Wednesday, March 16, 2016

As one year vanishes into the mists of time another year arrives to do to us as it pleases 24 hours / 2

The month of Martius

Hmmmm .... the twenty-four hour time period while the blog and this post were open passed rather uneventfully, and the days since it was closed have been quiet.
So, as an addendum to the original post (which consisted only of a "headline" and a song which I treasure), here are a few words to serve as an afterthought.

Happy Birthday, to .... to .... well, you probably know to whom or, in the least, can make a good guess .... including three Marines in my family (two on March 16) and to a few other family members and once-upon-a-time friends whose birthdays fall on other days during this merry month of March .... this month of Martius and Mars.

I believe March is the busiest month of birthdays in my circle. I might add that I have progeny in Stockholm (participating in an art exhibition) and another fresh out of Morocco and now in Brussels (sort of a tourist) at this very moment, so I am beginning to think I am not the strangest one in my circle. It must be something in the blood.

Whatever .... it is late and I need sleep .... I will open the blog for another few hours (out of curiosity) and close these thoughts with a notable line from a cowboy film: "If you want to call me that, smile!"

A reflection: From knowledge and belief come opinions and codes of conduct. All these things are branches on our "individual trees." The actual determinants of who and what we are are rooted in genetic codes which, for the present, are strictly formulated by accident of birth. In other words, we do not actually have the "free thought" we think we do.

We were all born too early in one sense .... in a few hundred years, maybe fewer, our descendants probably will be genetically coded to think and to act the same. This certainly will happen unless "authentic existence individualism" can withstand and survive the attacks of socialistic, narcissistic centrists.

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