Thursday, November 10, 2016

Happy 241st Birthday, USMC / Veterans Day November 10, 2016 / November 11, 2016


Fram Actual said...

It was not my original intention to write anything to accompany this post or to leave it open for comments, but I have decided to do so (although a bit tardy) and will begin with my own comment to serve both purposes.

I am in a mood to write something taunting here in case some anti-military type would leave a nasty remark, but I will refrain for two reasons. One is that I cannot recall anyone ever leaving a nasty comment at any post I ever have written. Thank you !! The other is that a nasty comment would reflect on its author, not on this post, since it is in the context of paying tribute to the Marine Corps and to each and every military veteran of the United States.

Originally, I was going to have one video for the Marine Corps birthday and one for Veterans Day. Hubris overcame me, and I decided to give the Marine Corps two videos. From my perspective, there are other branches and other units within those branches which glitter like gold, but man-for-man and woman-for-woman, only the Marine Corps would have the guts, the audacity and the confidence to storm the gates of hell. I love the Air Force and have an affiliation with it I never have written about here or anywhere (and, almost certainly, never will), but it is like a girl friend to me while the Marine Corps is like a wife or a child -- if you get my drift.

Anyway .... I guess I get sentimental around November 10 and 11 every year .... Semper Fidelis, to "those most willing to engage," Marine green (the only color of consequence in the Corps), and I feel a bond with each and every individual who has had the dedication to this country to wear the uniform of its military.

Right on, baby ....

ANITA said...

Goodmorning to a beautiful day.Only a short notice this time

Wonderful choice of music!and note!


Linda said...

Great choices for this day. Happy Veterans Day, and warm greetings from Montreal, Canada.

Fram Actual said...

Yes, it was a very pleasant day here, Anita -- sunny, with barely a breeze. It was the first day in some time, though, when I have not been able to roam outdoors in t-shirt and shorts. (It was jacket weather!) Tomorrow, the weatherman (whose name is not Bobby Dylan, incidentally) promises a return to milder temperatures. (Great-great-great !!)

Thank you, Anita. I am glad to find you here and I certainly do not expect you to write a long note with every visit. A few words will do very nicely. Later ....

Fram Actual said...

I recognize the avatar and, with it, the name, Linda. I am happy you came to see me and even more pleased you chose to leave a comment. Thank you, for the greetings and the complimentary words. Although Quebec does not observe Canadian Remembrance Day, I send you a belated wish that your day was a nice one and a new wish for an enjoyable weekend.

I have visited your blog on occasion, Linda, will do so again and hope to see you here from time-to-time in the future.

ANITA said...

sorry about that friend!I was working!!Taking the old ones to the big big know....

but what a cute dog!!Buuuuudddyyyyy!!!Come come come home!!!!Ahhhh love that sweeet dog!1Want one for myself!!!!!

Yes,,you are into remembering..but dont forget today!!

Many beautiful ladies around you..Iam sure of!!!!

a man need s a woman!And woman needs you go!

i love that latests post of yours and the should open it up,,hmmm..sometimes I get madt you!!!!

Ok sweet one..see you later!

Hugs Anita

Pssss..I got the same dog toy for my weekend dog!

It is a sheep dog right?

Fram Actual said...

Yes, Anita .... I know people sometimes are away from the blogs for a few days for any number of reasons. I am just a moody guy, and it often is reflected in what I write in posts and in comments.

It is true beauty comes and beauty goes both in a literal way and in the sense of finding it and losing it, but faces linger in my mind and when features which once were familiar are sort of stumbled across, memories arise and a bit of melancholy takes over for a while. There is no shortage of beautiful women in the world (in fact, I am writing to one, you, at this very moment), but none in close proximity to me on a personal level.

By the way, I went to a jewelry store a few days ago because I wanted a close-up look at a few Rolex watches. A jewelry shop is an excellent place to find beautiful women -- both as sellers and as potential buyers -- and those who are sellers certainly do their best to flatter a male customer in hopes he will make a purchase. On that trip, I did not make a purchase -- but, I am thinking about it yet.

What I actually did purchase last Saturday is still another Smith & Wesson revolver. I would be going to pick it up tomorrow in a nearby city, but Mother Nature will prevent me from doing so. While, once again today the temperature was nearly sixteen degrees Celsius and I was outside doing yard work wearing a t-shirt, in a matter of hours a fast-moving snow storm will dominate my world. My area should not get a big accumulation of snow, but that which does come will be driven by freezing temperatures and winds up to fifty miles-per-hour. Friday will be a day to stay at home, and it will be Saturday, or even Monday, before I will be going to get this new handgun.

