Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The few who live forever .... a re-run

Maybe, there never was or will be time for us

(Editor's Note: As I wrote on December 10, I planned to post a piece between Christmas Day and New Year's Day and, in fact, already had written it. But, instead, I now find myself re-printing this "story told in column form" from October 23, 2009, five years and two months ago today. I re-read it after noticing that someone had looked at it a few days ago. What struck me was the similarity between it and the words I had planned on running next week; they are like two sides of a coin. I felt a compelling urge to re-post this piece -- for its second appearance -- right now. I probably will run "the other" in a few days -- or, I might not. Moody guy, am I, and my mood is like the swirls and eddies and shifting currents of a swiftly moving river. [Uffff .... I can close my eyes and it is like I can feel/sense myself once again swimming in such a stream, in deep water, with currents and temperatures varying between the surface and a few feet below .... warm on the surface; icy cold below .... the river is me and I am the river and, perhaps, a few of you are able to understand what I am saying if you have experienced such a swim or have a good imagination {possibly, it is an allegory of emerging into the world during birth ?? }] .... anyway, it is Christmas in two days and I wish you a merry, joyous, peaceful few moments and successful swimming, no matter where you do it .... see you later .... next year, I think. By the way, I am on the road, not far from home, in a town named Rochester, Minnesota .... I sort of like it here and thought I would be here a few days .... not so .... I will be on the move again tomorrow, as it turns out .... )
Somewhere in time
(Originally published October 23, 2009)

I have fallen from beyond the sky,
And risen from the bottom of the sea;
Where else can I go, what else can I be?

I have given life, I have taken life,
And kept my life when all others have died;
What else is left to do, what else can be tried?

I have known brilliance, I have enjoyed beauty,
And scattered all the Muse with my sullen glance;
Who else might I find, who else is worth the chance?

I have flown upon visions, both in day and night,
And studied long to understand this endless chase;
When will it come to pass, when will I glimpse her face?


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