Friday, October 14, 2016

Sort of a partial post to follow the missing post

A few days ago ....

.... I wrote the following words in a comment:

The problem with life is that a person cannot live forever. And, for sure, I do not mean that in the context of "sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll." I mean it in terms of life being so damn fascinating on a human scale that I hate the fact I will not be around to watch it transpire ad infinitum.

Even in the short term, though, through the next decade or two, I think the world will find itself spinning and engaged in a war (dare I say it) to end all wars. King George III will roll over in his grave and British bands everywhere will be playing the song, "The World Turned Upside Down." In Europe, things will be worse, for it will be among the primary battlegrounds, and civilian causalities will be among the primary deaths. I really think so ....
I want to write a few more words about this, to continue on this line of thought .... but, not right now. Right now, I am listening to music and I am using it to stir a few memories .... sort of a "do not disturb" night ....

And, I have ....

.... mentioned this before, but with a bit less detail:

Once-upon-a-time, when passing through Duluth while driving from Michigan to Minnesota, I discovered Heart was performing that evening. I decided to spend the night and go to the concert. It became an interesting night leading to an interesting morning and, when I left Duluth, to a time of counting the moments until I could return. Sometimes, so-called "unintended consequences" form wonderful memories.

I did leave Duluth the next day, but came back two weeks later and spent a month there .... or was it two ?? .... or, maybe, the rest of the entire summer ?? .... who knows, who remembers ?? .... for that was the wild summer:

The summer of sleeping on the warm, sandy beach, of brandy and blasting rock 'n' roll and sweet sunrise to awaken me ("rosy-fingered dawn," as Homer described his sunrises so simply and so eloquently a few thousand years ago) .... sort of an endless summer with the lost, but forever present sunrise .... the summer which part of me never has left, which still exists somewhere waiting for me to find my way back .... to return to it ....

I am not certain if there will be more added to this post or not, but my mood is good and I wanted to toss these words into the sunlight.

Baby, am I on a nostalgia kick or what ??


ANITA said...

Hi!Read Voluspå

Love it :)

Nice to see you again on the blogs Fram!love the music of Heart!

Glad you are in a good mood.Is Autumm coming at your place?
Here its very cold but sunny days.
Not too long for the election of the new americas president.I wonder I wonder..who will it be??

Ok--My mind is on to movies..Yesterday watched a very good war movie The Siege of Jadotville ..other things I am down with the flu..Yes again..most be all those early mornings stroddling around in the grass barefoot..See you soon!


Fram Actual said...

Yes, I have had a copy of the "Poetic Edda" for a number of years and have read the "Voluspa" a number of times during those years. In fact, I have used a number of passages from it in past posts. (I guess I am into numbers today !!)

Yes, it is autumn, and has been a rainy one for me. The longer autumn continues, the longer I will be happy. I have seen snowstorms in mid-October, and it is not unusual to have a blizzard around the time of Halloween.

Yes, in another month we probably will know -- should know because the election will have come and gone, but this is a strange, strange year -- who will be the next president of the United States. And, I am afraid it will be Hillary Clinton.

I thought I would change my residency to another country when Barack Obama was elected president, and I did initiate the first steps of an attempt, but things did not work out as I had hoped and I came back and never left again except off and on briefly for business reasons. I still would like to leave, no matter who is elected between Clinton and Donald Trump, but I do not think there is another country in which I could live and be happy. I keep thinking about it, though, so who can say what the future will bring ??

I had not heard of this film, so I did a bit of research on it and it sounds interesting. Africa was fertile ground for mercenary warfare in the 1950s, and those times probably were the last occasion when the United Nations made a legitimate attempt to be an actual peacekeeper. I would like to see it.

Well, good luck battling your own war against the flu, Anita, and thank you, for your visit, for your comment, for being you ....

Smareis said...

O arranjo dessa música ficou melhor na voz da Ann do que do Elvis.
Quando foi exibido aqui no Brasil o filme Ghost "DO OUTRO LADO DA VIDA", essa música fez o maior sucesso. Patrick Swayze e Demi Moore formaram um casal bem apaixonado. Filme muito bem produzido. Patrick Swayze faleceu, mais deixou a marca do seu talento. Um ator que fazia muito sucesso aqui no Brasil. Artista completo. Cantava, dançava e interpretava. “She's like the Wind”, linda música que já foi tema de novela brasileira.

