Saturday, October 29, 2016

"Lest you become another tale"

This is not the photograph I originally planned to run with this post. It was to have been one of my most recent acquisition among firearms: A Smith & Wesson Model 36 revolver -- another .38 Special. That can wait and will appear another day. I have been having cable television / internet / landline problems the past few days, and this morning a technician arrived to cure the trouble. Apparently, my buddies, the squirrels, had damaged the connecting line and it had to be replaced. As I watched the workman, I immediately saw the link between his task and some of my words in this post -- the difference between a life of physical toil and one of mental toil. No doubt this man's tasks require knowledge and skill, but his occupation primarily centers on physical exertion outdoors in any and all kinds of weather -- extreme heat, harsh cold, snow, rain or, if fortunate, a "mellow" autumn day as today was here. My thoughts then raced on to this: While I have done any number of physical acts requiring difficulty and even extreme hardship, how long would I have lasted had my life been destined with no work more challenging than stringing cable with sun scorching my face one day and sleet stinging it the next? I do not think I would have lasted long living such a life. How does he do it? How does anyone do it .... walk in the same footsteps day after day until he can no longer walk?

The first verse of "Tales" -- a song
written by Ken Hensley
performed by the band Uriah Heep:

We told our tales as we sat under
Morning's sleepy sky
With all the colors of
The sunrise shining in our eyes

Give me a head with hair .... 

.... but first, I cannot understand it. I continue to be in a good mood. Sort of happy, actually.... inexplicably?

It might be because the weather has been good (with the exception of one torrential and a few lesser rainfalls) and because I have been doing yard work -- physical work -- preparing for winter. In terms of occupational work, ninety percent of my life probably has been spent doing mental work and ten percent doing physical work. I mean actual work -- not exercising or playing sports or running.
There is a significant difference in levels and states of exhaustion reached between these two "life styles." For me, nothing is so refreshing as physical work after a long period without it. Exercise or running do not help .... I do not understand why, but it has to be real physical work in order to rejuvenate my mind (and, my spirit ??) and to tire my body so that it truly can get the rest it requires.

Also contributing to my uncharacteristic mood, I am in something less than a serious / organized / logical state of mind at the moment. I think the complete, absolute, total ridiculousness of the two primary candidates for the office of president of the United States has reduced the level of intellectual thought to zero in this country and, subsequently, everything seems to be a bad joke these days and there is nothing which can be done about the situation except laugh in something approaching a hysterical manner.

It is blatantly obvious that extremist, absolutist adherents to polarizing positions have reduced both major political parties -- Republican and Democrat -- to comedic, yet tragic, entities. And, we, the people, likely will suffer for it for a generation or longer. (Does that make sense ?? Never mind .... never mind .... I cannot stop laughing ....)

Rock on & whatever ....

.... but I really am here today to relate an experience which struck me as ironically funny:

A few days ago, I was going to a tailor shop at a location where I never previously had been to drop off a pair of trousers. (Actually, it was new, winter / snow camouflage pants ordered over the internet and which came only in one inseam length .... needed to cut off a couple of inches. Camo gear still serves a purpose for me on occasion, he says with a crooked grin and a wink.)

Anyway .... I spotted the tailor shop sign and pulled into a nearby parking space. I grabbed my package and, without paying attention, left the car and walked to the doorway of the nearest store. Through the doorway I went, and found myself looking at four barbers, each sitting in his barber chair reading a magazine or a newspaper, passing time while waiting for customers. My mouth, assuredly, dropped open just a bit.

All four barbers stared at me. I have let my hair go again, and it is a few inches beyond shoulder length. That day, I had it in a pony tail.

"I think I am in the wrong place," I said, caught between a smile and laugh at the irony of the situation. "I thought this was the tailor shop."

"Next door," replied one of the barbers.

"Well, I suppose you think I could use a haircut and this might be the right place for me," I said, turning in profile to them while reaching a hand back and flicking my pony tail a few times.

"I do," said the nearest of the barbers, displaying his own smile and nodding his head to emphasize his words. He put his magazine down and started to get out of his chair.

I was tempted to ask, "What days does Delilah work?" .... but, every once and a while I manage to hold my tongue, so, instead, I said .... "Not today, guys. Sooner or later, I suppose, but not today .... and, I promise to remember how to find this place when and if the time should ever come."

I backed out of the door like a gunslinger making a hurried exit from a saloon in a Western film.... hmmmm .... my baby loves the Western movies .... sorry, I could not resist another rock 'n' roll allusion ....

That might be the story of my life .... going in the wrong door and backing out of it ....


A Cuban In London said...

