Thursday, September 22, 2016

The light at the end of the tunnel

The light at the end of the tunnel ....
Do you see it there ??
What is beyond it ??
That is the question ....

"Runnin' when things get too crazy"
Have you ever been falling through a tunnel of whiteness while you have been sleeping ?? I have. I think it almost killed me. I say sleeping, rather than dreaming, because I am not certain exactly what was happening.
Whatever .... The autumnal equinox has arrived and, for reasons I am unsure of, I wanted to make note of it here on my blog. I want to be aware of the season this year, to be acutely aware of it, to be sort of sensually aware of each day of it until when, in December, it ends and winter will come to rule the portion of the world in which I currently reside.
Summer is exiting stage left -- which, unlike its usual definition, on this occasion means furiously just outside my window. A thunderstorm, complete with hail / rain / thunder / lightning / wind, is raging.
You probably will find my blog locked off and on for a while. Interlopers (trying to be polite now) have been intruding, and I need to discourage them. As I have mentioned in the past, should you wish to have access when my blog is closed to the public, all you need do is leave an email address and you will be added to those who have access anytime, all of the time.
I will be gone off and on for a while, too. Nothing like the more extensive trek I had hoped for, but I do need to run a few errands of sorts, each of which will last for a few days.
Time to step out into the patio and watch / sense / absorb the storm for a while ....


A Cuban In London said...

That has happened to me and it's been a weird sensation. Lovely Bob Seger

Greetings from London.

Fram Actual said...

I wonder if your experience was frightening, as mine was, CiL:

For a period of time, I do not know how long, I was slipping away from the physical world surrounding me as fell through the white tunnel. I could not breathe -- literally. Then I began to ascend. It was extraordinary .... extraordinarily frightening.

There really is nothing magical about the music of Bob Seger, but I think he has been underrated throughout his career and (as the cliché goes) never fully appreciated for his talent -- especially as a songwriter.

So, thank you, CiL. I am glad to see you here and I appreciate your comment.

ANITA said...

Goodmorning Fram.Beautiful autumm shoot.So you have intruders on your blog!i say i have experienced it alot of times..I dont know who is doing that sort of things to me..Still they send me strange emails..(can not change my email got to much serious contacts on it)However i experience huge trouble with the new windows 10 and the updates..Can not look athear music bec the drivers are gone..cant even look at HBO or Netflix..Windows 10 is a shitty can not deleted it because then you have to restart your computer all from the beginning with a cd.

Some friends came yesterday to fix it and it worked for some hours but today this morning same shit again,,Have to make a new dinner call for my friends..yesterday I made sheep heads and Fårikål!Nammmm..and Iam reading Bodavars Saga.The viking ascending to Egil Skallagrimson.The greatest Viking and Skald writer..Yes me love it..Take care Fram and see you soon!Best wishes from me


Fram Actual said...

I remember there have been times when you have had problems with intruders / hackers / just plain trouble-makers at your blog, Anita. The problem I am having is a bit different. I will not try to explain it but, in essence, my blog and my IP address are being "borrowed" at times for purposes other than my own use. Actually, depending upon the use, I do not always mind it and it even amuses me. But, recently, the purposes offend me, and that is saying enough about it for now.

My own computer background extends to before the age of the Internet and Windows, and I did not even begin using Windows until Windows 95. Before that, I used free standing databases, spreadsheets and word processing programs, and I roamed the world of DOS with my own programming. I could program in four or five languages and did considerable work in that regard for a few years before I grew tired of it and shifted by employment focus. What I am saying is that with a bit of programming brush-up, I could pull a few tricks out of the proverbial hat myself to lock up or even knock out computers which interfere with mine.

I do agree with you about Windows 10, Anita. I have three computers running every day when I am home. I put Windows 10 on one of them about a year ago, and have been sorry ever since. The other day, I discovered it was putting lengthy updates on the computer without my authorization, which really annoyed me. No way will I put it on the other two computers, and it might even anger me enough some day that I will initiate a different system.

