Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day -- May 30, 2016

This is a segment of the memorial at Omaha Beach in Normandy, France, as it appeared in June 2004 -- sixty years after the invasion of northern Europe by American and allied forces during World War II. Now, another dozen years have passed since that momentous event and since my eyes gazed at the sand and the sea and tried to visualize what it had been like to have been there on that day -- D-Day 1944 -- the anniversary of which, June 6, is just a week from today.

Life went on for those who survived the battle at Omaha Beach, and today -- Memorial Day 2016 -- offers a moment in time to pause and to remember those who fought not only there, but in every war in defense of freedom and the American way of life -- most especially, those who lost their lives. What began as "Decoration Day" to honor Civil War dead has blossomed into a day of parades and picnics, as well as remembrance. And remembrance -- at least in my corner of the earth -- has come to include not only individuals who served in the military of the United States, but all the members of our families. Today is a day to think of our lineage, our ancestors, all those who came before us, and to honor their memory with love and respect and gratitude.

Have a good Memorial Day, thanking those who have made it possible for we descendants to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


ANITA said...

Nice picture Fram!Yes we should all remember that day!

Love that Led Zeppelin version of All of My love!

Greetings Anita

Kaya said...

Good morning Fram,

I read your beautiful tribute to Memorial Day and I immediately thought about the movie Saving Private Ryan with Tom Hanks. I don't know did you see this movie; if not, it's worthwhile to see it. It's about American soldiers who landed on Omaha Beach and suffered heavily during this tragic battle. Unforgettable movie.

Right now I look at the picture and it so peaceful, so tranquil on the shore. It's even difficult to believe that this tragic event happened. Thank you for bringing it to us Fram. It's very gracious of you and very thoughtful.

Very beautiful and honorable tribute to people who served in the military, who died in the battles, who loved their country.

Have a nice Memorial Day, Fram!

Smareis said...

Um bonito memorial a essa pessoas que lutaram bravamente sem medo de perderem suas vidas. São merecedores ... Muito bonita essa fotografia. Linda homenagem sua postagem Fram. Um Vídeo com uma musica a altura dessa homenagem. Gostei muito de estar de volta te lendo.
Andei dando uma pequena pausa que acabou se alongando. Mais a saudade bateu, e de volta estou no meu blog. Dar uma pausa sempre é necessário.
Uma ótima semana Fram!

Fram Actual said...

Days like Memorial Day and the Fourth of July were just as important as times like Thanksgiving and Christmas for those who, like me, grew up in a small town in rural, mid-America. There were religious services and memorial services and visits to cemeteries, often in the morning, with parades and picnics and extended family get-togethers later. It was a good way to live and a good place to be a child.

Yes, Anita, this is a wonderful rendition of, "All of My Love," and it seems to fit the occasion of remembrance. The photograph simply serves as a view of what is and a reminder of what was.

Thank you, Anita, for your journey here today and for your greeting to me.

Fram Actual said...

I have seen the film, "Saving Private Ryan," and I think it is an exceptional motion picture for any number of reasons. I can say this having had a bit of personal experience in similar activities. By the way, I am not a fan of Tom Hanks and, in fact, can recall seeing only four films in which he has appeared, but I think no one could have done better work in this role than he did.

I grew up in a place and a time surrounded by men who had been in the midst of war and families who knew what it was like to have both young men and older men not return from World War II. Along similar lines, I wrote a post once noting that I have a bottle of French wine which was presented to the last living man among World War I veterans in my home town. The recipient of the "Last Man's Club" wine was a member of my family.

Whatever, my background is filled with things like this.

I have run photographs of the American cemetery at Normandy in conjunction with past posts near Memorial Day and D-Day. This time, I pulled out two of Omaha Beach from among the photographs of my 2004 journey there, and probably will run the other on D-Day. They are nothing special, but serve their purpose and make a point.

Yes, it is a nice day here, and I will enjoy it -- perhaps, with a more recent vintage wine. I hope you have a pleasant Memorial Day, too, Kaya. Thank you, for coming and for writing a note.

Fram Actual said...

Although the sites of the D-Day landings are popular tourist attractions, Smareis, on quiet days they are peaceful and tranquil and serve as places where an individual can reflect upon the past and speculate about the future. Landscape often is able to heal itself and show few signs of the turmoil wrought there by humankind.

Fewer and fewer of those who fought at Normandy remain alive today, so living memories of the sacrifices by those who struggled there soon will disappear, and emerging generations seldom pay attention to past events that are among the elements which formed them and their lives. In other words, few people learn the lessons of history.

