Tuesday, June 23, 2015

My voice is as the wind amidst ghosts

I tried to fly to the moon a few nights ago, but it was just a bit too far. This is as close as I came before I turned back toward home. Pretty nice shot, hah ?? I went because I wanted to see what was on the dark side of the moon -- to discover if it might be darker than the dark side of my soul. I probably never will learn the answer now. All things might be possible, but the time must be right for them to be. I suppose I am fortunate that I did not attempt to reach the sun. Although, like the dark, I am curious to know if the bright side of my soul (Dare I say the enlightened side ??) is as bright as is the sun, had I come so near to the sun as I did to the moon, the wax securing my wings might have melted and I would have been in real trouble. Turning to the music, I am putting up three more songs from The Killers. I sometimes use a band a few times and sometimes use a song or a variation of it by a different band a few times, but this is the first time I have run songs by the same band in posts only a few days apart. Hmmmm .... so what, I ask myself ?? I guess I am fascinated by the band's sound and, especially, at the moment, by its lyrics. It probably is the best musical poetry since Bobby Zimmerman was a student skipping classes at the University of Minnesota and dreaming about New York City. In reference to one of the songs (I am confident you will figure this out if you listen to the music), it could be he does look a bit like Jesus, except for the Colt Lightning in the back pocket of his jeans.

More of the same from me

This post will be liked by few and rejected by many, I would guess.

The point of this post is a continuation of the proposition that there is an incalculable number of genetically varied hominoid beings (Homo sapien sapiens) inhabiting the earth at this moment. Simply put, just as there are many similarities among them (us), there are many genetic abstractions to compound the more obvious differences such as intelligence, physical talent and emotional stability:

No one key can unlock all the doors -- except, maybe, in the future, genetic engineering will flower and be accepted, and the genome of individuals will not only be mapped, but be manipulated.

 And yet, today, some politically indoctrinated, narcissistic pied piper thinks a smile, a hug, a few government handout dollars and a pharisaical ideology will "convert" all these genetic variations into one idolatrous, drug-induced, educationally-mesmerized, happy family. Dream on .... uffff ....

I recently heard a well-known television commentator say that he thought the world was going to explode within a few years. He did not mean literally as from a nuclear holocaust, but, rather, a worldwide social and economic collapse brought about through dozens of brushfire wars created by raving, religious zealots intent upon the destruction of any and all who reject their narrow vision of our existence and permitted to happen through the impotence of worshippers of political correctness, utopian fantasies and socialistic policies.

I think this television commentator was correct in his analysis. I am not sure if this murderous metamorphosis will happen this year or next, but I think it probably will happen before the decade ends if another mirror-mirror-on-the-wall fool in love with himself (or herself) is elected president of the United States.

To look at history (simply look, not even study) is to see that evolution remains the constant force of life on earth and that not only the strongest individuals survive and prosper, but that the nations with the strongest leaders and most resolute citizenry are those which not only survive, but prosper.

History demonstrates that nations and even civilizations, like people, come and go -- rise and fall. While it is too soon to see the dominate forces a few decades from now, it is clearly evident that the United States and Western-style democracies are on a downward spiral. The dangers, of course, are not only from external forces such as Islamic extremists, but also from internal, entitlement ideologues who believe they are something special and are out to prove that they know what is best not only for themselves, but for everyone else.

 Not long ago, there was a popular bumper sticker which read: "He who dies with the most toys wins."

Really, that is true, but most people have no idea what it represents below the surface. And, contrary to the ideology (pathology) of Mr. President Barack Hussein Obama, golf clubs and basketballs are not part of the equation.

Just another piece of the puzzle

MUNICH, GERMANY — Analysis of DNA obtained from a 40,000-year-old jawbone from Romania's Oase Cave -- one of the earliest modern-human fossils found in Europe -- indicates that five to eleven percent of the man's genome came from a Neanderthal ancestor. "The data from the jawbone imply that humans mixed with Neanderthals not just in the Middle East but in Europe as well," researcher Qiaomei Fu said in a press release.

The international team of scientists, including researchers from the Emil Racoviţă Institute of Speleology, the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Harvard Medical School, and Beijing's Key Laboratory of Vertebrate Evolution and Human Origins, estimates that the man's exceptionally large segments of inherited Neanderthal DNA, which shorten with each generation, came from a Neanderthal ancestor in the previous four to six generations.

"Interestingly, the Oase individual does not seem to have any direct descendants in Europe today. It may be that he was part of an early migration of modern humans to Europe that interacted closely with Neanderthals but eventually became extinct," added David Reich, who coordinated the population genetic analyses of the study.


ANITA said...

So you have a busy week my friend!

You clarly should be a teacher!!Much info stuff in this particular

But i really dont understand it..Sorry


Anyway.What do you think of the blogs?

