Saturday, May 7, 2016

(Interlude: Sorry, I could not resist .... ) Dedicated to "Never" Donald Trump


Maybe, I will write a few words to accompany this in the days ahead, maybe, I will not. No matter, because, actually, the video says it all .... political philosophy and principle form the structure of beliefs and formulas for codes of government and society itself, not political parties. The Republican Party is in the process of becoming an element of history (i.e. extinct) rather than a force for the future. It is time for a third party to emerge consisting of what once were conservative Democrats and moderate Republicans. Anyway, thank you, Freddie & crew, for your portentous piece ....


A Cuban In London said...

All I can do is read your post and laugh at the myriad interpretations one can have by linking The Great Pretender and Donald Trump. Is it the line about "My need is such I pretend too much/I'm lonely but no one can tell" that tells us who the real Trump is? Or perhaps "Yes I'm the great pretender/Just laughin' and gay like the clown/I seem to be what I'm not, you see/I'm wearing my heart like a crown/Pretending that you're still around". And the people empty the room. :-)

Well, one thing for sure is that Freddie did not have the same success as a solo artist as the one he enjoyed with Queen. I happen to like his solo albums and have a couple of them. They show him in a different, more playful light.

Good post. Thanks.

Greetings from London.

Kaya said...

"Never" is a strange word. It seems it has its boundaries but then it changes them. There is a saying that never say "never"; I like it because life isn't stagnant; some things always evolving, changing, happening.

I think that Donald Trump is a big awakening for Republican Party. Country has changed. You have to understand it and accept it and move on accordingly.

Being conservative and clinging to the old rules is not so bad idea if you are flexible and willing to understand that this world is NEVER the same, every day is NEVER the same, every moment is NEVER the same.

And... we can put different labels, trying glue them to people, historical events, politicians but it will not change much. There is REALITY and it always wins.

By the way, I like Freddy Mercury. He always was one of my favorites.

Take care, Fram.

Fram Actual said...

I have an uncle who is a psychiatrist.

I had hoped one of my children would become one.

But, since my uncle has long since entered into other realms (at least, before his death, he professed to believe that he would) and none of my children are disposed to pursue expertise in any medical field, it is left to me to interpret for myself what makes Donald Donald.

Having watched countless speeches by Donald and interviews of Donald and ravings by Donald during debates, the closest thing to a clinical comparison of Donald's inner being and deepest desires, I believe, can be unraveled by watching this video. I am not certain Donald would understand Freddie, but Freddie, almost certainly, would understand Donald.

I think this video is both an explanation of Donald and the antithesis of it, and, CiL, I think your explanations are equally valid -- the scenario simply depends upon "which Donald" is present when he first wakes up in the morning and before he has had his vitamin shot and a couple of blasts of tan in a can.

So, am I serious ?? Sort of !! No matter what, I think "the Great Pretender" is a fine and an apt title for Donald. I just hope the ghost of Freddie is not too upset with me.

Thank you, CiL, for being here and for writing here. Rock on, man ....

Fram Actual said...

I quite agree with you in most regards about the word "never," Kaya, and the fact that life is perpetual motion and that change is a constant in every facet of life and living. I also agree with you that "never say never" is sound advice and a good rule of thought to follow -- but, then, there always will be fools like me who, on occasion, refuse to accept sound advice and (perhaps) the inevitable and who do draw lines in the sand, not for bluster, but for purpose.

There have been a few times when I have said "never" and absolutely meant it. In a work-related sense, for instance, a half-dozen of us once said "never" to the owner of a newspaper. We walked out, walked away and that was that. With your background, I am not sure if you would be familiar with the battle at the Alamo during the Texas war for independence from Mexico. If you are not, do a bit of research. I was in an "Alamo-like event" once upon a time. It is a well-documented incident. Fate and luck were on our side, and we made it.

My point is that when I say never to a Donald Trump presidency, I do mean it in terms of my support. Really. I will not change my mind. I might work for him and take his money under certain circumstances, as long as he would not be in the immediate picture, but I would not shake his hand or have a drink with him -- and never, ever would I vote for him to be president of the United States. I hope you understand the differences there, so I will not break that down any further at the moment.

