Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sundown in May .... Sunrise in June

One more ship + one more Ennio Morricone song =    ...........


ANITA said...

That is a nice music to wake up to :)Love calm and relaxing
Nice photo too..Presque Isle? was the lumber industry ?what was the boat carrying?Its a historical place right?

A Cuban In London said...

Great post title and Ennio? Oh, yes. Cheers, mate.

Greetings from London.

Fram Actual said...

There are a few landmarks around the U.S. and Canada (and, probably, elsewhere) named Presque Isle, Anita. The words are French for "almost an island". The landmark bearing this name with which I am most familiar is in Michigan.

This particular ship has been a Great Lakes carrier for nearly a half-century. My assumption is that its cargo was an iron ore derivative mined in northern Minnesota, although I was too late to see it being loaded.

It always amazes me how many ships depart port in the evening. There is something poetic about going to sea at sunset.

Thank you, for stopping by to see me, Anita.

Fram Actual said...

Well, it was an easy post, CiL. A photograph and a song require little thought on the part of "he who posts," but it always is interesting (to me, anyway) to discover the reactions to them from anyone who might pass by and leave a comment.

Yes, Ennio Morricone .... no doubt, in my mind, he is among the greatest composers of motion picture theme music.

Thank you, for your visit here, CiL.

Bitch said...

Thank you, Fram, for this photograph along with the absolutely beautiful music by Morricone and your thoughts that you share with us again and again ..
Have a very nice evening ...

Fram Actual said...

Ennio Morricone, John Williams, John Barry, Hans Zimmer and Jan Kaczmarek are among my favorite composers of "movie music," Monika, and I think because of the often emotional nature of motion pictures, the effects of the music within them provide a double enjoyment.

As for the photograph, most people do not associate ocean-going ships with Minnesota and the middle of the North American continent. While the particular vessel in this photo is designed for transport in the Great Lakes, I can, in fact, drive about three hours to board a transatlantic vessel and not leave it until it arrives at a European port two to three weeks later. One of these days .... that is where you will find me.

Thank you, once again, Monika, for your kind words and your presence here.

Kelly J. Call said...

Hello Fram :-)
Your last two posts are hauntingly beautiful. The sunset post felt lonely and sad, the kind of sadness that hurts and is a comfort at the same instant. This morning post feels hopeful and also very beautiful. I love them both.

The barn post is so you that it made me smile and laugh.

And the Ginsberg post, do you really own the photo? Did you take the picture? It's super great! The entire post is perfect in so many ways. I particularly love the Sway video. I would love to see that movie:-)

Finally, finally, I see Jasper had an exhibit my way. Very exciting!! I don't quite understand the message he is conveying but it is lovely all the same. Perhaps you can enlighten me?
Anyway, I never comment on blogs anymore these days, but I do look and enjoy. You have blogged so many truly enjoyable posts of late that I just had to stop and say thank you!
Sending you lotsa love and good wishes,
Kelly :-)

Kelly J. Call said...

PS: What is the name of the movie that goes with the Sway video? I hope you know the answer because I could not find it.

Best Always :-)

Fram Actual said...

You might not comment often, Kelly, but when you do, you really do .... love it ....

The "easy part" first. The film is "Easy Virtue." I have been a Jessica Biel fan since I first saw her in a swim suit, and, after this movie, I have added Colin Firth to my list of favorite guys. It is a neat movie.

Moving right along, you probably figured out the ships were on Lake Superior. The posts/photographs logically (probably/maybe) should have been in reverse order, but I really did not know what I was doing when I published the first one. My ability to think has been suffering from lack of liquor. (Notice, I did not say absence.) Anyway, I am just aching to be on a ship again, in cold water, under a full moon -- even one on its way to the end of the world.

The sundown photo .... everything was happening/moving very slowly, like there was a reluctance to leave land and to enter the darkness of the lake; the morning photo .... full speed ahead into the East, toward the rising sun and a new day.

Yes, in regard to Allen Ginsberg. I keep telling people they might be amazed at some of the characters I have interviewed. I ran across the photograph of Ginsberg and a few others while going through a box of memorabilia (for lack of a better term), and decided I might post a few on occasion. I never did save much of anything from my journalism days, and regret it a bit now .... then again, not really.

As for the barn post .... pretty predictable, am I not? .... even if I do not understand it .... hmm .. hmm .. hmm ..

As for Jasper, do not ask me to explain anything he creates. Most art produced (including his) since the turn of the century (the 19th into the 20th, I mean) is inexplicable to me. He must know what he is doing, though. He has been living in New York City since he graduated and been part of exhibits here and abroad the past few months. He even sold one piece for a cool $5,000 to a German collector.

By the way, I doubt if anyone other than you made that connection. And, I did not go to see his Los Angeles show, or I would have called you. He actually set up the exhibit, and was in town just for the opening few days and then on his way to another show.

