Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Veterans Day : What difference does it make?

To those who know the difference

November 11, 2015
Veterans Day
Armistice Day
Remembrance Day

Today -- November 11 -- is Veterans Day in the United States. It is observed in many countries throughout the world, sometimes called Remembrance Day or Armistice Day, as a time to pause and give thanks to those who have served in the military formations of their nations. It came about gradually, beginning in 1919, to commemorate those who fought in World War I.

Today -- from my perspective -- I think it is appropriate to pause beyond the usual elements of Veterans Day and add a specific salute to the four men who were killed and to the at least eight other Americans who were wounded, some most severely, in defense of the U.S. Special Mission Compound and a CIA Annex in Benghazi, Libya, on September 11-12, 2012.

The four men killed were Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, Information Officer Sean Smith and two CIA contractors, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, both former Navy SEALs. The names of those wounded as well as other participants generally remain shrouded in secrecy, but three who were there and fought did come forward for a joint interview with Bret Baier of Fox News. Those three were Kris "Tanto" Paronto, Mark "Oz" Geist and John "Tig" Tiegen.

The first video is of that interview. (Yes, I know the words "Fox News" frighten some people -- mostly people who are afraid to listen to anyone who has opinions differing from their own.) It is an important interview because it is with three men who actually were on the ground at Benghazi during the attack, one of whom was seriously wounded, and who all were on the roof of the CIA Annex when and where Doherty and Woods were killed by mortar fire.

So, if you are afraid to watch the interview or choose to believe the fairy tale versions coming from Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, who were fast asleep (or whatever) while these three men were fighting for their lives and their comrades were dying, well, then, I think you are part of the problem rather than part of the solution. Obama, you might recall, really said nothing the next morning and flew off to a fund raiser for the Democrat Party in Las Vegas. Absolutely disgraceful, in my view.

There are those who will think it inappropriate to rebuff and to rebuke Obama and Clinton in a post which ostensibly is meant to honor military veterans on Veterans Day. My point is that calling out self-serving politicians who are habitual liars is part of the process to ensure those who fought honorably for their nations receive the recognition they are due and are not relegated to "burial" in an entanglement of bureaucratic deceit.

These men who fought for their country, these men who died defending the U.S., most certainly deserve more than a secretary of state who hopes to be president shouting out, "What difference does it make?" when it comes to the difference between the truth and a lie.

Whatever you feel, do not be afraid to learn and to think for yourself. Life is being brave enough to walk your own path, rather than following the footsteps of others.

The second video is a clip from a film entitled, "13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi." It is scheduled to be released on January 15, 2016. I wish the date could be sooner. It is billed as, "The true story of the terrorist attacks on the U.S. Special Mission Compound and the CIA Annex in Benghazi on the eleventh anniversary of 9/11 through firsthand accounts." Whether a Hollywood film can achieve the stated claim of its makers, obviously, will remain unknown until its actual release.

I hope you watch the videos, especially the interview. Semper Fidelis, baby ....

"What difference at this point does it make?"


ANITA said...

Nice you share this Fram!Its a good post

Greetings Anita

Sorry cant read all of the post..Iam down with the flu..

Fram Actual said...

Well, first of all, thank you, Anita. I am glad you stopped by and took the time to write a comment.

Next, I hope your bout with the flu is over quickly.

Finally, I do not know how well you understand spoken English, but when you are feeling better the two videos are well worth watching, especially the interview with three CIA contractors who fought at Benghazi. And, I know you love films, so you can make a note to see, "13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi," when it is released in January. It probably will be available through other mediums, such as cable and DVD, soon after that.

Thank you again, Anita, and get well soon.

Kaya said...

Very passionate and emotional post, Fram!

What struck me the most that you mentioned that there are many of self-serving politicians including Madam ( Hillary Clinton). That is so true. The more I watch political debates the more I think about the ambitions and the huge ego.

I like your words about life and being brave to walk your own path. It's the most difficult thing is to be fearlessly yourself and do what you think is right for you and not for someone else.

