Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year & dream on

Where has time gone? It must be somewhere. Or, is it nowhere? Was it ever real? The pocket watch in the photograph (the case of which, incidentally, is 14K solid gold) was made in 1883 and once was held in the hand of a living, breathing, dreaming man who long ago (pardon the allusion) became dust in the wind. The wrist watch only dates to 2011, has more than a bit of gold itself (love it) and still adorns than arm of a living, breathing, dreaming man -- but, one who seems to have lost his way reconciling time present with time past, which is necessary to move along into time future. Did I lose you? Never mind. As for the music, beginning and end are dreams .... or, should that be, end and beginning are dreams ??

Measuring time in black & white

Have you ever .... have you ever lost your past? This is to say, your past does not seem like reality, like events you experienced, like moments you lived? Rather, your past seems like chapters in books you have read, like episodes in films you have watched, like fragments in dreams you have had on restless nights?

That seems to be what I am in the midst of right now. It is like I have no real past. It is like all there is for me -- all that exists for me -- is the present. There is now; no before. Whether or not there is a future, a tomorrow, a time after awakening in the morning, I am uncertain.
It sounds silly, perhaps. It sounds ludicrous, crazy, ridiculous, like fiction, perhaps. But, it is none of those things. It is my reality.
There is no past. There may be no future. There is only now, and now comes and goes in the blink of an eye or in a glance at the sweep of the second hand on a clock -- whichever lasts the longer.
Whatever .... it seems like an improbable but distinctive way to begin another new year, which may or may not actually exist. Dream, baby .... sweet dreams, baby, for as long as it lasts .... and, do not look at the calendar to measure actual time, because it is done by the mind, not by the orbits of the planets ....




ANITA said...

Happy New Year 2015 Fram!

I sure love the old and new clock..I quess as you say..There is much memories to it.. I think ..The past is gone forever..Nothing to think about..except memories..good or bad..

Its true ..only now..exist..But now dont get us any money or make the world go around..We need plans..Dreams!

I think 2014 was a rotten year.Both the world and myself..Hope 2015 will be better..
Naa,,Here its raining and raining no snow..Only dark..I have found an old book about the saga of Håkon Håkonson,,the son of Håkon Sverreson way back in the year of 1205..
Love reading!

Ok Fram .Take care and wish all good to you :)

Fram Actual said...

Happy New Year, Anita.

The time on this computer reads 7:00 a.m., but where I am located, it is exactly midnight, so I am spending the turn of 2014 into 2015 with you, it would seem.

I will write more later, when night has turned to day.

Fram Actual said...

Night turned to day and already day is entering into night again for me, and I still have not added to my reply to your comment as I said I would, Anita. I am lazy and empty-headed and a bit disheartened today. I am waiting for a future beyond my control to arrive, and it has me on edge. Anyway, I cannot explain things further at this time and I am not much in the mood for writing. Sometimes, life is nothing more than a waiting game.

I will be home again Saturday or Sunday, which will be good for me, I think. I also think I really need to begin serious planning for a move to somewhere with a climate which does not include snow and frigid temperatures.

I hope your year just beginning will be good for you and to you, Anita. Thank you, for coming to visit me at this post and for leaving your words/thoughts here.

Victoria Fumero Guanche said...

Este año como cada año, nuestro tren parara en alguna estación, depende de cada uno de nosotros dejar ir a la tristezas, miedos, frustraciones, malos momentos, desamor. Agradece a cada uno de ellos.. su compañía y sus enseñanzas, aunque hayan sido dolorosas, déjalos ir, déjalos bajar de este tren. Deseo que en esta parada, a tu tren suban miles de bendiciones, sueños alcanzables, amor, abundancia, fuerza y determinación para seguir tu viaje.
Hoy en mi vagón quedaran puestos desocupados y espero te sientes a mi lado para compartir junt@s este nuevo viaje. FELIZ NUEVO COMIENZO EN ESTE AÑO 2015!!!

Fram Actual said...

Thank you, for your presence here and your words and your good wishes for the coming year, Victoria.

My own entrance into the new year is with trepidation and wariness. The year could bring significant and life-altering changes for me, and a dark shadow hovers over me. But, you are right. Life is life, and we must face whatever it brings us.

Yes, I will follow your journey through the coming year, and I hope you will follow mine.

ANITA said...

Dear Fram.Sorrry late backanswer.Am not in the mood either.To Write.
When i buy me a little flat in Cypruz.Come and visit !:)

(I have bought tickets this year for Mediteranian holidays.)

Year after year.The same shit.Am back at work again..Those long nightshifts..
Hope you do well..Very well..and that Things and thangs will work out for you,,Whatever they are..

The sins of Our fathers...I really begin thinking something is in that quote..

Hugs to you and Cheers for Our friendship:))

Fram Actual said...

It seems a bit prophetic that you mention "the sins of our fathers" in your comment, Anita, and that one of my songs this night is, "Figlio Perduto," which means, "lost son," of which I think I am one. While "sins of our fathers" is biblical in nature and I am not, I do believe there is more than a bit of truth in that concept. I suppose it is more superstition than anything else, but when I see an individual or a family which experiences one piece of "bad luck" after another, one thought that comes into my mind is something like this: "I wonder which ancestor did what to bring such ill fortune to his (or her) descendants."

Anyway ....

Yes, if you become the happy owner of "a little flat in Cypruz," I promise to come and to visit you. If it is a house by the edge of the sea, I might even buy a surf board and become a beach bum.

So, do not allow the long, night shifts to trouble you; think about summer and the days you will have looking at Mediterranean blue. There have been some interesting archaeological finds on Cyprus recently. Maybe, you will see me there on hands and knees with a trowel, sifting the earth.

Thank you, Anita, for always being with me here.

ANITA said...

Yes.That would be like Lawrence Durell in bitter Lemons of Cyprus :)

Fram Actual said...

I have a confession to make, Anita. I began reading Lawrence Durrell's "Bitter Lemons" a few months ago as I said I would, but I was sidetracked, stopped reading it and never went back to finish it. I will complete it in the next week or two .... I promise ....

ANITA said...

You should! the best writer ever..ut here in Norway they even dont know who he is..
A little white lie do not matter at all.We do it all the time:)

Fram Actual said...

We do, do we ??

Leslie Lim said...

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Fram Actual said...

Thank you, Leslie, for your visit and your comment. I hope you will return and read some of the more recent posts. I will pay a visit to your blog this weekend.

Something special ....