I hope this photograph and the music keep the memory of this place and what happened there alive a bit longer.

Yes, it was nice to discover you have found your way back to your blog and have written a new post. It is quite a fascinating post, I think, with acute observations and wise words. It would benefit many if they would read it.

Thank you, Smareis, for coming and for writing your thoughts.

Smareis said...

Muito interessante esse memorial Fram!
Esse dia vai estar sempre na memória dos familiares.
Você escreve seus textos sempre, com muita sabedoria, e recebe sempre seus leitores com muita gentileza. Responde os comentários sempre explicando todos os fatos relacionados ao texto. Muito bom essa comunicação que você tem com seus leitores, embora muitos não volta pra ver a resposta. Eu sempre que posso volto!
Você é um excelente Anfitrião. Parabéns Fram!
Eu disse uma vez que tenho vários outros blogs, mais muitos deles estão sem atualização. Tenho um blog de DICAS que sempre esta aberto embora eu atualize pouco.

Se quiser conhecer esse é o endereço.

Depois te dou o endereços de outros blogs e um site que esta fechado para visitas de wallpapers pra você conhecer, preciso primeiro atualizar alguns deles. O Comentário desse blog fica no menu horizontal do blog. Ele chega direto para meu e-mail.
Uma ótima semana pra você Fram!
Ate mais!

Fram Actual said...

Memorial Day always had an extra measure of significance for my family when I was a boy, Smareis, as I think it did for many of the descendants of immigrants who arrived in America during the Nineteenth Century. During those times, these immigrants often left mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, behind in the "old countries," never to see them again because travel required months, not hours. They realized from the separation the depth of love which can exist within a family and knew the value of family members to one another for support and understanding and unconditional love.

So, I guess I have carried with me from boyhood to the present the importance of Memorial Day as a "real holiday," as opposed to an "artificial holiday," as the three-day-weekend party crowd seems to think of it.

All right .... I recall that you have had past blogs, but it escapes me if you have mentioned other blogs currently in existence right now other than "Refletindo com a Smareis." In any case, I will be following up on this during the next few days. My Wednesday will be so busy I am not certain I even will turn my computer on, but I will be looking forward to going to the address you just provided and I will be in contact with you later about your other blogs. Give me a few days to do this, and you will be hearing from me ....

Yes, I hope you have a fine week, too, Smareis. I am glad you are here again and coming to visit me at my blog. I will be leaving it open for a while now .... my mood shifts, and is a bit brighter again, and there are practical reasons for not always having it open to any and all comers. Thank you, Smareis .... Happy June ....

A Cuban In London said...

Beautiful photo and a great version of a classic? Thanks.

Greetings from London.

Fram Actual said...

It is a lovely setting and the monument is artful and dignified, which means photographically it is a natural: Point and shoot.

Thank you, CiL, for stopping by for a visit.

Boris Estebitan said...

Buena forma de recordar a las personas que forjaron la libertad de tu nacion, saludos.

Fram Actual said...

Yes, thank you, Boris.

It is only fitting, I believe, for us to remember and to honor our ancestors and our countrymen, especially those who went to war to defend our way of life and, even more, to keep strong the memory of those who died in the never-ending struggle to ensure that the concept of freedom remains strong and vibrant.

I am glad to see you here again, Boris. You have been silent for some time, and I assume you will have a new post soon.

ANITA said...

Hi!Just popping in to say thank you!

I was beginning to think we were loosing contact..So..

Here its soo hot I dont know what to do with myself..Not a wind breath temperature over 35 degrees..Even the birds are sleeping in the dark wood

Yes iam working..working...probably you do the same

Looking forward to your next post!

Have a nice warm sunny sunday afternoon Fram!

Fram Actual said...

Well, greetings, Anita. Do not worry, I do not think we are in danger of losing contact.

Some unexpected business came up, and I have been on the road today. It was warm and sunny, but, unfortunately, I spent much of it cruising on the highway. I already had my D-Day post scheduled for nearly a week, so all that was necessary in that regard was for me to look it over this evening and to make a few minor changes. Tomorrow (Monday) will be my busy day, and I will be home again on Tuesday before sunset. (Home before sunset -- that has a romantic ring to it, does it not?)

This will be a short response; I must be up early, so it is time for me to find my way to dreamland. I hope your week will be a fine one, Anita -- that weather, work and life will cooperate to make everything enjoyable for you. Take care, and see you before long ....

Something special ....