And it's appropriate to rebuke Obama and Madam ( Clinton) in this post because it's about our future. You are concerned, Fram and so do I.

I have a question. What do you think about Ron Paul? The more I listen to him the more I like him. Very bright and very interesting. He is an ultra conservative. As I understood correctly republicans a little bit concerned about it. Most recently republicans nominated not ultra conservative candidates and lost.
Just thoughts...

Have a peaceful evening, Fram.

Kaya said...

I watched the trailer "13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi" you posted in this post. January 2016... Not so far. I will wait when it will be released. Are you going to write some day about it more, Fram?

ANITA said...

Goodmorning Fram!!Thank you I am a little better!

about the movie yes I will take a look at the trailer-

Right now i am stuck with Narcos.

Pablo Escobar.

Plata!o Plumo!

Mostly to not forget Spanish..but also my friend in Bergen footballclub..Alex, Brann, is from Bogota(He hate his town and country sooo much he even dont want to talk about it!)

I am sorry I can not discuss your politics Fram!I dont understand it

Here we are seriously concerned about Mullah Krekar!The Italians wants him now:))Well let him go I say!

Wish you a happy friday my friend!

Fram Actual said...

I do not know how to write a response to your first comment in less than ten thousand words, Kaya, but I will try by keeping most of my thoughts/opinions/beliefs regarding Hillary Clinton and her husband, William Jefferson Clinton, and their buddy, Barack Hussein Obama, to "sort of" a minimum.

To begin, there is a code among many in the military and near the top of the list in the Marine Corps that no one is ever left behind. Not even the dead. The first instinct of every Marine I have ever known is to run toward the sound of the gunfire, not away from it. This is not the case in all branches of the military, but it is among most who are or have been Marines.

This is why what happened in Benghazi is such a betrayal of both national and personal honor. Every United States aircraft in Africa and Europe should have been on its way -- every U.S. ship in the Mediterranean Sea should have been on its way -- every U.S. infantry reaction team in Africa and Europe should have been on its way .... each and every one of them on its way to Benghazi at the first radio call that the Special Mission Compound was under attack. This is speaking both literally and figuratively in a sense, but not even to try to save those under fire is just plain cowardice, incompetence and criminality rolled into one.

It is not just Benghazi, but a number of factors which cause me to believe Barack Obama is turning the United States into shambles in many ways and is unfit for office. Intelligence and wisdom are not synonymous. Hundreds of thousands are dying around the world because of Obama's incompetence. His beliefs, methods, philosophies, goals have created a virtual plague. And, Ms. Clinton calls his policies a success.

As for Ms. Clinton, she certainly was somewhere between ineffective and incompetent as secretary of state, and only a fool would vote for her for president. Unfortunately, fools often are in the majority. By the way, I am no hard line Republican. I voted for her husband, Wild Bill, the first time around. That vote was a mistake, and I did not make it twice.

Switching to the other side in answer to your question, a year ago I was ready to send cash to and vote for Rand Paul, but I have come to think he is not the right man for the times, largely because of his stance on the military and his near-isolationist position. He considers himself a Libertarian. Things really are in turmoil at the moment, so it is too early to pick a favorite among Republicans, and the Democrats have no viable candidates -- only three losers in the race.

Well, I will stop now for this segment of my response to your pair of comments. Thank you, Kaya. It is most enjoyable when someone takes the time to write a thoughtful comment to one of my posts. It used to happen often, but rarely does these days. Hmmmm ....

Also, if you have about fifty minutes to burn some day, watch the interview with the three CIA contractors who were at Benghazi and fought there, one of whom was severely wounded, and who all have retired to more peaceful lives -- two in Colorado and one in Nebraska. These are typical American guys in traditional ways, but a dying breed in the cut and run world envisioned by Obama and Clinton.

My thoughts here are spontaneous -- and still emotional -- and not well organized, but that is me at the moment. No doubt, I will have more words about this another day ....

Fram Actual said...

Two comments, so two answers from me this time, Kaya.

