Saturday, March 5, 2016

Thoughts while in transtition .... 24 hours / 1

"The wreckage of a broken culture"

Ever since there were seventeen contenders to be the nominee of the Republican Party to become the forty-fifth president of the United States, I have been an ABT guy. Translated, ABT = Anyone but Trump.

Now I am not so sure, and here is why.

We are drawing to the end of having a narcissistic, socialist-leaning, my-way-or-the-highway mentality man who cares more about golf than about national security, who can lie (and, often does) with a straight face and who subverts the United States Constitution -- a document which was written and has existed at the immeasurable expense of the blood of thousands -- to fit his petty, personal, political agenda. Such has been the presidency of Barack Obama.

It has occurred to me -- me being me -- that why should I worry if this self-absorbed paragon of failed policies is replaced by a narcissistic, money-grubbing, my-way-or-the-eminent-domain-seizure mentality man who advocates carpet bombing as his primary solution to national security, who can lie (and, often does) with a straight face and who subverts religion and morality to fit his personal agenda? Such would be the presidency of Donald Trump.

What, perhaps, annoys me the most about Trump is that the typical twelve-year-old can speak with more eloquence and logic and common sense than he can, and that his idea of a detailed plan amounts to this: "I will make things better, trust me."

A part of me always has been an anarchist, so why should I care if the majority of Americans are content to allow "America the beautiful" to degenerate further until it crumbles in atop itself? As has been demonstrated again and again over the course of history, the veneer of civilization is easily penetrated and it usually disintegrates from within before being shattered by enemies from without.

Yes, why should I care? I would make out just fine in the midst of anarchy.

The "headline" for this piece -- "the wreckage of a broken culture" -- came from the "National Review," a conservative publication founded by William F. Buckley -- one of my "patron saints." I think when you put the presidency of Barack Obama and the candidacies of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders into the same basket, this headline pretty much says it all.

It has become a world of false prophets; of self-ordained messiahs; and mankind remains simmering in primeval muck. What one demigod has opened the door to, another will follow to build the crescendo until the glass which holds the waters of civilization shatters.

Actually, after all those words, I continue to be ABT. I am the type who falls on his sword rather than surrenders it to a man who walks, talks and behaves like a troglodyte .... I hope there are enough others who feel the same way.

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