Wednesday, March 11, 2015

March madness .... No. 2 .... just words

Thoughts about women & other things

Hemingway (as in Ernest Miller Hemingway) once wrote somewhere, sometime that the most perfect and exquisite curve is that from a woman's waist over her hip and onto her thigh.

I tend to agree.

But, just to ensure you do not think I am becoming too risqué, I might note that while the curve of a rifle stock might not be quite so sensual, it is magical in its own way. It can be utilitarian, art/beauty and death -- and, actually, sensual, all in the same touch. And, I have known men who feel the same about the sweep of the hood or a fender of an automobile -- a 1969 Shelby GT 500 Mustang, for instance. I had one (not new) once upon a time, and damn-near killed myself in it (and, in a couple of other cars, he says with a laugh on his lips .... it even was sort of funny at the time). Some of you might recall that Mustang GTs were "my thing" for a while.

Well, enough about sexual imagery, cussing and cars-to-end-all cars.

Now, why did I write those words?

As frequently is the case, I really have no clue. I am thinking. Just thinking, simply thinking, trying to fall off the fence regarding a few overdue decisions. Rambling thoughts. Searching -- I am always searching -- to paraphrase the words from an old rock melody. Actually, cars, guns and Rolex watches are on my mind. Ridiculous, hah?

Other than concern about the health of former wife No. 2, women are not on my mind. Rather, I am reverting to thoughts about how (in a sense) to waste money: Trinkets .... the world revolves around trinkets .... and, of course, around the whims of religious nut-cases and political power-mongers .... grrrr ....

Actually, they pretty much are the same thing, are they not ?? .... trinkets, trifles, insignificant people looking for a cause in life rather than a purpose in life .... having to live in the midst of religious zealots and political fanatics, I mean. It is enough to turn a man into a nihilist or an anarchist .... hmmmm, that pretty much is saying the same thing twice, is it not ??

Well, there always is time to make a second run for Sanctuary/Refuge.

Summer is coming, and by autumn I hope to have disappeared .... in a manner of spending .... whoops .... I mean in a manner of speaking.

Then, there is March & (actual) art & music

March is the month of birthdays for me. Several among family and friends, and my own. I will not mention them in detail this year, but I will say I hope by the time my own birthday comes around in a few days, long absent weather-luck will have returned to me and I will be working on a tan under the March sun.

For an illustration, I have used "Venus and Adonis," by Paolo Veronese. It is an oil on canvas, completed in 1580 and may be found in the Prado Museum in Madrid -- should you care to venture there and see the real thing. I was relatively near to the painting once, but never actually saw it. Veronese did an earlier, but distinctly different, rendition of the scene in 1562. Anyway, its likeness is here today with this post. Make of that what you will, and do a bit of research if you are curious about the legends beyond the painting and about Venus and Adonis. Absolutely fascinating .... legends usually are ....

Since someone here mentioned legends, Buddy Holly is long gone, but his legend and his music linger on and will far beyond any of us. My son, who often seems to know me better than I know myself, gave me a copy of the "Rave On Buddy Holly" tribute album for my birthday, and I decided to pull a pair of songs on the album from YouTube to include with this post.


Smareis said...

Olá Fram!
Excelente postagem como sempre. Gosto da forma que escreve e monta teus textos.
A pintura e curiosa e a lenda deve ser bem fascinante com certeza.
Venus e Adonis uma bela pintura a óleo sobre tela.
Paolo Caliari Veronese foi um importante pintor maneirista da Renascença italiana. As obras de Veronese são composições lotadas com efeitos teatrais, em que grupos de personagens suntuosamente vestidas reencenarem eventos religiosos e seculares. As Mulheres tem quadril e coxas bem torneadas nessas pinturas do Veronese .

Eu conheço algumas pinturas dele por fotografias não uma pintura ao vivo e a cores. Pegar um quadro dele na mão. As pinturas de Paolo Veronese são visões grandiosas e magníficas sobre o espetáculo da vida veneziano do século XVI. Deve custa um valor milionário.

