Saturday, April 30, 2016

April must end with music .... 24 hours / 4

Anita asked me for more photographs. I offered her a few excuses why it is difficult for me to provide any at this time .... but, after a bit of thought, I decided to toss in this one. It is a "mate" to the photograph I used with my March 31 post, and, presumably, it is more recognizable than the one I used then, a month ago, taken inside Harry's Bar. Hmmmm .... a month ago, time flies, and, actually, both photographs are about six weeks old now. Anyway, I assume this photograph on this page, whether it is a few weeks old or not, will give you something to think about and, I hope, taunt you a bit ....

I really am laughing .... & a political comment
In most respects I am a political/fiscal/social conservative. The most notable exception to my conservative beliefs is in regard to environmental issues. There, I am more liberal (some might say radically so) than most progressives. Just do not bring up the "con job" of the century -- climate change -- as an environmental issue or I will laugh at you. Study history in terms of the climate, and you will understand what I mean and the realities of an ever-changing planet.
Since the beginning (of what ??), my thought has been that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump should be running as a team for the presidency / vice presidency of the United States. They are like two sides of a coin. Trump is as much of a conservative as a fairy tale frog is a prince. In reality, Clinton probably is more conservative fiscally and in terms of foreign policy than is Trump. By the way, come to think of it, actually Trump looks more like a lizard than a frog. Really. Look at his face closely.
So, to me, the presidential race is coming down to a choice between two liberals -- Clinton or Trump. My feeling is that conservative voters should stay at home on Election Day next November to demonstrate our dissatisfaction with the process.

Why not? If either of these two becomes our "commander in chief," we (conservatives) are going to lose big time as will the United States as a haven of freedom and equality. I might add that Trump appears to be the most rude, crude, disgusting individual I can imagine representing the United States on the world stage. The man constantly demonstrates that he is morally and ethically (as well as, on occasion, fiscally) bankrupt.
There is a move afoot among some of the big-money conservatives to run retired, Marine Corps four-star (a general) James Mattis on an independent ticket for the presidency. I suppose a man whose call-sign was "Chaos" and whose nicknames included the "Warrior Monk" and "Mad Dog Mattis" would frighten a few potential voters away (I am laughing), but I truly wish it would happen. Symbolic gestures do have real meaning and can initiate real action.
In a historical sense, this election year -- coming in tandem with the 2008 and 2012 elections of Barack Obama to the presidency -- is allowing me to more clearly understand how narcissistic, delusional demigods such as Benito Mussolini and Adolph Hitler came to power and to comprehend the manner of madness that erupted in France and carried Marie Antoinette to the guillotine in 1793: A great many people -- perhaps, all of us -- are simply more than a bit crazy barely beneath the surface .... you know, the old cliché about the veneer of civilization.

This year also might demonstrate the relevance of the Electoral College, an ingredient in the process established as a safeguard by the forefathers in 1787 and which, I doubt, most Americans even are aware of, much less understand. We shall see.

Ok .... enough for now and on to the music, this time ranging from fantasy of the sublime to chair dancing rock .... remember those words here from way, way back in 2009 ?? I am sure someone does .... she thought it meant I might be bound to a wheel chair !!
But first, I once knew ....
I once knew a girl, a Leo, a child of fire, who wished to live in Florence -- in Firenze. We almost made it there .... almost, but did not. We did not, perhaps, because I am a Pisces, a water man, and my dreams often are of Venice at the time of carnival. Sooner or later, maybe, she who is she and I will meet again somewhere at a place in between fire and water ....

A few words from the lyrics
of  "My My Hey Hey"
by Neil Young & Jeff Blackburn
My my, hey hey
Rock and roll is here to stay
It's better to burn out
Than to fade away
My my, hey hey.

Out of the blue and into the black
They give you this, but you pay for that
And once you're gone, you can never come back
When you're out of the blue and into the black.


ANITA said...

What agreat photo!!It reminds me of Venice!!Is it??

Very special and beautiful.

I did not know you are a Pisces!Do you belive in that?
As far as I know about the astroligy..Pisces are very feelingly!and they are often very in is a main thing for them..They also love music alot and is often a good music player

Its great to see you write again!Hope to see more from you

Pss..great music by Neil Young!


Fram Actual said...

I am still awake, Anita. Sleep eludes me these days .... or, at least, confuses me. I do not like to sleep. I never have. I do not like eating, either. Or, anyway, the time wasted spent doing it.

Yes, this photograph is Venice. I have been there twice, briefly, sort of for long weekends. I would like to go there some time for an extended stay during carnival season. That is one of my dreams/goals .... This photograph was taken on my birthday this year, but, unfortunately, carnival had come and long gone by then and will not return until next year.