Your reading of the Old Norse histories and sagas is exceeding mine, Anita. I am jealous and envious of you. As often is said, there never is enough time to do everything you wish to do, see all the places you wish to see or read all the books you wish to read. In my case, I would add to that shoot all the guns I wish to shoot .... but, it is true and I am glad you are reading what I hope to read, too, at some point along the way. At the moment, I guess you are reading for both of us .... good ....

Once again, Anita, thank you, for your journey to my blog and for your comment here. Take care and, yes, see you soon ....

A Cuban In London said...

Although I would hesitate to call what I do "meditation", I do go into a self-induced semiconscious/unconscious state sometimes. It is most pleasant, especially when I'm on my own. I have had a similar experience to yours. I feel that I have nothing to be afraid of, but because of my semiconscious state of mind, it is not something I am sure of. More likely, it is something I would like to be reassured on, if you catch my drift. I have been reading a lot about the conscious mind lately and this has triggered off a lot of questions.

Greetings from London.

Fram Actual said...

From your description, I do not think we are talking about the same sort of experience, CiL. I did not include many details in my post, and will not now, but my event went from difficulty breathing (during a dream, I think) to the total absence of oxygen (as I awoke, I know). In a sentence, I was suffocating -- quite literally.

I later came to know a clinician (Ph.D., not M.D.) who focused on sleep disorders, and she believed I had experienced a severe sleep apnea episode. Deaths have been attributed as a direct and indirect result of such events as I experienced. With her, incidentally, I actually spent several nights monitoring patients with sleep disorders. My presence probably was not particularly ethical, but positively intriguing. Someday, maybe, I will write more about it, and I do recall mentioning bits and pieces about my event in previous posts.

Meditation is not my conception of what I do at times, but I can achieve a state which I describe as drifting along the border between sleep and wakefulness. In it, my senses, especially that of hearing, for instance, become dramatically acute. I began practicing and achieving this technique as a hunter; you might imagine why. And, I have "dabbled" with self-induced hypnosis for varied purposes and attempted to induce an OOBE (out-of-body-experience) state over a period of time.

It all is fascinating stuff, the mind and techniques in attempts to manipulate it beyond the ordinary .... I wish you luck with your probe into these things, CiL.

Smareis said...

Bonita essa imagem. Enquanto o verão esta partindo ai, aqui a primavera já chegou com muito calor e uma mudança de temperatura meia louca. Aqui na minha cidade só deu gripe e mais nada. Peguei um daqueles resfriados que me derrubou na cama. Hoje que estou melhorando um pouco. A gripe me persegue parece que gosta de mim (sorrindo). Deus me livre de gripe!
A primavera começou com quase 40 graus esse foi o motivo da mudança de temperatura que pegou todo mundo de surpresa. A gripe veio junto.
Fram o que aconteceu que você fala de intruso. Ja aconteceu comigo no outro blog que tinha na UOL. Você vai colocar o blog restrito? Pode colocar meu e-mail se for fechar o blog ao público ok?
Não conhecia a música do vídeo... Muito legal.
Boa semana Fram!
Estou achando você muito sumido. Vê se não some certo Fram?

Fram Actual said...

It was an easy image to produce, Smareis -- just point the camera up and push the shutter button. My trees are half-green and half-yellow/red/orange. I like autumn and enjoy it, but it often is ruined for me by the thought of what comes after it.

I hope you manage to avoid all colds and all flus and all ailments of any nature. I usually do well in this regard, but have a few other problems which largely arise from having lived without taking care of myself.

I was gone, but only for an overnight journey, and I am back now for a few more days.

I finally broke down and bought another gun -- a revolver -- the Smith & Wesson model most in the FBI carried a generation ago before semi-automatic pistols became the rage. A retired FBI agent loaned me his once-upon-a-time to go through a training course. (That is another story.) I have wanted one like it ever since.

It is only my third gun purchase this year. You see? I am trying to discipline myself and slow down buying guns, if not stop altogether. I have enough, more than enough, and need to think of other things. This one is a beauty, though. It is forty-one years old and looks absolutely pristine. I doubt it ever has been fired. Uffff .... I guess I am absolutely incorrigible when it comes to firearms. Guns, watches and coins seduce me.