Então Fram março é o mês do seu aniversário. Meus parabéns desde já!
Um belo mês. Espero que esse dia possa ser de muitas alegrias para você. Desejo também que o verão lhe traga muitas coisas boas para você. Com certeza agora a neve vai acabar por ai, e o frio dá uma trégua. Aqui o outono já começou e o calor continua da mesma forma.

Muito bom o vídeo que escolheu pra finalizar a postagem. Gostei muito. Só não consegui ver o segundo, diz que não esta disponível.
Ótima noite, e ótimos dias que finaliza a semana.
Sorrisos enviados.

Snowbrush said...

I liked your comment on Philip's blog, so I dropped by.

I heard on the NBC Nightly News this week that they're reopening the investigation into Buddy Hollie's plane crash. I'm not sure how or why, but that's the fact of that.

I've always envied wolves because they're so much prettier than I am. From your picture, I see that you're either a wolf or you look an awful lot like one, so I hope you won't mind if I tell you how beautiful you are.

Snowbrush said...

P.S. I live in Oregon, but I spent two winters in Richfield, which, as you probably know, is on the southern edge of Minneapolis. Sure has been a crummy winter out your way!

Fram Actual said...

In the realm of art, I was born a few centuries too late, I think, Smareis. Most art today is concerned with marketing and statement, while, to me, true art is concerned with beauty and truth.

Even though most modern art does not impress me, we are lucky to live in an age when so much from the past has survived and is available for us to see if we are willing to travel. Museums which feature art are on the top of my list of places to visit wherever I might go.

Thank you, for your compliments regarding my post. I think it contains several unifying links within the painting, the words and the songs which are obvious to anyone who wishes to view them .... and, to view them not so much as a puzzle, but as a pathway leading either away from or toward a particular destination.

Yes, March is a month of many birthdays in my life, including my own. Thank you, for your congratulations and birthday wish. As always, I am curious about what the coming year will bring to me. I look forward to summer, more than usual, and I hope your autumn will become a pleasant and a beautiful one.

Take care and stay safe, Smareis. Thank you, for your smile. My thoughts are with you.

Fram Actual said...

Wolves are magnificent creatures in many ways, Snowbrush. They are marvelous athletes and hunters. They grow to be marvelous parents and companions. They are intelligent and, usually, display wisdom. I have encountered wolves twice in the wild, once while hunting and another time while hiking. On both occasions, we exchanged greetings, and continued merrily along our own paths.

Yes, I once knew my way around Richfield quite well. One of my early newspaper jobs was sports reporting in the Twin Cities, and I knew Minneapolis and all the western and southern suburbs like the proverbial back of my hand. When wandering in and out of the Twin Cities a few times in recent years, I have been a resident of the Saint Paul side of the rivers. The two areas are very, very different .... almost like different worlds.

Thank you, for stopping by to visit and to leave a comment, Snowbrush. I will journey to your blog in the not-too-distant future.

ANITA said...

I do love the story of Venus(Aprodithe )and Adonis:)))
You know surely Smyrna, daughter of Theias, king of Syria, conceives a child by him through trickery. Theias finds out and is determined to kill her, when the gods intervene and turn her into a myrrh tree. Nine months later the baby Adonis comes out of the tree. Aphrodite fell in love with the beautiful youth (possibly because she had been wounded by Eros' arrow). Adonis, who was a bit of a snob, believed he was the best hunter in the world and that nothing could ever happen to him.

One day Venus dreamed that Adonis had an accident while hunting. She rushed to try to prevent him from going off to hunt, but Adonis ignored her. He thought Venus was crazy to believe in such dreams. Unfortunately, Venus's dream came true: during the hunt, a wild pig with large tusks killed Adonis. A heartbroken Venus had to watch her poor Adonis die because he did not listen to her warning.

Thanx for leading me back to ancient Greek History Fram!

Beautiful painting!Beautiful music!

Hope you had a great celebration on your birthday!xxx


A Cuban In London said...

I'm not sure about the women/rifle analogy but women/cars is a more apposite one for me. My favourite motor is the Beetle and to me it's female perfection on four wheels. :-)

Greetings from London.

Fram Actual said...

