a gente sentir o sentimento do outro.

Foi bom conhecer seu blog e você Fram. Obrigada por mais um ano!
Que os anjos te cumpram de benção e paz.
Um punhado de sorriso!
Até mais Fram!

Fram Actual said...

I cannot remember for certain, but it seems to me that you have been on the blogs more than twice as long as I have, Smareis. I do not know how you have accomplished this; all I know is that I could not have done what you have done for as long as you have ....

In reality, my mood is not in tune with the nature of the blogs at the moment. While your mood was not right for the blogs in 2016, mine is not now and I feel it will not be in 2017. At least, that is the way I think right now. If you write, I still will read you, but I probably will not be writing so much myself. I enjoy your words and value your words, so I look to them for sunshine and rainbows.

Perhaps, you have known me for years and years, Smareis, from reading what I write here about who and what I have been for years and years. Perhaps, you have known me even in another life. I know your religious roots are deep and your beliefs are strong. My own still are wandering and open to many diverse possibilities, and I do not rule out the possibility that some of us have been here before and are climbing a metaphorical mountain from one existence to another. I either have very strong, very intense racial/ancestral/genetic memories or I have experienced more than one life, I am sure. As some say, an old soul. So, from my point of view, who knows? And, as the song lyrics go:

"The smile you are smiling you were smiling then
"But I can't remember where or when ...."

It might sound silly, but my life is such that nothing is silly and everything is silly.

You have many friends on the blogs, Smareis. I have only a few. Most who visit me choose to remain strangers and do not comment, which is interesting in itself. No matter, I am glad our paths crossed and hope we will continue to meet here in the ethereal world of the internet from time to time. Your presence here is one of the nicer/softer/kinder elements for me both within and without the blogs.

Once more, Smareis, Merry Christmas and thank you, for your presence and for being you ....

Smareis said...

Fram eu comecei com meu primeiro blog em 2000. Tive blog em vários provedores de hospedagem da internet:
Weblogger. Uol. Globo. Aol. Wordpress. blogger.Tumblr.

Tive também vário fotoblog e fotolog. O meu blog que era hospedado na UOL eu recebia mais de 250 comentários por postagem.
Eu atualizava semanalmente, e meu blog também participava de muitos concursos que na época os blogueiro gostavam de fazer...
Meu blog também promovia concursos de poesias dando até prêmios.
Meu blog ganhou vários prêmios e concursos.
Em 2006 eu perdi meus pais e acabei colocando restrito meu blog que era a menina dos meus olhos.
Em 2008 eu o fechei completamente. Em 2010 abri esse atual, mais já tinha outros aqui no blogger que estão restritos sem atualização. Muitos de meus amigos pararam de blogar, e outros preferiram ficar só nas redes sociais, facebook e outros.
Ainda tenho uns cincos amigos daquela época. Esse ano quase todos eles preferiram colocar o blog em HIATUS e ficar na facebook. Acho que o blogar está no meu sangue. Às vezes me ausento do blog por um tempo, mais a saudade sempre me traz de volta aos blogs.

Nesses 16 anos de blog encontrei muitas pessoas boas, e também encontrei muitas pessoas ruins. Já me decepcionei muito com pessoas que dizia amigos. E foi assim que fui aprendendo a conhecer as pessoas por dentro e por fora. Com o tempo você começa a desenhar na memória cada uma delas. Os escritos de cada pessoa têm suas características presente.
Então não é difícil você conhecer uma pessoa apenas pelas letras. Não importa qual o tema que ela escreve.

Muitos visitantes às vezes preferem ler o blog, e não gosta de comentar, isso acontece com muitos leitores. Tenho leitores no meu blog que me lê há muito tempo, e nunca comentaram. Manda-me e-mails e agradece pela postagem. Mesmo com tudo isso eu amo esse mar de blog. Desejo continuar por mais algum tempo. Talvez pare um dia, depois eu volto. Mais por enquanto vou postando e gostando ainda mais de estar nos blogs. Amanhã não me pertence. Hoje estou aqui, amanhã posso não estar. Só o Criador saberá.

Foi muito bom conhecer seu blog, e fazer parte dos seus seguidores.
Obrigada Fram!
Muitos sorrisos!
Até qualquer dia. Leio-te na próxima postagem.

Fram Actual said...

I do not think I ever have written to anyone on Christmas Eve before this evening, Smareis, but, here I am , writing to you. The time on my computer (Central European) shows that it is Christmas Day although it still is Christmas Eve for me (Central US).

You have mentioned some of your early blogging to me before, probably in a personal note, and you gave me links to some which I visited. This was, perhaps, two or three years ago ?? I cannot recall precisely when. I do recall seeing some photographs, and wondering at the time if any of them might show you.

Yes, as thorough and as talented and as wise as you are, I can easily believe your blogs have won awards. And, for sure, they certainly are extremely popular with your readers.

My only experience with this sort of thing prior to this "sea of blogs" consists of participating in what were called "survivalist" chat rooms for a few years during the 1990s where we were talking to each other via computer in real time. My handle back then was "1911" -- as in the Colt Model 1911 pistol -- and, I am certain, references to it still appear from time to time. Someone once opened a Facebook account for me, but it was used only once .... it was not my idea, and I was not pleased.

