Saturday, January 24, 2015

Dance into the fire

I have been away from home for a week and two days (Why not say "for nine days" .... why not ??), and I am not certain when I will be returning there. This venture might be described as "unfinished business." Without further adieu, I decided to issue a post of sorts today -- January 24 -- because it is the anniversary of me becoming a U.S. Marine. (A dance into the fire .... it seemed like a good idea at the time ....) To mark the event here this year, I have selected a painting entitled, "Battle of Nassau," by V. Zveg. This engagement was among the first by the Continental Navy and Marine Corps, and the first-ever amphibious landing by U.S. Marines. The assault on New Providence Island in the Bahamas took place on March 3, 1776. The Marines captured Fort Montagu and the town of Nassau, which were under British control. The purpose of the raid was to take British munitions needed by the Continental Army in the struggle for American independence. The music here is a strange mix no matter how you consider it: First, one of the James Bond themes, "A View to a Kill," from the Bond 50th Anniversary Gala Concert .... love the song, love singer Lance Ellington's voice and style, love the gold coat and unfettered enthusiasm of director Carl Davis .... you figure the rest. Next, "Ya Zdes" (I'm Here) .... love Valery Kipelov's voice, love Victor Smolski's fiery shirt and even more fiery guitar work .... you figure the rest .... hmmmm .... whatever .... semper fi, baby ....



ANITA said...

Hello there Minnesota!

Nice to see you blog post!!Music too:))

So what have you been about to..away from the blogs for a week?

Like the painting of"Battle of Nassau," by V. Zveg(never heard about Zveg)And good to have some history lessons(great telling my son about it..he loves american history..)

For me..i am into the old Greek and Artemeis war loong time a go..Think its perhaps I miss the medeterrainian islands..

Thanx alot for comment on my blog Fram!See you soon as stay tuned Ok!

Fram Actual said...

So, you have not disappeared completely, Anita. Neither have I ....

To partially answer your question, I have been on the move most of the time for more than a week -- in fact, most of the time for more than two months, but it is nothing I wish to talk about now. Actually, I was at home for exactly four hours Saturday afternoon. I was passing through the Twin Cities and went to my house to make certain everything was all right there. It is a strange feeling, indeed, to be passing through the town where you live and to stop by at your house for a few hours before moving on again.

For me, it would have been interesting to have been in the Marine Corps when it was first established. I am glad your boy enjoys history. If more people studied it and learned from it, the world would be a safer, saner, more satisfying place to live. But, unfortunately, most people are too full of themselves to learn from lessons already learned by the generations which came before them. That is not sarcasm, either; that is reality.

Yes, I miss the Mediterranean, too.

Thank you, for coming to see me, Anita. I enjoy your visits.

ANITA said...

Yes..We have many discussions regarding America and why they are always involved in a war..Is it for they need the money? We have many speculations what happens about Anti Islamist activism in Germany and Greece..Pegida and SyrezA..Here in Norway we have strong discussions in the sociaty about political Mullah Krekar that we do not get out of our country bec of the death penalty in Irac .. I think one must not underestimate the Muslims and the need to have their religious faith similarities with all others.And one must follow the EU laws of Human Rights.Or it becomes total anarchy. It had been interesting to see your view about this But I know it would be hard to discuss politics in blog world .. Hope you soon get calm at home and that all is well with you and yours .. Now I will to return to a late breakfast with eggs bacon beans and coffee. (not very healthy haha) Outside the weather is gray and snowy. See you soon!

Fram Actual said...

In most instances, Anita, I do not think it is difficult to explain the involvement of the United States in wars. To list a few:

The U.S. was assisting Great Britain in World War I, and eventually ran out of patience with Germany sinking U.S. ships and British passenger ships, such as the Lusitania. The same was true in World War II, and culminated with the Japanese attack on American and British and other bases. The Korean War was a United Nations' response to North Korea invading South Korea. Vietnam was more complicated. It was part of the Cold War between the U.S. and the Soviet Union, and the "civil war" between North and South Vietnam was an element. The first Iraq war was a reaction to Iraq invading Kuwait, and included many nations sending forces. The second Iraq war was the result of "misinformation" about Iraq having so-called weapons of mass destruction, and George Bush the Younger's response to an Iraqi assassination plot against his father, George Bush the Elder. Afghanistan was a response to the Al-Qaeda "9/11" attack on the U.S. Everything is more complicated, of course, but those are the fundamental answers.