I do believe that people often have characteristics associated with the astrological sign under which they were born. I do not believe in horoscopes or predictions based on astrology, but I have seen that most people have habits/talents/behavior patterns which match their astrological sign. Remember, William Shakespeare:

"There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

Genes and DNA are atop the throne of understanding and comprehending life, from my point of view, but there is much more which forms us and influences us. As for the tendencies of Pisces, again I turn to Shakespeare:

"Doubt thou the stars are fire;
Doubt that the sun doth move;
Doubt truth to be a liar;
But never doubt I love."

I probably will disappear for a while again, Anita. I only came out now to make some comments about the current political situation in the United States. Seeing events unfold almost seems like watching an alien invasion film from the 1950s, with Donald Trump from Mars and Hilliary Clinton from Venus battling to control the U.S. Treasury .... meanwhile, William Jefferson Clinton changes the sheets in the Lincoln Bedroom.

It is nearly five a.m. for me. I just finished eating left-over pizza with a couple of glasses of Riesling "Relax" wine. Good stuff. They probably will fight sleep, but I will try to find it anyway.

Good night, Anita. Thank you, for coming to visit me and for leaving a neat comment. See you when I wake up once again ....

Kaya said...

Hmm... You still didn't change your opinion about Trump, Fram?

You are so afraid of liberals that you put Trump in one pile with them. Too sad, Fram.

First, I was stunned by Donald Trump, then the more I listened to him I saw him in a very different light; without silly political correctness, open, frank and incredibly smart. Slightly obnoxious but who cares?

I am tired of politicians like Lying Ted and Fiorina and others. I am waiting for Indiana and hoping that Lying Ted with Fiorina would fail BIG TIME.

Don't try to write a long comment, Fram, trying to say that you are right and all what I wrote above wrong . Don't bother about it because Trump is a fighter and I have a tremendous respect about people who fight and stand by their values.

Take care.

A Cuban In London said...

Well, well, well... you disapear all of a sudden and then, well, you appear again. :-)

I'm pro-Clinton because she is the lesser of two evils. She has the personality of a cold wall in an abandoned amusement park on a rainy day, I'll give you that. But I like practical, pragmatic leaders with a fair (note, fair, not good), economic and fiscal strategy. Only time will tell.

Bad Company. Now, that is always a treat.

Thanks for the "appearance" and the music.

Greetings from London.

Fram Actual said...

Well, no, I will not write a lengthy response to your comment, Kaya, primarily because it left me sort of speechless. I am rather amazed at your opinion of Donald Trump. The more I see of him, the more he disgusts me in a personal sense and the more ignorant he appears to be in the context of foreign affairs.

Our political preferences emerge from our education, experiences and philosophical/religious beliefs, I would expect. And, beyond that, more and more I am coming to think genetic codes intermingled through millions of generations before our arrival create certain inevitabilities in who and what we have come to be in an individual sense.

Incidentally, I am not a fan of Ted Cruz, either, but I do prefer his stance on constitutional issues and assume he would govern by the letter of the law rather than by personal whim and fiat, as Barack Obama frequently has done and as Trump most surely would do. As for Trump being a fighter, that is a characteristic which can be used both for good and for evil, it has nothing to do with intellect and common sense and, in itself, should not be a particularly admirable trait.

If the election ends up being between Hillary Clinton and Trump, I would anticipate voting either for Clinton or not voting at all.

Anyway, I appreciate your visit and your words, Kaya, and I hope you will continue to come here and to express your thoughts.

Fram Actual said...

I am between disappearances, CiL.
Think of it that way.
In a few days,
I will be gone again,
for a while ....

I agree with you that between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Clinton would be the lesser of two evils. It might not even be a particularly negative presidency with her in the White House if the Republican Party can maintain control of the Senate and the House of Representatives. The only thing that frightens me about Clinton is who she would try to push through onto the Supreme Court. I am a rather strict constitutional constructionist and I do not believe in a "social engineering" court, such as has existed in recent years.

Thank you, CiL. It always is a pleasure to have you visit and write a comment for me. And, yes, rock on, Bad Company !! No matter who has been the front man, that band has been great over the years .... great sound; great songs ....

ANITA said...

Good afternoon!

First..about food..I think you need a good cooker!!hehe!somebody that makes you delicious cousin..from old food ,to experimental food!

And eat alone??Not a good habit!
the dinners should take place in a calm room
Talking to each others and enjoying good company!

I do love making food:)

But right now it is in my sons fav..its spaghetti con carne..spaghetti con not carne ect ect heheh and homemade steaks,,with homemade chips

And a good apple pie with cream and cooffe!

