Sunday, September 18, 2016

"Where the shadows run from themselves"

The Clintons and the Trumps, from happier days .... I assume you are able to figure out who is who and which is which .... sort of looks like one big, happy family, does it not ?? They do sleep in the same bed, figuratively, if not literally. For sure, in hippy talk, it is what it is and you know that is true whether you allow yourself to believe it or not. As for the music, this particular song is here prophetically because I turned on the radio when I finished writing this post and this was the music playing at that exact moment -- "White Room," by Cream:

"I'll wait in this place where the sun never shines
"Wait in this place where the shadows run from themselves ....

"Wait here with you
"Where the shadows run from themselves ...."

Who will rule Olympus?

We all have our likes and dislikes. For instance, I have encountered a number of people who instantly like me and, probably, a greater number who instantly dislike me. Fortunately (for me), most I encounter sort of can take me or leave me: No big deal.

Conversely, I feel the same way about other people.  Some I like, some I dislike -- often instinctively -- but, most simply are just there. (Yes, I know, that is neither polite nor politically correct to say; I never have claimed to be perfect.)

This extends, naturally, to musicians, to actors, to visual artists, to novelists and, most definitely, to politicians. In that vein (probably vane and vain, too), I am absolutely dumbfounded that anyone with an ounce of common sense could be enraptured either by Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump -- the only two real choices before us to become the next president of the United States.

She, and her husband, "Wild Bill," are the epitome of everything that is wrong with the existing political system in the United States. Power mongers for the sake of personal power, personal wealth and personal aggrandizement (and, in the case of Bill, lots more sex beyond marriage).

On the other side of the river, figuratively speaking, Trump is the personification of a man you should never rely on to invest your money, never trust to see to it your girlfriend gets home safely, never count on to watch your back in a street fight. He is the opposite side of the counterfeit coin bearing the image of Barack Obama: Both ego-maniacal, narcissistic, power-hungry, pathologically lying individuals cut from the same cloth as would-be / wanna-be dictators throughout the span of recorded history.

Fortunately, the reign of his self-imagined highness Obama is nearly over. And, none too soon.

For the future, Clinton would be the safer bet over Trump. She is more predictable and has a trace yet of "America the Beautiful" inside of her -- barely.

Trump should be the choice of those who play poker hoping to draw the inside straight -- odds are he would turn out to be another Obama-like disaster for the United States (and, for the world). But, but, but -- he might, like the fisherman Simon who became Peter did for Christianity, become the cornerstone of the recovery and the resurgence of this country. Stranger transitions have occurred. (Sorry, about the Christian allusion .... well, not really, I am a historian of sorts, you know.)

Whatever .... those, realistically, are the only two choices.

Unless you believe in miracles.


ANITA said...

Well Well Fram.Its not a long time before one of those two shall reign your beautiful America.I think Clinton should be the best choice.And i think she will win.
Time will see.

So no little puppy to appear?How is he she doing?

I have not heard this song,,you have on this post..i shall have a look at you tube..It is a bit sad isnt?

Iam stung with Clash. I Should I Stay or Should I Go

Have a nice day Fram!


Fram Actual said...

It is nice to see you here, Anita.

Well, we shall learn who reigns next all too soon .... but, there is a paradox: To me, we cannot be rid of the existing "evil prince" soon enough. However, as he leaves either the Wicked Witch or the Mad Hatter replaces him. Uffff ....

You know, I really did begin to make plans to live outside of the United States the majority of the time when Barack Obama was elected. But, fate ended that idea. It might be time to re-think it.

Yes, my little dog is doing fine. He has gained weight and is happy. He is fully recovered from his "pneumonia," but he injured a paw / leg chasing a squirrel. As soon as it begins to be better, he aggravates the injury again by chasing another squirrel. I might have to keep him on a leash when outdoors for a while.

There are a number of interpretations to this song, "White Room," Anita, ranging from use of psychedelic drugs to the Vietnam War. The guy who composed the lyrics said they simply came from a poem he had written describing the apartment in which he lived at the time.

When I was a school boy, I wrote a story called, "The Green Door," for a school publication. It was my interpretation of a door within the "white room," and no one dared to open it to see what might be behind it.

It is a sad song in a way, but it is so beautiful, I think, that it makes me happy whenever I hear it.

As for, "Should I Stay or Should I Go," it is not a great song or even a very good one, but it has a message which goes through the minds of many of us with regularity. For me, it usually is in regard to the sea of blogs or to the place where I live, but there have been times it has been in regard to a woman. As for you, only you know the answer.

Again, thank you, for being here and for writing a comment, Anita. Someday, maybe, you will see what is behind the green door in the white room .... how is that for a mystery ??

Smareis said...
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Smareis said...

Fram essa postagem acima eu deletei porque entrou com outro email não usado do blog.