Personally, I think the U.S. should have stayed out of Vietnam and the second Iraq war .... otherwise, you play the cards you are dealt.

And, personally, I think the leadership of radical Islamic groups is more interested in power and money than in spreading their religion, although they are using religion as a means to influence people foolish enough to follow. Just try to imagine what the creation of an Islamic caliphate would mean: It would be a state really no different than that of the Nazi Third Reich in terms of individual freedom and liberty.

It would take pages for me to explain what I think about these matters, Anita, but those are some general thoughts. Frankly, I believe it is Europe which faces the greatest threat of losing its cultural and historical identities with the spread of Islam. And, with that loss, existing religious and political identities will also gradually disappear.

It was interesting and enjoyable to read some of your views on these matters. Thank you, Anita, for coming here and for expressing your thoughts.

A Cuban In London said...

Congrats on your anniversary. Thanks for your recent comment, too, on my post. I realise that that was a thorny topic. But that's me, mate, dancing into the fire! :-) Haha, I guess I had to link it somehow.

Great music, as usual.

Greetings from London.

Fram Actual said...

Thank you, CiL. Actually, it probably is as significant an anniversary as any in my life and something most people probably could never understand unless their experiences include a similar event. Nothing compares to it in relevance, from my point of view, except the birthdays of children.

By the way, the young writer in Paris whose name I could not recall in my comment for your January 21 post was Rainer Maria Rilke.

And, not that it is particularly important, but whether or not the young lady I mentioned in my comment for your January 25 post was pathological in reality, she was not legally. She cited revenge as the reason for the murder of her child; she wanted to punish the father of the child, who had abandoned her. She was determined competent to stand trial and, in the midst of it, accepted a plea bargain which led to a sentence of a minimum of ten years imprisonment. (Somewhat light, I thought.)

Thank you, for stopping by my blog, CiL. I appreciate it.

ANITA said...

Wow Fram!I must copy this showing it to my son if its ok?That was some great lessons.Specially about the cold war.we have school lessons about that.I think its really difficult.To see the treads.But may be alexander understand when he reads this post..I can sit and hear about wars for hours..Never get tired of it..Dont know why--may be my fathers escape from the Franco regime and hell in Spain..(he was only a kid when he was flewed over to Great Brittain afer the bombing of Guernica. 1939 ..)Yes the stories are many..

I do agree with you..about Islam..but carefully ..Be wise and diplomatic in solving the problems..If you understand what I mean..

Well enough of that shit..Today is a new day..We have snowy days again..The swans has disappeared..Only the ducks are left to keep me in company by the lake.Now.I better get out of my pyjamas and begin the day!See you soon Fram:))

⊰✿⊱France ⊰✿⊱ said...

Je viens te dire bonjour mais je repasserai ce soir il me faut du temps pour comprendre tes lignes bise

Fram Actual said...

My earlier response was simply an outline of events as I see them, Anita. Using the words I said then, "general thoughts." It would take pages to discuss these things even briefly.

It bothers me to a degree that I have no idea what is being taught in regard to United States history in schools in other countries. Even here, in America, there are many who attempt to teach only the negative elements and/or who are historical revisionists and attempt to change what actually happened through fabrications and exaggerations. Some say much of history is lies and untruths written by the winners of conflicts. That is true to a degree, no doubt, and more true in some countries than in others. Today, however, the danger is political apologists and devotees of political correctness who try to turn actual history into "feel good" history, even at the cost of the truth. Anyway ....

I have mixed feelings about Islam and about any religion, including Christianity. There probably has been as much evil perpetrated in the name of one god or another as there has been as much good. That is why I think both evil and good exist within each and every one of us, and it is up to each and every one of us to determine which we will allow to control us.

Hmmmm .... be wise and diplomatic, Anita says .... but, I would add, carry a cocked and locked .45 pistol in your back pocket for those you encounter who do not wish to be wise and diplocatic. Always try to keep your back to a wall. Always sleep with one eye open. Well, enough of that .... hmmmm ....