There often have been times when I have enjoyed being part of the sea of blogs, but I am beginning to think those times have passed, as have its times of usefulness for me. That is to say, my blog gradually has been ceasing to serve a purpose. The element I like most about it in comparison to other mediums is that I have been able to remain in the shadows. I can tell much about myself without revealing who I am.

There is nothing devious about this trait; it simply is that I am a very private person, even when I have been in very public positions. Some people enjoy being "center stage;" I always have preferred to be the invisible voice behind the person who is center stage. Do you understand this? If I wanted people to actually "know" me, I would go on a platform such as Facebook.

I am not sure if I ever have met anyone on the blogs who was "bad" per se. I have found a few who wish to exploit others, some who are very shallow individuals, some who are only looking for sympathy or for praise -- but, to a man who has been the places I have been and has known the people I have known, I am not sure any of my blog encounters have been with actual bad characters by my definition.

It is true what you say regarding learning about people through their blogs and through what they write in comments. It is clear from your posts that you have deep insight into life, into people and into relationships among people. Those insights, obviously, exist both in the sense of people individually and collectively. The most important thing, it seems to me, is that you use this "gift" to try to help others.

As you know, I have hoped I might encounter someone on the sea of blogs which might lead to something of a more lasting relationship. I did, in fact, find one such person, which led to a personal meeting, but, in the end that path led nowhere. My thoughts are changing in terms of that possibility even existing any longer; I am growing too accustomed to being alone.

I also have enjoyed the exchange of ideas possible through wandering on the sea of blogs, but that, too, seems to be diminishing for me. I suppose that simply could be the result of my own lassitude. A searcher must search, not spend his time in the confines of an island oasis.

So, here we are, my one and only Christmas Eve note nearly concluded and it goes to Smareis.

I hope the moments of your Christmas Eve and Christmas Day bring you peace and contentment, make you happy and give you strength, Smareis. See you later .... and, I am glad blogging "is in your blood." Your presence gives me a certain reassurance about the goodness of life and living ....

Smareis said...

Então Fram, talvez quando você nem esperar aparece sua outra metade. Tudo que é difícil conquistar fica eterno, dura pra sempre.
Ficar sozinho tem suas vantagens Fram. Todas as pessoas deveriam ficar sozinhas de vez em quando para estabelecer um diálogo interno e descobrir sua força pessoal. Na solidão, o indivíduo entende que a harmonia e a paz de espírito só podem ser encontradas dentro dele mesmas e não a partir do outro. Ao contrário, dá dignidade e prazer à pessoa. As boas relações afetivas são ótimas, são muito parecidas com o ficar sozinho, porque ninguém exige nada de ninguém e ambos crescem. Relações de dominação e de concessões exageradas são piores que estar sozinho. Cada cérebro é único.
Muitas vezes estar com outra pessoa não significa que não estamos sozinhos. Sentimos sozinho, muitas vezes no meio de várias pessoas. Esse é o pior que estar com alguém. O que fizemos foi inventá-lo ao nosso gosto. Se eu pensar nos momentos da minha vida em que me senti mais feliz, mais plena, vou achar muitos instantes que eu estava sozinha. Eu gosto de estar sozinha, talvez porque eu sou bastante perfeccionista, mas não gosto de me sentir sozinha. Minha solidão me faz companhia, eu acho. Sorrindo!
Isso não é tão difícil de entender!

Que bom que se lembrou de mim na noite de Natal em resposta ao meu comentário.

Desejo que em 2017 vocês encontre tudo que procuras, e seus maiores desejos sejam realizados. Isso é que desejo pra você Fram.
Obrigada pela presença no meu blog em 2016.
Sorrisos para sua passagem de Ano Novo.
Paz, saúde, alegrias!
Até mais!

Smareis said...

Esqueci de enviar o link de um quarteto muito bom que canta muito. As apresentação são muito boa.

Fram Actual said...

So, here I am, a few days after your visit, Smareis, but here at last.

You might recall that somewhere, sometime, I mentioned my son would be with me for a while between Christmas and New Year's Day. So, he was here and the weather cooperated and we decided to get out of the city and drive north up along Lake Superior. We found a couple of isolated areas and even had a few hours of trigger time = pistol practice.

I pretty much agree with everything you wrote in these two comments -- including regarding the music performed by your quartet; it is delightful and happy -- but, my mind is not in the proper mood or frame for responding in detail this evening with thoughts and feelings about being alone. I am tired and I need sleep, and also I must catch up with a few tasks around the house.

I do have some thoughts about being alone which I would like to write -- thoughts about when an individual actually is alone in reality and when the individual is alone in his state of mind even in the company of others, and even when those others might be among people who love him -- but, first my own mind needs to return from the close of 2016 and to enter into the presence of 2017. Hmmmm .... I just might delay and write a post about the state of being alone .... but, just now, my mind is like the world beyond my window: Foggy, freezing sleet, cold/cold/cold ....

I see that you have comments on my next post, too, Smareis. I will wait and read them and reply to them during my tomorrow. I hope the Eve and the Day of the New Year were pleasant and enjoyable and comforting and encouraging for you .... and, thank you, for being here even when I was not ....

By the way, I see that a post I had planned to put up on New Year's Eve, but did not because of my absence, was visible for an hour or so due to my carelessness .... well, it is gone again and will not reappear in its existing form .... good night ....

Something special ....