Thursday, May 7, 2015

Some thoughts about Democrats

Not many actually walk the walk
While most of America seems to have made up its mind that Hillary Clinton will be the nominee of the Democrat Party (or, is it Democratic Party ?? .... the proper term is frequently argued) to become the next president of the United States, I watch the clouds drift by and wonder why:

Why no other Democrat contenders have the courage to challenge her; why anyone actually would want her to be president; why voters actually would think she is qualified for the position during these harsh and hard times in which we live.
Beyond that, my own feeling is that she, essentially, is nearly as morally bankrupt as is her husband -- you remember him? William Jefferson Clinton, the last of the millionaire, sex-crazed playboys who once was president of the U.S. That is being a bit facetious, but that Ms. Clinton is an invertebrate liar and lacks character, there can be no doubt.
No, I would not suggest Senator Elizabeth Warren, who falsely claimed Native American ancestry on an application form at Harvard University. Skeptics think she did it to gain hiring points through minority status; she said she thought it was true because her "parents told her."
No, I would not suggest Senator Bernie Sanders, a Vermont Independent who caucuses with the Democrats and who describes himself as a democratic socialist.
No, I would not suggest former governor of Maryland, Martin O'Malley, although, to me, he seems more qualified than Clinton, Warren or Sanders.
No, I would not suggest Vice President Joseph Biden. If I have to explain Biden, you, not me, need to catch up on current events. Although, I would very much like to see him named the U.S. ambassador to Russia when his term as vice president expires. I think he might drive Vladimir Putin crazy, and, almost certainly, the two would spend their days challenging each other to arm wrestling and vodka drinking contests .... thereby making the world a much safer place in more ways than one.
If I were a Democrat (and, please do not assume I am a Republican), the one person I would strongly consider voting for among this motley crew to become the next president of the U.S. is James Webb.
Webb is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy; a Marine Corps combat officer and winner of a Silver Star, two Bronze Stars, two Purple Hearts (wounds) and, for extraordinary heroism in Vietnam, the Navy Cross, second highest award for bravery and courage under fire; a former Assistant Secretary of Defense; the former Secretary of the Navy under President Ronald Reagan; a former Democrat Senator for Virginia; the author of ten books and a teacher of literature at the Naval Academy; an Emmy-winning journalist; a Fellow at the Harvard Institute of Politics .... want more ??
Admittedly, he is politically and socially more liberal than I would prefer, but life is compromise and with an individual with his background and life-experience having formed an exploratory committee to consider a run for the presidency, I cannot understand why any Democrat and most Independents would not urge James Webb to formally enter the race and prefer him as their candidate over Hillary Clinton or any of the other Democrat wannabe presidents.

Unfortunately, one of traits of Democrats is to herd together to make "feel-good hugging" each other easier, and, it seems, it is Ms. Clinton's turn to be hugged the most -- although, it is possible our current despot, Barack Obama, will issue an executive order declaring himself eligible for a third term. All right .... I will become serious again, but I would not be surprised if he tried it since he never seems to let a little thing like the U.S. Constitution stand in his way ....
So, you be serious, too: Read about Webb and his life, read some of his books, read his citation for the Navy Cross, think about whether you would prefer a thoughtful leader, a multi-experienced individual who places those who follow him above himself as your president -- or, do you want still another money-hungry, duplicitous, self-serving politician such as the kind we have become all too familiar with during the past few years.

What would be especially annoying and bothersome to me if I were a card-carrying Democrat is not to have any choice about who my candidate for president would be in 2016:

No one running other than an individual I do not feel is qualified or has the integrity to be president; no primary election for me and for other Democrats; the decision already made for me by party power brokers and a left-leaning media. In simple language, no democracy in the Democratic Party. My voice as a Democrat counts for nothing.
Never fear .... one of these days, I will mention a few Republicans, as well .... and, maybe, other assorted "jabberwocky" .... smile, if you understand ....

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