Thank you, Anita. I am glad you came to see me again. By the way, I think I will be back home Saturday evening ....

Fram Actual said...

Hello, France. It is nice to see you here.

It seems the translation devices do not work very well French to English and English to French, but as long as there are some words which make the journey, there will be understanding.

It has been a number of months since I last passed through France. I have been thinking recently that I would like to visit Giverney again.

Thank you, for coming to visit me and for writing a comment.

Smareis said...

Fram tudo bem!
Andei ausente, desculpa pela demora em aparecer pra ler suas postagens.
Gostei muito da imagem.
Parabéns por ter sido um fuzileiro naval do seu Pais. Essa data deve ser muito especial para você.
Não consegui ver nenhum dos vídeos. Não esta disponível em modo de segurança.
Que pena que não consegui ouvir a musica.
Volto depois pra ver se consigo ver.

Fica bem!
Ótima sexta-feira!

Fram Actual said...

Once upon a time in a magical, mystical kingdom far, far away .... well, that sort of is one way to describe the Marine Corps, Smareis. Thank you, for your anniversary wish.

It is a date to remember, and, as I mentioned to someone earlier, it probably is more significant for a variety of reasons than any other date in my life beyond that than the births of my children. It is difficult to explain to anyone who has not been a part of that world.

Yes, sometimes videos are blocked from one country to another. I often wonder if YouTube thinks this computer is still in Poland or elsewhere in Europe when I am blocked from certain videos.

Yes, I will have a good Friday. I send you the same wish. I will be home, finally, again, on Saturday. This particular portion of the journey is ending, and I think all will be well and fine and good.

Smareis said...

Hello Fram! Good morning!
Eu voltei para ver o vídeo. Hoje ele abriu.
Gostei muito...
Excelente Kipelov, canta muito, e a banda é muito boa, guitarra excelente.
Muito boa tua postagem
Fica bem!

Fram Actual said...

I am happy you came back again, Smareis, and I am glad you were able to hear and liked the voice of Valery Kipelov and the guitar of Victor Smolski. I assume and I hope they are satisfied with their careers, but I think they would be much more famous had their music been well known in the United States.

I have been home for a few hours now, and I have another post going up in a few minutes. I have two more related posts planned for this week, and I hope you will read them all.

Yes, everything went as well as can be expected. Thank you, for your notes, and I will send you a note and explain the situation in more detail .... but, as of right now, all is fine and there is little to do but wait and watch and discover what the future may bring.

Thank you, once again, Smareis. I am always pleased when you visit me here.

ANITA said...

Hehe hehe.ehhhh?you have closed today???
heheheh..You make me smile dear friend!

While i was busy working..You have done a great new post..I think i like..what you say.."Another thing I am fond of saying is that I have been experiencing mid-life crises every year since I was sixteen",,hehehe..I think there is no mid life crisis..All those midlife things is just bullshit.Every ten years has its turn around and look you know..Age is nothing..Only we get wiser!
Have you ever thought of living in a parrallel worlds?Its space thoughts yes..-but very interesting!Or seeing your future and change it??wow that had been something!!

ok enough of future dreams(Its so high thoughts i dont understand them myself)

I love the concert you have been too and nice photo!

About political correctness and always have your back free..Så tror jeg det er litt feigt..Some can never have a gun.The gun runs them.

Iam sorry to hear about your losses in life.But we all have losses Fram!In one way or another.It forms us like clay..all those shitty things..
Search of love.Ohh how we have dicussed that question!I dont know what to say.
This is a loong post..Iam soon of to work again..Having an old prison employer as a pasient..Good lord the things he has seen!

The sun is shining in Norway.But ice cold
Wish you a great sunday Fram!

A Cuban In London said...

I recently read (re-read actually) Macbeth and the First Act is still as fascinating as I found it many years ago when I read the play in Spanish. In terms of performing material, both Macbeth and Othello provide actors with some of the juicier and meatier roles. For my money Iago is my favourite Shakesperian character followed closely by Lady Macbeth.

Enjoy your performance.

Greetings from London.

Fram Actual said...

Yes, the post was long and so was your comment for it, Anita. Thank you.