It makes little difference to me how the Republican Party will change (if it actually does) due to the arrival of Trump, although it does bother me that so many people are enamored by him. At various times and in various places I have been a registered Democrat, a registered Republican and a registered Independent. To me, Trump is like Barack Obama -- just another pied piper. I simply have outgrown pied pipers and believe I have gained enough insight from living life to know the difference between a phony and the real deal.

This is getting long, so I will end it. I really do not disagree with anything you said, Kaya. Being a devotee of historians like Will Durant and Joseph Campbell, I think I recognize the evolution of everything better than most -- but, that does not mean an individual has to change with it, and I choose not to change in this instance of American political whimsy.

Thank you, Kaya, for being here and for writing here. Yep, Freddie was a gem among gems ....

ANITA said...

Great video of Freddie Mercury!!He was one of the best:))))
People should listen more to his songs..Sadly he is all forgotten now..

Much talk about American Politic today!

I dont know what to say..I only hope..
Some good change will come..For all the good people of America...

Here in norway we have a heatwave just now..32 degrees!!Wow!!It came soo suddenly!!

Big hugs from me:))))

Fram Actual said...

Yes, Anita, it is a great video illustrating the talent of Freddie Mercury as a musical performer -- and, it is a great, inadvertent video to illustrate the total absence of necessary knowledge and ability for Donald Trump to be a presidential contender: "Donald, the Great Pretender."

Of course, the title aptly fits the current office holder as well, "Barack, the Great Pretender."

I guess it never occurs to me that Freddie is not as popular as ever because when I am listening to music it either is coming from a classic rock radio station or from my own CDs. I hear him frequently. I also intently watch the DVD of, "Queen: Live at Wembley Stadium," two or three times a year. It is one of roughly a half-dozen DVD performances that are among my all-time favorites. I never tire of them, and each time I watch them I am transported in my mind to the time and place of the performance. It is like time ceased to move musically.

In a political sense, we are living in interesting times. But, frankly, I think the times also are the most dangerous of any since the 1930s and, unfortunately, leadership among democratic nations is today just as inept and incompetent as it was on the eve of World War II. All there is to do is to heed the advice of Oliver Cromwell: "Keep your powder dry ...."

I was outdoors a great deal the past few days, but today rain came again and, apparently, will continue all week. The timing is perfect in a sense, because I am leaving for a few days in the morning and will not be home again until late Thursday. Let it rain. This journey will be by automobile and relatively short.

It is nice to see you here again, Anita. Thank you ....

Kaya said...

Hey, Fram,

I thought for a while should I tell you this or not.

I wanted to delete today my blog Visual Impact but couldn't do it; didn't dare, didn't have a courage. I turned off the comments, I will try to post within this month all my drafts and then we will see what to do with this blog. I was thinking about what to do wit my blog for one year.

I am going to visit your blog as usual, read it and write comments. I am still here, Fram. Maybe some day I do something different with Visual but right now nothing I can think of.

Take care.

Fram Actual said...

The thought of deleting my blog and disappearing has occurred to me a time or two, Kaya. It is obvious a number of people do just that .... at least the disappear part. It also is obvious people stop visiting your blog (meaning my blog), or least writing comments. I guess those who leave have their reason or reasons.

Right now, I suppose I am sort of like you. I am uncertain what to do with my blog. Right now, it is sort of a part-time blog. The only thing I know for certain is that I do not enjoy it like I originally did, but there are a few people I do not want to lose contact with entirely and the blogs are a good way to carry on a loose relationship or friendship.

As for you, I am glad you will continue to visit me no matter what you decide to do with Visual Impact. You are a fine photographer, and I imagine the primary question is whether or not you wish to share your world with others or simply to carry a camera for your personal enjoyment. Just remember, any form of art is at its best when shared with others and open for agreement or disagreement.

Thank you, Kaya, for sharing your thoughts and feelings with me.

P.S.... So, you cut off comments on your latest post. Here is what I would have left had comments been permitted:

Man, the guy looks rougher than I do and I am not so sure he was pleased about being photographed.

I believe you have said in the past that sometimes you ask your "targets" if it is all right to "shoot" them and sometimes you do not ask them. I hope you are careful. I ran into some ornery characters when I carried a newspaper camera.

