Wednesday, July 23, 2014

When the present becomes the past

I am busy running a few errands .... here, there and everywhere .... old habits die hard .... so do I .... be back sooner or later .... I think .... as for the music, the first song is for and from the past, thinking about "she" who gave it to me and how it affected me then .... the second series is for the splendor of the art and the talent of guitarists now and forever .... have you ever thought how guns, girls and guitars all begin with the letter "g"? Never mind .... I am teasing .... sort of ....


Fram Actual said...

If you wish to leave a comment, thank you. I usually respond to them, but I most likely will not be in a position to reply to any comments to this post for a while.

Take care ....

ANITA said...

Ohh boy!!where is that???

What a lovely place!!!

Wow..i envy you Fram!

wherever you are..wish you the best:)

your girlfriend is a lucky doll !

Best wish from Norway Anita(Iam busy too these days..sweating around!It never ends this hot weather!)


ANITA said...

Just have to comment on the other post.I have known you for some years now.and i dont get tired of your sayings..never,(you speak in a voice of a very intellectual man..a man that sees things from both sides..and that i appreciate very much),Why some are not replying here right vacation darling!they are busy doing family things or whatever!They soon will come to you.For me.I have this hot nights can not sleep..Shower 5 times a day..Swimming.In the waters whataever to chill down..
Yea.That Tall shiprace.I have managed to take some good shoots..even it coast me a lot climbing The rope ladder!

Other..Watching Hell on Wheels..a coboy serie!Nice!
well --i hope you do well Fram..No matter what you do..Iam your friend :)See you along sailor!xxx

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