Boring Frustating Observing Reading .Pictures.Destructive Happiness Joy..May be even a little internet love..Yes everything one can find on the internet.Only one thing one can not find find is reality..I think
Best wishes
Your friends in Norway Anitas


Fram Actual said...

Among other things, I have been a teacher, Anita, two years English and history at high school level and a year of journalism at the University of South Dakota. I could list a few other things at which I have been an instructor, and probably have mentioned some in past posts. I prefer being a student to a teacher. Thank you, though. I will take your remark as a compliment.

Unless the jump from Norwegian to English was causing difficulty, you could understand what I have been writing about if you wanted to spend the time on it, Anita. It is not complicated and it simply is knowledge about genetic science and anthropology emerging more rapidly than it has in the past.

The other part is philosophical and political disagreement with our socialist president, who is too cowardly and too self-centered to, put most simply, stand on his own two legs like a man.

As for the blogs, I literally have stopped roaming them. If someone comes along and becomes my follower, I go to their blog and join. Otherwise, I do not wander or search or explore what is beyond those who currently follow me and those who I currently follow. I have been this way for a few years. It mostly is because I do not want to spend/devote the time I once did to the blogs.

Also, I miss some who have disappeared from the blogs just as I miss some from places I have lived and worked in this so-called "real world" -- which I am not at all certain is any more real than the blogs.

Most things seem phony these days -- television and all forms of entertainment shows, politicians especially and, in the United States, college and university teachers. Those who doubt there are wars coming in the not too distant future are fooling themselves. This was part of my last post. Tens of thousands of Muslims and Christians are being killed in the Mideast while the U.S. and European leadership worries about French cartoonists.

I agree with what you said about the blogs, but, here on my blog, and some others, there is reality. For many, the blogs are a hobby. For some, it is part of their work, their business. For me, it began as a search for wife No. 3 -- or, in the least, a companion. I could write much more about this, but it is very late here for me.

My dilemma seems to be whether I should retire from the world or not. It is difficult for some of us not to go on fighting even when it has become clear everything in life is futile and temporary: Nothing or no one lasts forever, and revisionists are always trying to rewrite history to suit their puny agendas.

I believe this comment from you is one of the best you have written for me. You are thinking, searching, wondering, and expressing it openly in your comment. You are looking for real answers, too, it seems. Well, I think you need to roll the dice like I am doing, and see where the numbers come up. That is not a good answer, but the best I have at this point in time.

I once had an English professor who was from Virginia and spoke with a Southern accent. His wife's name was Anita, and, with his accent, the way her name came out of his mouth was "Aniter." I loved his classes, and listening to him read poetry and the works of Homer.

So, goodnight, Aniter .... thank you, for being here this evening (hmmmm .... this morning).

ANITA said...

Thanks to you Fram!Indeed i will read your post more carefully..also show it to Alexander..Cause you write interesting stuff..He is also very concerned about the worlds future..As he says to me" Mam..We can not hide from Is.Because they are everywhere in our daily life"..infiltrated..God knows where it will all end..

Ok enough about the worlds pain..Are you going on a summer holiday soon?
Wish you all good and see you soon!

Best wishes Anitas


A Cuban In London said...

"And if the cloud bursts, thunder in your ear
You shout and no one seems to hear.
And if the band you're in starts playing different tunes
I'll see you on the dark side of the moon."

See you there, buddy. :-)

Greetings from London.

Fram Actual said...

I will try to avoid "bad news" in this comment, Anita, other than to say evil cannot be hidden from or run away from .... it must be faced and fought, or it will overrun the earth.

Going back to anthropology and genetic studies for a moment, I read in my morning newspaper (although it was afternoon before I read it .... very, very late night) that a five-part science series entitled, "First Peoples," begins on the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) this week. To quote the newspaper article:

"It underscores just how radically the field has changed in the past few decades and even the past few weeks, primarily because of the applications of genetics to the old-school techniques of digging up bones and spear points. And it leaves you with the distinct impression that the new DNA-based gospel may well be rendered obsolete by some breakthrough or technique twenty years hence."

I look forward to watching the series, and think it will support my growing belief that we continue to stem not just from many branches on a single tree, but from a multitude of diverse trees.

As for a summer holiday .... no plans. All along during the past few months, I have been hoping to either pack up, pick up and move this summer, or, failing that, to have an extended trip in the autumn .... maybe sometime in October through to the end of the year. We shall see.

Thank you, Anita. I am glad you came again.

Fram Actual said...

Well, my brain is not damaged to the extent I did not hear familiar voices singing in the distance, CiL. I once was interested in a young lady who was a particular fan of Roger Waters, and I made it a point to listen intently and often to the music of Pink Floyd.

I wonder if the Russians or Richard Branson or the ghost of Jules Verne will make possible commercial flights to the moon before I cash in my chips. It would be a ride to remember, especially if it went to the dark side.

Thank you, CiL. It was nice to see you here.

Something special ....