Sunday, December 7, 2014

View from a passenger window at 82 mph

Not great, but not bad for shooting with a Blackberry through the passenger side window at 82 miles-per-hour and still climbing. Agree? The photograph, I mean. This ski area is known as Buck Hill and has existed as long as I can remember. The shot was taken at 10:04 a.m. last Tuesday as I was "headin' out" on an interstate highway. It was a cold/cold/cold day, which might explain why there was only one, lone skier on the slope. Do you see him? The last "rugged individualist," possibly, in what once was a nation created and built by this manner of character. Sarcasm aside and moving right along, I returned home Friday evening after being absent four days, and realized I have been gone from home eleven days during the past thirty-three. I do believe I am getting restless again.

Just a reminder

It was seventy-three years ago today that Japan launched surprise attacks against the United States at its naval base at Pearl Harbor, Oahu, Hawaii, and at other outposts in the Far East. It seems to me the U.S. has been under attack a great deal of the time since Sunday, December 7, 1941 -- the most notable, perhaps, the one by Islamic extremists at the World Trade Center complex on September 11, 2001.

But, from my point of view, the most disturbing and troublesome attacks are coming not from outside U.S. borders, rather, they are originating from dedicated leftists (i.e. socialists and communists or sympathizers, and anarchists) and immature students who simply do not realize what an easy and beneficial existence they have, especially when compared to the generations of their parents and their grandparents.

I think I was fortunate to live as a child in the presence of grandparents who had experienced The Great Depression. I think I have been fortunate to have known Marines and "soldats" from the World War II era, to the Korean War, to the Vietnam War and through the Iraq and Afghanistan operations. People such as these have given me two things in particular: A sense of self-confident, independence and the understanding than no one and no government owes me a thing.

Loving and studying history is another ingredient to form my philosophy, and I believe that is the "missing link" in the formulation of beliefs among many (too many) people: They have no real sense of what came before them. To paraphrase a well-worn cliché: Countless people in generations before our time here on Earth have suffered and died so we, who live today, can utter our petty grievances and live in relative peace and harmony among family and friends.

No individual, no government or system of government can ever be perfect, and when systemic failures are found, change and reform are accomplished by dedication and hard, honest work, not by shouting down those who disagree or by looting or by burning. Those who shout down and loot and burn are the cowards among us, the weakest among us, the most selfish among us, the destroyers among us, the haters among us, the delusional among us.

So, look in the mirror .... who are you, which are you, what are you ??

For whatever reason

I recently mentioned to someone that I have been on a Def Leppard kick .... just as I was on a Guns 'n' Roses kick not long ago .... and, undoubtedly, just as I will move along to another band in a few weeks. I do not like the Def Leppard lead singer's voice (and, do not even know his name), but I love the overall sound of the band. Much of the time, "the voice" is overpowered by the music, which suits me just fine. I also am sort of simpatico with the lyrics in this piece. Sound + words = neat song .... for me, for whatever reason ....


ANITA said...

Photoes from the passenger seat?not alone anymore?Good.I see that alpinista coming down the hillside.Very good shoot from a Blackburry phone.You should take more of that sort of kind.
I leave the politics discussions to others.But when you mention Afghanistan.Yesterday a movie called The ninth battalion .Russian movie.I like to see wars from both sides.Only can tell.Afghanistan has never been taken and probably never will.They are clever and sharp hunters.Harem goes both ways.In there village you are mostly welcome.But soon as you move a step outside.The same man will kill you.

I wish you a great sunday The 7 december Fram!

Here its only work atlast to the 22/12-14.Blogpause.


Fram Actual said...

Think of it this way, Anita. If the passenger seat were occupied, there could be no photograph such as this one taken through the passenger-side window. Remember, if I had a theme song, it would be Don Dokken's "Alone Again:"

"Now I'm here and I'm all alone ...."

My Blackberry is always within reach when I travel. It is not unusual for me to take photographs such as the one shown here, but I have not posted many of them. I use them on occasion when I am traveling to let someone know where I am via photographic email in case misfortune befalls me. I am not ready to disappear yet.

While all wars have their similarities, factors like the traditions, customs and religions of those who live in war zones and, most importantly, terrain features, usually make each conflict unique and create a set of distinctive rules which need to be followed in order to survive. At the time the then-Soviet Union was involved in Afghanistan, the United States, Britain and other countries were behind-the-scenes players and were significant beneficiaries of that war. In any case, it is the actual "fighters," not the combatant nations, I was writing about in my post. Most of them discover the truly important aspects of life and living, even if their respective national leaders do not.

Now, I will have a calm, peaceful, relaxing Sunday afternoon watching grown men pound each other in what should be a game confined to adolescents. Sunday in the autumn and early winter is "football day" in the U.S. Life can be rather silly in some respects.