I am surrounded by March birthdays, so the celebrations go on and on all through the month, Anita. I am teasing, sort of, but it also sort of is true.

Yes, the story of Venus (Aphrodite ) and Adonis is a fascinating one, and, as you probably know, goes on even after the death of Adonis. When one is a god, or has friends among the gods, death does not always mean the end of things. By the way, do you know/recall where Venus (Aphrodite) was born? Or, that Freyja is sometimes associated with her?

By the way, like Adonis, I am a great hunter.

Thank you, Anita, for coming to visit me, for your compliments about my post and for your comments about the Old Greeks.

Fram Actual said...

I always have wanted a Corvette, CiL, but I doubt I ever will own one. I have gotten older and wiser. I still like fast cars -- very fast cars -- but I have learned it is best to remain in the shadows -- to be inconspicuous in all ways possible -- especially if you prefer to be very fast when you are on the move. A Corvette would be too flashy/too high profile/too noticeable for my "modus operandi" these days. It would seem you are more the practical type in terms of automobiles.

Thank you, CiL, for your presence and for your comment.

ANITA said...

Hehhehe of course I know where Aprodithe was born!I have have tried to swim many a time around that rock..They say one get ten years younger hahahah

Well I dont know about that but its fun though

Frøya is The Old Norse Aprodithe or Venus

However one should not be in trouble with may catch a cry heart..

Yes.I though You would assosiate Adonois.He was one of a flirt..But true to the end with the one he secretly loved♥

Love those old stories Fram.They are here today different clothes though..

Ok i have just washed my hear and going for a good nap.Before work.Se you around Fram♥

Looking forward to your Happy Eastern writing♥

May it be a crime scene or old stories or..or..?

Hugs Anita xx

ANITA said...

Hair..not hear

A Cuban In London said...

People are usually surprised when I say that the Beetle is my favourite car. I think they make the assumption that I would go for something flashy like a BMW or a Porsche. I am quite inconspicuous when it comes to cars, jewellery (none) and watches (I've had the same one for close to ten years).

On the other hand, though, a Corvette, as popularised by Mr Prince in his eponymous song, is a thing of beauty. I wouldn't mind finding myself behind the wheeel driving in west US. I have always had a little something for the Pacific coast of your country. Ever since someone described to me a nocturnal trip they made by car up the Pacific coast with a full moon to their side, that has been one of my dreams.

Greetings from London.

ANITA said...

I have drived a little red Corvette sting ray!

Nice car!

But the police always stopped me..Wonder where i did get that car...

Fram Actual said...

I like to walk on paths and to swim in waters where famous or legendary individuals have walked or have swum during the centuries before me, Anita. But, at some point in life, I came to realize I would not be able to walk everywhere or to swim everywhere (or, to canoe everywhere) that I wanted/wished/hoped. Still, I might reach a few more places.

For instance, I have swum in the Mediterranean Sea a time or two, but not in the waters off Cyprus. Maybe, I will manage that yet .... who can say ??

I have been away from home for a few days once again, am back now, have written another post, but am not certain I will manage to get it up yet this evening. My thoughts are scattered and my mind is wandering; I am not concentrating very well.

While I had not thought about the death and life aspects of Easter and the post is not about Easter, it does circle around religion. I guess it is a coincidence that you mention it. And, by the way, I am not sure what you mean by "a crime scene or old stories or ...." You will have to explain that in more detail.

Thank you, Anita. Take care, and see you here and there ....

P.S. Sounds like a neat car ....

Fram Actual said...

Vehicles, to me, CiL, largely belong in the realm of my situation and my mood at any particular stage of my life -- as well as my financial means -- although they usually revolve around big and utilitarian (Suburbans, for instance) or fun and fast (Audis and Mustangs, for instance).

To me, life is constantly changing -- my life is changing, whether I want it to or not -- and, what I do or how I feel is always in motion. I try to prevent myself from becoming bogged down in patterns or habits or concepts, hence, my life style drifts within rather wide parameters.

I agree with you about cruising the Pacific coast under a full moon. It would/could be a trek to remember. Be seeing you, CiL .... take care ....

Something special ....