Basically, the series which are/will be "Three days in February" are a synopsis of my six years with "Sort of San Francisco Fan Club." January 21, 2009, was my first post on this blog, although I had another blog which I had begun a few weeks earlier and which overlapped "San Francisco" by a week or two. I am trying to decide what to do about a few things in my life, and this blog is one of them. I may end it or change it significantly ....

Anyway, I am not very talkative this evening, Anita, so I will say thank you for coming to see me and for your comment, and be on my way back into my thoughts while I await the arrival of Huginn and Muninn. I loaned them to Odin for the weekend, you see ....

Fram Actual said...

It seems to me that "Macbeth" probably is the most favored of William Shakespeare's plays because it is among the least complex and most easily understood, even though the characters are so humanly complicated and vibrant.

Anyway, I once attended Gutherie Theater performances on a constant basis, but have been absent for the most part in recent years. "The Crucible," by Arthur Miller, also will be among the productions this season, and I have not seen that play for several years and plan to do so when springtime arrives. Interested? I will save you a seat ....

Thank you, CiL, for your presence and your words.

Smareis said...

Hello Fram!
Imagem bonita e bem curiosa, a foto desse teatro Guthrie.
Pelo jeito você viajou bastante durante dezembro e janeiro, mais é muito bom quando voltamos para casa. Eu não assisti à peça “Sonho de uma noite de verão”, mas pelo que li a respeito foi uma das peças mais populares de Shakespeare. Nela se expressam e harmonizam o real e o fantástico, o desejo e a razão, a sensatez e a loucura, num amálgama de tradições que o Bardo reinventa e transforma para criar um mundo de sonho, infantil e lúdico, que dá vida ao contraste entre imaginação e realidade. Deve ser muito boa também "Macbeth".
Na vida tudo vale Fram, mesmo quando não atingimos nossos desejos, nossos objetivos, ou realizamos nossos sonhos.
Eu creio que todas as idades tem suas crises...
Eu também sou bastante realista... Não falo só pra agradar, falo o que sinto o penso, essa é minha forma de ser.
Sobre perdas, eu também já perdi muitas pessoas querida principalmente pessoa da família.
Gostei muito do vídeo, a música é muito boa.

Excelente postagem!

Se cuida!
Ótima semana!
Um punhado de sorriso!

Fram Actual said...

I still am awake, but ready to search for sleep ....

You truly are a night owl, Smareis. I cannot keep up with you, although I did visit your blog Sunday evening and listen to your music.

The Guthrie Theater is a place I once loved and spent a great deal of time there, but that was before those who think enough is never enough built this new structure. It is attractive, for sure, but, right now, I think it is nothing more than stone and wood and plastic .... in other words, nothing more than an architect's dream and a building contractor's delight. Maybe, someday, it will have a spirit, but not yet .... no way now. It might as well be the offices of an insurance company now.

I have watched two films from 1930 about World War I today, and tried to determine from my experiences how much reality is involved and how much is from the imagination of the script writer and the film director. What a way to spend a few hours .... meaningless, but fascinating. I think it is time for me to quit thinking and to settle down and to raise potatoes and tomatoes, and to plant a few apple trees, while those who think enough is never enough argue among themselves.

I do think you understand and know life better than most, Smareis. I would like to see inside your life more, and to know more of your hopes and dreams and ambitions. I still think you are part angel, too, and you make me happy with your words.

I am slow to write .... sorry .... thank you, for coming here and for your smile. In many ways, December and January have been a dream within a dream, to borrow from "Gilgamesh" for a moment. We shall see what February brings to us .... smiles, I hope .... and, yes, the music is good .... thank you ....

victoria said...

Hola Fran no me ha dejado comentar en tu nueva entrada no sé porque motivo..De todas formas te deseo una hermosa semana
Con cariño Victoria

Fram Actual said...

There are times when I prefer that there be no comments on a post, Victoria. I have different reasons at different times for doing it that way. It seems, though, that people find a means to leave a comment anyway, if they really wish to do so.

So, thank you, for your visit, for your comment and for your wish for a beautiful week for me. I send the same wish to you, Victoria ....

ANITA said...

No comments no comments aloud..Well i read your post yesterday Fram.But i do not want to comment it..because you may get angry with me..
So i know when to say nothing.All i say..Everything changes...