I hope work goes well for you, Anita. Thank you, for coming to visit me today and for your comment. I appreciate your presence.

Smareis said...

Fotografia é muito bonito, e ficou bem engradada e bem focada. Através da janela do lado do passageiro em 82 quilômetros por hora e ainda subindo é muito difícil uma fotografia sair tão boa quanta essa sua. Você foi um ótimo fotografo.

Essa área de esqui deve ser um lugar encantador, principalmente para conhecer e fotografar.
A neve pode ser ruim, mas as fotografias sempre trazem lugares lindo e a fotografia sempre fica bela, o inverno é uma estação do ano privilegiada pela paisagem exuberante que deixa quando a neve desce.

Acho muito triste e desumano essa forma deles lançar ataques surpresa a outros Países, sempre são os inocentes que perde a vida. A guerra sempre trás muito sofrimento para quem esta envolvida nela. Os governantes é que deveria ir lutar na guerra, e não colocar inocentes de frente a morte. Acho que os Países deveria incentivar a paz, se unir mais, em vez de espalhar guerra...

Sei que isso nunca vai acontecer!
Gosto muito dessa música e já a toquei num outro blog meu. Essa musica já fez muito sucesso aqui no Brasil, já foi até tema de novela. Aqui no Brasil foi gravado por uma Banda Brasileira “Yahoo” e fez muito sucesso. Adoro essa música.
Esse link aqui você pode ouvir na versão em português.

Gostei da postagem Fram!
Que bom que tudo foi bem na sua viagem.
Uma ótima semana para você!

Fram Actual said...

It is rare when I am on the road for some distance that I do not take a photograph or two -- sometimes while I am driving, sometimes at my destination. Most of the time, photographs taken from the side window do not turn out well, even when driving at a slower speed. It is just plain luck when a sort of neat one is the end result of the effort. Actually, I was a pretty good photographer when I was a working journalist, but I am a complete amateur and out of practice now.

Buck Hill is a nice ski area and, as I mentioned in the post, it has been there forever. I skied it a few times when I was in college. Minnesota is mostly flatlands except for the river valleys, and the best ski areas around here are "up north" by Lake Superior.

You are absolutely right regarding war, Smareis, and there never seems to be any end to the idiocy which creates it and sustains it. My religious beliefs are marginal, but I am convinced absolute evil exists. It seems to exist in each and every one of us -- to a greater degree in some and a lesser degree in others, and it is the same with goodness. That can be the only reason humankind never seems to learn how to curtail death and destruction, and why power mongers emerge to control nations at times.

I guess I went on a bit of a rant in my post about people who shout down and loot and burn, but I believe this is an illustration of the evil within some individuals overpowering the goodness within them. I sometimes mention I have both uncles and cousins who are Lutheran ministers and medical doctors, including a psychiatrist. Maybe, some of those same genes are stirring in me at times.

It makes me happy that you love this song. I have strong emotions about it, too. I like the sound of this band -- Def Leppard -- and several of its songs. I also like the sound of this piece sung in Portuguese. I also think the Yahoo front man has a better voice than the Def Leppard lead singer. Thank you, for sending me a link to Yahoo's rendition. I enjoyed it very much.

And, thank you, Smareis, for coming to my blog this evening/night and for leaving your thoughts/words here. It makes me smile when you put in an appearance. I hope your coming week will be all you wish it to be and more. Take care and stay safe ....

Smareis said...

O esqui é um esporte bem agradável, embora perigoso.
A paisagem é bela. A foto ficou excelente.
Fram eu também acho que a versão da música em português com o vocalista Zé Henrique da banda Yahoo ficou melhor do que na do vocalista Def Leppard. Embora o Def Leppard tenha uma excelente voz.
Já lhe enviei vários links de algumas músicas do Yahoo para você ouvir, e um pouco da história da banda.
Espero que goste!

Ótima semana Fram!

Fram Actual said...

Yes, skiing has its moments, Smareis, and not all of them are good.

I once was skiing heavily wooded slopes in the Minnesota River Valley. It was rough, wild terrain. I was doing fine zigging and zagging between trees until I swerved around a tree and struck a rather large rock. It was invisible from my approach because it was covered by snow. One of my skis shattered on impact, but the collision did no damage to me. I was college student at the time, and could not afford to buy new skis. I never did buy another pair, and that was the end of my days as a skier.

Thank you, for the background information about Yahoo and the links to the band's songs. I stayed up until 4:00 a.m. last night listening to music, including some of Yahoo's, and will include two or three of the band's songs with my next post. I will be listening to more later this evening.

By this time tomorrow, I should have (might have) more of a glimpse into the future.

You, too .... have a great week, Smareis, and thanks, again ....

Something special ....