Saturday, June 13, 2015

This is a prelude & sort of a tease

But who is Scaramouche?
And why does he hide his face behind a mask?

We're all out of our minds, haven't you observed it?

A dagger in the form of a prelude ....
or, vice versa

I have written before that Rafael Sabatini's 1921 book, "Scaramouche," is among my favorite novels and that the film version from 1952 is among my favorite motion pictures from that era. I have been listening to the soundtrack from that film off and on for the past few days, and decided I wanted to post it.
So, here is Victor Young's most enchanting musical suite for and from the film, "Scaramouche." Listen, at least, if you do not have the patience to hear it all in its entirety, to the brief few seconds between 15:00 and 16:30, most particularly from 15:50 to 16:30. If that forty-second refrain does not melt your heart, I do not think you have one. It strikes me like a dagger .... and, I know of what I speak ....

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