Finally, Ms. Call, I am very happy you decided it was time to put in an appearance once again. I often wonder what you are up to these days. Thank you, Kelly, for coming to see me this evening.

Kelly J. Call said...

Hello again Mr. Wolf :-)
I'm happy you enjoyed my comment just as I enjoyed the posts!

Perhaps lower amounts of alcohol are the reason for the wonderful creativity that has sprung forth from your mind? hmm...hmmm...hmmm
I cannot resist to tease a bit :-)

I think you should sell the photo of Ginsberg. It is truly spectacular. It would make a great album cover. It is very and his dog, and such an interesting man at that! Super :-)

And your savant Jasper...yes, it is very exciting. I wish I had known when his exhibit was here. I would have gone to show support for the artist. $5,000! I would say he is a success (even if we don't understand his art lol)
Good for him and I am sure you are proud too!
I'm happy to find you doing well and I am definitely going to watch the movie. It looks really neat. Great actors and great dance!

We've been having so many earthquakes in California lately. It makes me nervous that we're going to have a big one soon. It is about time. Hopefully I will not be squashed like a bug if we do! I live on the first floor of a condominium building and I'd much prefer to be on top of the pile if one should occur :-)

Time to go so I send sweet and happy wishes to Wolfie :-)

Fram Actual said...

You mention earthquakes, Kelly.

Water, ships, swimming, canoeing, diving, lakes, rivers, seas, oceans .... these things have been "floating" through my mind a great deal lately, and one of the visions has been the "On the Beach" moment I experienced off the California coast when first one, then another, nuclear-powered submarine emerged from a dense fog bank for a few minutes and crossed in front of the ship I was on before disappearing into the fog again. In this open area, the sun was shining and the sea was dead calm, and I thought the event was an omen signaling the end of the world.

Anyway, when I think of California, the end of the world is the first thought which enters my mind. It could be you should start wearing a motorcycle helmet at all times except when you are swimming to avoid falling debris .... hmmmm ....

Some photographs are meant to be personal, I think. They are part of an event, a memory, something .... something which belongs only to you. I always considered myself a reporter, never really an editor and especially never a photographer, but there are some photos in which I actually visualize myself as being a part of -- being there and just out of sight as the person taking the photo.

Long live art, by whosoever's definition, and long live people with money who buy it.

No liquor (well, not much, anyway), no cigars, no love life. It is not creativity you are seeing, Kelly, it is a mirage transported from times past.

Thank you, once more, Kelly, for being here .... and, it would be nice if you remembered to find your way back here more often.

Kelly J. Call said...

Your California Coast experience sounds like something movies are made of. What an intense experience and I can understand how it felt like an omen. At the same time your experience has a poetic beauty to it.

Perhaps as the photographer we feel the experience more deeply as we are able to observe the emotions present and capture them with the clarity one can only experience by being removed from the situation. When I step back out of the picture I am able to experience the moment, and I think in some ways appreciate it more. I don't know if that makes sense as it is difficult to explain.

As for the mirage, all I can say is continue to dream big dreams and life may just throw something exciting and meaningful your way.

Love and my best and brightest wishes,
Kelly :-)

Fram Actual said...

I have started four reply comments in regard to photography in general and this specific photograph, but I am having a hard time elaborating further. As you said, Kelly, it is difficult to explain.

At various times, I have freelanced both articles and photographs, but that was then and now is now, and the material was always current when I did it. And, items I have saved were meant to be saved, not to be sold.

Some people like to have their photographs taken with celebrities. I prefer being the one who is taking the photograph or, better yet, doing an interview and taking the photograph. I have a photograph of myself with a president, for instance, but I have another of him from the same day which I took -- and, of the two, my favorite is the one I took because no one else has one like it. Anyway ....

Actually, I have written about the submarine incident in a post, probably in 2009, but I am not curious enough to look back and see exactly what I wrote about it then. It was sort of a cathartic event at the time, and interesting (for me) to diagnose now.

So, Kelly .... thank you, take care and stay out of mischief !!

Smareis said...

Fram, você anda bem animado nas postagens.
Suas postagens estão fantasticas. Gosto do Ennio Morricone, sua música me fez refletir sobre tantas coisas, me da paz, calma. Acho que me emocionei ouvindo essa canção do Ennio Morricone - The Mission Main Theme.

Fram Actual said...

A thousand words could be written about the music of Ennio Morricone and they would barely be a beginning to describe the beauty and serenity present in his compositions. He is among my favorite composers, and I am glad you found a few moments of peace and calm from this song here today, Smareis.

"The Mission" is a difficult film to watch, I think. I saw it when it was first released, and have never watched it a second time. I had forgotten how beautiful the music is until I recently began listening to a variety of Morricone scores.

Thank you, Smareis, for returning to visit me here at this post.

Something special ....