Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A post without a title

I do not know what the "typical person" feels or thinks or connects with when looking at a photograph or a painting or a film in which the Native American culture is a central element, but my mind usually wanders quickly into the realm(s) of Nature and religion. The painting here is entitled "Buffalo Dance." It was done by Oscar Howe, a Yanktoniai Dakota (Sioux) who died in 1983 and whose work has been and remains prominent and influential in Western art. I have a few prints of his work, but, unfortunately, no originals. Since my mind has been wandering through places like the Dakotas/Montana/Wyoming a great deal in recent weeks and I am thinking of relocating back to such an area (I have lived in South Dakota and Montana, in case you are not aware) and some of my words (rant ??) in this post circle in and out of Nature and religion a bit, it seemed a painting as majestic and magical and mystical as this one by Oscar was ideal to be here today.

There seems to be one born every minute
I cannot decide which group has become the most boring -- Islamic terrorists with their fanatical, dictatorial, religious doctrine or American Liberals (whoops, excuse me .... they call themselves Progressives now, I guess) with their irrational, incessant whining that the Earth is about to melt .... or freeze .... if not be hit by a comet first.

People who attempt to force religion and life styles upon others (or, on the opposite hand, non-believers who constantly complain about religious symbolism in public places) are beyond redemption, to my way of thinking. (Clever choice of words, hmmmm ??)
People who have no perception about the perpetual swings of "Pendulum Earth" (including climate and weather patterns/transitions) over the millions/billions of years past have no legitimacy trying to impose their ridiculous "the sky is falling" idiosyncrasies upon others. I suppose next they will be warning about the imminent dangers of continental drift.
Climate fear-mongering is nothing more or less than another element in a pathetic attempt for a power grab to gain greater political and economic dominance. Liberals/Progressives always seem to need a "cause célèbre" behind which to rally the masses. Some "causes" are real; most are fictional hysteria based on fear. I sometimes describe myself as a deistic pantheist and I sense a spiritual connection to the Native American "Manitou" concept, but I am not a complete fool. (Sorry, if I offended any of you who are led by the prophets Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio, and enraptured by the climate-change dogmatists, but you are walking a road which has no destination.)
Was it Karl Marx or Harpo Marx or P.T. Barnum (or David Hannum, maybe ??) who said? "There's a sucker born every minute." No, wait. It was Barack Obama. (AKA Colonel Douglas Obobo, as the Obama persona was loosely disguised in a novel I recently read.) Under the "leadership" of the Narcissist-in-Chief, it has become easy to understand why civilizations crumble and fall. We are witnessing such an event at this very moment.
 I guess it is not difficult to "read my mood" today. I am laughing, though.

What, where, when, why, who, how ....
It seems I spend much of my time trying to figure out where I should be and what I should be doing. I suppose indecisive is a word that has come to describe me the past few months. Such interludes of stagnation come and go for me .... sort of like the seasons.

I actually even have been trying to remember things I wanted to do in the distant past, but which escaped me back then for one reason or another, and, possibly, do them now:
Another young man and I had hopes of living off the land in an absolute wilderness for a year following our graduation from high school. The Marine Corps, college and a young lady sort of interrupted my participation. His reason was more simple .... just college.
Still another young man and I had hopes of advancing our abilities in the sport of judo by training at the Kodokan in Japan for a year following our graduation from college. The Marine Corps (still or again, I am not sure how to explain it) and a different young lady sort of interrupted my participation. His reason was work and his own young lady.

I still indulge in judo on occasion. (I have broken lamps and assorted other pieces of damaged furniture to demonstrate my "errors in judgment" while bouncing around the house engaged in practicing that activity.) But, I no longer have a competitive urge in that regard, so what purpose could it serve to resume serious study? (By the way, it is not always wise to dance with me when I have been drinking; I sometimes have the urge to toss my partner into the air .... some enjoy it.)
On the subject of air, I have had a few flying lessons and thought about returning to them. But, what would be the point? Flying is boring when there is no destination.

Foolish as it might sound, I seriously am thinking about my high school dream and retreating into the hinterlands for a year. Even if I chose to do so, however, that plan would have to wait a while. I would begin such a venture in the spring, not on the eve of winter.
Well, this is getting to be pretty long. Right now, I think I could write on and on and on for hours, but I hope you catch my drift .... my thoughts and my words are drifting just like the continents and the climates, and, without doubt, will continue to do so .... so long, September .... see you next year ....

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Fram Actual said...

September has come and gone; so has the twenty-four-hour clock for comments on this post. It is time to shut the door and to lock it.

My presence wandering the sea of blogs rolled over six years in August and the actual anniversary for having my own blog will arrive in January. There are times I feel like everything and everyone in relation to the blogs has changed during those six years except me.

Six years is a long time, and I think it might be approaching the moment for me to change my relationship with the blogs, too. Well, we shall see ....

Take care and stay safe ....

Something special ....