Thanx for visiting me Fram!Hope you have a lovely day!


Fram Actual said...

Hmmmm .... angry with you about a comment, Anita? I suppose it might be possible, but you never have seemed shy about your comments in the past.

I am not sure what you meant by, "Everything changes."

Anyway .... I am glad that you came and that you read the post, even if you were not fond of it.

ANITA said...

Beautiful song Fram!i actually was looking for that one..but with text..

Yes,that woman you describe do not exist.
Me myself have greater troubles this banckcard is!!

But i will get my money back..i have talked to the banck right now.Thousands of krones..Ohh boy people can bee so mean Fram!!

One good news from me.Alex got the best Top Rated in English Spoken about politics usa today at the excam in school.Iam very happy!!

Thanx to your latest note to me about the cold war and why is America always into a war?

Thank you Fram.Your post has reflections to more than you know and understand:))
greetings anita

ANITA said...

Sorry I was to busy thinking of masself..Just wanne to say..That book seems very good!!i will look for it at Amazon.For me Iam into the vikings history..A quote i find very well is.".Your enemy can not hurt you..But be aware of your closets friend..."Taken from the Odin Saga.

Fram Actual said...

I am not a "true believer" in karma, Anita, but, in a general sense, I think good fortune eventually catches up with those who are good and ill fortune gradually comes to those who do harm to others. And, not being the type to turn the other cheek, I hope the worst of times falls upon those who stole your money. At least, it is fortunate the bank is making things right for you. I am happy about that.

I also am happy Alex has done well in school with the English language and with politics in the United States. One of the best rewards in life, I think, is to witness your children experiencing success. I send my congratulations to him.

In regard to the novel, "She," if you decide you wish to read it, remember it is written in the Nineteenth Century style of Englishmen, which is to say in a style very different from contemporary novels and in sort of an awkward and stilted manner. Actually, another of H. Rider Haggard's books, "King Solomon's Mines," is among my favorites and easier to read.

My Smith & Wesson .41 magnum revolver will arrive on Saturday. I am restless -- and, I continue to be wired and nerved-up and strung out. I am disgusted with watching barbarism flourish around the world while Europe and America stand idly by watching it. Winter and I are no longer friends. Those things pointed out, I plan to hibernate a bit and renew the "Zen" of shooting. I am planning on taking the .41, the .38 Super and the Browning BAR to a sheltered canyon in the Dakota Black Hills where I have access to an isolated cabin. There, for a week or two, I will be a hermit -- I will think, dream, drink brandy and see if my shooting eye remains true. No need to leave the house even; just open a window and fire off the kitchen table. Very relaxing. So, there will be no posts from me for a while; if you post, though, I will see it unless I decide to leave my computer at home. I just might; I cannot decide.

There are many phrases from the "Hovamol" in "The Poetic Edda" which I like, Anita. I will close with this one:

From the ship seek swiftness,
from the shield protection,
Cuts from the sword,
from the maiden kisses.

ANITA said...

Wow!!nice poem!!!!

Kong Solomons Mines..Yes my father read that one to me in stormy nights..i think I have to read it again...

About the gun Smith and Wesson.Thats a great gun..old one right?I have been shooting with that one in the deep deep woods..learning too shoot.Just great!

Ohh i wish i could be a mice seeing what you do down there in South Dakota..Seems soo nice..A dream!!Is it really true?!

Well here we are waiting for the Ola Storm..I may not be around the net..We will see how bad it will be..Take care cowboy!

Fram Actual said...

So, Anita the gunslinger, hmmmm .... actually, good for you.

Smith & Wesson has been around since 1852, but the revolver I am getting now has been around only since the 1960s. I will track down its exact date of manufacture at some point in time. I have owned a number of S&Ws, but most have been sold or traded away over the years.

The Black Hills are beautiful -- during any season of the year. They are considered holy ground by the Sioux. Most people go there for snowmobiling or skiing in the winter, but I go there for shooting and for clearing my mind. It is about six hundred miles from here to there.

By the way, I will be close to where Wild Bill Hickok met his end.

Thank you, Anita. It is nice when you stop by and leave your words. I hope your storm is not too fierce .... have a nice weekend ....

Something special ....