I am not certain I will write more about this film, "13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi." I will see it, for sure, probably the first week it appears (barring the unforeseen), but whether I write more or not depends upon my opinions/thoughts after the fact.

This might sound strange and silly, but in my evaluations I weigh numerous elements to the reality aspects of films which are actually based on reality. The actors, for instance, to me must be more than actors. They must present characters believable not only to the personalities of the real-life people they are portraying, but also to the attitudes/beliefs/talents of the real-life people they are portraying. (Did that make sense ??)

As an example, James Badge Dale plays a real-life, lead character, Tyrone Woods, who was killed at Benghazi. Dale portrayed a real-life Marine who later became a newspaper reporter and noted author, Robert Leckie, in a HBO miniseries about the Marine Corps during World War II entitled, "The Pacific." Having been in the Marine Corps and having read probably everything in book form written by Leckie, I thought Dale did a lousy job portraying him. Dale was not believable in that case. He really needs to up his performance a few notches for me to "believe" he is Tyrone Woods.

Yes, I know. I often am too serious and frequently overcomplicate things, but part of my newspaper work once upon a time involved writing film and book reviews, and I will never escape the belief that a film or a novel based on reality must come across as reality to those who have been there and done that if it truly is to be an artistic success.

Anyway, this has been the long way of saying if "13 Hours ...." comes off as an artistic success in my eyes, I probably will write more about it. That means, first and foremost, the actors must be believable in their roles as top-of-the-line combat operatives -- plus no bent or warped history, and a dozen other requirements. And, I have been in Libya, so I have a sense of the place and can envision many elements of the events in the film; since it was shot in Malta and Morocco, this should at least give it the right flavor.

Thank you again, Kaya. I have enjoyed our conversation this evening.

Fram Actual said...

I am not sure how to reply to your comment, Anita. I do not keep up with narcotics operations between Columbia (or elsewhere) and the United States, so I have not been watching any internet programs in that regard. I suppose we watch what is relevant and current in our own countries, so I understand why you are not up to date on politics or political figures in the U.S.

In that sense, I have heard of Norway's Mullah Krekar, but not paid any particular attention to him. I could offer some suggestions regarding how to handle him, but I doubt the government of Norway would be interested.

Which reminds me, Norway seems very alien to me in a political and a social sense. It is interesting to contemplate the variations between those who left Norway to come to places like the U.S. and Canada and those who stayed behind in Norway. There are theories about that, you know. The topic might make an interesting post.

As a side note to your remark about your friend, I feel sorry for anyone who hates their own country. Some places are better than others and it is always cool and neat and fun to be an expatriate, but no matter where a person chooses to reside, a part of anyone and everyone (I think) always has (or should have) affection for the place of his origin.

When I suggested watching a video, I meant the first video, Anita, the one which is an interview with three CIA contractors who were at Benghazi. It lasts nearly fifty minutes .... but, on second thought, it probably is of little interest to anyone in Norway. Hmmmm .... at times I say I need to re-evaluate my blog. This is another reason.

Yes, Anita. I hope your Friday and your weekend are good to you and for you. It is after three-thirty in the morning for me, and time to get some sleep .... good night ....

P.S. I have seen some interesting archaeological news coming from Cyprus recently .... it is a tempting island.

ANITA said...

Ohh yes dahling Cypruz§§§§I really wanne go there!!There is a tour in Christmas in Pafos..Afrodithes birth place)(Summer is already booked)I really wanne go..But then its Christmas and Alex dont care about warmth and sun in Christmas..But for me..When iam single..I will never..spend alot of holidays here in Norway..
I like all you posts..Sometimes i can not read all of them..But you know..I am here..Its like having breakfast..Sometimes you do..Sometimes you do not..But all in all you eat

Ok..I am out to buy my new Canadian Goose jacket..Its beginning to be frosty here in my place..Have a good day My friend:))

Fram Actual said...