Eu não sei se seria bom viver pra sempre. A pessoa não dá valor à vida sabendo que ela é tão curta... Imagine se a vida fosse interminável. A vida é bem curiosa.
Pois é Fram tem imprevisto, consequências inesperadas, formar memórias surpreendentes.

Bom outono pra você!
Aqui estamos na primavera com muito calor.
Bom fim de semana!

Fram Actual said...

Like many, I love autumn, and especially, when I was young, loved October best. But, autumn, and especially October, often have been difficult times for me and, sometimes, even cruel to me, which makes these periods difficult to enjoy, much less to love. So, Smareis, at the mid-point of October, we shall see if "she" is good to me or cruel to me this year.

While neither Patrick Swayze nor Demi Moore is on my list of favorite performers, I do like their work and appreciate their talent. In particular, I enjoyed Swayze in the film, "Point Break." I think he was a genuine man in all respects, and it really is apparent in the way he handled himself during the skydiving scenes: He clearly loved it and had no fear. I would wager he accepted his death the same way -- without fear.

"Unchained Melody," is such a beautiful song that I think I would enjoy hearing it no matter who was singing it, but I agree with you: Ann Wilson's rendition is superb. You mention Elvis Presley's version of it .... there is a YouTube video of him singing it in Rapid City, South Dakota, about two months before his death. You should watch it, if you have not. It is both heart breaking and magnificent in the same instant.

I have great curiosity as a man alive and have wished to experience life in as many forms as I am able; I have great curiosity about death, too, and will be angry if it is absolute and truly the end. I am speaking facetiously, of course, but sort of honestly, too, according to my own naïve way of living. It is because of my curiosity that I would live on and on and on if I were able.

I am glad you are here, Smareis. Thank you, as always, for your presence and for your words. I hope your springtime will be a wonderful time .... take care and stay safe and remember to send me your smile when the wind is flowing northward ....

A Cuban In London said...

Of course, there is an elliptical line that runs along your post. Duluth was not just you, was it? ;-)

Heart can convey that type of memory in people. I like the band. They remind me of my teenage years when I listened to their records on a loop. Thanks for that trip down memory lane.

Greetings from London.

Fram Actual said...

Does 5' 3" and French-Canadian-Métis and long, raven black hair and big, brown eyes and a smile that can melt even an ice man sound elliptical enough for you, CiL? As I said, it was "the wild summer."

Hmmmm .... yes, Heart. I have seen the band perform twice and would like to again. The group's music, its sound, can wash away years -- at least seemingly so late on an autumn night with a warm breeze and a bright moon .... and, a few brandies.

Thank you, CiL. I appreciate your presence and your comment.

ANITA said...

thanx Fram for nice comment on my blog!

i enjoyed last nightshow with Trumph and Hillary..what a funny thing!


Huge hug for you when you wake up with morning coffe :)

Fram Actual said...

Sweets for the sweet and nice comments for nice photographers, Anita.

If you watched the debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, you may have seen more of it than I did. I had two televisions running, with the debate on one and a film, "Vertical Limit," (good flick) on the other. You can imagine which one I spent most of my time watching. Short of a major event disrupting the election process, my mind is settled: I will not vote for either.

I also devoted a bit of time at an internet, firearms auction site, and ended up "winning" another .38 Special revolver. That is two purchases now in two months .... uffff .... I am beyond redemption in that regard.

Thank you, Anita, for your visit here, for your comment here and for the huge hug .... it was such a super hug that I spilled my coffee !!

And, I re-visited your blog .... thank you, too, for the nice, long, charming reply to my comment there.

ANITA said...

YesYesYes We do have fun do we not..To laugh is one of the best things in the world..Such a relif to have you as a friend that dont take things to seriously..hihihi..!

Well i am beginning now to think Trumph is a monekey!We should go for Hillary..she is very representative !Nice dress!Looks young and shes got along time seeing both sides of politics..Ok never mind..Let the best one win I say

The movie Vertical Limit I do have to google!

Seen so many shitty films lately..cant belive I have spent hours watching..So you have TWO televisions!!Ohh my!I certainly live in the ice age ..I have only one..and we gather around it every night to see something good.

Hope you and your loved ones are sweet and well..Best wishes to you for a good evning and night

I have to look upon my chocolatte cake in the oven

See you around soldier!


Fram Actual said...

Ohhhh-h-h-h-h .... I am a very serious guy, Anita, but I often tease and I do try to make people smile and laugh. Well, that applies to nice people, anyway .... people I like. I want happiness for those I like ....

