Friday, October 7, 2016

The missing post

The objects in the photograph tell a story in a sense. Each object has its own message, a message which might be unique or different to each individual who views it. Put the objects together and the individual interpretations of the intent of the photograph become more complex and varied. So, what is your interpretation of these objects put together as they are in the photograph .... and, their relationship (if any) to the words of the post? In a sentence, write your own cutlines (caption) for the photograph.

[Editor's Note: I was putting the finishing touches on "Point Two" when I rather abruptly decided to postpone it and the third segment -- indefinitely. They have been written, so, someday, maybe, they will appear here. The photograph was to have accompanied the "Point Two" post. I decided to leave it here, alone, by itself .... why not ?? It might provide something for someone to puzzle over or to wonder how it was related to the missing post. Sort of a mystery ....]

No point to "Point Two" right now ....

Late (October 9) Addendum:

Just to feel like there is a breath of rhyme and reason here, to break the deadly silence I will belatedly add a bit of music to the mix. Here is one of the ten greatest songs (notice, I do not say "my ten favorite," but ten greatest) of the rock era: "A Whiter Shade of Pale." Some would even call it the anthem of the era .... in the least, the anthem of The Sixties.

The video accompanying the music is, in its own way, rather extraordinary. It puts me in the mood for a touch of elegance, a moment of indolence, a sense of beauty, real and abstract. It makes me remember, however briefly, there is an existence beyond running a woodland trail or swimming a hidden river. Hmmmm .... a masked ball would be fun .... would it not ?? It has been a while ....

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