Ah, yes .... Cyprus. It is easy to know where your daydreams reside, Anita. You could play at the beach while, maybe, the archaeologists would allow me to hang around with them for a while. A tomb complex is being excavated at what was Soloi, near present-day Morphou, and a Roman theater is being mapped at Nea Paphos -- hmmmm .... it seems to me you mentioned that location .... something to do with Aphrodite. Either site would be fine by me.

But, Cyprus is sort of close to the shooting at the moment, is it not ?? But again, I guess every place is a bit close to the shooting these days.

Well, I hope you had success shopping for a new goose down jacket. It seems like most of my coats/jackets come as gifts, but a few weeks ago I actually bought two all by myself !! They are designed for hunting -- one for autumn and one for winter. I do not hunt these days, but I am always prepared to hunt if the need should arise. I think I will buy a third coat, too .... I need a new topcoat.

I do appreciate your presence at my blog, Anita. You certainly can believe that.

Now, it is time to watch the debate among the three Democrats who seek to be president.

A Cuban In London said...

Well, I will piggy-back on your post to remember, not just those who died in the First World War for the freedom I now enjoy (even if I wasn't born here) but also to honour those who defend that freedom through our daily actions, i.e., not wearing a poppy, but instead doing things that would make those veterans proud.

I belong to that group who distrusts some politicians, but not ALL politicians. I have made my feelings known about the Obama/Clinton cabal. I would have voted for Obama twice if given the opportunity to do so, not because I am a blind, stupid man led by the hand and incapable of making my own decisions, but because the opposition he faced (from my outsider's vantage point, I hasten to add), was far more terrifying. Imagine Palin dealing with Libya. She would have had to find the country on the map first. In fact, she would have had to buy a map first. I doubt she ever came close to one when younger. At the same time I don't think Obama has been the powerful force he marketed himself as. As for Clinton, the jury's still out. If she does get elected to the White House, you guys will have had a Bush, Clinton, Bush, Interregnum, Clinton dynasty/monarchy. What did you guys use to say about the "American Dream" again?

I will also use your post to mourn the lives of those people killed in Paris on Friday. Terror has no face and believes in no race, creed, colour, sex orientation. It believes in nothing. That is why it is so difficult to fight it and even to beat it. We value life. By we, I mean those of us who enjoy those hard-fought and hard-earned freedoms our forebears battled for. When people ask me why I vote, I answer with a question: why on earth not?

I know I have diverted from your main point and have gone off on all kinds of tangents but I am one of those who believes in freedom: of speech, of movement, of conscience, of sexuality, of gender. That freedom will always be relative (I'm not an idiot!) and it comes at a price. We are paying that price that now, sadly.

Anyway, I did watch a bit of the trailer (no, I don't like Fox News. I've got enough with The Daily Mail, or Daily Hate as some of us call it, The Sun and other rightwing publications) and I felt manipulated from the word go. Then, again that's me and you are you. Two different human beings.

Your post is a good post, by the way. We sit on opposite sides of the political spectrum but like you said, if we don't listen to people we disagree with we create a culture of self-righteousness. As you well know, because we have been blog-mates for quite a few years now, I have very strong feelings about my own side and the patronising tone it adopts occasionally.

Have a great week.

Greetings from London.

Fram Actual said...

I need a good night's sleep and a day to absorb all that is in your comment, CiL. The depth of it took me off guard and, beyond that, the weather will turn from fabulous today to rain and more rain during the next few days so, consequently, I spent much of today working outdoors in preparation for the ice and snow which cannot be far away. I am tired, body and mind, and both need a bit of rest before continuing with a reply for you .... which I will on my Monday .... thank you, for a super comment ....

ANITA said...

Godmorning from a sleepy owl.Have been nightworking so no visits to you.

About Cypruz..Yes its strange no Asylum Seekers is coming to the island..May be it has something to do with the strong Russian mafia down there? I really dont know..But i am not afraid to take a flight down there..
Iam glad you bought your self a jacketYou need it up in Minnesota.I remember very well when my father came from work in Canada.He always had with him some lumber jackets to me.He also wanted me sooo much to be a boy..So I also got two pair of toy guns to put around my legswith a gunbelt..Hahaha ..You imagine me playing with those like Clint Eastwood..
Well Fram i hope your day will be pleasant.Here its raining hard.Take care and see you soon
Regards Anita

Fram Actual said...