Yes, some "visitors" come and go on my blog who I do not wish there. Actually, I do not mind intruders as long as they only use my blog as a conduit. Some go beyond that, though. Even when my blog is locked to the public, you still have access .... remember? You and others who provided an email address can enter it even when it is closed to the public. Speaking of emails, I owe you a note .... I am back to my slower self, it appears.

Bob Seger is a Michigan guy .... DeeeTroit guy, in a sense .... a cool guy with many cool songs. I have seen him perform a couple of times, and always left his concerts happy to be alive. He is sort of a philosopher as well as a songwriter / musician, I think. I see my life reflected in many of his songs; I suppose many guys do. I am chair dancing to his music right now.

And, having a comment from you makes me feel the same way right now -- happy to be alive, Smareis. Thank you .... take care .... and, I hope your week is a good one, too ....

Smareis said...

O outono é minha estação do ano preferida. Embora essa estação do ano não esteja mais tão bela como antes. Esse ano teve mudança brusca no outono aqui, teve até temporais, coisas que nunca teve. Hoje por exemplo está 39 graus, coisa normal, e agora que primavera começou. Os rios estão secando em quase todos os Estados do Brasil por falta de chuva, principalmente o meu Estado. Se não chover dentro de 30 dias minha cidade vai ter racionamento de água. Esses resfriados que chega com a mudança de temperatura são muito difíceis à gente controlar. Porque ao mesmo tempo em que a temperatura esta alta, cai de repente. Brasileiro é acostumado com calor e não com frio. Embora o ar condicionado ficar ligado, nosso organismo conhece qualquer mudança de temperatura. Até meu cachorro. Agora que o calor voltou à gripe vai embora rsrsr.
Você é mesmo colecionador Fram. Gosta mesmo de armas, e ainda diz que são só a terceira que comprou esse ano. risos. Colecionador é mesmo assim, sempre está procurando coisa nova pra comprar e aumentar a coleção. Essa deve ser boa arma, porque é bem antiga.
Essa coisa de intruso em blog já acontece sempre. Por isso é bom os comentários serem restritos, e não deixar liberado comentários anônimos em blog.
Que bom que você gosta da minha música. Brasil tem muitas músicas boas.
Continuação de boa semana pra você.
Bom outono Fram!
Um punhado de sorriso.
Até qualquer hora!

Fram Actual said...

Humankind produces geniuses in technological ways and fashions, but in the sense of understanding his relevance on earth, he remains a superstitious, conceited, primitive troglodyte: Weather rules, the oceans rule, Nature rules this planet, not mortal man, much as he would like to think so.

The land where I have spent much of my life once was a vast, inland sea. Much of the Sahara Desert once was wet and fertile. The continents once were joined together before breaking apart and drifting. Yet, fools among us abound who believe they can control Mother Earth's whims and fancies.

Your region suffers from lack of rain, while I have experienced rain at least nine of the past ten days. Not far from here, thirteen inches fell in one rainfall alone.

It seems neither of us is having weather-luck at the moment, Smareis.

Yes, I collect firearms -- to a degree. Some I never fire -- I just look at them and occasionally hold them. Some I have fired thousands of times, until they have become like an extension of my arm and my hand -- what can I say ?? I know a few people whose collections dwarf mine, but that is fine with me.

And, I do prefer older guns. Most contemporary firearms have no beauty. They are purely utilitarian, military in nature and solely meant for death and destruction. I look at them mostly as offensive weapons. It is true in a sense that older firearms can be used for the same purpose, but many of them, if not most, were greater than simple killing tools. They were sort of personal treasures meant for protection and for providing food. Older guns have manitous; I am not so sure the recent innovations in firearms have them. Well-l-l-l-l .... enough of that for now; my feelings in this regard are difficult to explain.

Yes, no more thoughts or talk about blog intruders .... they come and they go, and we can handle them in our own ways. Yes, Brazil has many good songs and fine bands .... but, right now, I am listening to Foreigner ....

I will try to send you some of my rain, Smareis, and watch the sky looking for your smile .... guard your health, and may your days be what you wish them to be ....

Something special ....