I loved the way you wove both narratives together. Uriah Heep is one of those bands that stayed in the background of my teenage years but never fully came forward. Only the other day, a couple of weeks, whilst watching a documentary on the history of heavy metal, on Sky Arts, I realised that Uriah Heep were pretty good in their own right. Now, I am on a mission, to dig out their little gems.

Greetings from London.

Fram Actual said...

Hey, CiL .... I was just about to "shut down" comments for this post when you drop out of the sky with a few words. The post is terribly long (many of mine are), and the trend to "write short" because people have a tendency to avoid reading longer pieces began ages ago on my home field: Newspapers. I should know better, but another journalistic affliction, "diarrhea of the typewriter," still plagues me -- perhaps now more than ever.

Uriah Heep always has been among my favorite bands, possibly even in the top ten if I were to consider the matter super seriously. I like the band's music and, as with many groups, its members often are fascinating individually and are links in a musical chain like sentences are in a story. Mick Box, for instance, is the cornerstone and the glue which has kept the band moving forward. Ken Hensley has been the artistic soul. David Garrick, AKA David Byron, whose sort of madness and alcoholism and voice made the band something more than "just another band." Anyway ....

Thank you, CiL. As always, I appreciate your visit and your comment.

ANITA said...

Sorry late answer!Like you,,I have had huge problems with my data in the weeknd..Seems like all the things I had was lost..only came up a blue screen with a bad Panda saying somethings wrong with you computer and we have to start again,,and again and again the whole saturday night!!Ohh boy!!Now,,its still not fixed,,i was able to get in with the security code f8 and delete some newly photoes I had from the little kingston adapter..and that java updata which kept on running two times and ..if this was not enough Neflix said they could not bill me and -i had to send them my acount banck once more..well the bells began to ringring and that was a serious virus!!so ok i blocked it

Now bak to you

Lovely shoots of the man in the tree..its funny its the squirrels that made those problems..did they think it was some thing good to eat

Iam glad you did not cut your hair..i think its sweet with long hair on a man as long as its clean and cut..what I dont like its long beards..terrrible to kiss a man with a beard..its aching!!

Ok..Today i have made a christmas cake!heheh..nice to dip in warm coffe..(and dont say its making me fat! more to love heh heh :)

Hope the weather and you are staying sunny!

Best hugs to you and litle dog and family.

Music is great as always


Fram Actual said...

Your computer / internet troubles were much more severe than mine, Anita. Mine consisted only of a connection problem, which took me a few days to act upon, another day for a technician to arrive and not much more than an hour to locate the disruption and to repair it.

Apparently, mine is a common problem. Tests have been conducted and it seems pregnant, female squirrels are especially drawn to the taste of the material used for outdoor cables -- really, seriously. I would think someone would develop a repellant-type material.

Anyway, I hope all your problems will be resolved.

I had cut a few inches of hair last spring, and considered going all the way to a short-hair style -- to a "conservative, white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant, decadent, businessman look" -- if you know what I mean. But, instead, I just allowed it to grow back.

As for beards, no kisses are awaiting me, it would seem. I have had a beard off and on throughout my adult life, and I do right now. What I literally despise is the appearance of a man wearing three or four day's growth of whiskers, whatever such a style is called. I call it tacky and worse names. I think it looks horrible. I assume such a look is meant to appear "masculine" -- I think it looks like a man is too lazy to shave and too afraid (or unable) to grow a real beard.

Just to continue whining for a minute, I always have hated wearing a tie with a suit or a sport coat. They often are inconvenient and get in the way -- but, I do wear one. Now, there has developed a habit among many men of not wearing one. That also looks lazy and unappealing and pretty phony from my point of view. I guess I simply am not a stylish guy !!

You know, it is strange in a way .... I have depended on a woman telling me what to wear and how to dress much, if not most, of my life. It began with my mother, who wanted me to be the best dressed boy in high school -- and, I was and I enjoyed it and the girls loved it.

Well, here we are again, Anita. Thank you, for traveling here and for writing a comment here. I hope your week will be good to you and that all is well for you and for Alexander. I assume he is doing fine in school and in life.

See you later and take care ....

ANITA said...

thank you Fram for the nice reply!

About alex.He is having a common problem among the youth..too much Acne..(hormons)that ment years of antibiotics..and now into Isotretinoin treatment.He developed a kind of depression about it..Didnt like to go swimming with the others..became silent and moody..But know with regualary doctor visit..blood tests and talking is is better..I could not help him..He needed proffesional help to talk with and thats ok I understand soo much..So yes things are getting better..He still works hard with schoolwork..and is a kind boy age 17 now,

Well clothes clothes clothes..Somtimes I wonder what to wear..I like dresses skirts fin jackets a little jewelery as i fine little ring.But the daily weather we have does not include beeing a fashonista,,her only rain boots and rain coats and lumber jackets ala alaska style go.Me too like a man to be a man..Think most woman do..they are looking for a man to be the father of their child so yes,,a normal man will do..So you got a bear ha??Uff I dont like that..I always think its a popup thing to let us like the Muhammes style..just like the burkas..

