Tuesday, November 22, 2016

How different might the world be today?

    John Fitzgerald Kennedy
           Thirty-fifth president of the United States of America
                                     Born: May 29, 1917
                             Murdered: November 22, 1963
                             Age 46 -- president 1036 days

 A few lines from the musical
by Alan Lerner & Frederick Loewe

King Arthur:
Each evening, from December to December,
Before you drift to sleep upon your cot,
Think back on all the tales that you remember
Of Camelot.
Ask ev'ry person if he's heard the story,
And tell it strong and clear if he has not,
That once there was a fleeting wisp of glory
Called Camelot.
Camelot! Camelot!
Now say it out with pride and joy!

Camelot! Camelot!

King Arthur:
Yes, Camelot, my boy!
Where once it never rained till after sundown,
By eight a.m. the morning fog had flown ....
Don't let it be forgot
That once there was a spot
For one brief shining moment that was known
As Camelot.


ANITA said...

Nice music Fram!Love Johhny Cash!

I didnt quite understand your post today.


Greetings Anita

Fram Actual said...

Today is the fifty-third anniversary of the death of John Kennedy. The day has been observed with ceremonies and remembrances each year since then, Anita, but perhaps it is beginning to fade from living memories and dissolve into the mists of history.

There literally have been hundreds of books written about Kennedy's killing, most of them centering around speculation about exactly who, in addition to the shooter, Lee Harvey Oswald, might have been involved or if Oswald was set up to appear to be the assassin, but actually was not. The incident fascinates me, and I could not count the hours I have spent researching the matter myself.

As for Camelot, in addition to the supposed realm of the Arthurian legend, it is a Broadway musical which was immensely popular during the time of Kennedy's administration. The music was said to be a favorite of Kennedy, and the story evolved that just as Camelot was a magical place in the time of King Arthur, so, too, was the White House during the thousand days of Kennedy.

Much has been written about that element of Kennedy's life, as well, and, rightly or wrongly, he continues to be considered an embodiment of political idealism .... that for a brief time Camelot was real in America, and that the world would be a very different place had he not been murdered.

So, Anita. I hope that answers your question and I hope your week is going well. Thank you, for being here.

ANITA said...

Yes sir thank you very much!

I didnt know the fifty-third anniversary of the death of John Kennedy
May be its like you say..It has faded away.Nobody even talks about it on the news,Thank you for doing a post about it

'thank you for also writing about Shakespeare ..I had to google his quotes here is one which I like" There have been many great men that have flattered the people who ne'er loved them"

'see you Fram,Working time for me

Fram Actual said...

It is embarrassing, from my point of view, that the Democratic Party has evolved from the party of John Kennedy to the party of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and even more embarrassing how Americans of all political persuasions seem to have forgotten Kennedy’s life and his ill-fated death.

Anyway, Anita .... the circumstances surrounding the murder of Kennedy, as I mentioned before, fascinate me. Speculation over the years has had the CIA killing him, the Mafia, Cuban exiles, the Cuban government, as well as the probable lone shooter, Lee Harvey Oswald -- just to name some of the primary would-be culprits. I have encountered people who were "players" in the events of those times, including a man who actually was accused of having a role. So, the assassination always stays in my mind.

Thank you, Anita, as always, for being the "steady one" here ....

ANITA said...

Ohh my mind begins thinking!!

Yes the killing..is it bad fortune..I slightly remember many of the Kennydies died?? (a bad spell ?)I have no time to google it,i am in a hurry!

But one can wonder..about all of the politics in the world..i think they all are a big clan..helping each other out

As many others..i dont care as long as i get my money..and that is what they want eh??We must not sit down and think!

Ok dear friend..Here its cold and depressing..Only a little light from eleven a clock to 2 in the afternoon,,--god i wish i was spending some time in the sun

Have to go and set up and buy the Christmas decoration.Only a little lamp in the window..a golden star ehehhehe

See you on the next post !

thank you for answering

Fram Actual said...

Well, I will not attempt to write the history of the "Kennedy clan," Anita, but yes, it has been and still is a large, wealthy family heavily involved in the realm of politics. Perhaps most notable in addition to John was his brother, Robert, who was also murdered. He was shot and killed in 1968 while seeking the nomination of the Democrat Party to be its candidate for the presidency. There was an excellent chance he would have become president, too.

I am tired of political talk and thoughts, so I will leave it at that for now.

My weather is winter-like, too. I shoveled snow for the first time on Wednesday. Fortunately, the precipitation came first as rain so there was not much snow.

Believe it or not, I am in the process of buying another revolver. It will be coming from New York state. I am trying to convince myself that is enough for this year. One in September, two in October and now two in November -- all handguns. Four of them already are collectable, and their value will only increase as time goes on -- that, in addition to being able to enjoy shooting them now and again.

Yes, see you at the next post, Anita. Thank you, for coming .... take care ....

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