It is a super photograph, and besides looking a bit rough, the guy looks cool. Good work, Kaya ....

Kaya said...

Fram, yes, you are correct that not many people are visiting my blog and writing comments. I am out of game "you write to me; I will write to you back." And if you are out of this game; don't expect much. I would still probably continue this game but fortunately I got closed to the street photographers and we talked a lot about this game, likes on Instagram, likes on Flickr, followers and other stuff. That's how all started, I began to cut on comments and eventually stop writing them at all.

I do care about people's expressions when I take pictures of them; but sometimes I try as much as I can to capture unpleasant surprise on their faces, annoyance and other negative emotions. I am not yet as good at that as some other street photographers but I am working on it.

Fram, sometimes I am asking myself why am I still reading your blog, writing comments? My answers varies from time to time but the idea is the same; I never lost interest to your writing and personality. You are one of kind!

Thank you about nice comment on my photo! Thank you for understanding me.

Best wishes.

Fram Actual said...

Yes, Kaya, and some people are so touchy that if you miss making a comment on their page because you are on holiday or ill or simply too tired to think, they will not leave a comment for you. It must be one-for-one -- never any variation in the pattern. Actually, I was thinking more of my own blog; you seem to have a fairly steady, reliable number of people who leave comments for you. At least, it appears that way to me.

What I find most curious are those who visit me regularly, but never, ever leave a comment. I guess they must enjoy anonymity even more than I do. I rarely explore the sea of blogs anymore, and it is even more rare that I become a follower unless someone has become one of mine. I suppose that simply is an extension of a comment for a comment = becoming a follower for you if you become a follower for me.

I have written in the past that one of the things I miss in life are the days of sitting in student unions as a college boy -- drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes and discussing/arguing/debating political systems/religion/philosophy and anything and everything under the sun. I had hoped to find that and to experience it again in a sense on the blogs, but it never really developed.

For that matter, such an exchange of ideas does not appear to exist on most college campuses these days. It seems most often the current college generation in many regions of the country follow party doctrine, much like the nihilists of the Nineteenth Century and the national socialists (usually referred to as Nazis) of the Twentieth Century. Fortunately, that is not so evident in Middle America. Whoops .... I am straying again ....

Back on topic: The point, for me, among photographers, for instance, is that posting a serious comment should mean posting a critical statement (remember, criticism is an opinion noting both the positive and the negative), rather than a simple sentence like: "Golly, gee, that is a great photo." But, of course, not all photographers are serious; most probably are simply having fun without hoping to expand their horizons.

I could keep going, but I will end it there for now. I do appreciate your presence, Kaya, and enjoy it even more when you take a few moments to write a comment. A debate is not always necessary, and a simple "hello" is nice if it means you read my words.

Thank you, for your complimentary thoughts, Kaya. I guess we all are one of a kind in a sense, but beyond than that, I like to think I am one among a certain kind or group who rather would stand and fall together than scatter and run among a mindless herd until tumbling into an abyss.

In a formal leadership assessment which once was conducted about me in regard to a promotion, the bottom line was this: "Everyone either loves him or hates him; there apparently is no middle ground." I took that as a compliment.

Thanks, again, for being here ....

P.S.... I am on the road this week ....

ANITA said...

I am on the road again hello.....there..

Good to see nice conversations in here..Interesting!If i should say something..I really dont care what people says on my blog..Of course its nice if someone puts a nice word..but all in all..I do the blog because i like it!!Ilike to have my things there..Its like a photo diary..

And visiting others..I do like!!Its nice to see what others do..Its nice to see..How they are..Some i really care about..

and most of all they inspire me!
Many times I have been alone..And i never forget those who was helpful to me..Even it was a internet connection..I have soo many good memories:)) it is all good!!I won the case i talked about ..remember the greedy man..So all is good..
We are practising spanish...maths..soon excam for Alex..

Other wise nothing new..But we enjoy every day in the sunshine

Hope all is well with you and family

Take care and see you soon

Fram Actual said...

I have been home for a few hours, and might fall asleep before I finish this note. I am joking, Anita, but I am tired and need sleep.