I asuume you do the clothing yourself now..How could you let your wife and mother decide what to wear??I say do it your self !!then you get a happy man :)Its like freedom in responsibility, but that is another thing :)

Yes my computer works ,,but windows 10 is away and I did not deleted we will see whats next

Today have made Lasagne with french fries and Cinnamon roll to go with the coffe..rainy foggy day and all there is to do is watch something on Viaplay

Its semms wonderful with the squrrels on your land,,may be you got a littel house to,,who knows..all in all I wish for you and family a great monday!


Fram Actual said...

Well, what a nice, long note, Anita. Thank you.

I think I will begin at the end of it. Although I live in a suburb of Saint Paul, there is no shortage of wildlife in the neighborhood. I see ducks and geese every day, and in the spring, it is not unusual to have a few ducks in my yard and even on my roof. Of course, there is a variety of birds and a number of rabbits and squirrels. I occasionally see wild turkeys and deer. Once, a rather large coyote came walking down the street in front of my house. It is a quiet and pleasant neighborhood, where little children roam and play unafraid and unattended.

I suppose my remark about women and my clothing, particularly about my mother, sounds a bit silly. I guess I will not repeat myself beyond saying that around the time I was entering high school, my mother decided she wanted her son to be the best dressed guy in school. It did not take me long to agree with her judgment, because it helped me to become one of the most popular boys, especially among the girls. I suppose much of this depends upon the crowd one "runs" with, and while there might be room for debate concerning lifestyles here, I still prefer to dress like I am going to church even if I am going to a saloon.

Of course, I do not buy apparel I do not like myself, but I enjoy having a woman shop with me for my clothing. I like a woman's opinion about what she thinks I look good in and, beyond that, I hate shopping, so it is nice to have company simply to make the experience more pleasant. Also, I do not pay any attention to current trends and styles, and a woman often can provide me with advice in that regard. Anyway ....

I was sorry to read about Alexander's dilemma. I think the ages between fifteen and seventeen often are the most difficult for a boy. This is when "we guys" are sort of half-men -- no longer boys, but not quite men. As long has he continues to be a diligent student and learn, learn, learn, I think that is the most important thing. I believe you are aware that I grew up in circumstances similar to his, and I came through those last few teenage years in one piece, so I am sure he will emerge a strong and confident man. Just make sure he always knows he is the most important part of your life. Well, I will not say more in a note so open as this ....

In fact, this note is getting long, long, long (as usual), so I will end it now with the plea that you save a cinnamon roll or two or three for me. I have been known to eat a dozen at a time -- I love them !! Take care, Anita, and I send wishes for sunny days for you and for Alexander.

P.S. Remember, Odin had a beard ....

ANITA said...

Odin beard..Hehe I am not a follwer of his religion (That is a man thing)nor Frøya but may be Frigg .In nearly all sources, she is described as the wife of the god Odin.and also famous for her foreknowledge,When Frøya cries and runs for Odin that has left her..Is Frigg ,his wife,the one who is home looking after his children and keeeping the house warm.

I do love her :)

As for the stars the sec too the right..what did you mean?

Wish you the best to your Never Never Land and see you soon

Have a nice weekend Fram.


A Cuban In London said...

Only three more days to go... Four if you count results day.

Well, you know my thoughts on "it".

Greetings from London.

Fram Actual said...

Yes, Anita, you are seeing me a bit sooner than I expected. It turned out I could come home at Saturday sunset or at Sunday sunrise, so I chose sunset. It is more my style .... do you not agree ??

I am surprised you did not recognize the "second star to the right" reference. It is followed by, "and straight on till morning." That is the way to Never Never Land, as described by Peter Pan to Wendy. Some day, maybe the time will be right for me to show you the way .... maybe ....

I think you know I prefer Fólkvangr, Freyja's field for the fallen, over Odin's Valhalla, but it is a small point. Yes, I think highly of Frigg, too.

If you travel to my blog, you will discover that I have gained still another revolver. That truly does make for a nice weekend from my point of view.

Thank you, Anita. I am glad I discovered you waiting here for me and I hope you will have a pleasing and pleasant Sunday.

Fram Actual said...