Então Fram, eu achei a foto idêntica. Parece que estão muito felizes, parece velhos amigos risos... Eu como não tenho nenhuma admiração por essa corja de políticos, eu acho que só querem aparecer. Os dois são farinha do mesmo saco.
Eu li uma reportagem alguns dias atrás nos jornais aqui no Brasil que os candidatos às eleições presidenciais - Hillary Clinton (democratas) e Donald Trump (republicanos) os dois foram reprovados por mais da metade dos eleitores. Se Trump vencer as eleições, será um dos presidentes que menos terá gastado em sua campanha presidencial. Conforme pesquisa Hillary Clinton já desembolsou mais US$ 187 milhões. Enquanto que Donald Trump gastou bem menos. Como a campanha ainda continua Trump ainda pode romper a marca. Mas dificilmente ultrapassará o total gasto por Obama ─ algo em torno de US$ 556 milhões. Esses políticos esbanjam a torto e direito o dinheiro publico em prol deles próprios. Por isso parece que nunca vão largar o osso.

Aqui no Brasil o primeiro turno das Eleições 2016 com os Candidatos a Prefeito e a Vereador nas Eleições 2016 será no dia 2 de outubro, e o segundo turno no dia 30 de outubro. Eu ainda nem escolhi meus candidatos. Como vem acontecendo, eu não vou votar em ninguém. A politica no Brasil esta mal vista. Uma politica falida. Ninguém acredita mais em promessa de candidatos. O Brasil virou um bagaço nas mãos do PT. Quase que acabaram com o Brasil em pouco tempo. Se esses roubos na Petrobrás não viessem à tona o Brasil nunca mais conseguia se erguer. Esse impeachment da Dilma Rousseff eu creio que não adiantou muita coisa também. Embora o Temer se limita a falar sobre os desafios de reerguer a economia brasileira, e que o País está pronto para receber investimentos e formar parcerias, não vai ser fácil reerguer o Brasil de modo algum. O grande mal do Brasil é o roubo praticado pelos políticos. Só tem político desonesto, e cada dia chegam mais. Só Cristo nessa causa.

Quarto Branco é uma boa música. Cream canta e toca muito. Embora a letra é bem curiosa.
Num quarto branco com cortinas pretas perto da estação
Telhado preto, as calçadas não são douradas, pássaros cansados
Cavalos prateados cavalgam nos raios lunares dos seus olhos escuros
A luz da manhã sorri em sua partida, meu contentamento.

Vi abaixo a postagem do vídeo com Eric Clapton - Wonderful Tonight

Uma boa semana Fram!
Ate mais!

Fram Actual said...

Yes, Smareis .... I cannot recall all the numbers precisely, but Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump apparently are the most disliked candidates ever to run for president of the United States. Yet, here we are, with one of them on the verge of becoming the next president. What a pity, what a shame, what an embarrassment.

There are times when each of us thinks no one else can see the corruption taking place among politicians, but then a phenomenon (more like an aberration !!) like Trump emerges to display the absolute disgust a significant number of Americans have about the current administration and the political system as it now exists. (How else can Trump be explained ??) Essentially, Trump is an anti-Barack Obama / anti-Clinton vote.

I am aware of the situation in Brazil, but I do not track it in detail. In as much as I do know, I do believe your nation faces even greater difficulties than does mine.

Like you, I am disillusioned enough to have abandoned voting for the most part. But, if I should decide to vote this year, it would be for Trump. In many respects, I am a gambler and, occasionally, I have jumped off a cliff without looking to see what is below. Clinton is a known quantity in a political sense; Trump is unknown. My viewpoint is such that I think a Clinton presidency would be disastrous, while a Trump presidency might be either good or bad, and there is no way of knowing unless it actually would happen -- hence, the cliff.

On to more pleasant thoughts: Yes, the lyrics of the song, "White Room," are very curious. Pete Brown, who composed the lyrics, said they came from a poem he wrote describing the apartment in which he lived.

Words can be used, just as expressions on a face, to create a particular atmosphere from among the many which are available. In this instance, a simple description can be made to make the setting of an apartment appear exotic and mysterious. Besides that, some (such as me, on occasion) write with very symbolic gestures at times, and the words that are written have meanings beyond the obvious. In any case, I love the song, both the lyrics and the melody. It is special in many, many ways.

So, thank you, Smareis, for coming to visit me here all the way from Brazil and for writing a comment. You are sweet beyond words, and I appreciate your presence and your smile.

A Cuban In London said...

Clinton for me with a peg on my nose! :-)

Greetings from London.

Fram Actual said...

At first, I was going to say that I was disappointed in you, CiL, for favoring "Crooked Hillary." But, then I remembered who the other (major) candidate is and decided, "What difference -- at this point, what difference does it make?"

Seriously, I had a "Defeat Trump" sign in my yard all through the primary season but, when he came out the last candidate standing among Republicans, I gradually began to accept him as being preferable to Clinton. Her actions (and those of a number of others) in regard to Benghazi are absolutely unforgettable and unforgiveable in my world. She should have been fired immediately for that episode.

Thank you, CiL, for your appearance and your comment. I appreciate them.

Something special ....