Now that I have had a reasonably good night of sleep, I am returning to your comment, CiL. Here goes ....

I do not vote in every election or always in every race during an election cycle. Such was the case in 2008. Someone once said of John McCain, "He has never seen a war he didn't like." I think that describes him perfectly. He was a leading advocate for the United States becoming involved in the Libya action which led to the downfall of Muammar Gaddafi, for instance, standing right alongside Hillary Clinton and her boss, Barack Obama. I could write a few pages about McCain. To me, that race was the choice between a fool, McCain, and an inexperienced huckster, Obama = two losers.

McCain also demonstrated his essential lack of wisdom by bringing in Sarah Palin as his running mate. It was a political decision, which proved to be a dumb decision.

I disagree that the jury is out on Clinton. She has been front and center in American politics for twenty-five years. Her viewpoints, beliefs and history are like the open pages of a book. Her primary marketing point is that she is a woman, and that it is time for the U.S. to have a woman president. It is time for a lot of things, but that does not make her right for the job -- especially in these troubled times. By the way, I did vote for "dear old Bubba" the first time around rather than for the re-election of Bush the Elder. It took me about six months to regret that choice, and the picture of a man with his dismal morality in the White House again is very disturbing.

Which moves us on to her role in Benghazi. I will not try to review every aspect of that, but I would say that it is well established she was part of a cover-up to facilitate a successful image of Obama in the midst of his re-election efforts in a race just two months from election day. She also has been caught wrapped up in lies on other issues, a trait which does not seem to bother her followers.

When you say "trailer," I do not know if you mean the film trailer, which is about a Hollywood motion picture still two months away from release, and really has no relevance (yet), or the Fox News interview with three CIA contractors who fought at Benghazi. That is the full interview, minus commercials, as opposed to a trailer.

Anyway, Fox News is seventy-five percent hack journalists and twenty-five percent legitimate journalists, just like every other cable network. And, Fox leans right, just as the others lean left. The point of the interview with the CIA contractors is to form a judgment on who is telling the truth about the Benghazi incident -- three men who actually fought there and were side-by-side with two of the four men killed there, or Obama and his political subalterns wrapped up in his re-election campaign. Even for those who have not followed this incident in detail, it is clear who has something to lose by lying and those who do not.

I just listened to Obama speak for about a half-hour on the matter of ISIS at the G20 summit in Turkey. As usual, he talked and talked and talked, and really said nothing. The issue is not complicated; it is a matter of kill or be killed. Obama is a salesman, a conman who thinks he can talk and charm his way out of any situation; he continually demonstrates that he is not at all equipped emotionally or intellectually to be a world leader. And, to replace him with Clinton would be a recipe for disaster. (Or with Donald Trump or Ben Carson, for that matter.)

I think it is easy for us to talk. The point is that while feelings, opinions and debate can be intense at times among political and philosophical opponents, there is no reason for them to be unfriendly or demeaning. Neighbors need to learn to get along, which most of us can do and really have no problem doing. It is only when a neighbor expects others to live in lockstep with his views that a problem arises.

So, CiL, Happy Birthday once more. I hope your week will be good to you and for you. Thank you, as always, for your presence and your words.

Fram Actual said...

We both have rain, Anita. It is supposed to last at least three days for me. It could be snow this time of the year, so I suppose I am lucky.

You have mentioned Canada before, but you did not ever actually live there, did you? Many Norwegians emigrated to Canada as well as to the United States, so you have me curious about your connection to that country.

I know more about Cyprus in a historical/archaeological sense than in a present-day sense. I was not aware of any Russian mafia connection. That is interesting. You have made me curious.

Well, do not work too hard, Anita. Thank you, for your return to my blog and your note here for me. Yes, you take care, too, and see you soon, gunslinger ....

Something special ....