But..if i was alone..then it would be only noodles hahhaha

About the pisces..I once dated a pisc..Ohh yeah great love..but he was to a flirt man for me thats a scorpio

I found a more quiet man..not soo pretty but at last he did me no awake nights..wondering who he would dance with and so on..but thats a long time ago..Much water has run in the sea and I am wiser..

So you are a mysterious man.Went to -Venize and did not tell us!!

What a nice trip!!i hope you had some wonderful days!

Her its raining..not much spring weather..sometimes it snows as well..

Days go by working ,knitting ,reading and looking at good movies
As before i dont know much about politics

I think America goes for something they can stand behind..that looks good in the eyes of other countries..then the marionnets ,men behind the curtains will tell him /she what to do
Ok..So you will disapear again..A new travel??Tell us!!I am hungry for some travel posts..that includes a little bit of history as well

See you and have a nice day Fram!


Fram Actual said...

I enjoy quiet meals, too, Anita, and small, serene, and, sometimes, even formal gatherings. Everything depends upon mood and circumstance. My favorite New Year's Eve, for instance, was at a rather plush restaurant which was closed to all but about a dozen couples at a cost of a thousand dollars per couple. After a seven-course meal was concluded with strawberries in champagne, fireworks in the square below signaled in the new year. It was simple, yet elegant.

On the other hand, when I am alone, a frozen dinner will do just fine. No noodles, thank you.

I really am not taking any leisure/vacation/holiday trips, Anita. For a few years, I have had what often is described as an on-call position: If a regular employee is not available, I am contacted to see if I am available. It is sort of delivery/pickup work which requires personal/face-to-face recognition and verification. Very rarely has it involved a flight out of the country and, when it does, it almost always consists of flight to the destination one day, business the second day, return flight the third day. Only twice I recall that there have been more than three days involved, and those were in 2014.

How often have I written there is an advantage to living ten minutes from an international airport? I keep dropping hints about this, sometimes with occasional photographs, but no one seems to notice or, if someone does notice, bother to ask any questions. More often than not, these things take place right in the United States and usually involve one- or two-day flights or a driving distance of only a few hundred miles. No, it is just business, not pleasure, and with no time to be a tourist or a sight-seer. The pay is what I would call cigarette money back during my time as a smoker.

As for astrology, it is not science, but neither is it mere superstition. We all are creatures of a universe which is both inexplicable and logical in the same breath. Scorpio .... hmmmm .... that is a water sign, like Pisces ....

I have nice weather, cool, but sunny. I hope it lasts for a few days .... I need some time outdoors.

I hope your days are nice, too, Anita, in every way. Thank you. I am glad when you find your way here.

ANITA said...

So now i can go here every day..thats nice:)

You are a musterious man..who are you??Expensive dinners,work abroad,Talks calm and wise,a gentleman,have a pleasure for guns,i wonder i wonder..

Yes when you say live close to one..easy to travel!

Yes i am a scorpio.and a true scorpio.according to the signs.mysterious,dark,likes love,one man,ect ect..but i think every one is like that!

I have digged until some very old photoes when i was young..ohh my! those where the days my friend!

You are soo far away but I think of you and hope you do fine

Excuse me for bad spelling..English i have almost forgotten..i had an american pas yesterday..from Dakota,,ohh boy i was ,,hello..can you speak norwegian please,,how to say do you want a pee bottle??in a nice manner??hahahha

Ok we talk later..I wonder many times who that wolf is..


Fram Actual said...

Who am I, she asks ??

That is something I have written about with some frequency in past posts, Anita. I have written here, for instance, that I think I had experienced everything there is in life in one form or another by the time I was twenty-five, and that life since then has been largely repetition. I believe that to be an accurate statement.

When I was young, I wanted to experience everything there is in life so I could write about it. It did not take me long to realize that it is more fun (and less work) doing things than it is writing about doing them. I also learned quickly I did not have the patience to focus on writing .... and, perhaps, I did not have the talent, either.

Whatever .... I just kept moving and working wherever my instincts took me, and my writing in a professional sense mostly has been as a newspaper journalist, with an occasional magazine article. Hmmmm, come to think of it, also political position papers and speeches for a member of Congress and even a chapter in a book about operating a prison. Hmmmm .... I guess there have been a couple of occasions of being a ghost writer, too, like for a couple of memoirs. The last actual, fulltime, steady employment I had was for a newspaper, and I quit that in May 2009.

You might also recall I have previously mentioned that I tried teaching briefly, both at a high school level and at a university level; that I have done private security work/contracting in a few forms, which is what led to the current "on-call" sideline; that I worked for a state department of corrections and ran a prison for a couple of years.