Donald Trump is an inarticulate, inept, unthinking, unartful idiot. (I could have kept going with the adjectives, but you get my drift.) Hillary Clinton is a pathological liar (just like Barack Obama), an elitist, a thief and constantly displays bad judgment in foreign affairs. As I often say, she should be banned from ever running for any elected office because of the events surrounding her role in the Benghazi fiasco. Anyway, as it stands today, I will not vote for either.

Actually, I have four televisions at the moment, but only two are used daily. One is located little more than a foot behind the screen of the computer I am typing on at his moment; the other one is located at the foot of my bed. I leave it on all night, on mute, on a news channel, so if I wake up at times I can watch it for a few minutes to learn if any major news events are breaking. I think my "dog with no name" spends much of the night watching it .... he lies down next to me facing it, anyway, so it seems he is watching it.

So, I hope you, too, will be having enjoyable times, Anita, and that your weekend will be relaxing and pleasant. Take care, and see you here and there.

Immmm-m-m-m-m .... chocolate cake is my favorite .... do you make banana cream pie, too ??

ANITA said...

Ohh yes banana cakes I make often!

I had to laugh about your dog..looking at television all night hahah
I think its soo cute you got a dog!

You know what woke me up this morning..??(that dog i am having for the weekend)With the ugliest breath he licked my face -time to wake up and take a walk..ohh my god..ten a clock in the morning..and I was late up coming home from work about 23.00 then a late walk around the park(Scary bec its very dark and many deers coming to drink in the water--dont think the dog is a protector kind of..)

I agree about the two president..its a mysterium that it is the peoples choice those two canidates..

Ok I have to go to late work again..but tomorrow free time..wonder how the weather is in Minnesota right now?here its sunny cold and lovely colurs


ANNA said...

Te envio mi pagina de poesias por si deseas visitarla.

Fram Actual said...

I was referring to banana cream pie, Anita, which is different than banana cake or banana bread, which both are delicious, but are not banana cream pie. You might have to do a bit of research if you are not familiar with it and are curious about it.

I am not sure why I decided to get a dog at this particular point in time. It probably was not a wise thing to do, given my lifestyle. There have been one or more dogs in my life most of the time throughout the years, and, I guess, I simply have been lonesome for one .... I am accustomed to having a dog around. I look at shelter websites periodically, and this time I saw the photograph of this guy and read about him and decided he needed a break in life and I needed a "buddy."

Yes, television all night .... it could be I should put it on the western movie channel instead of on a news channel. He might like that better.

And, this guy is a good watch dog .... a loud one, at least. No one or nothing can get close to us.

Well, I hope the weather will cooperate for you since you will be having some free time, Anita. The weather here has been sporadic -- rain one day; nice the next, but rain during the night so the ground is wet; some days too windy; some days cold, some mild. There has not been a hard frost yet, which is very unusual. It is very late this year.

Take care until our paths cross again, Anita, and watch out for those bad-breath-dog-kisses !!

Fram Actual said...

Yes, I will visit your page, Anna -- and, thank you, for stopping by my page.

ANITA said...

crem banaana pai!Isnt it banana with cream?Yes i will google it!

Bt w that movie was very nice ..almost like the Everest movie..for me i am now stuck with Quarry on Hbo nordic..only an episode a week Aww...shitty !

Tak e care and now i shall visit you on your next blog post otherwise you think what an crazy sheila!

Fram Actual said...

Banana cream pie .... there are two things in the world which make my mouth water at the thought of them, Anita: Banana cream pie and a certain type/brand of cigar. What can I say ??

The film, "Vertical Limit," has been around for several years, but I was not familiar with it until a few days ago. The mountain, K2, I have been familiar with since I was a boy and had boyhood dreams of looking at the world from atop a few of these peaks. K2 is the second highest mountain in the world, behind Everest, but is more difficult and more dangerous to climb than is Everest. Ah, well .... some dreams are meant always to be only dreams.

You know, I never have actually heard anyone use the term "sheila" in real conversation, although I have heard it used in films and I am aware of its existence as British/Australian slang. Interesting. Anyway, no, not crazy .... as I sometimes say, I like your presence here often, Anita.

And, I will have a new post in a couple of days. It has been ready for a while, but I have been too lazy to get it up on the blog. Tuesday I will be leaving on a quick-out/quick-back overnight trip -- leave one day, return next day. So, see you soon after that .... right ??

In the meanwhile, thank you, for this visit.

Something special ....