Friday, June 17, 2016

Message to Obama .... turn 'em loose & fix it

Baby, what a mess ….

There are two things going on here with this "sort of post:"

One is that after listening via television to Barack Obama speak on Thursday in Orlando, Florida, I was ready to puke. To blame the forty-nine shot dead and more than fifty more wounded at a nightclub there last weekend on guns, mental derangement and people who politically disagree with him was an act of cowardice and moral bankruptcy.
Those deaths were the act of a dedicated, determined, religious fanatic -- plain and simple. He could just as easily have walked into the nightclub with a bomb strapped to his chest as he did with a rifle and a pistol, and caused the same carnage. As one news commentator put it, Obama's words were the equivalent of blaming automobiles for the deaths of people caused by drunk drivers. Obama really is shallow as a man and pathetic as a president.

The next item here is me. I have been in a conspicuously melancholy mood for a while now. As should be evident from elements of my blog, I am a once-upon-a-time Marine. It is common practice to say once a Marine, always a Marine. Perhaps, that is why, for a few days now, I have been watching Marine Corps motivational videos on the internet. I need to "psyche myself up" one way or another, so I have been looking backward trying to find the future.

The first video is not spectacular, but it makes a point: The Marine Corps -- the combined forces of the United States military -- could eradicate the immediate terrorist problem if only there were a president who would be more interested in the security of the U.S. and in the safety of helpless people in places like Syria and Iraq and Afghanistan than he is in political correctness and trying to salvage a failed legacy.

The second video is motivational, for me, anyway. It and others like it give me memory, bring my past to the present; push me, pull me, again like a eighteen-year-old boot never to say never. They furnish me with focus and clarity. Some of the language in it is, in Marine jargon, a bit "salty," so be prepared. Whatever .... elements of this video and a few dozen others are helping to snap me out of my personal doldrums. We shall see where it all leads .... semper fi ....

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