You name it, I probably have done it, sometimes for only a few weeks, sometimes for a few years. There have been occasions when I have worked two or three jobs at the same time, not for the money, but to learn/discover/experience what it was like to do them .... to walk in other shoes, in a sense. In graduate school, for instance, besides being a student I worked full time as a college cop on the night shift, delivered appliances on Saturday mornings and worked as the guy in the cherry picker for a tree cutter most mornings.

That is a synopsis of me. To write more would be tedious (probably already is), but I will add that I always have preferred a degree of anonymity and would rather remain in the shadows -- behind the curtains -- than be in the spotlight. I have written about these things often in past posts -- I do not mind saying what I am, but there are only two people on the blogs who actually have known who I am.

As for expensive dinners, those are for special times with special people -- a night to remember forever, so to speak.

As for Scorpios, I assume I have met some, been around some, but no one whose birthday I know is a Scorpio -- at least until now .... meaning you.

You have me curious, Anita. Are you planning on posting any of the photographs which you mentioned from when you were young ??

Ordinarily, your English is just fine, but the one time you mention it -- in your comment today in context to your contact with an American from Dakota -- you lost me completely .... in case you want to try again.

Yes, Anita, this wolf is one you should know reasonably well by now. I am very open about most things, other than who I actually am .... which is the way I like it.

Take care, and I hope all is going well for you .... later, girl ....

Smareis said...

Olá Fram!

Desculpa pela ausência. Não tenho vindo te visitar e nem comentado em suas postagens porque estava mesmo ausente dos blogs. Ausente mesmo!
Tenho tentado escrever pra você mais não consigo enviar. Meus e-mails são todos devolvidos da sua caixa postal. Não se fui bloqueada no seu e-mail. Não sei porque não consigo enviar notas. Talvez possa me explicar.
Ando com bastantes saudades e estarei voltando a atualizar meu blog... Preciso dar uma arrumada por lá primeiro. Meu blog andou meio abandonado. Acho que até no domingo tenho alguma coisa por lá. Vamos ver.
Fram realmente não sei porque não me escreveu mais, espero que não ficou chateado comigo porque eu me ausentei dos blogs.

Não precisa desbloquear essa mensagem. Só escrevi aqui porque não consigo mais falar com você pelo e-mail.

P.S: estava vendo esse vídeo do scorpions e lembrei que gosta muito dessa banda.

Até qualquer hora Fram!

Até Fram!

Fram Actual said...

I remember this song from the Athens concert, a very different rendition there. I like your version better, Smareis.

Since it is my custom to respond to comments, I will do so now, but save the greater number of words for a more personal note to you to explain myself in recent weeks (months ??). In the meanwhile, be assured I would never block you from my email service. Your emails did not make it through because "snowgoose" is no more. He comes and he goes, and he had been present for quite a long time now .... he is on holiday for a while (figuratively speaking) and, most probably, will return again at a future date.

So, whether you or I or any of us drifting on the sea of blogs arrives, but does not choose to stay forever, we still can and still will find ways to communicate with each other if we wish and if destiny leads us in such a direction. I am glad to hear your voice again, Smareis, and I hope to hear it more often in the days ahead.

And, I hope all is well for you and for your family.

Here is a song for a night owl:

Smareis said...

Obrigada Fram pelo link. A coruja agradece. Gosto muito dessa banda e tantas outras de rock. Gostei dessa versão.

Scorpions voltara ao Brasil em setembro para uma série de apresentações. As apresentações acontecem nos dias 1º e 3. A turnê comemora 50 anos de carreira da banda e os mais de 100 milhões de álbuns vendidos no mundo todo.
Esse foi uma mega show aqui no Brasil.

Depois volto pra comentar suas atualizações. Preciso reler novamente com mais calma a segunda postagem.
Até mais Fram!
Boa noite!

Fram Actual said...

I did not realize you had returned and replied so quickly after I left a response to your comment, Smareis. I am sorry I missed you. I did not look at my blog today until a few minutes ago, and only then saw your note and your song.

"Still Loving You" is my favorite among all the Scorpion pieces. The song is absolutely wonderful, and no one could ever sing it as powerfully as Klaus Meine. He has to be among the top ten (even top five) voices of the rock era. I never have had the opportunity to see this band .... I guess the closest to it, in a sense, was seeing Rudy Schenker's brother and former Scorpion, Michael "Willy", when he and the McAuley Schenker Group came through here a bit more than a year ago.

Anyway, Smareis, right now I am listening to the Scorpions in Brazil performing "Still Loving You" .... thank you.

Please, do not feel obligated to leave comments for my posts that you missed when you were absent from the blogs. It is enough for me to know you came by and saw them and, hopefully, spent a few minutes with them.

All right .... I will write soon. Thank you, Smareis, for your presence here once again and for your words and music.

Something special ....