Buddy is a mix of dog breeds, and there is no way I ever will know exactly how many. I am certain there is some form of hunting dog among the mix because of his outdoor habits and characteristics. He is a born hunter. He is relatively small, just under eighteen pounds now.

Yes, I know sometimes you get mad at me -- but, you never stay mad.

Thank you, Anita. You are the sweet one, and I appreciate your patience and your presence.

ANITA said...

Well I am glad you are here and made a note to me.
Yes i know you are a moody guy..I fish I pressume??

They always are moody..knowing not to do or what to love..but a strong woman knowing why is in this state of Confusion and actually makes him let do what he want to do and still love him .But any way..Who finds its way when one dont expect matter who you are ..

Yes I know there are many beautiful woman in the jewelery stores..I hope may be you could date one??

Perhaps get an nice rolex !

For me..its miles away to look at jewellery..the golden things and diamonds I once got..are all gone now..But I carry some viking rings and a gold watch.Little nice and pretty..Makes one be the woman one actually is..

I know its good to dream alittle ...Here some days ago..a handsome doctor in his best years came to visit me,,every day He came into the the changing clothe room..Smiling.Wanting to talk.Or may be sex.who knows.people are strange aslso doctors(We got the same intrance to the changing room.).Well altough he was very nice I choose to end it by changing my room..I cant imagine myself with a man..To much trouble..As for me I have had love..I am now living the rest of my life happy finding beautiful things in travelling and good friends (like a widow).to be in love.No.I dont want it.Its a schisofrenic state of mind..When i see the young ones in love i think ohh my ohh myh..what a beautiful thing but laughing..They dont know anything (but that is the nice thing about life..we dont know nothing about it)

SO weather is a cruel thing at your place right now??Well here too,,but on my songs like "christmas is coming to town by "Burt Ivey is in my ears..

You got alot of revolevers now Fram!do you ever try them out??

Those old guns !

for me i have just finished a great book by

Its about the wilderness, featuring animals and animal behavior

A very beautiful book.I cried yes I did.

Well now its friday and weekend!Iam expecting Alexander home from school and am preparing dinner..He got a letter from the millitary today.To join as all Norwegian boys has to do..Well welll..I wonder what he will say ---

Alot of hugs and thank you for the note ,beeing cute..

See you Fram


Fram Actual said...

Yes, Anita. Pisces. Fish. Perhaps, that is why I do not eat fish. And, yes, if you read the so-called astrological characteristics of a Pisces, they do seem to describe me in many ways. Therefore, we shall not discuss them further .... not this evening, anyway !!

I probably will buy still another Rolex at this jewelry store, but I probably will not date any of the women I happen to encounter there. I think I will forget about women in terms of romance, at least until next year. Now, I am teasing .... sort of ....

I never wore rings and went for years without wearing a watch, telling people that I refused to allow time to dictate my life. The past few years I have been wearing rings and a watch when I go out in public. Wearing a Rolex, I have to admit, I do as a sort of a "been there, done that" statement. Been where and done what, people can interpret any way they wish.

Doctors often are strange characters. Many of them, I think, are too intelligent for their own good and, consequently, are more messed up than are we mere mortals who they treat. I have had a few friends who are medical doctors. One is among the men I know who committed suicide .... overly sensitive guy; another one wanted to do a wife swap with me .... I said no, but we stayed friends anyway; another one was a canoe buddy for a while .... we went on some neat jaunts on Lake Superior, and would get drunk and tell stories around a campfire each night; one I did a writing project for and we became lasting friends; one is a psychiatrist .... he also is my cousin.

I think most women in their thirties can tell what a man is looking for, whether he is genuinely interested in them or whether he is looking for fun and games. One thing about doctors, they are walking cash registers, especially these days, so taking a gamble on one might be worth the risk.

Yes, I do shoot some of my guns regularly -- not to the extent I did when I lived at my Sanctuary/Refuge, but, still regularly. At my Sanctuary/Refuge, I could walk out on the deck with coffee and doughnuts and burn a few hundred rounds before lunch. Besides the deck just off the living room (?!?!), I had a pistol/rifle range and a practical pistol course there. Now, I have to drive somewhere else to get a bit of trigger time.

I generally have a rifle and a handgun with me in my car, and it is not unusual for me to stop at an abandoned farm or gravel pit or out-of-the-way lake when I am in the country and shoot a box of fifty rounds .... gotta keep in practice.

I was not familiar with the name Mikkjel Fønhus and his books. I will look into his work.

If Alexander does enter the military, I hope he learns something more useful than shooting a rifle or jumping from aircraft or driving a tank. In other words, I hope he would be wiser than I was at his age. It will be interesting to learn his reaction and his thoughts about the matter.

Thank you, Anita, for your presence and for your lengthy note and for your hugs. I appreciate all three .... see you later ....

Something special ....