So, CiL, I see you have a photograph of me in your latest post. I thought my mother had burned that picture .... I was in the third grade and had just flunked a spelling test when it was taken, so my mood was sour and dour and lour.

I can understand why someone would not vote for Donald Trump, but I cannot understand why anyone would vote for Hillary Clinton. It would be like casting a vote for Bonnie Parker or Arizona "Ma" Barker or one of Charles Manson's "groupies." In my opinion, she makes Richard Nixon's criminality appear amateurish. And, I think her habitual dishonesty would be even more likely to catch up with her if she were to be elected president because there are some who would never quit their pursuit of justice under those circumstances.

Anyway, CiL, thank you, for stopping by again and for your comment.

ANITA said...

Hi just a little note ..Ohh Iam looking forward to the selection !!!We have it on our television directly on thursaday and its a big show here in Norway..I can say have changed my direction of choice

The imperalistic state of USa feeds on the poor ones..the black ones the immigrants..the one which do not want to work..Of cours they want Hillary so they still can do their things having big houses a good car and having free money from Obama care..Ihate it

and do they think Trumph can do as he wish? has to be taken to the congress..and there its about 17 % etnic white people the rest is minor majority it will not be easy for him..also i think he willhave the best of advice from the people near him.If he should not suceed It will be the rise and fall of the United States and that is perhaps a good thing?

Ok .About the stars..No Peter Pan was not in my mind..thank you for let me know and learn!

Here at my place its very very cold..10 below..I sit with a blanket and all the ovens is on looking at summer cathalogs !

Have a nice time Fram and thanx for nice reply!


Fram Actual said...

I think I am "electioned out," Anita. I have quit watching/listening to news reports because they consist only of inane (and, possibly, insane) ramblings about Donald "The Illiterate Lout" Trump and Hillary "The Queen of Thieves" Clinton. As even the so-called, cable news "professionals" have come to realize, divisiveness and bitterness will continue to rise no matter which of these self-centered fools is elected.

Oh, well, maybe I can leave for Never Never Land and burn my Bounty in the lagoon there or, perhaps, find my way to Tralfamadore and discover Montana Wildhack waiting there for me. Hmmmm .... it must be time for a glass of Benedictine "to settle" the nerves and to quell the imagination.

Anyway, Anita, I am glad you are thinking about the election here and are considering the alternatives which could result from the election of either of these two tree stumps. I have written before and will again now, to vote for Clinton is to vote for a female Richard Nixon, who famously once said, "I am not a crook." Sound familiar? To vote for Donald Trump is to hope to draw to an inside straight in poker -- a long, long shot that he would have an epiphany and actually turn into a strong, decent, beneficial president. (There probably is a greater chance that the sun will rise in the West tomorrow.) Anyway, we shall see .... and again, by the way, I do not plan to vote for either of them.

Oh, I must tell you that I bid on two handguns in auctions this evening, but quit bidding when the prices went beyond what I thought the guns were worth. See? I do have a bit of self-discipline in this regard. Ah, well .... there will be more auctions .... the world will never run out of guns ....

So, I will end this now and say thank you, Anita. It is sweet of you to come and to comment so often. You are one in a million .... you really are ....

Smareis said...

Voltei pra ler essa postagem...
Uma bela postagem Fram,
Eu adoro postagem longa, significa que a pessoa gosta de leitura.
Vejo que anda bem feliz. Que bom fico feliz em te ver tão bem humorado.
Adorei a imagem. Gosto do outono.Tem coisas que cabem em um olhar.
Gosto da sua música.

Deixo uma estrela no céu que sabe sorri pra ti.
Boa semana Fram!
Até qualquer hora!

Fram Actual said...

And, I love a reader who reads my long posts, Smareis. Thank you.

I remember once you said you liked my comments because I responded to what you had written. I feel the same way. Not many comment for me anymore (of course, I leave comments for few these days, too), and, often, those who do really do not actually comment about what I have written. This is frustrating because I am looking for conversations and opinions, not for compliments.

Yes, sometimes I cannot help myself .... my mood is good no matter how hard I try to be misanthropic ?!?! But, no matter how beautiful autumn is, for the most part the month of October has not been a good month for me over the years. There have been a couple of times I was ready to pray for October to end, but not this year .... this year, October and I are in harmony.

Tuesday is Election Day here. There are many offices to be filled, and I know who I will vote for in each of them except for the office of president. Never have there been two more dreadful, ill-equipped, unsavory, wretched candidates for the presidency. I suppose it is poetic justice in a way.

So, thank you, Smareis, for your journey here, for your comment here, for the star in heaven with the smile for me. I hope you will not be absent for long from the blogs and from visiting me in the days ahead.

Yes, until any hour ....

Something special ....