My trip was uneventful .... other than receiving a written warning from a highway patrolman for speeding. I was careless and caught, and that annoys me -- but, if ever necessary, at least I can prove exactly where I was at 17:58 on May 12, 2016. I still am joking, I guess .... but, still annoyed with myself, as well ....

Yes, Anita, I think you enjoy sharing your city and the countryside around it through your photography, and I am glad that you do because I enjoy seeing what you are seeing and walking, so to speak, in your footsteps. Your region of the world is historic and beautiful; your photographs of it are excellent both in an artistic manner and a technical sense. So, your blog visitors have every reason to compliment you on your skills and talent with a camera.

I am glad you won the dispute with your former landlord and pleased that the matter was resolved to your satisfaction. Congratulations. It seems life often is one problem after another, most of which should not at all be a problem.

Tell Alexander to study well and to work hard and, if he does, the world will be his in many ways. One of my progeny just completed his master's degree in environmental engineering. He has a job waiting for him in Denver, Colorado. But, to celebrate the completion of his studies, he and three fellow-graduates began a bicycle journey yesterday from Rapid City, South Dakota, across the Rocky Mountains to Seattle, Washington. Part of the journey will include segments of Canada, and they think their zig-zag route will cover about two-thousand miles.

My weather is more like late March than like mid-May, but that is fine. I need to sleep for a day or two before returning to life in the present.

Take care, Anita, and thank you, for your visit and for your words here and for the journeys you take me along with you through the photographs on your blog.

See you later, if not sooner .... hmmmm ....

ANITA said...

Hihhihhih!!See you later if not sooner!

I hope intensly you write a book or write soo good letters!!I mean..i have read alot but it is not often i read such words writtten with passion.

Its nice to hear about your family--i like that alot!!touring around i america on a bike--thats something!!Many of my collegues are in USA right now..Orlando,Florida Mexico..Wow..they travel soo much!!I want to go to America for a visit as well..Its very cheap tickests with Norwegian Airplane..

Me and Alex in New York Wow!!!

I am up early today..Having a black coffe at my balcony..such a warm weather and sunshine..also we have this Pinse..all the shops are closed for a weeek..and then its !7 mai..our National means alot of food shooping..Are all your shops closed on holidays??I think its very bad..specially for us workers..I should like shops (Food shops open 24 hours a day..)
About Alex..he is doing great..whats troubling me is that he is taking care of his father soo much !!Twice in the week he visit him cares for him and shop food ect ect.Iam afraid his schoolwork will be slow..with all this caring..I think i have raised him to be too kind..Well i dont now..he is 16 now and does what he wants..almost..

ok we will talk later!!May the gods of Åsgård be with you kind man:)))


Fram Actual said...

Inspiration for writing comes and goes like the wind through the air or the current through the water, Anita, and I doubt it ever will find me if it has not by this time. I think I have entered a contemplative period, although for what purpose and to what end I have no idea.

It would be nice to travel more -- for all of us. I mean real travel, leisurely, purely for pleasure and for learning. As for you and Alexander, you might want to consider a trip to North America -- New York City, perhaps -- as sort of a present when he completes a particular level of school. I really am unfamiliar with the Norwegian system of education, and I do not know if Alex is nearing the end of lower secondary or already has entered upper secondary, and what his plans are for the future. Anyway, the gift of travel is a good present for a child, in my opinion.

Staying with Alex, but moving on to his relationship with his father, it has been a long time since you mentioned his father's health/medical situation. Is he better or worse or ?? That situation, I assume, could have a lot to do with Alex wishing to help his father and to spend more time with him. I think the age Alex is at is a time when the presence of the right father-figure can make a great deal of difference in the direction a boy will take as he enters manhood. This relationship could be beneficial for both of them, provided the father gives the boy more than he takes from him. It is hard to say more without knowing more about their relationship. I wish you good fortune in this matter, Anita.

It would be nice if the gods of Asgard surrounded me; in the least, I hope they will watch my back for me.

The weather here continues to be cold for this time of year, with rain and gray skies. I will be slow to get a tan if this keeps up. My Sunday will be quiet, I think .... I hope your Sunday will be pleasant, Anita, with another peaceful morning on the balcony and black coffee and, maybe, sweet pastries.

Thank you, Anita, as always, for your presence and for your note. I enjoy your company, especially when it is sooner ....

Something special ....